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How to Communicate the Gospel to Modern Ears

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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March 8, 2019 7:00 pm

How to Communicate the Gospel to Modern Ears

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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March 8, 2019 7:00 pm

Western Civilization has changed drastically in the last half century, particularly the shift from a broadly comprehended Christian worldview to the religious pluralism and secular worldviews prominent today.

For example, when a Christian today speaks about God, sin, and salvation, it’s likely the hearer will have a very limited understanding of these subjects. He or she will consider stories in the Bible to not be historic events but just fiction. Research bears this out, as our guest Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, writes about in his new book, Gospel Reset...

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News broadcast of the Christian worldview is clear how to communicate the gospel to modern ears can handle present of answers in Genesis joins us today for that topic right here on the Christian review radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the best news that all people can be reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David. We host the program and our website is the Christian worldview.or so. How to communicate the gospel to modern ears and I were so glad you joined us this weekend. As we discussed this is very important and relevant topic today. You know, Western civilization has changed drastically in the last half-century, particularly in the shift from a broadly comprehended Christian worldview to the religious pluralism and secular worldviews are so prominent today. For example, when a Christian today speaks about basic things like God and sin and salvation is likely the hero will have a very limited understanding of the subjects he or she will consider stories in the Bible to not be historical events rather just fiction and research bears this out as our guest Ken ham of answers in Genesis writes about in his new book gospel reset so what should Christians in the church do to reach our changed culture, especially the younger millennial generation that has been most affected by this worldview shift while some examples of this ideas our pastor popular pastor Andy Stanley recently stated that Christians need to quote unhitch unquote the Old Testament from the New Testament because people stumble over the Old Testament. Others believe the reader the way to reach this generation is through becoming culturally relevant to them, particularly through Christianized rock and rap music and inserting messages about social justice causes and how Jesus changes: quote messed up lives so hope you enjoy the and gain from the conversation today with Ken ham who explain what he believes is needed to communicate the gospel to modern ears is good to the first segment of that interview Ken is great to have you back on the program I were to talk about your brand-new book today gospel reset and where were titling the interviewer that the program how to communicate the gospel to modern ears. I want to start out by reading a few paragraphs from the promotional literature that came with the book as I think this summarizes well what you're trying to get across in the book it says the message of the gospel hasn't changed but the way people think has changed dramatically when you proclaim the power in the hope of the gospel are you assuming the foundation has already been laid in our post-Christian godless culture. This is a faulty assumption of fast-growing majority in our world has no concept of sin and therefore has no understanding of the need to be saved, nurture, reach them. Our choice of words and the starting point of our gospel conversation need to be adjusted so in the beginning of your book gospel reset.

You talk about this changing culture we live in you. You did have the big survey of people's beliefs and churchgoing Tele.

Some of the key findings from the surveys will one of things that we have found this is well known fact is that to those young people are leaving the judgment on the rich college-age and very few returning and so when we do the research on that. We found out that the reason that they really left the church because I started to doubt the word of God because of science because of millions of years because of evolution of a questions about hacking the loving God with all his death and suffering in the world and it really indicated a failure on the part of the church to teach them how to defend the Christian faith against the sky as skeptical attacks avail age and particularly when it came to the book of Genesis. So much of the church told these people you didn't need to believe Genesis is written you can believe in evolution millions a year.

It didn't really matter as long as you trust in Jesus. But here's what's happening.

It's a failure of the church to really stand on the authority of God's word and if either of the church to equip generations with answers to be able to defend the faith and it's resulted in many of those young people starting to doubt and not believe the word of God, seat let me put it to you this way when I was a youngster, believes he is again in in in Estrada like a 9059 Billy Graham Kevin kinda started in on a remember my father saying all he's the evangelist who is known as the Bible says man because he would say the Bible says that we sinners. The Bible says we need to repent. The Bible says trust Jesus for salvation. What you see. It's interesting because many people did respond back then in Estrada and said that made sense, psychosis, astrology of the kind to revival, but most those people didn't go to church.

But the point is, the Bible was still respected in the culture it we inherited the British system and the Bible was read through during the year at school effect even in my high school days. I remember reciting the Lord's prayer and assembly.

