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Short Take #2: The Transgender Movement’s Presence in the Church

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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March 29, 2021 9:30 am

Short Take #2: The Transgender Movement’s Presence in the Church

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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March 29, 2021 9:30 am

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on Transgenderism: The Need for Grace and Truth - Part 2.

Listen to the entire program here:

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Here is another sort take Christian worldview with David. How are homosexuality and transgender is in making such strong inroads into the evangelical church today when the Bible is just consistently in from front to back so clear about God's standard for sexuality and gender. While there are several things we could we could point to an highlight in this one. I would say is just the desire to be nice to not really Christians. Of course we love people.

We want to be seen as loving because it's a reflection of of God's love towards us, so we want to be loving and we want to be kind. We certainly don't want people to think ill of us or think that we are that we have an ax to grind were out here just trying to make people's lives miserable. Of course that's not the case, but within that is is the temptation to begin to think well maybe I'm wrong on this, or maybe I just need to be quieter maybe. Maybe their experience is more is maybe there's more to that experience and I've never really given credit to it. I just need to be silent, and I just need to sit back and I just need to kind of accept these things and let them rule out all of course that that leads to this kind of thing in and there's a lot of there's a lot of passivity and a lot of unwillingness to really get in there frankly sometimes because were embarrassed now could be embarrassment for some people because they have their own sexual skeletons in the closet.

Perhaps they're addicted to pornography or perhaps there they're having an affair or there's there's a lot of ways in which they haven't sanctified their own mind and and so suddenly when someone says why I'm just attracted to the same sex. I'm not saying that I'm a that I'm sinning when I'm doing that someone might say, will you know I'm I don't want to talk about my own issues because that would then put put the burden back on me so I just kind of accept this and let it roll out and then sometimes it's just an embarrassment because we don't want to be seen by the world is standing against the world's way and so we want to find this kind of other way. This middle way that is able to appeal to things that the world likes so will say will you know homophobia is wrong in the church is been ruled through cruel toward gay people. So we need to stand up on this, but didn't when it comes to bearing the truth on the issues of homosexuality and suddenly it gets real loose and it gets real vague and suddenly the the clearest scriptural the real scriptural words. You know, such as it is an abomination or it's a defiling passion. These kinds of words suddenly disappear from the Christian's language and now it's just orientation or is just same-sex attraction. Do you see the difference in those two descriptions you know the Bible calls it a natural lust and were like well it's same-sex attraction.

I'm just kind of generally bent in this way that's that's a very solid that's very much a softening of the language with the intent I mean who knows what individual person's intent is. But I can tell you what the enemy's intent with the use of that languages and it is to move us away from the truth into lock people into this mindset of thinking. What I am this way and I can't change you know this whole orientation narrative kind of sets out this whole idea that while I'm just born this way it's innate and it's immutable.

That means I was born this way and I can't change all if if that's true, that house first Corinthians 69 through 11 were talks about in a mall accordion arsenic were tied.

In other words, effeminate, and homosexuals. Such were some of you is what it says there that you were this way you will receive some of your idolaters. Some of you are homosexuals and yet you've laid those things aside and you've come to Christ and he is redeemed you and of course we recognize that the Christian still struggles with indwelling sin.

The Christian still struggles with temptation, but it actually is a struggle. It's not something that we just accept in the kind of sit back in and make a special category for this as well.

This is different from habits and having a sin nature. This is something that I'm born with, and it can't change and even God's grace can't reach in and change this. This is been a short take Christian will be with David.

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