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Guiding the Younger Generation to Go God’s Way

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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September 8, 2019 6:25 pm

Guiding the Younger Generation to Go God’s Way

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 8, 2019 6:25 pm

“There’s an emerging America where issues like children, religion and patriotism are far less important. And in America, it’s the emerging generation that calls the shots about where the country is headed.”

That is a foreboding quote from one of the pollsters who conducted the Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll in late August about the values of Americans across generational lines. The contrast between the younger and older is indeed stark...

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Guiding the younger generation to go God's way. That is a topic we discussed today.

Right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians, including young people and assure the good news that all people can be reconciled to God with those to repent of their trust and faith in who Jesus Christ is and what he did on the cross and David, we host your website is the Christian will thank you for joining us today here on the Christian roof your radio programs we discussed guiding the younger generation to go God's way. Quote there is an emerging America were issues like children having children, religion, belief in God and patriotism are far less important and in America if the emerging generation younger generation that calls the shots about where the country is headed unquote. That is quite a foreboding quote from one of the pollsters who conducted the recent Wall Street Journal and NBC news poll in late August about the values of Americans pulling across many generational lines.

The contrast between the younger generation and the older is indeed very stark.

For example, only 30% of those aged 18 to 38 is the millennial generation said belief in God was very important. 30% only said that, compared to 65% of those age 55 to 91 who said belief in God is very important. Big difference. There 42% of the younger generation viewed patriotism as very important, compared to 79% of the older generation. There were several other differences in values that we will discuss today on the program but they all point to a bigger question question that's been asked. I think over the millennia. Why do younger people tend to eschew the values of their elders, of this is seen regularly in Scripture with the children of notable faithful characters like Eli the high priest and Samuel King David kids does not turn out well at all and this is experienced today by Christian parents who raise their children, only to see them walk away from the faith in the good in their late teens and off to college in their 20s and beyond.

So today the program are going to examine the results of this poll try to explain why this happens. Watch children or younger generation goes their own way, not though. The way their parents try to teach them, then look to Scripture for for guidance in raising the next generation that will love and honor God.

So, just to summarize this poll a little more was from the Wall Street Journal and NBC news was done late August August 25 and there was a article about it. We have a link to their website the Christian was the summary of the findings and if Nick from the Washington Examiner and the younger generation was defined as the millennial's are generation Z 18 to 38.

So basically, under 40 and then what they call the silent generation and baby boomers are now over 55. Not sure why people between 40 and 55 were polled, but at least I didn't see that in the report of the pool so Scott younger generation is under 40 older generation is above 55 and here are the six values that were presented to the people who were polled and here's the percentage of those who say the following are very important.

So on the issue of patriotism.


As I mentioned, think fit.

Patriotism is very important, while 79% of the older generation think it's very important belief in God.

30 versus 65 having children. Here's what I have imagined yet only 32% of the younger generation believes that having children is very important, while 58% of the older generation feels that's a very important financial security.

This is the one where it's almost identical 79% versus 80% of those does matter whether young or old, believe that financial security is very important, but again compare that to belief in God much more important to him than belief in God or having shoulder patriotism, finance, money is far more important tolerance for others. This is where it flips younger generation.

82% of the younger generation believes that tolerance for others depends how you define the word tolerance. Tolerance often means affirmation or acceptance which the word it doesn't mean to me just respected for someone to have a different view than you and not going to punish them or hurt them physically hurt them for it.

82% of the younger generation believes that tolerance for others is very important. What 80% just about the same again of the older generation, self-fulfillment again here it flips again. The younger generation sees that is very important.

78% versus 60% of the older generation believe self-fulfillment is very important that this is really I think you can look at poll sometimes and you can think. Well there's lots of holes that all the time and why this one different or just say anything new than others, but I think this is very significant because the poll is about values, and is about generational values in the court the beginning was absolutely correct in case you didn't catch it is though that was done by one of the pollsters was done by this poll, but it was them by one Republican pollster one Democrat pollsters that was of bipartisan poll in the quote was again there is an emerging America were issues like having children belief in God and patriotism are far less important in America's the emerging generation younger generation that calls the shots about where the country is headed. There is the significance years is this this states where this country and really of the subset that is where the church is going to be headed where dismissing these important values of both support belief in God and initial institution of marriage and children.