Before we went into school and so when somebody came and said the Bible says that they only know what the Bible is the Bible is God's word. I will if you use the word God, I would think. Are you the God of the Bible. By the way, when you say the word God today in public schools which God there are many gods cease to change culture and what I'm saying is we went when we say today to the younger generations like the millennial's, and generation Z, we say the Bible says already in their mind they thinking the Bible but is not really true is just a book of mythology are made, but I was told at school showed it was wrong either.

My church, what they told said you didn't need to believe Genesis say saying the Bible says but will does that mean you can't you can't trust… That's no longer authoritative. We live in a culture way, even when we start with talking about the Bible we have generations who don't believe the Bible they been inoculated against the Bible to deal with that and then the second thing is if you say to them, you know, your sin is repent of your sin. While they haven't been given the foundational understanding in Genesis they don't know what sin is. I don't understand what it means they don't understand the gospel and so we have we have a major problem with these younger generations that that of the leaving the church that a much more atheistic in their philosophy.

Generation Z bionic. I met with some research recently saying that generation Z those 13 to 18 years old are twice as likely to be atheistic than those 30 years or older.

So we go to recognize the change that's occurred in the culture and the secularization of the culture. We can't present the gospel in the same way to get into that, how to present to two different ears today.

Modern ears SR topic today with Ken ham, the president of answers in Genesis how to communicate the gospel to modern ears in light of his brand-new book gospel reset subtitle salvation made relevant we have it linked in our website the Christian I'm thinking that before the say the 60s in this country that apologetics wasn't probably something that were done in churches and yet people as you are saying Australia British Empire. America had a sense of reverence for God in the Bible. Is it really the fact that the entire society has lost any sense of reverence for God or the authority of Scripture over our lives is a complex issue in a way that I think is still easy to understand. It's interesting you know some of the great preachers of the 50s and the 60s actually told against apologetics pieces they looked on that hey you know what we should be out to prove God's word because this is the word of God that we take it as written, and what you need apologetics for, but what they didn't understand was that generation.

The kids were going to public schools without being told.

Apologetics secular apologetics building to it. This is this is why the Bible is not true because you came from a plan and evolution is true and millions years is true in the Bible's book of mythology in the never was a global flood and we had many of those in our churches leaders in our churches. I trust in Jesus. This is the word of God and you need to believe God's word and they didn't deal with what was happening underneath the surface. In fact, if I can put this right here is what I believe is really happening in a sense of in a way the devil was really saying you Christians you going to teach you going to teach congregations teaching kids that Jesus died and the cross was raised from the dead. That's a chaotic if you teach about the resurrection you can teach about the village of those you can teach about Jesus walking on water raising the dead and healing the blind lamb and a blind man in healing the lame and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in the Jordan River is very good. You know that that's okay while you do that you can tell of all those things. But I'm going to get them not to believe the book, and only to get you to hand him over to me and I'll get it taken through an education system and inoculate them against the book on unit get them to believe the book is not true. Once I believe the book the Bible is not true then then up to believe all that other stuff you teaching them.

Then I got a believe about the resurrection. Then again, I believe the gospel, and that's what I believe has happened and so we seen a change in our culture. We got these younger generations. Now that have been so secularized, so indoctrinated against the Bible and we've had our churches ignored the teaching of apologetics.

And now we have these generations have no… They they they don't believe the Bible is authoritative for start and they don't understand the foundations of the gospel because much of the churches ignored the book of Genesis hasn't taught the book of Genesis, which is foundational to all their doctrines to our worldview foundational to the gospel and so now we have a culture that I would say they like the Greeks in act 17, which is what I say in the book, not the Jews and asked to know what the Greeks annexed 17 a pagan culture who had no understanding who believes in evolution. The Greeks believed in evolution so import presented the gospel to them. It was foolishness, which is why Polk then said, let me tell you that who the real God is you have this altar to the unknown God. He's the creator defined to God is in the and explained his terms and really explain the foundations of the gospel and then some were converted. I'm suggesting we have annexed 17 culture in our Western world not asked to that most of the church doesn't get that. Okay, let's get into that next in our guest today in the Christian worldview is Ken ham, president of answers in Genesis the creation Museum and Ark encounter. You can find out about all of them and answers in were discussing Ken's brand-new book today gospel reset that you write on page 18 of your book.

