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Understanding What Is Happening in America

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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September 4, 2020 8:00 pm

Understanding What Is Happening in America

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 4, 2020 8:00 pm

GUEST: Larry Alex Taunton, author and director, Fixed Point Foundation

Over the last four to six months, unsettling events have gripped America. The COVID-19 virus has caused illness, death, widespread government mandated closures, and promises/fears of a universal vaccine.

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests, burning, looting, tearing down historic statues, and killings have become shockingly prevalent in cities across the nation...

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Understanding what is happening in America. That is the top will discuss today regular on the first worldview radio program mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christian and assure the gospel that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ. I did with the host in our website is the Christian thanks for joining us today in the program to talk about what is happening in America right now and over the last 4 to 6 months. Unsettling events have ripped our country the Cova 19 viruses caused illness and death and widespread government mandated closures and depending the way you look at it, promises or fears of a universal vaccine and after the death of George Floyd right here in Minneapolis protested burning and looting and tearing down of historic statues and killings have become shockingly prevalent in cities across the nations.

Millions of people have lost jobs, schools have been disrupted or closed. Major cities are empty. There are demands to defund the police in a presidential election looms between two candidates with vastly different policies for the country. All this will lead even the most phlegmatic person to wonder what is happening in America. So that is exactly the question we will strive answer this weekend on the Christian worldview with our guest Larry Alex Taunton of the fixed point foundation. He is written to insightful columns on the worldview that is driving these major events in America, so please tune in today and join us as we have this important conversation and let's get to the first segment with Larry Alex Taunton tell us briefly about your background, how you came to saving faith in Christ and what you do now. I grew up in the military. That is to say, my father was a career soldier and so I grew up all over the United States to place his prefix so for and I became a believer during my teen years and I decided I wanted to pursue an academic career writing career, but I saw that there were unique opportunities for my skill set and in defending the Christian worldview in the marketplace of ideas and also going after some of those ideas that I think are quite dangerous and in this case. Today marks the you written to recent columns which we have titled understanding what is happening in America like to go over some questions from those columns today. I'm going to start just by reading just the opening of your part. One of those columns you stay on the surface, there appears to be no logic to what is happening right now in America you found yourself wondering what is the goal of these protests.

What do these protesters want is it about justice for George Floyd is about ending police brutality is it about ending racism is about equality. There is an evil logic behind the riots flagburning and statute toppling is not just America that's under attack. It's the Christian faith that's under assault. Explain more.

Larry what you mean by this evil logic behind all that's going on in America right now well on this matter is quite openly Marxist. Now they're not there not saying this necessarily all of their protests, but the founders of monocots matter are are quite clear in this.

It is also clear when you go to their website that is familiar with Marxism. It becomes quite noticeable in the language that they use all marks called for the violent overthrow of the ruling classes and he believes that this is what happened in an intake to to clear up a bit of confusion and some people have, socialism was not invented by Karl Marx, socialism, a simple definition of socialism is redistribution of wealth by government in a way that is deemed to be more equitable seek seizure of assets is the control of the means of production. Marx's own is Marx's own twist on socialism and that twist called for for the violent revolution. The only thing is that the predicted revolution that marks called for never happened. He was quite certain that it would happen. But it happened in the last didn't happen. And Britney didn't happen in America in 1970 Russia and a heuristic came along after Karl Marx, Karl Marx died in 1883, a fellow by the name of Antonio grand GEN Italian Marxist was languishing in one of Mussolini's Princeton's in the 19th 30 from a series of notebooks in which he offered his own answer to the question why hasn't the long hope for Marxist revolution, he said, is because the pillars of Western society were simply much too stable those pillars being law tradition government. The church patriotism things of this nature, and he said look in arm revolution against the ruling classes and elastically is not going to work. What will require is Lottie. These pillars of society within so he called for infiltration strategy. Now I think most your listeners will agree that there are Marx does their radical leftists who infiltrated our churches education who are trying to destroy the matrix is trying to undermine government, the rule of law. These kinds of things.

