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Why God-Defined Family and Morality are the Targets of the Revolution

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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June 19, 2020 8:00 pm

Why God-Defined Family and Morality are the Targets of the Revolution

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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June 19, 2020 8:00 pm

GUESTS: BRUCE AND MARY JANE WHEATON, host David Wheaton’s parents

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)]

While it may appear that ending “racism” is the purpose behind the protests and violence taking place in our country, the real intent is the destruction of God-defined family and morality, as is made clear on the website of Black Lives Matter (BLM), the organization at the forefront of this movement.

The “What We Believe” page of BLM’s website states:

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages”

We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking

We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead.

We do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk

We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.

So why the mission to dismantle God-designed family and morality? And why are biblical marriage, family, and morality so important to a stable and peaceful society?

This Father’s Day Weekend, my parents Bruce and Mary Jane Wheaton will join us. They are in their late 80s, married for 66 years, followers of Christ for 64 years, and the parents of four adult children. Be sure to tune in!

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Why God defined family and morality are the target of the revolution that is a topic we discussed this Father's Day weekend right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and assure the good news that all be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ David we hosted our website the Christian will thank you for joining us this Father's Day weekend. Now while it may appear that ending so-called racism is the purpose behind the protests and violence taking place in our country right now. The real intent is the destruction of God defined family and morality as is made very clear on the website of black lives matter the organization at the forefront of this movement on their website and the what we believe section, it states the following bullet points we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure. Bullet point to. We foster a queer affirming network when we gather we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking bullet .3. We make space for transgender brothers and sisters bullet point for we do the work required to dismantle cyst gender privilege and uplift black trans folk bullet .5 we build a space that affirms black women and is free from sexism and misogyny and environments in which men are centered was way beyond just the ethnic identity of black people. So why this mission to dismantle as they say God designed family and morality and why our biblical marriage, family and morality so important to a a stable and peaceful society. Will this Father's Day weekend. We have a special guest here.

The program especially for me.

My parents Bruce and Mary Jane Wheaton join us today in the program. We do an annual interview either on Father's Day or Mother's Day with their coming on the program there on their late 80s and married for 66 years followers of Christ for 64 years and the parents of four adult children. Let's get to the first segment with them as we talk about family morality on the program today. Dad and mom were thankful to be able to have you on the program for another year.

Not sure even how many years it's been, but we always enjoy this interview. Talking to you take us back to the time when you were born back in the early 1930s. Well, those rough years because it 30s were part of the depression and the big depression.

I mean a real depression for multiple years. I can remember my my dad having either gas or electricity turned off in his home because he couldn't pay the bill.

You're looking at those years as being at a time that I was born and raised until I was about age 9 and that of course there was a pending war that was coming that beginning to build up in the 30s you begin to feel it.

I have learned on the rampage over in Europe and just let right into the bombing of Pearl Harbor that was really my childhood we did not have a whole lot which is not not have a lot of money to spend frivolously but my parents didn't make me feel like I was born and raised in a in a depression. I really felt like this was sort of normal and I had a fairly normal childhood.

At that time David love dad talked about the early 30s. I'll go a little farther than that when the war was over. There was such patriotism. This the songs that people saying in everyone just love this country. Women stayed home they were keeping the Hollis raising their children. Even the way women dressed they they tested dresses, men dressed in nice clothing and there wasn't any divorce that I knew of the music was just the music that I hear at that time was more romantic music. Our band music. It was sort of on innocent time.

As far as I was concerned that it was different for other people but for me it was a time of innocence. I know were not supposed to say the good old days, but it was the good old days and anyone who has lived as long as we have. I know look back on that time is the good old days. You've talked about the 1950s in previous programs that was also part of your growing up years. The let's fast-forward to the 1960s and 70s when the first part of this moral revolution that were seeing now take place when it really started. I think in this country in the 1960s and 1970s with the court." Liberation, the freedom from and what they are trying to be free from is a biblical or Christian-based morality so we saw things like "free sex sex outside of marriage huge increase in drug use. The advent and popularity of our rock music start to become very popular during the 60s and 70s mom you mentioned it back in your earlier answer that women changed in this country from being more of the.

The role of husband-and-wife and so forth. Change to the feminist movement, homosexuality started to percolate up at that particular time than you think. In the 70s and in the 80s is when divorce, I really became rampant.

