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Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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November 20, 2020 7:00 pm

Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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November 20, 2020 7:00 pm

Sidney Powell, one of the leading members of President Trump’s legal team alleging election fraud, said this week:

“American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government…We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”

If it can be proved that the recent presidential election was fraudulently tipped to Joe Biden, it would be the most significant crime in U.S. history...

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So why do the wicked always seem to prosper in this world that is a top will discuss today with Robert Knights right here in the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all can be reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ and in the wheat and the host in our website is the Christian Thank you joining us today here in the Christian world is because why do the wicked prosper. Psalm 70 talks all about this one passage in that Psalm verses two and three say, but as for me, my feet came close to stumbling the psalmist said my steps had almost slipped for. I was envious of the air again as I saw the prosperity of the wicked, so here's a believer in God. Looking at how the wicked prosper and just just making them stumble like I don't get out If you follow God.

Things are going on prosper whereas if you don't. Things won't talk about today so this week in the news there was a big press conference with the attorneys of Pres. Donald Trump, led by Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York Sidney Powell was also a well-known attorney and also Jenna Ellis and I did an attorney about the allegations of election fraud that took place at the Grammy presenting in court and here is what Sidney Powell said this week in that particular press conference on Thursday in office were allowed to read their elections. This is stunning, heartbreaking and infuriating and the most unpatriotic acts I can even imagine for people in this country to have participated and in any way shape or form.

And I want the American public to know right now that we will not be intimidated. American patriots are found up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government and we are going to take this country back.

We are not going to be intimidated.

We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now president Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it and we are going to reclaim United States of America for people who vote for freedom. Okay, there was Sidney Powell, an attorney for president Trump looking into the allegations of fraud. Now what she said there are you sure you heard it. There is major that that's a major major allegation that president Trump won by a landslide.

Not not bite Trump will be overturning what everyone thinks happened on the election if it can be proved if they can prove this in a court of law that the recent presidential election was fraudulently tipped to Joe Biden. This would be the most significant crime in US history. I can't think of anything.

A bigger crime than that stealing a presidential election. Now Powell and the other attorneys for the president held a press conference on Thursday claiming they have many sworn witnesses and evidence of extensive fraud, EE, even involving non-American entities which all conspire to defeat Donald Trump and put Biden, ostensibly, presumptively in power. There is a war for truth right now raging in our country and every Christian should be praying that the unmistakable truth of the election becomes clear that's all we have Robert Knight in the program today. He's a columnist for the Washington times in one news now and he joins us as we can to discuss these allegations. What how the media is handling them, and what a potential Biden administration would mean for the country. In light of everything is taking place.

Allegations of fraud in the worldview of the left were also going to discuss a fundamentalist question in the second half of the program. Why do the work. Wicked prosper in their God rejecting way associates the first segment with Robert Knight, Robert, thank you for coming on the program today know you're you're on the road but that you been writing extensively in your columns this year in the lead up to the election about all different angles regarding this particular presidential election. Specifically, this is from Newsmax who aired the press conference live in Fox aired it live Fox News but CNN others didn't. So want get to that a little bit too but the press coverage allegations range from complaints that Republican observers weren't allowed to observe vote counting in Philadelphia and Detroit.

That's one thing we've heard about that to a claim by Trump lawyer Sidney Powell that US voting machines made by Dominion voting systems that use software made in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez who is now dead. He died 2013, but the software apparently was directed by him I was. He was a communist tyrannical dictator Dominion voting system is an American company that has said it has no connection to Venezuela basically comes down to this. I think there is widespread voting fraud, especially in that the software is able to be changed. Votes County went over to overseas countries came back. These are probably the most explosive allegations in American history from a voting standpoint if they are true. What you make of this development today.