This is what grant she called for is quite interesting to me because when you read the Communist manifesto which most of course happens but what you'll see is so much of what what is their destruction of the family. For instance, is right on the black lives matter website and Antonio grand. She helped the beasties to do so.

This is what we are witnessing in when were were seen riding in our streets in your streets there in Minneapolis overseeing the burning of businesses that want to destroy capitalism. They love the lockdown because they want to destroy the economy. These are all things in simple elicited as an think this is conspiracy.

Three. The economist manifesto going to read just some abbreviated version of what grant she said going read the black lives matter website you will see, this is all there. This is what therefore Larry Alex Taunton today with us on the Christian worldview radio program and author of several books, columnists and director of the fixed point foundation.

His website is Larry Alex Taunton is spelled T a and we have a link to our website as well.

There was another person you mentioned in your column. Larry, who is been a big influence as to what is taking place here beyond Antonio Gramsci, the Italian is Saul Wolinsky. Maybe some listeners have heard that name before, especially during the Obama years you write from your column. Iago who was the undermine her of a fellow in Shakespeare's writing has come to mind many times as you writing as I watched events unfolding in the streets of America and throughout the Western world behind it all is the E Iago like maestro Marxist political theorist Saul Wolinsky Wolinsky authored two books that have become unholy writ for the left reveille for radicals and rules for radicals both are openly proudly Machiavellian in nature. The end justifies the means. That concept if not, the phrase was given to posterity by a Niccolo Machiavelli in his handbook for tyrants, the prints, Wolinsky loved it and built on as a foundation for everything he wrote. You mentioned that there were these eight rules for radicals that Wolinsky promoted number one divide and conquer. Create scapegoats create chaos. Make it a movement number five political trash talk number six disinformation number seven. The thing is never the thing number ADCs power. These are the rules for radicals. Let's talk about just a few of those to give people an idea of what Wolinsky was after what is influences like Wolinsky guided 7172 seminary solidus gives very well documented was something of a mentor to Hillary Clinton.

She wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on him. She brought him to Wellesley. He was born Marxist political agitator and he wrote a book on political agitation.

He takes he takes grandma.

She and Marxist a little bit further east saying here's the way it is imperfect and she said we have to rot the pillars of society from within it. Wolinsky said this is how we do it is only lays out the rules for how this is to be done and not in those rules are are exactly what we see taking place in our streets today and he basically said you know offers great switch. You know I always keep your enemy off balance by making him addressing issues that are the issue but the thing is not the thing.

In other words, Wolinsky says the thing is how we want power, but you can place them as he says on their own cards. I attacking them on their own moral ground is there defending themselves into thinking that this is what you think the real issue is, say for instance a debate over whether George Washington is really worthy of being a hero in American society and as scholars and so on are responding to this addressing of slaveholding on and on and on your moving on with your goal to seize how the thing is that they in this case, the thing is that social justice. They are not about social justice. They don't care about like this is not was not there about which you have Tim Keller writing extensively on social justice and racial issues.

As if that's the thing is that Tim Keller along with many other pastors have bought into very na´vely the notion that this is what there about this.

This is what there.

This is is simply a tool to keep you active and busy while they seek to undermine society as a whole so again, I would urge your listeners to to read rules for radicals you can go online to check it out. If a short book. But when you look at his 13 rules you will see you will go over the things that are happening right now.

This will oversee in another instance, he says don't let the other side speak and he very proudly relates an instance where they form a government building in their demanding something from this government official in impounding their table, counting the tables as a woman is trying to respond to and I don't let her speak until she says okay you can have what you want.

That's what that's what they're about to leave her from the last four decades, down there about tolerance they're about to first exceed these are the things that there about about dialogue about the conversation and may never admit to shut down your churches. They wanted to shut down your opportunities to speak. So when you see these riders in the street getting into the faces of police officers of counter protesters and are shouting will these other people are trying to speak reasonably. You can see these are the these tactics that they are employing and they understand and come back to something that we were saying earlier. I understand very well the Christian faith is the linchpin to everything, and they can if they can destroy the Christian faith are lost in our society as a whole collapses to T.S. Eliot.

