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Short Take 4: What is the “attractional church” and how does it impact the Evangelical church today?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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February 13, 2020 7:00 pm

Short Take 4: What is the “attractional church” and how does it impact the Evangelical church today?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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So Brandon talk about how this false way of thinking that if we create a product and entertaining product for the outside world or to like us more than I want to be a part of us are gonna want to come to your church talk about how pervasive this is become in the evangelical church. It might be a church that isn't explicitly talking about promises of health and wealth, but this could come in the form of hiding or watering down the hard truths of Scripture or the offensive parts of the gospel. I've been in a church where I saw behind the scenes, the decisions that were made were geared toward attracting the nonbeliever the unbeliever instead of force-feeding the believer so this attraction will model again is geared toward the unbeliever where those decisions will be made with the goal of making that person want to come back to church so you don't want to offend them in their Christmas or Easter service by preaching the gospel. You want them to come back next week.

The problem is the next week. You are now filling your church with false converts and the true Christians in their are starving because are not being taught the word of God. There's all these distractions that are covering up the gospel or the gospel being watered down and so the church is supposed to be geared for the believer were were there to worship God and to hear the word preached the gospel preached are not here to be entertained.

That's a time where we are acquits to then go out into the world in our workplace, or wherever to share the gospel. So if if that time is further unbeliever and no one's being fed than how are these people can ever share the gospel if they don't know what the gospel is they never hear in this pretty much explains why the church in America at least, evangelical church, in large part, not every church.

Of course, but just in large part has become so confusing and impotent in preaching the gospel preaching the hard truth of Scripture preaching the whole counsel Scripture. That is what has impact and changes people's lives so that they can be truly ambassadors for Christ.

Here in America. So the it goes a long way towards explaining why we are where we are

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