We are not imparting the gospel in a way that the next generation contrast, of course, the message of the gospel hasn't changed but the way people think has changed dramatically. That's we've just been saying that here's a sense I want asking about. Therefore, we must speak the truth of Scripture in the language of culture is from page 18 of your book. I know exactly what you mean by that but that could be misinterpreted to say we need to adjust not only the. The methodology of how we communicate that the culture we need to lead with. How can we attract people but we also sometimes and that takes place when you adjust the methodology. Sometimes the message of the gospel gets softened and some of the clear-cut lines that need to be there are missing, explained that more what you mean by saying we must speak the truth of Scripture in the language of culture and what you don't mean by that is well what it really means it's got nothing to do with changing the message of the gospel at all. Ordering it down, which I know happens a lot today and many about churches who try to make it but that would call palatable and I want to talk about your sinner and I want to talk about how someone is got nothing to do it that it's to do with the tactics of how to reach the culture with the same message not changing the message but the tactics and how to reach them and we need to understand if I can put it this way that that the generations.

Today, the, the millennial generation Z really speak a different language and what I mean by speaking in different languages is something I alluded to before, generations ago when you enter the public schools in Australia in America. In Europe the United Kingdom by Canada and you said God.

Most of the teachers and students would think of the God of the Bible think of one God.

But if you go to public schools today list of countries. You say God else. It was God there many thoughts okay will take a first break of the day and let Ken ham finished the answer to that question after this first break here in the Christian worldview. I'm David. We have been all that's Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, we ought to never become indifferent to the slaughter of the innocents taking place in our country. This is why we are offering a DVD series entitled life is best that will equip you to stand for life and against this injustice in these two DVDs that are 13 episodes that address all the facets of abortion from the worldview battle to what you can do for a limited time you can order the life is best DVD series for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview. Normal retail is $49 plus shipping. Go to the Christian or call 1888 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ for when Christians have a stronger faith.

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Thank you for your support. Today's broadcast of the Christian worldview was previously here back on the Christian worldview today talking with Ken ham how to communicate the gospel to modern ears, a very full segment has a look at right back to the interview he was talking about speaking the truth of Scripture to a changing culture. When Paul went to the Greeks annexed 17 they believed in many gods and they were atheists they were pantheists that they would also to temples, their idols is also its goals. Greek God, you can go to the British Museum in London and see the statute is there. Of holies, Greek dogs went when Peter went to the Jews annexed to and said God, that would've made me think of yes is one God, the Creator God that the writings of Moses. He's the God that made Adam and Eve they understood that and they understood about the sacrificial system because God made coats of skins for Adam and Eve in the first blood sacrifice is a covering for they see and they understood it was to do with the promise of the Messiah, and that was a stumbling block that legibly Jesus was the Messiah. But when Paul went to the Greeks, the whole message of the of the cross was foolishness to them because I had no foundation, not like the Jews had no foundation to understand the message to what Paul had to do was to find his times and that's what I'm saying. I'm saying we need to be looking on the culture today is more like annexed 17 a Greek culture.

So when you say the word God. Many people on hearing the God of the Bible anymore like I used to.

If you say sin, that it even know what you mean by sin because I don't understand the account of Adam and Eve in the fall of man and that we committed high treason against the God of creation that understand that in fact your legal problems like this. It generations ago when you and our church is said to kids come forward in church and sit down here. Let's have a Bible story and never come forward and that he you talk about something in the Bible maybe Jesus feeding the 5000 something, but today it if you ask congregations as I do. As I traveled across America and other positive will to and I say when I say the word story today. What does that mean more people site means fictional Mary tile.

Even the word story has change meaning so kids get the idea. Our church we have stories from the Bible which means not really true.

We go to school only learn real stuff about millions years in evolution, so church we learn these fictional stories and at school.

We learn we learn true stop will in real stuff and we got a problem today and that we have generations. It no longer believe the Bible is a book a history that's a book of true history that we can that we can trust and so what I'm saying is we have got to reach today's generations in a different light. We got the same message. The message that we rebelled against God. The message that way sin is that that we don't deserve anything that we are under the penalty of death because of their sin. That is, that God son stepped in history. Donna Crosby, rice, and it offers a free gift of salvation. And if we receive that free gift of salvation. We spend eternity with the Lord.