If Christianity is the whole culture go understanding what is happening in America. You're listening to the Christian worldview radio program understanding. It is the first step in knowing how to respond.

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It's a good way to stay connected with the ministry and all singular short takes and lots of other things through through the website the Christian today. The program we have a very important topic were discussing understanding what is happening in America right now. Our guest is Larry Alex Taunton.

He's an author is a columnist. She's the director of the fixed point foundation and he's talking about how what is taking place on the streets of this country is really a a Marxist coup he's going to get into that attempted Marxist coup to overthrow our system in America rebellion, a rejection and overthrowing of the foundations in the worldview and that the Christianity that this country has been built on. Let's not be deceived by this when you know what it is, so we can respond excuse me so we can respond correctly because get back to the second segment with Larry Alex Taunton, why do they want to get in power. What are they planning to do when they get empower.

What is so I know it's the Christian faith that what are they so aggrieved about and why are they seemingly so effective at making great headway at this particular moment in history. First of all they want to be empowered to have power, I may seem like a circular circular argument, but something that I'm sure your listeners can't fail but notice that it is likely conservatives wants to live their life freely, more or less, be left alone. This was an observation of Alexis to follow any when he toured America. The Americans are people who want government out of their way and want to get on with their lives.

People on the last love telling other people what exactly how to recycle tell you that you shouldn't be going to church or that your moral outlook should be this and what they want to control your lives to control everything from a kind of car you drive to what your family life. Looks like all of me there about the destruction of the family as we know it again.

This is on the black lives matter, website, or you can click on about and then down what we believe in a slightly more guarded language, but it is.but is nonetheless there why do they want power to implement a Marxist worldview because they believe that it is the way to salvation. They believe they can create heaven on earth. And this is one of the great evils of Marxism.

You would think that after the 20th century were secular regimes, mostly Marxist killed more than 125 million people that out now.

That's all religious wars from all previous entries combined.

This is the bloodied history of Marxism, but Marxist don't give up on that day had failed utopian ideology. Second, because his dad failed joking ideology date always believe someone before them just to get it right. If only Lenin had lived longer than certainly they would've achieved it and rush it was. It was Stalin's fault was Mal's fault you now to John's fault, is always somebody fault failed to get socialism Marxism writes the reality is everywhere is implemented, it leads to the same thing Larry Alex Taunton with us today on the Christian worldview radio program. He is a columnist and author and director of the fixed point foundation's website is Larry Alex are talking about understanding what is happening in America. Your writing one of your these two columns as we have linked at our website. Patriotism is contrary to the globalist spirit so necessary for socialism to flourish, so it naturally follows that American patriotism, rooted as it is in the Judeo-Christian worldview is the worst kind of poison to socialism. It is for this reason that globalist i.e. Marxist have set out to destroy patriotism under the acids of cynicism Larry, what is it mean to be patriotic, especially considering there has been send in America's past. Of course, slavery, and so forth. The immorality of today. How should Christians be viewing patriotism today in order to achieve the globalist HOK dream they have to destroy patriotism by destroying it in Britain. They destroyed it in Western Europe and at the site under the acids of cynicism.

What I mean by that is you fly that American flag you say the Pledge of Allegiance and they attack you by saying really doing that. I mean this country with all of said all the terrible things in the past.

That's like saluting the swastika.

This is this is what they want to make you feel shame for your pancreas is they want to make you feel that that what you're doing is immoral and wrong is sensitive to other people. That's what this is all about. You must understand that the way they do that is by extracting our national euros and inserting her past for some sin I don't I don't know you personally dated but my guess is if we scoured her past, we could find something there. I certainly find it in my and we could use it to as a lens through which we interpret the whole of your life and to create a very black narrative about you following I will interpretation up your life of my life of Abraham Lincoln's life of the Winston Churchill and Britain of George Washington and so on and so on. We can always find something this kind of fear. He was a racist, young slaves, he had an affair. He was not. He was a killer of animals. He was on Teddy Rose last November.

