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TOPIC: Big Tech Internet—The Dystopian “Ministry of Information”. Part 2 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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December 11, 2020 7:00 pm

TOPIC: Big Tech Internet—The Dystopian “Ministry of Information”. Part 2 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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December 11, 2020 7:00 pm

Last week in part 1, we discussed the reality of our Internet age that “the one who controls the information is the one who is in control.”

And so be informed: Big Tech Internet companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and others gather every last bit of information on those who use their platforms so they can market products to you and influence your worldview.

God has given us a desire to know things and never before in history can so much information be known so quickly. This desire can turn addictive, evidenced by people being locked onto their cell phones or Internet many hours each day...

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Big tech Internet's the dystopian Ministry of information today is part two of two. That particular topic right here on the Christian worldview radio program for the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the gospel that all people who repent and believe in who Christ is and what he did on the cross be forgiven. Receive eternal life in heaven. I'm David Weeden.

The host our website is the Christian thanks for joining us this morning for part two of this topic series on big tech Internet. We talked about last week, the one who is in control. Sorry the one who controls the information is the one who was in control and so be informed big tech Internet companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and others gather every last bit of information on those who use their platforms so they can market products to you influence your worldview, and most importantly to them. Control society. No big tech Internet uses their incomprehensible wealth. The richest companies in history of the world and in power because money in his power to influence the political realm posting quote fact check warnings on content. They simply just don't agree with or feeding news that aligns with their worldview or not reporting on news that could harm their preferred candidates. For example, this recent Joe Biden crime family corruption scandals before the election. No one covered except for Tucker Carlson will get into that today so this weekend in part two will discuss how big tech Internet is and will become an even greater dystopia, not utopian, as they they seek for but it dystopian Ministry of information. That's what communist countries are known to have a ministry of information which is just a propaganda arm for leftism leading to the end times and the return of Christ. So if you didn't join us last week. You can hear the program.

The first part on the Christian but just want to do about three or four minute review here on touching on some points from last week. So the first and we are now at last week that the Internet is not all bad. The Internet and these platforms were discussing Facebook twitter.

These high things can be used for good purposes and they are being used for good purposes gospel proclaiming purposes that the word of God and the gospel is literally going around the world. The places it is never gone before. It's reaching more people. Probably than has ever reached before. There are sermons online church services. You can be at home and you can watch. You know great pastors from all over the world preaching right from your living that was never possible before the Internet and access to information about the Bible is readily available Bible apps and and and questions about the Bible and radio programs are all over the Internet. So let's let's acknowledge that first that there is there is potential for good use year of Internet and also bad.

Use but the reality is the. The Internet is used not only for good purposes for but for evil as well. We won't go into it now, but the whole pornography industry and the Internet is this gigantic a multi-multibillion-dollar industry you can get all sorts of false philosophies and religion on the Internet. But today I want talk about the information side of adjust the, the, the congealing of information. The coalescing of information on the Internet. We've never had more information now than any time in history of hurt.

It's like it's compounding so quickly.

How much information we have and how much information we have access to know God is omniscient. That means he knows all and in man is always trying to become like God. So this is what the Internet people who run the Internet are trying to do their try to become like God and have all the data and all the information on everyone because the voice of the Internet these big tech companies. The voice that reaches the most people controls what the topic is what people are talking about and how that topic should be viewed so that I can I capture everyone, of course, but when you capture of majority of the billions of people in the world and influence in your power of the way they think and what their to think about. That is a whole lot of power and I mentioned last week that I watch this program.

This docudrama they called a call the social dilemma.

It's a way I think it was on Netflix and we just did like a short subscription just to be able to see this particular docudrama which had been recommended to me by a couple different people. The city got to see this. Just about the power of the Internet so we watched it and I you can probably search for it online and watch it as well. In the film according to Wikipedia it is to give a description of it features interviews with many former employees, executives, and other professionals from top tech companies like Google and Facebook and twitter and Instagram and Pinterest.

