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Short Take: How does having faith in Christ give us victory over sin and death?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 11, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take: How does having faith in Christ give us victory over sin and death?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 11, 2020 8:00 pm

Description: Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on Why Did Jesus Have to Die to “Take Away the Sins of the World”? – Easter Special

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How would you explain to someone today. How does this blood of Christ cleanse us from all sin and what they need to do to believe that by faith and did a video for my church, for they were missing out on on Good Friday and I talked about so that I read an article about portraiture in the Renaissance now is very powerful. Richmond usually would sit for portraits and the artist would withdraw them in all of their their grandeur, but they the artists for a time began to include what they called a memento mori in the painting phrase that that means.

Remember, you must die so for example in the portrait shelf in the background of the man is being painted in the author of the artist would paint onto that shelf. A clock, for example, set at one minute until midnight or they would paint a bowl of fruit on the table and put one rotten piece of fruit in in the bowl just as a reminder to that man that no matter how great you are, no matter, no matter how much money you have. Death is always at the door.

They even began. After a while to put little. A little tiny hidden human skull somewhere in the painting neuroscientist and might be hidden somewhere in a code, way it might just be peeking out from under the robes at the feet of the man being painted but it was just a way of saying you're gonna die and I was struck thinking about that that over the past month we have had more of those opportunities to remember death than most of us are used to having in in a year or a decade. Death is just stalking the land right now and so I think it's on our minds in God's grace. Though he's put this thing right on top of a remembrance of the man who succumbed to death, but then conquered it on Easter that the one man who has taken the keys of death and in hell and has the ability to to set us free from from the fear of it and from its dominion in the way does that of course is by it is by exhausting the curse of death that hangs over us because of our rebellion against God. We deserve to die. We deserve to die spiritually. We deserve to be separated from God. We deserve to be forsaken by God and on the cross, Jesus exhausts all of that he takes it all until it's got nothing else to fire at us. If we embrace him and trust and faith. Then the victory he's won over death and over hell becomes our victory to examine our sin becomes his and he dies for it is victory over death and hell and send becomes obstacles were united to him by by faith. So the king who conquers death as in his grace said I want this to count for all of my people as well. The queue the whole thing is that you have to be one of the king's people. In order for that benefit the company, which means value need to him, trusting in him and of relying on him to to to safety

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