All of his big funds in Africa become something that is always using some kind of great case. This is used in order to to make you feel shame international for your national euros.

Now the way I want to respond to that is to say one facet of American heart from other countries and yes the whole world. As stated by the way, no system in the world, not even Islam is a has a greater history and track record of looking at unrepented sin, then Marxism never apologize for the mass slaughter of more than 70 million will take field by mouth there holding more than a million Muslims) consecration rest since it never really acknowledged and dealt with the purges the gulags. The mass extermination of their own people during collectivization never done that America has been set apart by the fact were the most Christian nation in the world.

That is the largest Christian population of any nation in the world and the results of that is been given national philosophy of redemption. We believe that you could be redeemed.

We believe you can be forgiven that you can be restored and that we can move on from our sin and that is traditionally when America is not America fought a civil war and the humanity of slavery, but not America's done that 620,000 Americans die in that bloodied conflict more than all of our other wars combined. And then there were constitutional amendments in order to address the issue of slavery. Then there was the civil rights movement and there's affirmative action United States has endeavored to address her sin, but now what were saying is effort to bring up America's castings again and use a fictional in order to destroy a national unit C 70 Galatians tells us that there were one in Jesus Christ excels is neither male nor female Jew or Greek, slave or free, were all one in Jesus Christ any decent person I know is that you that we don't judge people by their socioeconomic background or the skin color but now black lives matter is coming along yesterday. You do judge them by their skin color. You do judge them by their socioeconomic status. If you're white you're a white supremacist. Where do you think you are or not your people whether you think you are or not. If you're heterosexual Christian and American you know you just you just taking all the boxes of an oppressor that you are working to flog you with this guilt until we get from you what we want, which is the acquisition of power and the acquisition of your assets. Larry Alex Taunton today with us on the Christian worldview explaining what is happening in America right now is really an ideological battle. It's is a worldview battle would calling this a revolution without be too strong of a word or is it being overblown by those who are conservatives and mean ultimately that we have 330 million people in this country is this, but going on a revolution is annexed a stencil threat to our life and our future in America to know America as VP Penn State in the Republican convention speed that the question is not between Democrat versus Republican. The question is whether America will remain America.

What are your thoughts on that.

Okay, Larry, Alex Taunton will answer that question after this next break of the day here on the Christian worldview radio program.

I hope some of the dots of what is taking place in the country right now are being connected in your mind.

If you listen very closely to this all he's a very clear communicator. Everything from the tearing down statues to demeaning American history, not kneeling for the anthem, burning and looting defining the police screaming obscenities and the people taking over institutions pushing the homosexual agenda redefining marriage and family.

It all goes together in this Marxist worldview. That's what's taking place. It's a push to take over will come back and talk more. This love playing in the Christian worldview golf event at historic Woodfield country club in my Senate Minnesota on Monday, September 21 golf registration includes lunch range and 18 holes and one of the best courses in the state. Bring your own foursome or we can fit you into a group pull sponsorships are also available. Shotgun start is 12:30 PM. There won't be an evening dinner event this year due to indoor group restrictions. The golfers will enjoy the rare opportunity to play. It would with its immaculate condition, challenging greens and beautiful setting, all in support Christian worldview. Your ministry we hope to see you on Monday, September 21. Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 8 to register, visit the Christian worldview that that's the Christian worldview that will be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your world.

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Your email and mailing address will never be shipped and you can unsubscribe at any time. Call one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.I myself in particular trained organizers and we train Marxist. We are super first set of ideological theory. Plus there was any confusion that was black lives matter cofounder Patrice colors or coolers necessary prancer name talking about herself and cofounder Alicia Garza, a black lives matter and all the signs you see around your neighborhood in your city. People promoting those.