Robert, I'd like to say the vote fraud actually began well before the election because over the last few years the Democrats have been weakening election safeguards by installing same-day voter registration, which doesn't give time to really fit new voter registrations, early voting, so the elections go on forever automatic voter registration and most importantly, getting rid of voter ID laws. You don't have to prove anymore. You are who you say your work as it was the simplest safeguards universal. It's everywhere around the world except in a lot of American states now were Democrats govern that they also have judges that altered election law unilaterally just before the election, citing covert. They said okay. The counting can go as long as six days and one stayed three days and another 11 days in another, and by the way, in a couple states the ballasted name even have to be postmarked November before November 3 around November 3. This is a recipe for vote fraud. It couldn't, it could result in anything else. So when the election unfolded and then the counting stopped in the middle of the night with president Trump ahead in several key states, including Pennsylvania by hundreds of thousands of votes and then when the voting began again in the next day, hundreds of thousands of votes were suddenly found for Joe Biden. People can't be faulted for suspecting massive vote fraud that there are other indicators here that make the idea that Joe Biden who was reclusive in his basement and in apparently declining mental capacity to eat a sitting president who revive the economy and did any number of creditable accomplishments. Republicans retained all state legislatures.

They controlled they picked up both houses and New Hampshire. They added to governorships.

They added probably double digit seats in the US House of Representatives. There probably going to retain the Senate, and in 18 of 19 bellwether counties that is counties that have chosen the winner in the presidential election. Every single time since 1980 president Trump 118 of 19 of these counties. Given all that to say that all know Biden really one even though there was a huge Republican vote nationwide in the end, always Republicans were voting down ticket, but voting for Joe Biden apparently up ticket that doesn't wash. It makes no sense. It doesn't fit, pass the straight face test and and now that Sidney Powell in particular is come forward with the allegations that these voting machines run by Dominion and one other firm can easily switch votes by the hundreds of thousands which may have occurred. I see the media more than ever saying well. These allegations let's crown Joe Biden president and let's move on anyone and says otherwise is a liar, a racist is killing democracy that the rhetoric is getting more shrill as they realize maybe the jig is up mate may be this massive vote fraud that they been working on for years will finally be uncovered and we can go forward with terror elections. Robert Knight joins us today in the Christian worldview, a columnist for the Washington times in one news. Now, his website is Robert H. you can sign up for his weekly column by just emailing them Robert Knight the your answer there segued into my next topic I want to talk to you about is the media coverage of this story again if this story is true or there's a lot of truth to this story that this this presidential election of the most powerful nation in the world was fraudulently one through voter fraud by the Democrat party that is the biggest story in the last who knows many decades of the United States so much is at stake and yet it's almost like living in an alternate universe, Robert. I was watching the news conference with Giuliani Sidney Powell and Jen Alice today laying out there allegations are going to take in the court of course they're going to need to prove these things someone's not telling the truth here either. It's not this group of legal team representing down trap for the Democrats aren't on the trip telling exactly the opposite stories there's nothing to see here. Keep moving along versus this is massive voter fraud. Someone's gotta be wrong. It's going to be litigated, but the coverage of it. Robert in the media is truly unbelievable. I turned over to to CNN. I went to the website.

There is not a word on their website about this press conference these allegations. Today you go to Fox News you get some reporting on it that she did cover it. But then some of the reporters, downplay there's nothing to see here there's no there's no fraud here and other networks it's it's all election fraud all the time. What do you make of where we are in this country from a media standpoint, Robert, because it just it seems like you go to a certain place to hear what you want to hear. There's no more covering what the other sides is the propaganda machine wherever you go. Okay, listen to an interview with Robert Knight today but before he answers that question about what is going on the media because you just hear completely different perspective.

Not only that, but you hear the coverage a completely different stories like they won't even cover certain stores. This press conference as I was saying took place on Thursday wasn't being covered on CNN.

I believe on MSNBC as well. Fox did carry it but just let me give you an example of the type of thing that even Fox we consider to be a conservative news source. Listen to what the reporter Kristin Fisher said on Fox news right after this 90 minute press conference from Trump's legal team, this is Kristin Fisher notice all the opinion she injects in her reporting colorful news conference relating Giuliani but it was a light on facts so much of what he said was simply not true, or has already been thrown out in court and Giuliani is opened by making this ruling and baseless claim that a lot of this alleged nationwide voter fraud that he's referring to. All came from 1 Centralized Pl.