Patriotism and nationalism dismissing those things is not very important. While financial security is. This is very bad news and bodes very poorly for that for the country because ultimately what this is is is a rejection of the institutions, at least some of these these values are is a rejection of the institution that God established from the very beginning. Take that take the most important finding of this will, I believe, is the belief in God category. Only 30% of younger people believe that belief in God is very important and that that is that is tremendously troubling that this is fundamental. The most important thing about a person. It has been said is their view of God and and and whether that view is accurate with everything a belief in God is even important at all that that's very very bad because once you depart from that that you know think that's important. You just everyone's gonna do what's right in your own eyes, and then chaos ensues in the Bible right from the very first verse Genesis 11 establishes that God exists and not only does God exist, but he speaks we don't serve a a debt God is, didn't just create the world and go away and hide, but we serve a God who existed look at the creation around you look at your conscience within you look at the communication he has in his word.

Look at the person of Christ is evidence as that God exists in the beginning God right there. Fourth word of the Bible. It is not even their time and apologetic. There likely. Here's why God exists just assumed it is stated in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the water jury of the second person of the Trinity. In the second verse of Scripture verse three then God said, let there be light and there was light.

God said he exists in the beginning God in verse three then God said no. We have a God who is not an impersonal distant God. He's a he's a God who exists it is a God who reveals himself, so saying that belief in God is is unimportant will certainly the Bible is is can you compels us to think the exact opposite of that Psalm 14 what is the full say in his heart the full says in his heart there is no God. They are corrupt, look, look what happens when you're foolish enough to say there is no guy.

Look at the results. The fool says in his heart there is no God.

They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds. There is no one who does good the Lord has looked out from the other from heaven upon the sons of men, to see if there are any who understand who seek after God. They have all turned aside, together they have become corrupt. There is none, or does good, not even one so this lack of belief in God leads you to a self driven, self centered, God lists our rejecting of God in all his values and morality in this explains exactly why we are where we are today in America.

Not believing in God leads ends and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes as he mentions in the Old Testament so that is the most critical. I think report of this poll that belief in God for the younger generation is just not very important in the inexorable the end of that that will lead to. There is no diversion what once you go down that road you once you fail at Romans one said to acknowledge God any longer. There are terrible consequences to that. That's a really bad one.

The second one that that is this rejection of God's original institutions is having children.

This is right there and in Genesis 127 God created man in his own image again first chapter of the Bible. Interesting how these this poll goes back to do dealing with the original institutions are values that God set forth in the very first chapters, the Bible, God created man in his own image. Genesis 127 in the image of God he created him male and female he created them. So God creates is either male or female.

He doesn't want us to try to change that. He wants us to embrace that embrace how he creates us. Verse 28 God blessed them, and he said to them, be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth. Here's here's the divine command that you know your dear to you to be married in your to have children up again. The caveat marriage and children are not for everyone. New Testament talks about singleness is just as good as marriage and so forth so well that not trying to go down that road. If you're single then listening this and you need to get merit Nono there's marriage is the marriage and children is the expectation for most, but not for everyone and is not to say better than being single and to being devoted to serving the Lord's of make that very clear. But for most people that's what God put in us to be married and have children. And so for this poll the say that having children. Only 32% of younger generation believes that having children is quote very important, while 65% of the older generation do frankly seems even low for the older generation mess the propagation of humankind to be married and have children and to raise children. So again another fundamental rejection of one of the institutions that God established third one third part of the pole that I think is very troubling is the issue of patriotism. I think I'll wait wait now wise that one so important that is being rejected again. Patriotism only 42% of the younger generation believes that's very important. Well, almost 80% of the older generation, big, big discrepancy here will patriotism is rejecting that as we get rejecting God's establishment of the nationstate. Okay, that's what got established in early again in Genesis at the Tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 11.