All these companies who provide first-hand experience of working in and around the tech industry and that we played us a soundbite from the film early in the program last week about how there was a employee think he was in the ethics department of all places at Google and he began to see that the the all the power and influence that these social media companies had he he described as 25 to 50 white guys in California were basically influencing billions of people around the world by content they were.

They worse feeding them by information they were gathering from them.

They got sort of concerned about that he thought your list. This doesn't seem like a good idea to seem like it's going to be used for nefarious purposes, any heat, put this presentation together. He's in a tight body here in a second and it just went nowhere/years he was this guy was feature prominently in the film's name is Tristan Harris, former Google design ethics ethicist makes this presentation to Google which is one of the largest of these companies and here was the response. You know I really struggled to try and figure out how the inside we could change it and that was when I decided to make a presentation, call to arms. It basically just said you never before in history have 50 designers 20 to 35-year-old white guys in California made decisions that would have an impact on 2 billion people. 2 billion people will have thoughts that they didn't intend to have because a designer and Google said this is how notifications work on that screen anyway and we have a moral response is Google for solving this problem and I sent this presentation to 1520 of my closest colleagues was very nervous about it with shrubs, lamp when I went to work the next day. Most laptops had presentation open later that day, that was like 400 simultaneous viewers and six, only growing emails all around the company people in every department saying I totally agree. I see this affecting my kids.

I see this affecting the people around you have to do something about this like I was launching a revolution or something like that. Later I found out Larry page notified about this presentation in three separate meetings that is created for a moment that is serious and then so is there was one reflective person at Google thinking what we have all this information about everyone in the world were influencing 2 billion people and is only about 25 to 35 is he call them white guys.

I don't care what color of the skin is what does matter what that is but 25 to 35 people in Silicon Valley California. Developing these platforms that billions of people are using and they have the power to shape them and move them.

He thought we need to have some self reflection here and I went absolutely nowhere. And the reason is there is there is too much money to be made. There's too much control to be at people don't give that up easily, so we also talked about last week how how the Internet big tech Internet different from this regular, mainstream media, whether it's newspapers or television. Ms. similar that their mainstream media is feeding you information but big tech Internet is vastly more powerful when the media mainstream. He doesn't know about you there to sending you information big tech Internet knows almost everything about you what what content you like to read and watch, and what your worldview is what you post what you like and of course that can be used for monetary gain through advertising look get into that in a minute but it can also be used, to silence you or persecute you. Once they know about you and you're using their platforms, they can just throttle you down or disconnect you from your their platform or they can feed you information to sway you away from your viewpoints as well. So when when you Journal your life on Facebook. For instance, and you post pictures and most importantly to them.

Whenever you click that like button on Facebook. After reading a poster or an article or see a picture. You're just letting Facebook know what you like and Facebook keeps record of everything you do on their platform. Absolutely everything, so they have a huge data storage about you. Now this is in some person at Facebook probably telling us this is the way they did to design their artificial intelligence and algorithms it runs on. We talked about that leak so you may still be able to choose what you want to read and watch when you go to these social media sites just know there also feeding you what they want you to read and watch or not to read and watch, nudging you along so they can move society according to their dystopian vision, even to the point of who you vote for. So the five points of this social dilemma docudrama that they brought out in this film was number one that the social dilemma the big tech Internet has a exploitive exploiting its users for financial gain through surveillance capitalism and data mining and we talked about last week.

We won't go on this much. There was it's the perfect crater to advertise because this is in a shotgun approach is is importing a mailer in everyone's mailbox immunoassay you're trying to sell your tires or something. Now some people may not be interested entire so why send them a a mailer but they know who's interested in buying new tires for their car and sell because of maybe what you searched online so they can in an advertising company like Goodyear will come along and say we want we want to target those people who have expressed interest in buying tires.

So then, therefore, boom. You can add that follows you all of the near know you probably noticed that before you search for something you're interested in buying all this and you go to some different websites.