He called in nationwide conspiracy. He failed to provide any part of that one specific claim when you're dealing with claim that really cuts to the core of our democratic process with Giuliani was a big poster with the headline multiple victory but Giuliani never credibly explained single path, let alone multiple domains that provide at least in court heart and irregularities widespread enough to overturn the outcome of the election and to effectively challenge present like to Biden stance on the present.

That's Google Fox News there. That's a reporter for the word to use light on facts, baseless claims never caught up credibly explained. No evidence. Watch how Robert Knight explains how that's taking place all over the media.

There's no reporting its opinion journalism will come back and discuss much much more right here in the Christian worldview.

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Why do the wicked prosper and were getting into the immediate element of the coverage of this allegations of election fraud. Let's get back to the interview with Robert Knight. What do you make of where we are in this country from a media standpoint, Robert, because it just it seems like you go to a certain place to hear what you want to hear. There is no more covering what the other sides of the propaganda machine wherever you go. All mainstream media effectively is the voice of the Democratic Party and the ruling elites were trying to force their values. The American public, then you have the stomach.that was the term for the underground Soviet press in behind the Iron Curtain countries that were controlled by communist samizdat would be Fox News to some extent Christian talk radio Newsmax one American news and a few other outlets.

The Washington times as part of it trying to report objectively with a conservative viewpoint at bottom. Note no question about it, but at least trying to sift the facts from what I've seen of the mainstream media. They have just given up journalism and I say that as a former news editor for the Los Angeles times.

I saw the newsroom shift in the seven years I was in that newsroom from just being liberal journalists turning into political activist on unconcerned about getting both sides of the story. Now it's even worse than it was then Mike column that will be coming out next week talks about how I think journalists of managed to rig up a algorithm by which at the Washington Post and other newspapers. Any time there's a mention of vote fraud or voter irregularities. They insert the word baseless or without evidence, or false, just reflexively includes headlines and so it's gotten so bad that that the post will say things like protesters falsely claim that fraud occurred say this is all they examined all the evidence I don't think so.

They said this right after the election took place before all the ballots were counted still counting ballots today, and yet they proclaim that anybody who even questions. It is lying. They do this in fact checks even though they call opinions lies. What's worse is social media has incredible clout in communication today and they shut down discussion of the Biden scandals, which were fully documented Joe Biden and his son Hunter were up to their ears in Chinese contracts Ukrainian contracts and they just shut it all down. Twitter went so far as to shut down the account of the New York Post on October 14 couple weeks before the election, which laid out the evidence about hundred Biden's rich contracts and held the big guy. He refers to an email just is.

Obviously Joe Biden was going to get a cut of the action.

One third of voters for Joe Biden.

According to surveys were totally unaware of the hundred Biden Joe Biden scandals involving China and the Ukraine and a good portion of them said they would've changed their vote if they'd known that that would've made the difference in all the battleground states that Donald Trump would've had a landslide Sydney Powell and her team say that he infected of a landslide and that it's only been the manufacturer of hundreds of thousands of false votes for Joe Biden that has made the election even close.

The more I look at this the more I think this is a credible claim and I think they're holding back evidence because they wanted presented in court. I know the media would just discounted rates and twisted make make fun of it, but they there there waiting for the real audience which is the judges. Here's a concern of mine, David, and that is that the Democrats and the media trying so hard to say this is a done deal. It's over. Anyone who says otherwise is it is a racist or a fool or is lying and Joe Biden talking world leaders. It's all over. Go home.

There's nothing to see here they're doing this on purpose so that when this this evidence reaches the US Supreme Court, even if it's compelling the US Supreme Court may be reluctant to overturn what has been decided in the press as a done deal. A an American election. Then one of you put in that position.

So this is why the Democrats alone most of the media and social media certainly are pushing this narrative so hard that it's over.

You can't question it. They know that the courts are going to have to sorted out and they want to put the courts on the hot seat.

I think were on the brink of something that's unprecedented in our country. If this comes to a head.

There is this assumption by so much of the country. The leftist media mainstream media.

Many just citizens in this country who have no idea.

Like you mentioned they had no idea about Joe Biden Hunter Biden's involvement in China and in the Ukraine.