That's how he separated sinful humanity by coming the city. They are building the city and tower for themselves.

Make a name for ourselves, they said in the Lord came down it says in Genesis 11 and saw this and he said nothing will be withheld from these American fuser languages because of people united together as good as a people. That's been a reject me. He knew that if the separation of powers. Basically that's what the nationstate is just like government has needs to have separation of powers, and so God separated them by confusing your languages.

They all went out and they spread it across the earth, and they formed their own nation states their own tribes. The different languages kept them apart.

That the biblical concept, the nationstate, not globalism were things end up in the end times under one world leader with a good first break will come back and talk more about guiding the younger generation to go God's way instead of your own way, I'm David.

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That's next Sunday. The next day the Christian review golf and dinner event Sunday earth Monday, September 16, back to back events this year were very much looking forward to those and hope you're in a be able to attend one or the one or both speaker series event battle. If you can't attend if you're listening from outside the area is too far to come were be broadcasting that event on our Facebook page go to the Christian worldview Facebook page at 7 PM on Sunday, September 15 for the event on social justice how social justice impacts the gospel in the church. That's a Grace Church, Eden Prairie, and the be a Q&A following Darrell Harrison's message. By the way, if you're in town you want to come there's no cost. No registration to come. So while you can just show up as they say in the income today in the program were talking about guiding the younger generation to go God's way. In light of a recent poll that says the younger generation is not going God's way younger generation does not believe that belief in God is very important or having children or patriotism. Some of the fundamental institutions of Scripture that got established in the early chapters of Genesis. They just think those are not important. While the older generation, to varying degrees does insult after going through God's sons are optional.

He gives us the choice of there's a test of obedience test of faith with organ believe him at his word. That's what faith is. It's a a test like God's revealed something so here's the test. Are you going to obey it and follow it. Are you going to reject it, so his commands are our optional from the standpoint that he doesn't force us at least in this life to obey him with their but the consequential is his commands whether there obeyed or rejected. There is consequence for better or for worse, for either obeying or rejecting them, not the case with this you you can't go full important.

I'm not really going to follow that one that does not really that significant to me, so it and not have serious consequence for that there is serious consequence for that lasting eternal consequence for that and so or the issue of having children mean think about that. The difference in a society when the society decides not to have children. Please stand by as were experiencing some technical difficulties shouldn't take longer than a minute or two to get the connection reestablished in the meantime, did you know the side about the Sabbath that blip and drop that we occasionally have that I we lose our connection to the studio down in Dallas but done were back with the different connection.

Hope that's okay.

So apologize for that. So saying that there is consequence. When God and his commands are rejected your things often go very badly. When this is the case, and so why has this happened and why have we becoming more like Europe. This this secular relativistic stand for nothing, except for humanistic values that there is a a big bear. This conviction still in America there's conviction you can see in this poll that with a don't believe belief in God's important having children or patriotism, but they do believe that tolerance for others and self fulfillment and financial security are very important. So how did these these values get flipped like they have in Europe will is not surprising in and not new why this happens. Nations do this.

Individuals do this. I regularly hear from other Christian parents whose children have gone astray. They've raised them in a Christian home, so it in a sense I don't really get that shocked anymore when I hear about this because it seems like a sort of the natural progression of other nations or individuals. Children from Christian homes may look at some examples from Scripture on this and is pretty striking and look look at the high priest Eli says in first Samuel to now the sons of Eli were worthless men.