Read his letter in your seeing pictures for your tires for your car unit while Esther set three days ago and are mounted on the store house of following me around to a different website will that just a simple way that they've they've kept the track of the data of where you been searching around and now and advertisers paid Google or Facebook to have that add follow you around on the Internet and giving you them a much better chance if you actually purchasing that so that advertiser pays Google and Facebook.

This is how they make their vast wealth is that advertisers will pay for what one of our the sound by said last week that the perfect way to advertise is not a shotgun approach were many BBs go out hit me are not a very targeted approach. This is a single bullet approach that goes to people who are expressly have already shown interest or have have had have expressed that the the Internet that they have interest in these these products is a big tech Internet uses this this information for capitalism and data mining is number one. The second point they brought out in the film is how the design of these platforms, Google, Facebook, Twitter, are meant to nurture in addiction and basically they do it through. They keep feeding you content after they learn about you.

They keep feeding you content you're interested in and that they know that they found out from your browsing history and they know if they can keep on feeding the kind of content you're interested in, they can keep you engaged online for Walter and then when you're on there for longer. They can market more products from you and they can also influence you more.

I made this is the basic way of any way.

A relationship deepens you spend more time with someone, you communicate more. Someone you're going to be closer. This is exactly what big tech Internet does spend more time with us communicate more or less tell us more about yourself in seemingly innocuous ways, then they have you addicted to their platforms and come back we'll talk more about big tech Internet right here in the Christian worldview. After this, who is George Soros and what does he believe, are you religious believe in God, no Soros told independent newspaper in Great Britain. It is a sort of disease. When you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything that I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it all. Soros spends his billions to transform America into godless socialism be informed about him in the organization. See funds by ordering this George Soros resource bundle which includes a 60 minute DVD 60 page book in 16 page, follow the money. Chart and guide for donation of $50 or more to the Christian worldview to order call 1888 646-2233 or write to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 or visit the Christian that's the Christian The Bible says that children should be raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is nothing more important than sitting, walking, talking and teaching your son or daughter love and fear God, the church is swimming in children's resources, but it's also important to select ones that accurately represent God's word in the gospel and I store Christian we are intentional about offering resources to build a sound and strong faith in children, you will find several models for children Adam raccoon look serious and good news for little hearts series. We also have video and audio resources like video and Sugar Creek gang browse the mall.

The Christian and then use them daily with the child of God has put in your life. That's the Christian worldview.thanks for joining us today in the Christian worldview radio program talking about big tech Internet part two today the dystopian ministry of information how it's going to be used, no doubt in the end times of the year and letter for those who subscribe do it should be coming to your mailbox. I would say probably this week so look for that. Also, if you don't and on the email that the mailing list.

You can just go to our website is posted there as well as in our email distribution list goes on Friday so you can take part Nancy that the end of your letter in the resource guide in all those different things and that we do so much appreciate your considering support of this nonprofit listener supported ministry here at the end of the year.

Okay so we've talked about the social dilemma movie how they brought out the how social media is used for financial gain through gathering information and then targeting you with advertising shows really nothing morally wrong with that is just an effective way of doing is how they got so rich.

Number two how it's design is meant to nurture in addiction and that that's so obvious you look at people now will go anywhere and people are just a heads are down staring at their their cell phones all the time and this is particularly troubling for younger people because it just did there, sitting at a table in their texting each other at a table and you neither are they losing the age-old human human conversation contact.

Everything is done through text message or otherwise on the Internet and this really really fosters deep addiction. I will give him the supply the soundbite again. But even the president of Pinterest was handy. Come home from work and he'd be in his pantry diss on online and searching around when his family was in the other room and is thinking what my doing. I can't they they develop these addicted platforms and they know how to overcome human nature and so people are almost feel powerless to be able to keep away from the notifications are constantly sending you the newsfeeds they're coming in your phone all the time you Wear phone beeps.