They have no idea because the news sources they go to don't even talk about this. This will come to ahead it is going to court if it ends up with the Supreme Court. Let's hope the right thing that can be done no matter what momentum is ostensibly being created right now we need to know we have fair elections. Whatever the outcome is, by the way, even if it proves that they looking allegations are not all the votes aren't there. We still need to know in this country that we have free and fair elections Robert Knight with us today, a columnist for the Washington times in one news now network Robert how do these newsrooms and you mentioned social media. I watched the executives of Twitter Jack Dorsey and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in a hearing before Congress this week for I think a Senate committee and they were just blatantly censoring conservative news as you just mentioned and also you can at universities of this.

They are also one-sided on the left. How do they get that way. In other words, why aren't there. Why don't want to go to the right. Why do these these these entities always move left, and they become just so like a echo chamber part of the reason that they are headquartered in the Bay Area near San Francisco which is very liberal southern Nobel chamber. All they hear the same opinion. But if they do happen to hear contrary opinions are quick to weeded out. I saw this in newsrooms such as the Los Angeles Times work.

If they discovered someone was conservative. That was pretty much the end of their advancement in the newsroom because they didn't fit in. They didn't march in lockstep to liberal opinion and even liberals looked over their shoulders when venturing an opinion just in case it wasn't in vogue at that time because as you know, the ruling elites change the game constantly and what was once accepted suddenly becomes a mark of that. You're a racist or you're just some awful person your homophobe or whatever else so that there is a there's a self policing that goes on in the news business and certainly in Silicon Valley and Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter admitted it was wrong to spike New York Post story about hundred Biden and his laptop and the rich contracts in Ukraine and China, but you know he can say that now that the election is over, but that constitutes a form of election interference to me because we social media are pretty much a public conduit now, you might argue whether privately owned, so it's not like there the telephone company and they're not on the airwaves so the FCC doesn't control them as it does the radio and TV content, but I don't control it but they police it.

However, they operate as they have all kinds of leeway away from government control precisely because they're supposed to be open, free, fair forums and it turns out they're not. So I think there's a comeuppance coming for them.

I think the bill be any trust action against them. This all depends on whether Pres. Trump survives because if there's a Biden administration. I imagine they'll be patting them on the head instead and thanking them for what they did help elect Joe Biden will be putting them in in the cabinets in the circle of the deal losses Robert Knight with us today here on the Christian worldview before we get to the question, what can we expect if Joe Biden does end up becoming the president. I want to ask one question is back to this these allegations of election fraud you think about this story that the stealing. If in fact this is true, the stealing of the election for the presidency of the United States having the most powerful country in the world economically, militarily, be hard to overstate how major of a criminal offense. This would be where is the FBI in all of this in another words, why isn't the FBI, especially in light of the fact that throughout the Trump administration from the fact that from the start of that the kind of the fake dossier against trumped of spying on his campaign to the fraudulent accusations of collusion with Russia that the impeachment was based on, and so many other things, do we have a Federal Bureau of investigation anymore. That's nonpartisan, or is a completely week that can't be trusted at all either Robert and I don't answer that question after this next break of the day in the Christian worldview. That's another troubling thing that only the media in the tank for the left, but FBI really so partisan that they won't investigate these huge fraud claims as well will come back and talk more on the Christian will David we hear host of the Christian worldview for over 15 years.

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We're just weird always is humbled by this the kind and encouraging notes and emails we receive on a regular basis. So thank you for that. After our topic today is why do the wicked prosper were were asking that question in light of the fact that this, I may just really truly incredible allegations of that this election potentially was fraudulently one by by Joe Biden courses can have to be proved in court, but there seems to be all sorts of mounting evidence and just praying all should be praying that this is made clear in the coming weeks. We really need to know that otherwise is the very foundation of our constitutional republic is at stake here so we want the truth to come out and do our guest today is Robert Knight, columnist for one news now and also the Washington times.

I was asking about the FBI what is taken place in that particular institution must get back to the interview with Robert Knight where is the FBI in all of this in another words, why isn't the FBI, especially in light of the fact that throughout the Trump administration from the fact that from the start of that the kind of the fake dossier against trumped of spying on his campaign to the fraudulent accusations of collusion with Russia that the impeachment was based on, and so many other things, do we have a Federal Bureau of investigation anymore.