And so, for this is a great organization were trained Marxists that's that's the cofounder that that's what they are supporting, whether they know it or not, with their little sign in their front yard. This will Christian pastors are supporting when they repeat the slogan black lives matter. This should be completely repudiated as godless, and God rejecting Marxist and safe for what it is. It is disgusting, especially for pastors to be saying all this is in the time to bring up statistics you know we need to we need to be for this organization there so much systemic injustice in the world.

Talk about being deceived and believing a lie. Our topic today is understanding what is happening in America. Hope you're gaining from listing this program with their interview with Larry Alex Taunton he's not there columnist we have two of his columns linked right now on our website. They were talking about today here in the program is also the director of the fixed point foundation was get back to the third segment with him. Is this what's going on.

A revolution is annexed a stencil threat to our life and our future in America to know America as VP Penn State in the Republican convention speed that the question is not between Democrat versus Republican.

The question is whether America will remain America.

What are your thoughts on that. Let me be stated as an historian. I use the terms revolution with a lot of specificity and I use them carefully to answer your question know this is not a revolution. This is an attempted coup d'Útat and there is that there's a difference revolution is a mass movement of the people to overthrow the government grasping a mass of people. We're seeing a situation of the tail wagging the dog. You know close 1917 Russian be aggressive propagandists framed what happened in 1917 the seizure of power as a revolution that was masses didn't revolt Russian population was that 80% peasants that they did nothing. It was that was a small dedicated mathematical band of armed insurrectionist who seized power. That's a coup d'Útat as aggressive. Historian Richard pipes is pointed out, it's not a matter revolution revolution was a is is is the language of the propagandist one to believe that's what it is an excellent were staying here you'll see them staying revolution revolution, which is why I began a mass movement of insurrectionist were not saying that this is that I think most Americans want to live their lives freely, they want law and order. They want peace, they don't want their business is burned to the ground.

They don't want their children indoctrinated.

They want to live there. Lots black. We are seeing a small dedicated band of violent insurrectionist were attempting a coup d'Útat by the lack it's important to understand that what seemed here by these people. In addition to the fact that they want to give the impression that it is a revolution. The clearly tossed register the dialects to look at look at the effort to seize the election through mail-in ballots. I believe personally regardless of whether you like Donald from another conversation for another time. I personally think the choices are quite clear. I don't see how anyone in the right mind could vote for Joe Biden that said, the left knows they can't win this election unless they steal it after sealants and that means mail-in ballots and so what I see here is going to happen is that on the night of the election that Donald will be declared a kind of tentative winter and then in the weeks to come to the left will screen this is my prediction. Oh ballots are now starting to come in. That shows the truck didn't win Michigan are he did win Wisconsin org he did when the sling states or counties. And then there's this long legal battle, like painting Chad's way back, in whatever year that was 2000 I guess in this country is dragged through the mud yet again.

So this is all part of the attempted coup d'Útat. I agree with you. I am very concerned about what is good to be taking pleasures.

Lots of scenarios that that play out in one of the things our countries been noted for the peaceful transfer of power. There is so much polarization now and a willingness like you said in your article. The end justify the means. That will do anything to remove Trump from office, even if it requires cheating so will have to be praying that that is not the case and that that election is a free and fair election.

Otherwise, what kind of country do we have Larry Alex Taunton with us today here on the Christian worldview and author, director of the fixed point foundation, a columnist is what I need to read his columns. We have linked right were talking about understanding what is happening in America you. I think it seems that these the ideological worldview even pointing out today from Marxism to Gramps G to Saul Linsky to social justice to critical race theory to intersection Audi all these buzz terms that it's very difficult to come to grasp what this worldview is if you don't gonna immerse yourself in it. I is foreign to a Christian worldview. But it's everywhere Alex it's it's in local school boards, local schools and in corporate life, it's impolitic within the media. It's in the entertainment industry it's in professional sports. It's everywhere now it's on Facebook you see this worldview of really I guess you have to say it's a Marxist arrived worldview becoming so prevalent all over the place in America. Why is it that these un-biblical ideas. This un-biblical worldview seems to win out in the enter seemed to become so pervasive were morally good or typically based ideas actually don't win out the day. Well I think if Christians were engaging. I think they would good man did something I think that this country is in sore need of men of courage. We are in desperate need of men of courage and resolve. I find it somewhat demoralizing that I have frequent conversations with people who tell me that they're afraid and they're not willing to do much and will express their concern about what's going on, but they don't want to raise their head. Also, and I'm just talking about being willing to say something on Facebook being willing to say something to their nadir in the backyard watercooler or whatever Christians need to engage and if you don't will lose precious gift that God has given us as a gift of freedom in this country we will become another Soviet Union. I will begin the long slide into the world.