Now it's it's it's hard as a human not to look at Elsa Muscat is like someone knocking at your door. You do not knocker the knot do not answer the door.

Of course you do. So this is what they know and this is how they leverage it to game information empowerment. Third point is will starting to new ground today is how so big tech Internet is used to sway political movements in all these big tech companies are our leftist in worldview and it's a good question.

Why will likely because they have gone to the universities and in grad schools that are always seen on almost uniformly leftist and so there were their worldviews and sway, they believe in a believe in God so they believe in humanism and do good is him. They believe they can create a utopian world. So in order to gain that that vision for the future. They use their power and their their their control over the Internet to the throttle down conservative content on the on the Internet can conservative opinions are Christian content and it goes against the prevailing worldview what they believe is right by cutting accounts, putting out, you know, a fact checked warnings on election so for so I that's a good example of this. Every time you'll notice some impulsive big on Facebook regarding election fraud. Facebook already puts a warning right after the post about the truth about the election. Same with Twitter saying there is no evidence of a fraud in the election so there immediately nipping it in the bud so if you just if you're, like why I think there might be some fraud and sounds like some things are fishy, they immediately try to correct the record according to what they believe in.

This bleeds into by the way the mainstream media is now joining with the Internet because so many the newspapers have their newspapers online as well and I read that that headline last week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune how there there there is no longer any sort of even attempt to to present news without bias, but everything is biased.

Even the way the headline in the byline and they write the article so this this trip headline the StarTribune headline was in video trump recycles unsubstantiated voter fraud claims zone right there.

It's unsustainable you did that is instead to saying trump makes voter fraud claims that say recycles, which is kind of a pejorative. It's kind of saying that that it's it's you just use summing over again comes unsubstantiated to get into the bite again the byline description of the story Mrs. online I saw this increasingly detached from reality. Another biased opinion president Donald Trump stood before a White House lectern delivered a 46 six minute diatribe. There is another negative descriptor against the election results that produced a win for Democrat Joe Biden get push up our guy Democrat Joe Biden on spooling one misstatement after another to back his baseless claim that he really wanted just a perfect example of what the Internet does now that they these this this, especially the younger generation date. There is no there's no attempt to be sort of unbiased diss report what Donald Trump did that he he he is he challenging election results as the weather should have written it and let the reader or listener decide what what conclusion they come to another to force you at least try to force you to come to a particular collusion conclusion about election fraud in a course then that's how they cover that story. But then they also have the power to not cover another story. So if you are paying attention before the election. You know that the huge story came out that was not covered by anyone about Joe Biden basically has a crime family. He and his brother in his and Joe Biden's son Hunter. They were in these business dealings in China in the Ukraine and Tucker Hunter was on the boards of these companies. The sun was making out just hundreds of thousands of dollars, and so forth with no experience in these fields. It was clearly a you know of a bit influence for money situation and known covered big tech Internet didn't cover it because it would hurt their guy and that's exactly what it said in this particular docudrama didn't talk about that one. But there was talk about in different terms, not against Democrats, but about big taxability to control the movement of people through elections tech industry have destabilized the road the fabric of society. In every country, all at once. Again, this in Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Australia, and most developed nations in the world are now imploding on each other and what they have in common and are now deeply impacted the results of the 2016 election.that is hard know it's the reality is well. There are so many different forces Facebook, Twitter and Google are back on Capitol Hill for second day of testimony is interference in 2016 election to see how they that the docudrama the social dilemmas always slanted toward liberalism is a liberal worldview so it's always about Russia influence the election through Facebook. They're blaming the roster forgetting having Trump elect and so forth. There there, making the same point I am but the opposite way I'm saying now that they influence so much of the promote their guy so much and in throttle down any other dissenting opinion so it has a big effect on on elections and in political movements and so forth will get into more that with the election fraud situation is second with the fourth thing they brought out in the in the film is that big tax Internet its effect on on mental health, including the.