That's nonpartisan, or is a completely week that can't be trusted at all either good or still on the job and the fact that actually no one needs a straight arrow, and I think he's appalled at the corruption that the American public has learned about, especially with regard to the spying on the Trump administration doctoring emails in order to fool Pfizer court in order to get warrants to spy on the Trump campaign James Comey having a confidential conversation with the present United States and then linking the memo to someone who gave it to the New York Times. This is conduct that might be regarded as Christmas and and so far nobody is paid a price for and I love Americans were scratching their heads and saying my goodness, the evidence is there.

It's all been documented about this behavior of that constitutes.

Perhaps treason and where are the indictments John Durham, the investigator is still conducting his investigation, and it seems really going on forever. I imagine that would be shut down immediately.

If Joe Biden is sworn into office in late January if Pres. Trump is re-sworn in. I'd like to think it, it could all be brought out. Maybe even before then because is a lot there.

And Americans should know that their investigative agencies.

The most powerful police unit in America, the FBI should be trusted.

Right now we don't trust our security agencies like the CIA we don't trust the FBI. We certainly don't trust the IRS, we saw what they did to the tea parties and 22,009 and 2010 when there were webinars by the Obama administration that that's another thing David that concerns me greatly that if Joe Biden takes over the presidency. It will be pretty much the third term of an Obama administration where federal agencies were westernized against conservatives against Christians against the tea parties this time around. I may want to finish the job and make sure that there will be no meaningful opposition to their rule.

Certainly it's not comforting to know that Kemal Harris could be on the verge of being the next president given Joe Biden's decline. She is Marxist to the core she was from is from the Bay Area. Dad was a socialist professor. Many of her contemporaries and supporters are Marxist people who have guided her philosophy.

She was the senator who introduced the bill a couple years ago to overturn the religious Freedom restoration act that was the legislation that put some teeth into federal law to protect religious institutions from being treated badly unlike any other institutions in society.

She wants to get rid of that. What is that tell you about the regard she has for Christians even today. Read this article or a column about the fact that the human rights campaign, the homosexual big homosexual lobby group put out a piece of recommendation that there would not be accreditation given to any schools that don't affirm the LGBT Q agenda you talk about a tightening noose, but that's what you can expect from a Biden administration. I think it's actually probably going to be far worse than the Obama administration if that's possible because were further along now and leftism is further entranced the parties moved even more to the left. How would you answer that Robert, what do you think we can expect from it.

If in fact these allegations of fraud don't overturn the election what you think. A Christian should be thinking about from a potential Joe Biden administration expect to see legal threats leveled against Christian institutions like schools, Christian owned businesses. This is for keeps their talking about criminalizing Christianity by transforming biblical values into a form of bigotry that the actionable under the law of that's what the quality act would do. That's what will be passed if the Democrats get control of both houses of Congress and the presidency is probably the most dangerous piece of legislation in American history, it would make Christian second-class citizens. I think Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute put it best when she said a government can force you to say that Bruce Jenner is a woman is powerful enough to force you to do anything to think about it, the government. If the transgender lobby gets its way will be able to force people in the line and denying science. You know that that's one of the phrases that the Democrats been throwing around follow the scientists working to follow the science. Unlike the Pres. Trump uncoated and other things one another not following the signs were ignoring biology or ignoring just human reason that men and women are different when it suits them.

They ignore the science continuously. But the worst part is they may be diluted.

That's one thing but to force that delusion using the power of the law on the rest of this is their real agenda. That's why I've often said, the homosexual agenda which is now the LGBT Q agenda really is the criminalization of Christianity that the endgame and Christians need to know that here a couple of things on their laundry list. They want to pass the green new deal which would bankrupt the economy. It's an extreme form of environmentalism. It would rip apart the energy industry which is made America energy independent.