If we don't will spend eternity with with and how separated from God forever when not changing any that message it saying if you really going in and proclaim that message to today's generation you go to realize you go to start right the very beginning to explain the foundation.

But even before that, you've really got to start at a position of helping them understand why you believe the Bible can be trusted. While you believe it really is the word of God and answer the skeptical questions to help them understand the Bible is true. It is God's word and this gives us the true history of the world who we are. Whatever problem is and what the solution is in Jesus Ken ham with us today in the Christian will be the president of answers in Genesis were discussing how to communicate the gospel to modern era. Specifically, millennial years who haven't grown up with the foundational understandings of biblical doctrines that come right from the very first book of the Bible in Genesis about who God is what sin is, what is the consequence of sin. I'm guessing you probably heard this story from the Christian Post. That's titled Christians must unhitch the Old Testament from their faith says pastor Andy Stanley. I'm just gonna read a few paragraphs from this article that came out recently. Stanley explained that while he believes that the Old Testament is the quote divinely inspired.

It should not be the go to source regarding any behavior in the church, to justify this daily priest last month about acts 15 which describe how the early church decided that Gentile converts did not need to strictly observe Jewish law to become Christians first century church leaders unhitched the church from the worldview value system and regulations of the Jewish Scriptures that Stanley, Peter, James and Paul elected to unhitch the Christian faith from their Jewish Scriptures and my friends we must do the same as well and then the last paragraph on a remote you comment can for Stanley. The difficulty lay with the Old Testament and is concerned that many Christians are turning away from the faith because of certain passages in the Hebrew Bible Stanley argue that the early church show that there was a need to move past the Old Testament for the sake of Gentile believers that the resurrection of Jesus was enough quote Jesus new covenant. His covenant with the nations.

His covenant with you his covenant with us can stand on its own to nail scarred resurrection feet. It does not need propping up the Jewish Scriptures unquote.

The Bible did not create Christianity, said the resurrection of Jesus created and launched Christianity your whole house of Old Testament cards can come tumbling down. The question is did Jesus rise from the dead and the eyewitnesses said he did unquote*36, an extensive portion of the article, but I think it gives a different perspective on this from one of the most popular pastors in them.

In America, saying we actually don't really want to go back to the Old Testament that confuses people. That makes God seem like a harsh God, and they don't understand that God at all. We just simply need to preach the resurrection of Christ.

How would you respond to Andy Stanley's comments, there will David, I think there's a number of things we need to say festival I've heard a number of sermons by Andy Stanley before this particular one that he gave and one of the reasons that he wants to unhinge the Old Testament is because he doesn't believe in a literal Genesis because he thinks that science has disproved the Bible in Genesis and he he gave a series of sermons dealing with that showing that he really didn't understand what Genesis assigned because of what he was told that the Big Bang and millions years and and he actually said when it comes down to science and the Bible. Science must win. And when he told him that science is not about observational science. He's told me about Michael historical signs Big Bang millions years, evolution, and so on and so already, he sees that conflict and he recognizes that he recognizes that there's lots of young people today that say how can you trust the Bible when we told about evolution, 1 millions years and that's cool science and so on. So what he's really saying is while you don't need to worry about that and nice but most important is the resurrection and he's he actually make statements, and other tokes and other sermons that the foundation of appetite is not the Bible but it's but it's the resurrection it's Jesus way to get the message of Jesus from when he said we can listen to the eyewitnesses when you get the message of the eyewitnesses from that comes from the Bible itself, not any that if you going to talk about the message of the gospel. The NSA then we going to get rid of the Old Testament and you getting rid of Genesis and getting rid of the Old Testament and what a minute when Jesus in Matthew 19 was asked about marriage. He said having you read he was made the beginning, violent fame outlooks conflict that now so you can't deal with the gender issued and said Dell. Eventually this father mother clear about his wife and everyone plays well now I can't talk about marriage because Jesus was actually dealing with the doctrine of marriage based on the history in Genesis what you do with pulling Romans five by one man sin entered the world. Where did that happen in Genesis, while get rid of that now had, how do you preach the gospel and you preach the message of Jesus death and resurrection and and explain what that means if you don't have the foundations in the Old Testament going back to Genesis and you know that the whole of the Old Testament. Of course, is looking forward to the coming of Christ. In fact, Christ is there in the Old Testament, pictured in many many ways even in even in the way that tabernacle was constructed in the temple and's and so on. The whole sacrificial system that was set up right there in Genesis is pointing to the one who will come pointing to the cross effect the first time. The message of Jesus is preached is Genesis 315 put enmity between you and the woman you will see her seated shall be said, you shall bruise his heel. The next of its preach is Genesis 321 when God make coats of skins for Adam and Eve and set up the sacrificial system. Picture what was to come in Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, it takes away the sin of the world. So if you do away with the Old Testament you do wife the foundations of the gospel. Then they would elect with it. If you say that that the message is about the resurrection that had you know, the resurrection is true. We went there to see it happen. We don't have a movie rerun all that you can say the witnesses, but had you know you can trust those witnesses. It's only if we have an infallible word that we can trust in a course you know God's word says all Scripture is inspired by God but note that this whole idea that Andy Stanley is giving they really illustrates the point to me that he recognizes we have generations today who don't really don't believe the Bible big because of what they bring toward schooling for universities in the culture and so instead, all teaching them that the Bible is God's word.