The mental health of adolescents in and the rising suicide rates and EEE is for people who are less air older than that's a 40 years old is probably hard to relate to the fact that you we all grew up not having a cell. Finally guy got a cell phone with until I was in my 20s, so I didn't grow up with a smart phone or the Internet it I think when I went to college, or do you have a computer with Attica computer room.

We could go like a type of paper so anyone under 35 or 40 likely group not like that though they grew up with the Internet in a smart phone most younger people, and probably most adults had have really don't have the ability or or the I guess the discipline or whatever to to handle the amount of control in influence the social media companies have and meanwhile everyone posting on Facebook and other social media sites, Instagram, and so forth.

Every impulse there there perfect life online known shows the bad part about themselves. Of course, and so they post themselves on vacation or doing these great things and so forth.

In the other people are watching it and coming unintentional, but it makes other people feel, my life isn't like that. And so it leads to mental health problems and in raises and in suicide is matter of fact they covered this in the in the document will display a short soundbite from that there has been a check gigantic increase in depression and anxiety for American teenagers, which began right around between 2011 and 2013. The number of teenage girls out of hundred thousand in this country who admitted to hospital every year because they cut themselves or otherwise harm themselves. That number was pretty stable until around 2010 2011 and then it begins going way up. It's up 62% for older teen girls 789% for the preteen girls.

That's nearly tripled even more horrifying. We see the same pattern with suicide.

Older teen girls 15 to 19 years old.

There up 70% compared to the first decade of the century, the preteen girls have very low rates to begin with.

They are up 151% and that pattern points to social media Jen Z kids born after 1996 or so those kids are the first generation history that got on social media in middle school, how to spend their time they come up in school under other devices in the whole generation is more anxious, more fragile or depressed there, much less comfortable taking risks.

The rates at which they get drivers licenses have been dropping the number who have ever gone out on a date, any kind of romantic interactions dropping rapidly.

This is a real change in generation and remember every one of every hospital admission is a family that is traumatized. Horrified, my God, what is happening twice. Yeah, it's truly truly the time to call out to God for some of these families like he expressed their at the end. Although he wasn't using it in a reverent way but we've seen the addiction we've seen these different things taking place will come back get to the final point, which is probably the most important one.

So what is the basis for truth. If the internets trying to control it more coming up on the Christian will David we hear host of the Christian worldview for over 15 years. Our mission has been to sharpen the biblical worldview. Christians claim the good news of Jesus Christ pursue that mission on-air through radio programs in person.

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That's one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian thanks for joining us today here on the Christian will radio program were the aim is to think biblically and live accordingly were trended as we discuss big tech Internet. These big tech Internet companies like Google and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Instagram and others that are incorrect, incredibly rich, incredibly powerful and influential, controlling millions or billions of people around the world where this is all going and talking with this. This docudrama called the social dilemma which is not a consumer can't doesn't come from a conservative standpoint at all.

As you'll see from this last point that they brought out in the in the film. Fifth, they brought out is social media's role in spreading quote conspiracy theories and aiding groups, such as flat Earth's okay so that's what they're worried about conspiracy theories, such as flat Earth, there is again their singing from the exact humanistic point of view.

Another words what we can do about those people who don't align with our worldview how we can keep them from influencing people the wrong way and so they talked about in the. The film, they brought up the of the bottom line point is you know who has who has the foundation for the truth, who has the basis who has the corner on the truth hears this in the soundbite.

We want the system failed the highest bidder. Democracy sweetly for sale.

We could reach any mind you want target alive that specific population and create culture wars. We want that we are a nation of people that no longer speak to each other. We are a nation of people who have been stopping friends with people because of who they voted for in the last election we are a nation of people who have isolated ourselves to only watch channels tell us that were right.

My message here today is tribalism is ruining this is tearing our country apart is no way for stated goals to act. If everyone is entitled to their own facts is really no need for compromise. No need for people to come together effectively.

No need for people to interact, we need to have some shared understanding of reality. Otherwise, we are in a country and allowing knowledge is to frame this as a problem that they are equipped to solve that is a lie. People talk about AI as if it will no truth AI's knocking.