Here's the high priest of Israel who was usually venerated who was favored by God but his sons were worthless men you had that happen. The group in the home of of Eli around him and you serving in the, the tabernacle at the time. How on earth that his children turn out to be worthless men that says they did not know the Lord and the custom of the priest with the people. When any man was offering a sacrifice. The pre-servant were, the meat was boiling with a three-pronged fork in his hand. He was thrust in the pan or cattle or cauldron, and they would take it for themselves and they were immoral men and thus the sin of the young man was very great. This is Eli sons before the Lord for the men despised the offering of the Lord goes on to say in first Samuel to that. Now Eli was old, he heard that all his sons were doing to all Israel, and how they lay with the women who serve the doorway of the tent of meeting. He said to them, what do such things, the evil things that I hear from all these people is no my son for the report is not good, which I hear the Lord people circulating if one man sins against another. Here's the consequence of one man sins against another guy will mediate for him but for man sins against the Lord, who can intercede for him.

But here's of the sun's response was, they would not listen to the voice of their father for the Lord desire to put them to death. There is consequence for rejecting God and his word of the next verse, verse 26 and first Samuel two is very interesting. Now the boy Samuel there is a boy member Hannah had had a child and should name Samuel she she wanted a child so badly she couldn't have children. She finally had when she said, Lord, if you give me a son. I'm gonna dedicate him to the Lord and she did that Sammy was born little boy and she brought him to Eli and Sammy was raised a base of the around Eli to be a high priest someday in the says that in contrast to the sons of Eli and I have this young boy Samuel was growing in stature and in favor both with the Lord and with men. So how does Samuel turn out that way but not the sons of Eli within the story changes just just crazy twist of the story again. First Samuel 86 chapters later.

Now we find out about Samuel's kids that Sammy was this man with a great heart to serve the Lord, but his kids were not in it came about when Sammy was told that he appointed his son judges over Israel first name was Joel, and so forth.

His sons however did not walk in his ways but turned aside after dishonest gain and took bribes and perverted just justice.

And this is very interesting. Verse four than all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Rome and they said to him, behold, you have grown old and your sons do not walk in your ways. Now appoint a king for us to judge us like all the nations is not incredible. Eli had these kids is sons dishware just rejected God and went their own way. Samuel grows up has a right heart before the Lord grows up under Eli, basically because he was raised around Eli, but then his kids go astray, and that is the impetus for white Israel demands a King member they want from the judges to a king. They want to be like the nations around them, and of course the horse story of all the kings of Israel leading them further further into idolatry and sin and disobedience.

It all started here with the sons of Samuel being rejected by the elders of Israel. So why does this, why does this happen so regularly.

I think there's probably many reasons for this.

There's many factors is not just one thing, although they didn't send a Sunday school enough for or the television and media is really strong. So what I really think it's a it's a it's a conglomerate of a lot of things that influence the generation it's it's really if you want to summarize a fundamentally at Satan at work in our sinful corrupted world and it's a it's an assault to ruin to seek and destroy that which God is created, but I divided in into categories that contribute to this sort of walking away away from God and his in his way. For the younger generation. I think first of all there's there can be bad examples of parents we have, we have to be honest about this. There can be parents who are maybe professing Christians but don't possess genuine saving faith is just something you do on Sunday they take their kids to church and think asking all were Christians because we go to church or there is really big problems in the home. There are there is this un-biblical divorces and there's there's lots of self-centered centeredness and materialism and the pursuit of self-fulfillment. There is worldliness there is no difference in the home between a Christian home in a non-Christian home and the old the kids grow up seeing this, the like will obviously this is in your Christianity or the belief in God or pursuing him is not really important, obviously because they go to church a couple hours and Sunday morning to then go home and live completely different rest. The week that that's a complete recipe for raising kids who will not go God's way, will as they get older they go their own way, or I think you have some parents who may be, who do live the Christian life, but are very permissive in their their parenting raise your kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord that may instruct them, but there's no discipline you need to have both that there is there is a permissiveness. There's they've been influenced by the culture that children don't need to be discipline the need to be affirmed and you to keep things positive with your kids. Positive reinforcement, but that's not biblical. There needs to be positive and negative punitive instruction for children and so the home is the most influential incubator for how the younger generation is going to turn outs of their problems in the home, bad examples by parents and that the faith is in being lived out solemnly in the home. There is going to be problems downrange as they say, with with the kids. That is the that I think the first and most important factor that contributes to a younger generation that just discards that the beliefs of the older generation that there are a few more things though. I think the church has a role in this.

