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Short Take 4: Resurgence Turned Divergence in the Southern Baptist Convention, Part 1

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 10, 2020 7:00 pm

Short Take 4: Resurgence Turned Divergence in the Southern Baptist Convention, Part 1

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 10, 2020 7:00 pm

What is your response to Beth Moore saying that complementary theology has paved the way for sexual abuse in the SBC? Length: 3:30


On the carrying theology became a sex core value that it inadvertently by proof of what we have seen look at the fruit of what happened became elevated above the safety and well-being of many women so high up or value has become better and much of the world. Complementarity and theology is now conflated with inerrancy.

Case in point noted how often our world charges or dismisses egalitarians by saying they have a low view of Scripture, because unless they think like us about complementarity and theology. They do not honor the word of God. Maybe you could explain the history there when what she means in that particular soundbite and then she gets in the egalitarian issue. The thing that people who are complementarity think egalitarians have a low view of Scripture world background to deal with sexual abuse things. First, those 400 cases in what we have.

Think it's 46, 47,000 churches 15 million approximately Southern Baptist names in those church roles 400 cases that's been taken to become the foundation for saying we have a crisis everywhere you turn the SBC their sexual abuse taking place.

That's simply not true. If you just use the statistics that they themselves are relying on it's not it's not what they're portrayed to be one cases wrong one cases bad, but it is not of the crisis proportions being described as she ties that into complement.

In a similar way that Dwight McKissick did in the debate that I had with reference earlier by saying that if you are complementarity and what you're doing to providing the groundwork for abusing women and here's the way thinking goes. This is the argument that they are making. If you oppress women by not allowing them to be pastors should not allowing them to preach to men because you say the Bible forbids that what you're doing is you're encouraging oppression of women, and otherwise so people who listen to your complementarity, theology and sale. It's okay to oppress women by not allowing them to be passed to churches churches they were going to reason but it must be okay to oppress women by sexually abusing them taken advantage of again. It's ludicrous.

It's ludicrous true complementarity is him protects women values women the problems that have been highlighted come to light where abuse is been covered up that is indicative of a deeper issue where we are basically not really being submissive to God's words mission work. And that's when my contentious. We got a bunch of theoretical narratives, not just in the SBC would be on the SBC people who sell yet. We believe God's word but they're not good to live according to God's work to repent God's word correction and they're not going to submit to the instruction of God's word tells us how to do was sit in the church

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