To solve this problems. AI cannot solve the problem of fakeness. Google doesn't have the option of saying no is this conspiracy is this truth because they don't know what you have. They don't have a proxy for. That's better than a click if we don't what is true or that there is such a thing as truth toast. This is the problem.

Other problems because if we can agree on what's true that we can't navigate and if any of our problems very, very interesting soundbite there if we can agree on what's true. How do we know what the basis for truth is, as Pilate said to Jesus, what is truth right what is the truth.

How do we know the truth we see for instance, today we see all this is allegations of election fraud you you watch in one channel or certain Internet sites.

It's the others election fraud all over the place that these allegations your sworn affidavits years videos you see this in one's one place another place. The mainstream places election fraud is considered recorded conspiracy theory. So who's right. What who gets to decide on what is truth and this is where big tech Internet is the dystopian ministry of information that they get to they they try to play that the truth basis, the truth foundation in in these questions. So if you believe others, election fraud, you need to have a a warning put after your your of your post and you need to be throttled down need to be canceled and so forth. And we need your current route you out because you're causing destabilization and culture wars. Now speaking of this election fraud allegations in this last presidential election got an email this week from Chris Barden who ran for the Atty. Gen. of Minnesota believe in 2016 is a lawyer. He's a conservative so may give you his take you send these out regularly about political things and he talked to give an updated summary of what was taking place through yesterday, December 11. He said 39 states have now filed on either side of the Supreme Court election fraud case of summer for summer against it.

Texas made this case saying that the that the change of mail in ballot system is is unconstitutional and they can't do this. This disenfranchises voters ripe for fraud and so forth hundred and six Republican congressional officials from the house and some have joined that suit now that particular case.

Just last you yesterday late afternoon, the Supreme Court denied even hearing the case that Texas and other states brought forward to saying that they can't. You can't change the rules of how people vote in less is done through state legislators.

You can't do it through executive order, and so Barden writes that the media are engaged in a truly ominous Stalinist -like effort to suppress evidence of election fraud.

Here is another big tech Internet company, YouTube is shutting down and changing the links to videos on YouTube, documenting clear election fraud and by the way, even though that's that's not a good thing to do.

This is a private company and so they can do that. Of course it's not you, it's not. There is no guarantee of free speech for you should know that when you when you start using these platforms and in trying to influence a business. Realize you're at their mercy on their private platform to be able to turn you off whenever the you don't agree with the in the line. He goes on to say a growing zoo's tsunami of evidence of election fraud proves criminal misconduct in the in the correct corners of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. The evidence of massive, coordinated, preplanned, voter fraud is overwhelming and growing daily. According to Barton, the US faces a growing crisis of legitimacy for the election of 2020. The media efforts to ban all news on the election. Steel has not worked. There's witness tense testimony in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan. Additional legislative hearings in Wisconsin, the U.S. Senate, other than your security camera of George election videos sending the GOP observers home and then remaining in bringing out suitcases a bogus ballots and scanning the minute for seven for over several hours.

18,001 location and video were George election supervisor shows off the remarkable ease with which demeaning voting systems machines permit the user to count blank ballots or flip votes or revoke ballots over and over and over again manipulate entire batches of ballots changing him in the votes for all. It will and instantly on these these electronic voting machines and then multiple analysis by experts from MIT Harvard international analysis, analysts and others looking at historical data versus election data from 2020 proofing to any rational mind that Biden's alleged win is quite impossible there as he got the most votes think was 80 million of us get more votes than any president inch in history of this country trumped up his vote total. But Biden got more than anyone in history. This is a man who hardly even campaigned who couldn't have big campaign events. He blame it on covert, of course, but there's just no way this look at all the statistical analysis there's is no way beyond the reasonability of fraud that he was able to get this much. Sidney Powell, the attorney formally an attorney on the Trump team said the lecture 2020 was a cyber Pearl Harbor. We know that a $400 million payment came in the Dominion smart Maddock voting systems from China only a few weeks before the election. We also have evidence of exactly how they flip the votes. How was designed to flip the vault and that all happened just as we have been saying final thing is a quote by Rush Limbaugh. If election fraud succeeds. I actually think that America will trend toward such secessions.