It is a book a history giving them answers and standing boldly on the word of God and showing them it is the foundation of their fight what he's doing is saying is bases for the Bible align just trust in Jesus, whatever that means. What does that mean you know what when new Tribes Mission.

We went to pagan cultures, cyan and Papua New Guinea and so on Poplar Indonesia and told them trust in Jesus, they thought they had all these conversions to one they really analyze that they found out that those night's were just doing whatever they thought the missionaries wanted them to do some sort of experiential thing that they did sums of emotional thing they did they realize it didn't understand the gospel. So then they said we gotta do something different so they started at the beginning in Genesis and taught about the origin of man and the origin of sand and the origin of dad that will come from Adam.

It is so unlike that foundation then when I got to the message of the cross.

Then they understood then they were real conversions that what people like Andy Stanley is preaching that is not that is not the gospel that the gospel starts in Genesis the gospel is the message that we are sinners and we need to repent of their sin and that we need to receive the free gift of salvation. The mean. That is the gospel.

Okay Ken ham with us today on the Christian worldview talking about how to communicate the gospel to modern ears change the message change the methodology. What is it more coming up with Ken. That's next environmental scaremongering is the favored tactic of the left to gain massive government control. After all, if you can convince people that we are imperiling our very existence by human caused climate change. There is no tax law or reordering of society that goes too far.

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I welcome back to the Christian worldview radio program. I'm David.

We host our website is the Christian, the reminder we have a few weekends left until through Father's Day weekend.

Actually, of the summer reading special we call it where you get the lowest price is the year on both of my books, University of destruction for that graduate high school graduate or college student in your life or my boy Ben as well so we have minor website the Christian you can just call us in our office that one AAA eight 646-2233 will have them signed and personalized for you to make a good gift and so hope you can take advantage of that before the offer expires on Father's Day weekend. Today in the program were talking about how to communicate the gospel to modern ears.

This is a important and relevant topic for today a lot of different ways and means and methods, and messages that are changing out there within the church and Christians try to reach the culture and specifically the younger generation in our guest on the program is Ken ham.

He's the president of answers in Genesis, and also the present of the creation Museum and the ark encounter amazing theme parks.

I guess you could call them in southern Odinga, southern Ohio, and other website is answers in is also discussing the topic. In light of his new book gospel reset salvation made relevant we have it linked on the Christian

Let's get back to the final segment with Ken ham and then will have some follow-up discussion after that Ken is saying we need to go back to the very foundations and help people understand what they didn't learn in church growing up and just don't learn widely in our culture in schools anymore about who God is and send in the need for a Redeemer. Other evangelicals have done different things to try to reach out to the to this new up-and-coming millennial generation. We had a large event here in the Twin Cities recently that was advertised at least to the churches in the areas being evangelistic outreach event.