Depression Bassler were handed. If Christians don't stand out that social conservatives don't stand up and begin to to do something lesson we serve a sovereign God we serve the one he said, let there be light.

Give no reason to be afraid and I feel that the situation a cultural situation that were looking at is a little bit like it was like David arrived at the battlefield find the army of Israel cowering in the trenches as Goliath stood on the field of battle, blaspheming God, and it was under those circumstances, the David said who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should blaspheme a living God and man.

He stepped out and he did something and it inspired those armies, out of the trenches into defeat the Philistines were somewhere in sore need of that except facing a Goliath. In this particular situation where were facing again a small band of radicals who are very dedicated to their own worldview very dedicated to it. There willing to go to jail for there willing to suffer recrimination, for they feel very emboldened to do what they're doing because they're there well supplied financially and otherwise, and you know you think is if Christians are willing to step forward in a like manner, and to defend what it is that we believe then you know were not worthy of the freedom that we've been given. Larry appreciate that encouragement and that they called action to be bold and we serve the God of the universe is nothing that we we need to fear were on the right side ľ that we just appreciate your coming on the Christian world you today Larry. Keep up your great work with these columns would love to have you back on the program again in all of God's best in grace do you think is stated, I hope you enjoyed the interview with Larry Alex Taunton today.

If you missed any of it.

I highly encourage you to go back to our website will have it posted sometime today I sign up for our podcast forward that to other people.

Put it on your Facebook page.

He explained things I think so well. People need to know this understanding what's going on is the first step to then knowing how to respond. So just in in quick summary here. He talked about socialism is basically the redistribution of wealth by government in order to what they will call in it it to achieve equity, which is a forced outcome and outcomes by nurses in the society the way they want and is owned that the rubric of social justice. We hear that phrase over and over again is nothing more than socialism and Marx came along and said the way to achieve socialism is to have violent revolution. Of course, Karl Marx wrote the Communist manifesto. This is where the government controls everything we see in China and elsewhere. This is unregenerate man's default position they want to get to socialism, which is the transition to communism because they think they know better than God how to order society how to order your life, what morality is.

They think they know better. That's why they want power more coming up after this, the Christian world radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to your own schedule. 1 Simple Way to hear past programs at our website the Christian world

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It's never worked leads to the oppression the systemic tech like systemic the systemic oppression of anyone who dissents the killings of millions of people but mankind just keeps on trying it over and over again and Neil using different language like equity and social justice.

It's in your schools and it sounds a good great thing eventually. What the intention is to order society in a godless manner, and so he talked about from Marx to Graham she Marx was about economic change things workers of the world unite in revolt will have equality or equity, and then Graham. She said is not can I work in the West because the West is too strong of Christian-based institutions. People are satisfied with their life there not revolutionaries are happy to have be married to someone of the opposite sex and raise children and have an ordered society directing a revolt and so Graham she says need to wrap the institutions so there's been this long march in America of taking over all the institutions with leftism from the higher education and now in the secondary and L early education in this country. The politics political around the corporations now are falling over themselves to support black lives matter, and so forth in them. So Linsky came along and he basically gave the game plan how to do it, how to be an agitator, how do create so much unrest.

People don't want unrest eventually is enough enough. I just want to live a peaceful life will never be able to live a peaceful life.