There is an influence of the culture and there's just a general rebellion in the heart of man will get to those after this second break of the day in the Christian worldview never can open up the phone lines today and here you have to think about why the younger generation goes against God's way, but how we can guide them to go God's way, I'm David Wheatley listing the Christian worldview. We back graph of this. You are invited to the Christian worldview golf and dinner on Monday, September 16 that would Hill country club was at a Minnesota golf registration includes 18 holes with card on one of the best courses in the state, with lunch and dinner. Bring your own force. We can fit you into a whole. Sponsorships are also available.

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Thank you for your support back on the Christian review radio program David Weidner host the Christian is the way connected with the program and hear audio past programs if tons and tons of archives. There, in resources and store in court this ministry in the process right of the free weekly email annual print letter you can find about her upcoming events which are the next weekend September 15 and 16th won't take time to get all into all that, as we discussed today in the program guarding the younger generation to go God's way, as it seems there as it is very much happens that younger generation does not go God's way happens over and over again. We met in the examples of Eli in Scripture his own son's high priest of Israel and Samuel same thing or take the nation of Israel even here there are led out of Egypt miraculously in the Temne the 10 plagues your God miraculously did on Pharaoh there let out and what they do, they begin to rebel and go their own way against God's way right away after being led by a cloud of during the day and fire by night and see the Red Sea parted in manna being delivered to them in quail and all the incredible miracles along the way they departed and went their own way and the same thing to get in the land the younger generation all of a sudden loses. This loses their fidelity and their and their following of of the Lord. So what what contributes to this. Why think that it starts in the home is a mention in the last in the last segment that the home is the most influential place if there's not a rock solid faith and commitment to God and his word in the home.

Think it's quite unlikely, although not guaranteed.

Often times you see young people grow up in homes that are totally lesson material and in God works upon that heart and that child grows up to to love God and follow him.

And in this, despite the fact that the pay his or her parents don't so against snow guarantees, no guarantees, you're in any of these categories, but certainly the home is the most influential for passing along those values as a citizen in Deuteronomy chapter 6 that you know walk with them and teach them all day long.

That's worthy incubator is for passing on biblical values to children, then the second category. Why think this happened is because, as we churches any of if soft preaching.

You have very little emphasis on sound doctrine.

Churches made to be fun and games for younger generation its churches, so entertainment driven today. It it it treats lightly. The biggest issues of life. It focuses instead on felt need to have ever better marriage and how to be self fulfilled and you know how to deal with this that or the other but doesn't deal with the big issues who God is, how he wants us to the follow-ups, sanctification, what the gospel is in one of the.

The big doctrines of the faith, justification, sanctification, imputation, glorification the end times. All all these things are the big issues in those things are just seemingly people think other people are in one of those are too hard to understand or to debatable Celeste that discuss them and so you you get examples of this coming from the biggest names of the biggest Christian leaders in the country, someone like Andy Stanley says what we need to unhitch the Old Testament testament from the New Testament, you know, he said this a couple years ago and automate that that is just an unbeliever. I still am in disbelief that a Christian leader was say something like that because the Old Testament is all about pointing to the coming Redeemer in the New Testament that is just undermining no matter what he meant by it. The lack of clarity there undermines the sound teaching of the whole counsel of Scripture, Old Testament, New Testament, you had the whole situation at Willow Creek in in Chicago.

The influence of that church and its leader Bill Hibel's and to see the, the, that the seeker movement that resulted from that just completely crumble. What kind of impact do you think that's had on this country that that church was so influential and then, what happened to that in. In the end that the Hill song movement. The be blast celebrity entertainment Christian and that's just taken over so much of Christianity around the world is been so influential. The new apostolic Reformation. The word faith movement. Joel hosting the prosperity gospel signs and wonders movement semi-Christianity meant to be honest is it is a wasteland of either complete error half-truths error in an deception and so you have the influence of fact in the younger generation sees that and they're just either confused about it.

