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Short Take: How do you see similar pressure tactics now being aimed at the evangelical church?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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March 1, 2020 7:00 pm

Short Take: How do you see similar pressure tactics now being aimed at the evangelical church?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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March 1, 2020 7:00 pm

Description: Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on How the Tactics that Sank the Boy Scouts Are Now Aimed at the Church.

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But how is this being aimed at the evangelical church. You see, Robert a number of ways there.

There's a gay Christian movement that's arisen and it's it's really become court of force and social media in particular, there are several so-called gay Christians who were saying that God is perfectly fine with this. They were created that way and therefore can't be wrong. It's part of the born gay. Can't change ethos that has helped propel the whole movement, actually.

But within the church. It's especially effective because were told to have compassion toward all people and when they appeal to our compassion they use to Bible verses in particular, their favorites are Judge not lest you be judged and let him one who is without sin cast the first stone. You hear this constantly from people who are trying to shake down biblical morality and refashioned into kind of a anything goes as long as you say you love God and love Jesus but it is also invading the institutions. I was shocked to find out that the national Association of Evangelicals has bought into some of the Marxist rhetoric that that's characteristic of these revolutionaries. In June 2019, the Southern Baptist convention approved resolution by a strong majority embracing the Marxist concept of critical race and another one intersection ability that these are straight out of the Marxism and critical race theory is that everything is race all differences can be explained by race that the only way we can overcome racial differences is really to place ourselves under all governing force that will wipe out bigotry wherever it finds it, and intersection. Reality says that people are oppressed six ways from Tuesday. Whether you're black or you're gay or your left-handed or they say that it all adds up to an oppressive race and sex so you don't boil it down, and they're basically saying everybody's a victim except white Christian males and so we have to make them of their guilt. We have to get the society woke as they call it everybody's woke to the fact that America is really not the great nation we thought it was. It's entirely race-based. It's incurably racist that its founding was in 1619.

As the New York Times says in its new program because that's when some slaves were brought to Virginia and they say what's the real founding of America and let's let's look at America through that lens. Instead of through what the founders envisioned with the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The sad thing David is the this is being taught the kids and in schools all over America, largely through the Howard Zinn book, which is a People's history of the United States and he was a communist he is full of false scholarship.

He trashes people like Christopher Columbus he finds very little good in America and these kids are being raised on the idea that they live in a terrible country that needs radical transformation. And that's how we can explain why these huge numbers of people say they'd vote for socialist candidate in North America is that bad, then we need radical restructuring and what better to do that than socialism, which requires that all that came before it be forgotten and destroyed, so they can create the new socialist man on the ashes of the old society

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