For the first time in decades, and a net exporter to the world so it would have enormous economic implications but more than that, it would it would criminalize lots of what is now just legal activity by everybody. People who are chomping at the bit to get empower if Joe Biden is declared the president had made it very clear they have a Marxist worldview, which includes the ends justifying the means. Which means they will use extralegal means to force everyone to conform to their worldview. That's what's at stake here and are talking about packing the Supreme Court adding justices they're talking about adding two senators in the Puerto Rico and DC by making them states their talking about passing the HR one of the for the people act, which is a very communist sounding act that would wipe out all election safeguards get rid of voter ID laws follow states that Bella harvesting were anybody can pick up ballots which destroys the whole idea of the secret ballot pretty much undo election safeguards so they could to vote for as much as they want there any number of big huge legislative proposals liberty put on the table that all add up to socialism. They add up to a more powerful central government that will crush opposition. I am not exaggerating David when I say this, that what they really want to do is turn us into sort of a Marxist version of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Robert, thank you for coming on the Christian Realty today. These certainly are trying times. We need to be praying that the truth to come out about the selection. Thank you again all God's best in grace to you all. Thank you, David. I'm sure you have me on Douglas. Okay, that was Robert Knight. Everyone you can again sent for his weekly column by emailing them Robert Knight the His website is Robert H. I want to say his last answer there as he talked about what the left is trying to do in this country.

I think he is absolutely correct in his assessment.

In this, the evidence bears that out. This is the policies they push and I think is sometimes hard for Christians and Christian minds to try to get our minds wrapped around those who want to destroy that the foundations of this Christian country consider us illegitimate view of the porch.

The immorality they do everything else and you just think wow that what you used radically transform United States of America fundamentally transform is as it's been said, why would they want is this a great country they don't see it that way that they rejected God and those who follow him.

They want to get out from under the authority of God, and they have to do all sorts of things politically governmentally to force that change. So the question is the follow-up the interview today is why does the left. Keep making ungodly progress in this country and others. Why does that take place. Why has secularism, sexual immorality, humanism become more institutionally and culturally advanced, even despite some Republican leadership in time.

It seems like the left makes advances year after year after year. Why does that happen. Well, I think there are two reasons for that and will discuss those ref this last break of the day here on the Christian worldview who is George Soros and what does he believe, are you religious believe in God.

Soros told independent newspaper in Great Britain. It is a sort of dizziness when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out. Soros spends his billions to transform America into godless socialism be informed about him in the organization. See funds by ordering this George Soros resource bundle which includes a 60 minute DVD 60 page book in 16 page, follow the money. Chart and guide for donation of $50 or more to the Christian worldview to order call 1888 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 or visit the Christian decibel Christian

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Let's get to our topic here. Why do the wicked prosper and that is what is the left. Keep making ungodly process. I called ungodly because it's the policies they advocate for God rejecting their it's this unfettered murder of the unborn relentless pushing of sexual immorality. Whether homosexuality transgender is him anything to do with what rejects God's plan for morality.

The suppression the marginalization of Christianity has be shut down if your business you cannot abide by your own beliefs if it opposes the homosexual agenda that the pushing of the great lie of evolution that there is no God. And we all evolved over millions of years, the deceit, the lies about the founding of this country is not a perfect country but it was certainly founded with good intense and good principles this through the whitewashing of American history. This this is ungodly stuff in this secularism. This immorality this humanism, or even this religious unity even when there's a there's a tinge of God in the in the progressive religious left. This is become more entrenched institutionally in our institutions whether media or government or schools or corporate America, but also culturally by just the general population as well. This bears out in surveys, people are just less God-fearing now than they used to be, despite the fact that we've had some Republican leaders overtime against Republican parties at the Christian party look after repeat that all timeless people misunderstand not saying that, but the left is directly opposes anything that honors God and so is it that the left's ideas are better than the rights ideas so they win out in the end I don't think so.

I think they're much worse ideas but think there are two reasons why the the ungodly, the wicked prosper in the first is that for the left politics is their top priority is like that their religion and they pursue it that way. In other words, they're much more zealous. The left is about pursuing politically their objectives in politics is the most effective human way at least to achieve their ends. Because, again, politics, government, and at the end of the line is forced if you don't comply. You become an arrest you. So there's always force so you don't need to persuade hearts and minds of much.