It seems impossible understand a seems down light like strange and un-biblical and so they don't want to go that way, and in some ways I don't blame them for many of those ways I just mentioned that they don't want to go, then there's 1/3 category of influence not just the broader culture in the educational system in and so forth in the messaging is just omnipresent and on biblical just constantly member listening recently to some of the political candidates for president for for next year and he just look at what some of these these these folks are saying here's Bernie Sanders talking answering a question about overpopulation. Listen to the question, listen to the worldview and the question that asked asked him to listen to his answer human population growth has more than doubled in the past 50 years the planet cannot sustain this growth. I realize this is a poisonous topic for politicians but it's crucial to faith and hollering women and educating everyone underneath the current population growth seems a reasonable campaign to enact. Would you be courageous enough to discuss this issue and make it a key feature of the plan to adjust climate catastrophe if that's not a loaded question.

I know what is. It's built on so many false assumptions that the world is overpopulated that we knew that we need. There's a call the curb population good on those who it's it's it's a younger woman asking this question. This is someone who is swallow the humanistic lies of our generation. How is Bernie Sanders going to respond to this question will find out what one finances yes and the answer has everything to do with the fact that women in the United States of America by the way of a right to control their own bodies and the Mexico City agreement denies American aid to those organizations around the world that all of that allow women to have abortions, or even get involved in birth control committee is totally absurd. So I think especially in poor countries around the world where women do not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies and where they can have the opportunity through birth control to control and were kids. They have something very, very strongly of support he considers abortion, birth control, that he didn't talk about birth control earlier in the answer talk about abortion so these two folks younger generation and the older generation. Bernie said this is a death cult and that messaging has been completely accepted by a large very large percentage of our population today on that that sounds right now the earth is overpopulated were destroying the environment, how do we stop from had don't have kids, it's a bad thing don't have kids, they consume resources in your being a responsible by having children. So therefore it's important to have more abortion so we don't over populate the world and in hurt the environment me that this is this is insanity. This is this is not just insanity. This is a complete rejection of God and his word, and so many levels so that there is one I go to you go to Beto Beto O'Rourke, Robert O'Rourke, that former Congressman from from Texas.

He's asked about climate change. Here's his response look with notice what he compares the climate quote the climate crisis to one of the reasons I love the framing of the green new view is it uses some of the language that we might associate with the way we met.

The response of Nazi Germany in World War II.

All this country coming together with a singular focus of making sure that we overcome what was at that time, an existential threat to this country and for democracy will mean he's comparing the climate situation to the way that the world needed to confront Nazi Germany were Hitler was exterminating Jews and others, millions of them that that's the situation here in America is just it's incredible. But you what data was young and he's thin and he's good-looking and he's charismatic and he stands on tables and so forth. So therefore young people get attracted to that that charisma influences their worldview, despite one more by Pete Buddha judge that the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

He's one that is a professing Christian.

He's an open homosexual and he's trying to redefine how Christians perceive the doctrines of their faith.

Here's what he says about faith in politics and faith in life. GOP has gone a long way over the last generation of trying to make themselves the Christian party or the party of faith. Where do you see faith properly influencing your your your job as a politician.