If these people take of you never be able to exercise your your faith the way you want. Give these people take over. He can't give into them as all the splinter groups that have taken place, the Weather Underground, Bill Ayres and Black Panthers tip to BLM black lives matter to NT for these people creating unrest on the streets and funded by the way by big well wealthy Democrats and supported by Democrat leaders like Bernie Sanders eased these open socialist Democrats. Also, he said so, what Harris same thing at Alexandria Cossey of Cortez Sears speech at the Democrat root convention sound like something out of your Marxist playbook workers of the world unite Barack Obama influence by Saul Linsky. Now they would never admit their market that's like a dirty me a mean word to say about some of that's that's what this worldview is we heard the sound bite earlier from the cofounder of black lives matter.

We are trained Marxist. What more do you need to know about what their worldview is theirs. As Alex was saying this, there is a coup d'Útat being attempted by a very small group of people is a big huge salmon order. You either doesn't care what's going on or doesn't know what's going on, or is to drunk on their own personal peace and affluence to think*in the past. Nursing events take place later taking place right now in American. This is, no action is happening in an election year. Donald Trump whatever the person he is, is totally disrupting their Marxist utopian plan. Trump is a nationalist, they are globalists.

Tub Trump is a capitalist. They are Marxist socialist trumpets for individual liberties. Therefore, complete takeover, totalitarian takeover of of society. Trump has moral values. At least he promotes them like the life and family and that kind of thing that go against what BLM is for.

We are a organization that wanted to slot disrupt the nuclear family mean mean disrupt and destroy the man and woman raising children husband about what this is what therefore so that's why they're tearing down statues their demeaning American history and the flag they want to destroy demoralize any kind of patriotism they want to burn and loot businesses that represents the free market. They want to defund the police that represents law and order and authority they want to scream obscenities all the time to shout down people they want to intimidate people. They want take over the institutions of been very good at that they can approach the homosexual agenda visit can't stand biblical morality to redefine marriage and family there to bring our universal vaccine so they can further control your life you will will you know you Maxwell. You can't fly. You can't do this, you can go in this restaurant can't go to the school, they can control your life that you and I want universal healthcare so they can control life from birth to death who gets care who doesn't want the green new deal so they can control how you live your life environmentally. They want universal basic income you need to work worst in control give you your basic needs and so we can control you and order are our perfect humanistic utopia. So the goal is to demoralize distraught society to take power so they can implement this Marxist utopia which is really a hellish dystopia is what it is and Trump has power.

Right now he's the president you have to remove Trump by any means, and Trump, not the Savior.

The gospel is, is the answer, but in their mind they need political power.

So Trump is in the way of that and the ends just justify the means. Whatever way he can be removed. It's it's totally valid and worthwhile you if you kill him great if you can impeach him. The tribe that great. You can lie about him, you can shutdown society. You can do voting fraud is Alex was saying Larry was saying do it. This is a difficult thing for Christians is not a fair fight. Marxist don't have to fight according to rules or standards they have done in justify the re-means Christians.

They won't intimidate people to burn down society to get their way.

They will scream obscenities at people and intimidate people.

So it's not it's not a fair fight. We we we need a supernatural intervention by God to to save the, the society and political direction of this country, but even more, we need a supernatural act of God in our prayer in our work to save people in this country spiritually says in John chapter 3, right after John 316.

The most well-known verse in the Bible it says in verse 19. This is the judgment that the light Christ has come into the world and man loved the darkness rather than the light, for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. That's why this stuff gets believe the Swasey science unit. People love the darkness were unregenerate more than light. This is why the gospel is the only answer to this, churches and pastors need to be clear about the gospel and the truth of God's word. We need to be living in her own life that God created us to be in relationship with him and were sinners and fallen separate from him, but the good news is that Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sins that when we trust in him by faith God will forgive us and give us eternal life, and give us hope and a biblical worldview for way he wants us to live our lives. Thank you for joining us today here in the Christian world. Your radio program. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world dawdle. Call us toll-free at one AAA 646-2233.

The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world dawdle or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.2 SF Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. The until next time think biblically and live according

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