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Short Take: Explain what the “homophones” of the social justice movement are?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
The Truth Network Radio
September 13, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take: Explain what the “homophones” of the social justice movement are?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 13, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on How Social Justice is Corrupting the Faith and Moving Christians Left.

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Christians fail to understand that out of the mouths of social justice progressives.

These words are merely homophones that had looked that word up to bend that word means it's a word having the same sound but a different meaning. It's like the word new KNEW mean something different very different than the word new any W is a homophone that these words love equality and justice are homophones are there words that we think we understand but that side has completely different meanings to them. Then, like a biblical, evangelical Christian, you gonna say they conceal crucial definitional distinctions grounded in questions as philosophically bedrock is whether or not human beings have free will or even objective truth exists so explain this and I think I would say it's an intentional deception to use words that evangelicals are familiar with and are fond of and how they are used to persuade evangelicals over to the political left side. It works on on everybody because everybody wants to believe they're a good person and it works especially well on Christians because our identity is focused on trying to trying to embody the values of Christ and love and justice, especially our pretty important to that Christians aren't ready to to interrogate these words when they hear then they just assume that they're in agreement.

Since there was an example pretty recently of a BLM leader in in the UK who had a tweet taken down and that the substance of the tweet was something to the extent of the white man will not be our equal he will be our slave and she hashtags that with no justice, no peace in dispersants mind, it is possible to say that I'm going to enslave another person and that is justice. And II think most people if they were to look at it in this way, they were to see this evidence, there was a okay we we clearly mean different things like, it was wrong of us to assume that this word meant the same thing to both of us, but it's very understandable that people make that assumption because at the point of language. The point of language is that we can use a sound and reasonably assured that both of us are thinking the same thing. Because of that sound. It's no longer true in the big push to do that has been very deliberate comes from a place called poststructuralism its is a field of study that is very interested in the way that language can be used to shape our and so it's been studied.

It's been kind of dissected and now academics are able to use what they've learned to load words with more more and more ideology that people are unaware of

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