I think Democrats have been a little allergic to talking about faith and its largely for a very good reason which is that we passionately believe that when you're running for office or when you're in the office you have an obligation to treat people of any religion and people of no religion. It's it's a basic American principal that was just the separation of church and state so that you shouldn't bring your your your beliefs in the public office, and if you do your somehow hurting someone else who has a different belief. There's just so many fallacies and errors in the lies and what these people are saying but they're very, very good at couching them in the way they speak move on your list in the clap after that particular, the same time as we see some of these figures on the religious right embraced behavior in the policies of the definitely behavior that flies in the face not just of my values would have their own then it reminds me of all of the parts of Scripture where there is a lot about hypocrisy and I think we have an obligation to call that out into speak about how you not just that the Christian faith tradition that I want to but pretty much any religious or nonreligious moral tradition I've ever heard of, tells us that it's really important how we treat the least among us. The most vulnerable and marginalized it, but we are obliged to serve the poor and heal the sick and clothing they can welcome the stranger stranger by the way, the another word for immigrant okay so social justice Pete Buddha judge saying is the gospel issue not just a gospel issue with the gospel issue to be a Christian. Primarily is about social justice. That's exactly what our event next week, spun Sunday, September 15, 7 PM is going to be about social justice in understanding that important topic that messaging is incredibly seductive to those who are discerning, especially the younger generation will come back with the school's more on this topic about guiding the younger generation to go God's way. The next Christian worldview speakers is on Sunday, September 15 at 7 PM at Grace Church Eden Prairie features Darrell Harrison presenting on how social justice impacts the gospel and the church. There was a former fellow of the black theology leadership Princeton theological seminary and expository Bible to he has a passion for helping Christians understand what they believe and why. He'll do just that with the issue of social justice, followed by a Q&A moderated by host no cost. No registration just come. The event will also be live streamed on the Christian worldview Facebook page for more information: one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian the Christian will be speaker series with Darrell Harrison Sunday, September 15 at 7 PM at Grace Church and: one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian the prosperity gospel is a prominent false gospel that God offers health, wealth and prosperity. If you just have faith and give money costing can grew up on the inside of the prosperity gospel movement.

His uncle is world renowned prosperity preacher Benny in custody sought all the manipulation staged healings, luxuriant lifestyles and perversion of Scripture before God open because these guys to understand sound doctrine and believe in the true gospel. Now a pastor cost. He has written an important book entitled God read in the prosperity gospel which chronicles his own experience and gracefully points the reader to the truth of Scripture for limited time you can order this 224 page softcover book or donation of any amount to the Christian world you normal retailers 1799. Without shipping to order call one AAA to 646-2233 or visit the Christian final segment of the day here on the Christian will be radio program. I'm David we host just joined us just recently joined us in the program were talking about guiding the younger generation to go because that's not what the polling is saying Wall Street Journal is first leg is pulled in the Wall Street Journal, NBC news that the younger generation will say those under 40 don't believe that patriotism belief in God or having children are very important. All but they do believe that financial security and tolerance rather than self-fulfillment.

That's very important to them where's the older generation believe that patriotism belief in God having children are very important in their the same on the older you the financial security and tolerance rather than self-fulfillment as as well, although not as quite as high as the younger generation, so we asked the question after the poll is is this is bad news as it seems and it is is very bad news. And in this is the younger generation is where the future of the country is going in that's very bad news. Then we talked about why this is happened in some examples from Scripture from Eli and Samuel on how their kids in these were faithful men. Eli and Samuel but something was going on whether the way they parented are just in the hearts of their children. They did not turn out well and then we been talking about factors that contribute contribute to the younger generation going their own way, not God's way and it's starts in the home that's obviously a big part of this what's going on in the home is thus the most influential place and then was going on the church.

The soft preaching and shallowness of the evangelical church today and then we went into the influence of culture and education by some soundbites and some of these politicians and the type of ungodly un-biblical worldview, there there presenting as morally right in the things they save are they and how influential that is in young people, and finally there's just the last factor is is just a rebellion in all of our hearts were we want to do it our way.

We want do not do it God's way and so kids grow up and just naturally in our hearts we want to be under the authority we want to be under the authority of God. Our parents want do things our way. There's a there's a permeation of sin in the world and in our hearts and then you get the influence of the world. It's this is the default direction of mankind actually so again I don't think there's too much to be shocked about this, but there is something for us to do. Are there any final questions of any positives or opportunities here will you could say that things are. Some people say things are cyclical, no turnaround or different political leadership will change people and it'll turn around.