You don't need to evangelize and disciple so much. You just need to pass laws, get people in the power to pass laws on those who are non-discerning who have grown up in government schools been brainwashed all the way along.

You just need to you need to take control over your helpless subjects. Basically and then when you do that and you believe that this life is all there is. That's what the left believes is there is no heaven and hell and and and and if there is hello hell a heaven for the religious left. Then you could do good to attain and doing good is doing political good to big government means this life is only in everything okay. Therefore they work, they are more zealous.

They work harder at politics than the right and with more zeal than conservatives and meanwhile you have Christians and conservatives who their top priority is will family and marriage and working and providing for their family and in you also believe many of them, especially the Christians believe that there is a a greater citizenship I had in heaven so this life is is wonderful for hot sweep were citizens of Earth and we want good laws to be up establish we want God's kingdom to be advanced on earth, but we also know that is never going to be sexy can end up going the wrong direction the future before Christ returns. But there's a greater life ahead in heaven someday, so that's one major difference is that that that that the zealousness the priority in the left is much more advanced much more than much more zealous about achieving their ends on this earth number two.

Second reason why the wicked prosper and why they advance their ungodly agenda is that they are bound they don't bind themselves to the same moral and ethical restraints or constraints as Christians. Basically, they're more unethical. Another words if you don't believe in, in God you don't fear God and love God, you're not under you take yourself out from under the authority of Scripture.

Your ally to deceive through twisting language and euphemisms. You know the the equality act or the for the people acted so this twisting, or to women's or a woman's right to healthcare who could be a good match is a code for the murder of the unborn, so you can allow your going to deceive through Trish twisting language you're going to cheat and maybe in elections you're going to use foul language to intimidate you to try to marginalize people who don't agree with you, and ultimately use violence to get your way. In other words, he who fights dirtier usually wins in this world there is.

If you're willing to go a little lower than your opposition, you're usually the one that's going to to win because that is not a fair fight. You're not both sides are not playing by the same rules were as Christians.

Conservatives are restrained by the ethical constraints of what say Christian worldview.

The left is not. They don't. Some will not weaken the ends justify the means. Other words, whatever the objective, and that we want you. Let's say it's something to do with your transgender isn't whatever means that that that is the end we want. We believe it's a good answer whatever way we can use them if it's kind of an unethical way of getting there. Tell people that don't know gender is a choice and you can change your gender to lie like that it's okay to get to that good end. So another example, a woman must be able to have sex but not have to bear a child like a man is a man can have sex and not have to bear a child. So we should have equality there. So that's a good that that women must be able to have sex, not a child. So whatever means to accomplish that and are good so you can is a lie about what a child is in the womb called a fetus or a group of cells you can deceive like Planned Parenthood doesn't say that that organizations really about your breast cancer screenings, you can intimidate people. Ultimately, please. You want to get your quote good and so examples of this are just that's why cheating the election.

No problem commit fraud in the election it's it's a better and it's good that Donald Trump would not be present again because he's a racist. Okay so the good is we must get Joe Biden empowers can achieve our utopian dystopian visions.

That's why you see in the street you look at these protests of the summer people protesting the F word is everywhere there screaming at him, people's faces on signs on the streets because they're not constrained by by using obscenity I got.

They know it's a good way to intimidate people. People will back down when they have the F word screamed in their face enough times. That's why they're willing to marginalize Christians we mentioned earlier program that humans right campaign wants Christian schools not be accredited use will just wait for that. If Biden gets empower Carver recently said and I can have any speakers from the Trump administration at their school like they typically do after political administrations are out of power again this you marginalize people if you're a Christian business owner you you if you don't service a so-called homosexual wedding. You're out your you're done. So, intimidation, violence, burning looting and tea for these are the means they use that they are bound by the same moral and ethical restraints and so the ship they read they reach their end and I wish I had time to read Psalm 73. Asking to be all of our homework today read that how the godly man saw the wicked prosper. But then he realized there and and you came to praise God, knowing that it is always better to follow God's way than to achieve the wicked ends of those who are wicked on this earth.

Thank you for joining us today in the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically and live according we hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233.

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