The event itself was about four hours long. I say it would be more accurately described as a Christian rock and rap concert with a about a 20 minute gospel type presentation in the midst of it in the gospel was presented in such a way that people have problems were messed up. There are problems in the world are injustice issues in the world and by believing in Jesus. Your life can be changed and so can society and culture as well. What do you make of that sort of methodology can wear the Christian contemporary music rock rap industry is used as the attraction all element to millennial's and then someone comes up and tries to give her. I considered sort of a man centered add Jesus onto your life gospel type message to say this, I'm not against music. I love music that one of the things that I have actually seen happen in churches.

They recognize is something wrong. We put an exodus from the church we see that the coming generations are extremely secularized. We recognize that the culture itself is collapsing from a Christian worldview perspective, we see more relativism permeating the culture. The church is not impacting the cultures not impacting coming generations like it used to, but instead of understanding what the real issue is that there's been an attack on the word of God and Satan. In fact, second Corinthians 11 31 says that the devil got to use the same method on us as he did on the and that method in Genesis 3 was did God really say is to attack the word of God and instead of recognizing what the Genesis 3 attack is today. What much of the church is not because see much of the church has compromise God's word in Genesis and even that much of the conservative churches. There was a controversial issue about a deal with that others have said, well we don't need to believe in Adam and Eve and you can believe immunity is evolution and unfortunately much of the church is a hidden unhinged that the Christian worldview and Christian doctrines from the foundation in Genesis they recognize it is a problem. They recognize coming generations don't seem to be interested in in the Bible or in Christianity so they wouldn't have the teaching of the word and they make the church look more entertainment oriented not notice that music has become the Santa instead of the teaching of the word I set aside a people sometimes no tongue-in-cheek that it actually so to seriously and alike I go to church is sometimes when I have a now music and I stand up and sing three courses 50 times each for now.

Something like that. If you know what I made and then they give me 20 minutes to speak, and you have one of things I say is I guide you in an hour. Music have I give equal time out of it now to speak from from God's word.

But see it even even some pages that might may have that alley. If I don't understand where these coming with these generations are at and I don't understand the doubts they have about the Bible and they get up and just say trust in Jesus, and some subjective sort of way that these young people have.

They don't have any concept of who Jesus is and Jesus is is is a swear word sometimes and who is Jesus just a just a man, or whatever, that they don't understand it when you tell them they need to be say that it even though they lost. I don't understand what it means to be lost. And unless you really deal with where they're at and where that is that I have doubts about the Bible that even know what the Bible is weaker started a different point today. We can't even get up and say well you know Jesus will solve the problems we go to get up and say let me tell you about this book. This is the word of God. Let me tell you what that means.

This is this is a revelation from God who created this he knows everything is given us the information we need to know that who we are, where we came from, where problem is what the solution is now the world today is attacking this book, you probably been told that this book is not true it just a book of mythology.

Let me tell you why this book is true, let me let me answer some of the skeptical questions you have when you say you happily trust this book has in size disprove this book and deal with that and then cite you now I've dealt with some of those now let me tell you what this book says that literal descendents of Adam and Eve held by the way science confirms that rule one rice and but that's why we are all sinners and this is why this death in the world is not God's fault itself, but we sinned against God, and why God son stepped into history to dine across to the race of the dead, and so on. That's what we need to be presenting today Wheatley it's it's it's a like reading them of a loaded mystery novel, like an Agatha Christie novel you don't start at the end with whodunit start at the beginning so you understand the plot.

The understand the foundation but with the Bible. You've really got a started position of helping people understand why the Bible can even be trusted. That's where were at. In today's world.

That is the proper and correct way to start is to tell people the whole big metanarrative the Scripture starts right in Genesis 11 Ken ham. We appreciate your coming on the Christian worldview today and we very much appreciate and are grateful for all you're doing to lift high the authority of Scripture and the gospel itself about who Jesus Christ is and why he came to earth to save us from our sins, and preaching that full gospel message to me was with all God's best, and grace to you and answers in Genesis, I think thought that we should okay just heard an interview with Ken ham of answers in Genesis. If you missed any of it. You can go to our website the Christian and here the repeat the replay the podcast of a condyle of the podcast. You can also get a link to Ken's book new book gospel reset salvation made relevant that we were discussing today. So basically, in the conversation. Today we're talking about three different ways of reaching this younger generation that is biblically pretty much illiterate or the broader culture that is biblically illiterate in the three ways Ken ham is saying. Everyone recognized as the same problem here. People wrote younger people are leaving the church. Secularism is is becoming the norm. Younger Christians don't have Orthodox belief anymore.