There cannot be peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life and theories of government so I just read to you there. The perspective of those some affect Rush Limbaugh, Sidney Powell. These are marginal folks alleging widespread voting fraud that either did or influenced flipped this particular past presidential election.

Now you got a big tech Internet and you post any of this stuff on there no give you completely go to MSNBC. Ernie's other companies and their gonna give you a completely different version of truth, and that's really what it comes down to how do you know what the truth is, who do you trust to give you the truth, and it's great news.

As believers, that we know what the truth is in the in the word of God. The how do you know what the truth is, when in bed particular instance like this when one side the letting alleging widespread voter fraud and the other side is either throttling out down or not even covering it at all.

So as you think about this this battle for truth this this final point made in the in this social dilemma film, you realize that there are just huge implications here for the end times and how this big tech Internet is going to be using is going to start this soundbite will play the rest after the final break of the day but it gets into the fact that Wyatt such an exit stencil threat to the world a lot. Ray and already use interchangeable little neurons know, one of which is important and it subjugates people into this weird rule where you're just like this little computing element that were programming through our behavior manipulation for the service of this giant brain and you don't matter, you're not going to pay you nothing getting know if you don't have self-determination will sneak weeks manipulate you because your computing notes Omega program because that's what you do with computing nodes. When you think about technology and being an ex-central threat is a big claim and it's easy to then in your mind think okay so there I am with the phone, scrolling, clicking, using it where's the extent there is a supercomputer is on the screen when brain got me wanting more video were six it's not about technology being the existential threat. It's Melanie's ability to bring out the worst okay will take a break will come back will finish the rest of that cyst set soundbite and get into the implications of how big tech Internet is going to be used in the end times and how you can navigate the Internet. Who is George Soros and what does he believe, are you religious believe in God. Soros told independent newspaper in Great Britain. It is a sort of disease.

When you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything that I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.

Soros Spence's billions to transform America into godless socialism be informed about him in the organization.

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If you missed any. The programs encourage you to go to our website the Christian to hear these programs and over other programs or arc are There for you can also also sent for free podcast of all sorts resources there that you can you can purchase or donate to to get a free resource and we do so much appreciate your support here as we come toward the end of the year were a all volunteer listener supported ministry and so we so much appreciate the support and monthly partnership of so many of you keeping this program on the air. Let's get to that soundbite before we get into some of the implications for the end times and one of the executives interviewed in this film, the social dilemma was talking about. What's the existential threat and the worst in society being if technology creates mass chaos, outrage and incivility, lack of trust in each other.

Loneliness and alienation more polarization more election hacking more populism, more distraction and inability to focus on the real issue. That's just society and now society is incapable of healing itself just devolving into a it's interesting how they see the existential threat as basically conservatives and Christians election hacking. Well, that was against Trump or things that conspiracy theories these are always attributed to to Christians and conservatives and ends and so forth. So they they see it, exactly the opposite way they should be seeing they should be saying let's allow more free-speech. Let's allow more views to be heard they want to control the views so they can have on the L name of a safe and secure society so big tech Internet. As this becomes more more controlling and so controlling now will no doubt be the most powerful tool of the future Antichrist that that is described in Revelation as we near the end times of history. He's he's going to know because he is he's gonna have power over these these companies, you know everything about everyone can have all the data and everything is based on the Internet now in the loop with everything banking everything financially done online were going to. I'm sure be going to a cashless society coming up what I after all, a holding yelp paper bills and in coins in your hand that's that's dirty and you get the virus that way. So that's a good excuse to get rid of that is always a a level of convenience for all these things to go to to go fully online, will be chips implanted in you for for purchasing things is more secure. After all, you can have your health records on your lordship in your hand.