I don't like is any basis in either history or fact in in saying something like that nave you look at the history of nations and individuals in the past that a descent into sin, the rejection of belief in God and so forth that that tends to run its course until something catastrophic happens in a country and then that changes everything and there could be revival again and occasionally there is revival there is a repentance and revival, but that only happens when the word is preached very strongly and boldly it doesn't happen through through soft preaching, which is really I think the, the, what is largely taking place in the evangelical church today. I think that the good news here though is that as things become more darker things tend to go man's way and not God's way that makes the gospel and the Christian faith stand in stark contrast and so as as believers pursue a holy lives as we pray as we take every opportunity to explain the gospel and disciple others is going to be such a stark contrast there that I think there's greater opportunities. There's greater is greater. I think even homicide people. People no matter what direction things are going.

God is created in us.

They will never be satisfied unless he takes up our life and abjectly just speaking with a woman yesterday and she asked her just about some kind of real light spiritual questions so forth, and it just almost elicited such a a strong you like.

Thank you for asking that I just feel so this is an emptiness inside of her and I think this is the case, everyone walks around looks good and goes to the restaurants. This can be, not people.

There's if you don't know Jesus. You don't have anything you don't have you not living here you're not designed to live without God are designed to be a relationship with God. And so there's so much emptiness and this is an opportunity as they go away from God and away from the is institutions. There's an opportunity here for us to be very clear, very gracious and very truthful about who God is who Christ is who man is in the call to repent and believe in the gospel so don't think though that we can outsource to change the young younger generation.

You can outsource this to your Christian school, your church or that you can completely isolate them from the world and things are going to turn out okay you you can't do that you have to be engaged in this battle.

It is a battle for the souls of the next generation. Deuteronomy 6 I mentioned this passage earlier to just look at the the level of engagement that Moses is calling the people to do in this passage because he knows if you don't do this, you have not shot nor shot. Even if you do, do it.

It may not work out well, but at least you have to be engaged to this little he says this hero Israel, the Lord our is our God, the Lord is one usually starts with you the older generation you still love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. These words which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. Okay, so it's starts with you. You have to love the Lord your God with all your heart and your soul and all your might. And these words need to be on your heart if you don't have on your heart. You're never going to be able to transmit to someone else's heart that goes to verse seven.

Then what efforts on your heart.

You shall teach them diligently to your sons initial talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way, when you lied down when you rise up. You shall bind them out as as a sign in your hand, and shall be as frontals on your forehead. You shall write them on the doorpost of your house on your gates. In other words, you need to do this dear discipleship of your kids, your evangelism and discipleship of your kids need to be an omnipresent situation, not to the point of being so overwhelming to them that they just want to get away from you but need to take every opportunity and wisely explain constantly the word of God, to them, you can't force it on them. You can't make them go the right way. You have to know that God is sovereign in salvation. That's what the Bible teaches that he who opens the blind eyes to believe and follow him. Yes, that's the case, but we as salvation is an active gob. It's also we are called to respond to repent and believe. So is discipling your you're the younger generation. We must have inside of us and we must do it in trust God for the results. That is the only way is. Otherwise things are going to continue to go the wrong way, but each of us can do these think we can get more serious and draw nearer to God and love him more notches do Christian things and go to church and check off boxes and read the Bible more than we must do those things in order to ask God to develop a greater love in our hearts for him. We want him, not just things about him, not just religious things that we want him we want his son what to be more like his son and then we need to really diligently try to pass these things on to the younger generation. That's the only way that poll result is ever going to turn around. Thank you for joining us today here on the Christian will of your radio program you can listing the program go to website the Christian world find out about our events there next weekend September 15 and 16th. Would love to have you come to those events because we do live in a changing assist both as a changing and challenging America and the church as well, but there is one hope for all of us in Jesus Christ and his word. They are the same yesterday today and forever. He is the answer to people going God's way and living in a way that honors and glorifies him until next weekend. Think biblically and live accordingly. We hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world, call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 a set Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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