According to Scripture as a Ken ham saying we need to reach the culture reach them in a different way. In his different way is ask you to go back to the original way to explain a fuller picture of what the gospel is from beginning to end not come to cherry pick. Proof text verse and encounter just try to give a lighter quicker message for shorter attention spans with you after you sent to reach them. We need to explain more need to have more foundational work, explain the things that we the people used to understand about God and about sin and about creation and about everything in Scripture.

He saying we need to explain the whole got the whole Bible more fully to them. I brought the example of the recent story about Andy Stanley, Andy Stanley is saying no.

We see this was going on.

The culture of younger generation, but we need to alter the message. That's what he saying we need to unhitch the Old Testament from the new deal you'll yeah you'll test testament make people stumble. If it can be offensive in and misunderstood by people. People don't get it. And so we need to unhitch that all you talk about is the resurrection of Jesus. But of course the Old Testament is the foundation for the New Testament it's it's all one book. It's all progressive revelation about the coming of Christ and who he is and why he came. We look look what Jesus said himself about the Old Testament in Matthew chapter 5 the sermon the Mounties that do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the prophets. That's he talking of the Old Testament. I did not come to abolish all add this word unhitch it, but to fulfill it. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke. The smallest mark of the pen shall pass from the law, until all is accomplished. Whoever than an old one. The least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever keeps teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. And so, Jesus himself is saying no no we don't unhitch the Old Testament. The Old Testament is very relevant of the. The progressive revelation of who Christ is the whole sacrificial system. The as Ken was talking about the foundations for how we know who God is, that he's the creator. What sin is, how it's how is the rebellion against God. The consequence for sin which is death. The early pictures of the gospel in the in the killing of animals to have skins to cover Adam and Eve. It's all there in the Old Testament so what Andy Stanley thing altering the message. I don't believe that that is for sure the right thing to do here. To reach this culture now. The other one I brought up was about a recent event here in the Twin Cities and and I will call this and this is not just at this event, but it's really the mainstream pop culture Christian youth Creek while worker mentality needs, says we'd alter the method of how we reach this younger generation and adjust the message we need to stay abreast of what they're interested in and I'll get more into that graph.

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How do we reach them and we've heard from Ken ham today and he says that we need to reach them in a different way and by that he means you need to explain a fuller presentation of the Bible from beginning to end. Not assume that they have basic understandings of who God is, who man is and who Christ is, but need to explain it more fully to give the example of Andy Stanley who said recently that the that we need unhitch the Old Testament from the New Testament because the Old Testament is offensive and misunderstood. The resurrection is all people really need to hear about mother. You can read that article from the Christian Post. We have it linked on our website the Christian real and rescue the last thing I was getting into 1/3 third idea is by what I call the pop culture Christian youth worker mentality and they believe that you need alter the methodology and adjust the message and what I mean by that is, they need to stay in very much in tune with what this millennial generation. The younger generation is interested in their interested in rock and rap music you're dressing a certain way.

Skinny jeans are interested in social justice causes during their totally immersed in the Internet and social media it there talking about sex and relationships, then when you know what they're interested in. Then you use their interests to keep them interested at all costs for you. You craft everything around their interests. So you would never, never allow them to be bored you always keep them in an excited state.

They have short attention spans. After after all, as far as adjusting the message.

You know it's a it's always a positive message so therefore the hard truth of Scripture about sin and God's righteousness and his judgment are either eliminated or softened, but the core problem with this approach that Andy Stanley's promoting here or the pop culture Christian youth worker mentality is promoting the core problem there. The great liability is that it lacks it. It shows a lack of trust in God in his sovereignty to save people in the power of the word in the spirit to say people in their lives. Other words this thing we need to that the message isn't good enough. The message of the gospel is the clear message of the gospel isn't enough.

We need to tweak the methodology in the message a little bit in order to win people that just really shows a lack of of trust in God and the power of the word in the spirit to say people.