That's really good because you don't need to lose and IID here have to go to a hospital. Have them pulled up on their own computers me right on your person. So is much more it's much safer insecurities for your health, that everything is done online and is big tech companies control all this data but no language barriers member the Tower of Babel that was a big that's what this product apart across the world.

While the these are the programs now online can just translate what you're saying to someone the other end and they speak a completely different language so that that that the barrier of languages is being broken down. Reality can be altered avert through virtual-reality and holograms you can deceive people so easily make someone look like someone speaking in a place with her not even located in you know an end. Of course, since they have all this information they they know all about those who have posted anything online. Who doesn't have doesn't share their prevailing humanistic worldview. And I think when it talks about in Revelation chapter 1 verse seven and when about Christ's return.

Behold, he is coming with clouds, and every eye will see him, even they who pierced him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him up. I think when it says that if if that's truly liberal at every eyes can see his return, which I probably think it is.

I think possibly the Internet is going to be the way they do. So everyone got these smart phones you can look videos and live television right now from anywhere on your phone. So I think that probably has a part in seeing the return of Christ.

So what we do, how we navigate the Internet. Well, you can try to avoid it completely, but it's very difficult to do because everything is based on the Internet. Now you can get rid of yourself. If you want, but again it's hard to navigate society nowadays if you want to communicate with someone or make a reservation to do something, you will have land lines number of things a cell phone base having Internet-based there some sort of great reset. That's a topic we'll talk on about coming up in the program. One of these weeks, but there's some sort a great reset. That's trying to be used for this whole pandemic taking place right now and the Internet is going to be a big part of it. So just a couple recommendations that I thought after washing the social dilemma things.

First, all realize that everything you do online is being watched and recorded by big tech. Okay, just realize that is not only being watched and recorded by big tech.

More importantly is being watched and recorded by God to realize that you've a greater accountability to God than you even do to big Dick big tech never called push the like button and anything I would never do that. Why let them know what you likewise important for someone to push the like button, a light button on Facebook.

This gives them more data about you. Number three never post anything controversial That you're not willing to die for. Another words, anything you post on their you need to be able to say this is something I'm going to lose my job for I'm going to die for. I'm going to be thrown in jail for so just don't post anything beyond things that are very, very serious and that you that you would that that are part of you and that you would be willing to die on that hill for number for careful what websites you visit that will be used against you. They have your browsing history, no matter how much you think they they don't they do turn off most notification to you notifications is again just someone knocking on the your door that grabs your attention. Maybe take a day of rest from the Internet each week that something had like to start doing at some point, getting away from iPhone 4 for one day a week and get your news from many alternate sources, not just the mainstream source because you can get a uniform worldview. If you get your news from the same types of websites all the time and then finally and most importantly, realize that the only truth is we are talking about earlier. Who is the basis for truth the only truth truth. We know for sure comes from the word of God.

John 14 six when the most powerful professions of Christ that he makes Christ as I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. Jesus Christ is the truth. If you try to figure out the truth, he is the truth and then again in Matthew 24. It talks about Christ is talking about the end of time to sit immediately after the tribulation the seven year period. Of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky and the powers of the heaven will be shaken. Verse 30 in the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky in and all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of the sky, with power and with great glory.

Skipping ahead, truly, I said you Jesus said this generation. That generation that time will not pass away until all these things take place. Verse 35 key verse heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. Christian we have a foundation for truth may not be able to know always the full truth and little issues of elections and that kind of thing. Although the evidence seems pretty clear, but we know the bigger truth of who God is our creator who we are, were sinners and separated from God. The good news of God sending his son Jesus to pay the penalty that we deserve to pay for our sins. And if we repent and believe in him we would be forgiven. Briefly treat receiver eternal life and know the truth and so until next time think biblically and live accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to a Christian worldview dawdle or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 a set Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview.

Until next time think biblically and live according

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