The other thing it does is hurt someone say once I think it's true what you win people with you are winning them to what you win people with you are winning them to.

So if you win them so to speak with an altered message, you change the method unhitch the Old Testament you are winning them to run sound doctrine. That's not sound doctrine. Your your winning them to a false God, as if it's a different God in the Old Testament the same God in the Old Testament of the New Testament you maybe wanting them to false conversion because they're not really understanding is Ken Hama talking about the full gospel, from Genesis to Revelation. Secondly, when you win them with entertainment and pop culture. Another was when you change the methodology when your winning with an altered methodology.

You are then winning them to a a really a false version of Christianity inserted this emotional conversion.

It's like you're saying to them, you can be a Christian and not be different than the world you were a lot like your look with the same kind of music we dress the same. It's fun is positive. You often hear them say no.

We don't want to be known. What were what were against. We want to be known.

What were for other words keep things only positive nothing of nothing negative. Knowing when you come to Jesus we believe in Jesus can improve your life. It add Jesus onto your life, it's gonna make your problems go away is going to change your community and so forth. Well you know what, that's not really that's not real Christianity that Christ talks about taking up your cross daily and follow me. 11 of the 12 apostles were martyred. I mean, there's their suffering in for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

It's it's a it's you don't count the cost before you are before you believe in Christ because is not can it be necessary and easier life. There may be persecution is going to be difficulties and trials that needs to be presented so someone can count the cost before they make a volitional decision to put their faith in Christ. The need to count the Christ and real Christianity and he is. That is not this first world Christianity affluent Christianity we experience here in America. Christians all the world, North Korea, China put being persecuted Africa the Muslim areas the world being persecuted all the time. That may be what it means to be a Christian someday.

Even here in America, and this is really hate to say this but kind of a bait and switch you you bait these young people with with you driving entertainment with with giveaways and fun and then right in the middle of that we've Artie tweak them emotionally then you switch you you you you switch in this this kind of short, shallow what I consider to be an incomplete gospel message. You gotta hope it takes hold. Hope it takes hold, to get them in this emotional state with the with the music you give them shallow version of what it means to become a Christian and be a Christian you use the Bible very sparingly.

Just a couple verses, plucked out here and there. You put pressure on them over and over. To quote make a decision your text.

If you made a decision, text your text to this number sign this card. Raise your hand after after it's over for the youth group meeting or event is over, you count professions you you call the success you create videos and put them on social media you put in your ministry newsletter you try to raise donations and try to do the same thing over and over again, and this is what is been taking place for the last 30 to 40 years in evangelical Christianity and has not created sound Christian for stronger churches. We just surveys you read the serving cans book from the Americas research book, a research group that the surveys do not bear this out that were creating stronger, more grounded, grounded believer, especially in younger generations. This is a mile wide and an inch deep and doubling down on more of it is not going to help.

Frankly it's better not to distract people emotionally from the decision to follow Christ, which is a mental and volitional oneness of the will from being mentally and volitional. He being confronted with the most important message in life which is this number one that God is the creator you are accountable to him. He is exceedingly perfectly holy and he will be your just judge and you are created to worship and obey him. That is the foundation number two you have broken God's laws.

Your sinful and you deserve the just penalty for disobeying an infinitely holy God, which is eternity in hell. You are more than quote messed up you are exceedingly sinful and is Ephesians 2 says your child of wrath. Ephesians 2 says in .3 is to tell the whole story that yet this God this year. Creator, he still loves you despite the fact that your offending him and sinning against him and these prove that by sending his own perfect son to pay the death penalty for your sin on the cross.

Romans 58 John 316 and Jesus calls you, he commands you to repent of your sin and place your faith for forgiveness and eternal life and who Jesus is and what he did for you, and none of your own works and once you're saved call be baptized, sanctified to suffer for Christ to share the gospel with others to be engaged in a local church to do good works. Yes, with the purpose of sharing the gospel to go ahead. Have fun with the young people but make the full message of the gospel exceedingly and completely clear.

We'll talk more about this coming up in the Christian world you thanks for joining us today. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world you dawdle or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 a set Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian will. Until next time think biblically and live according

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