I know you told me mom that you'd hardly even knew anyone who was divorced in the first 20 or 30 years of your life what you think precipitated this moral revolution that took place after that era of the 30s, 40s and 50s, there were relatively more traditional in America. Well I watched it all on TV as I always watch the newest I was watching Woodstock and II couldn't believe that I was kids all together in one place with the rock music and the sax and the drugs that I thought it was a reflection of the family, but his was falling apart and that's when divorce came in women changed. That's what I recall about it.

It was just hard rock music, which I never heard before and said I didn't. We didn't use that word, and there is no drug use that I was aware of and feminism that was on the radio.

At that time that was asked to talk about it and I've never to feminist arguing about feminism and I all I had was a Bible but they didn't like that at all would cause that to take place. All of a sudden in America. The books at the college professors were ordering for the kids to read. It is required reading and all it did was get them into rebelling against authority. They were reading people like Adolphus Huxley, who said the we will not bow to your God because he would interfere with our sexual mores, and so it really did come down to sex nothings changed in Sodom and Gomorrah. The same thing still going on today. Compare the turmoil during the 60s and 70s to what you're seeing in 2020. Right now mom with the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent riots and protests and demonstrations going on all all over the country. How would you compare our air out to that era start with you mom. I did read a lot and listen a lot to Francis Schaeffer and he kept talking about the practical result of the death of absolutes and once the Bible was rejected as it had was then and is now then people do what is right in their own eyes and the women become stronger than men.

The men week divorce people living together they think nothing of living together which the Bible says is fornication, and the children didn't have parents who could teach them the things that children need to know to grok to live their life the right way. It was all Benjamin Spock it. It all went south really a 10. Did you have any, and that how you would compare the division the unrest to the lack of peace in this country to the way it was in the 60s and 70s family today is mostly gone. It's considered nonessential marriages, and even thought of anymore you you you just are married but the government has bent over backwards to try to allow these kind of unions in place of marriage and so people lived together and and there's no thought that there is no there's no shame to that anymore. Absolutely none. Divorce has no implication to it. You can be married or or live with another person in that you can separated no big deal when marriage becomes nothing more than just a name society is going to go down and down. My parents join us today in the Christian worldview. Bruce and Mary Jane Wheaton both in their late 80s. The one reoccurring theme I'm hearing over and over near your answers is about marriage and family that's really our topic is Father's Day weekend is how God's institutions of marriage and family are really the targets of the revolution that that's where the rejection of that's redefining those things casting those things away.

Ultimately it's casting God away from all accountability from him. This is a broad question, but just to give some observations from both of you on how you have seen, marriage and family change over your 80+ years of your lifetime and what has caused those changes as we see those two things marriages and family breakdown. One of the changes you've seen and what he thing is because those changes the Bible is intended for a family to be where a father is a father and a mother's is a mother in the home raising children. Now the homes quite often have parents that would both work in the raising of children is secondary. In fact, most young kids are children are automatically put in daycare and whose raising them just a bunch of people who don't know the child that just a matter given given the book to read or something in Gabe occupied till the parent comes home so the child really never gets any training that he should be getting from a real father and mother in his life except maybe in the evening.

Strong marriages are hard to find now on. The trouble is in pre-marriage. People don't consider what a marriage really is in our realize that they have to be together on the same page on faith on money on rearing children politics is to be a mom of one mind and one purpose is very difficult nowadays when you have either a fatherless homes or a single parent home or even when there married and both of them have their own jobs. And there is gone so much of the time the children end up half raising themselves mom you look at the data of divorce and it's very high. Depending on what survey your study. You look at its even high amongst those who are church attending is not as high as the broader culture.

But you go to any evangelical church in Europe, you're bound to run into many people who have been divorced are in second marriages and so forth. Why do you think the divorce rates has become so prevalent in this country, even amongst professing Christians make a vow between God and man and you keep FL for the rest of your life.

My mother had a very difficult marriage of my father. She was say when she was 55. My father is not and he was very authoritarian and that was a difficult marriage, but she wouldn't divorce him for anything she loved him, to the very end of both of their lives. He lived to be hundred and two and she lived to be 100, but she was always submissive to my father and I saw that in her.

That's the way I have been I had no desire to rule over dad. I could see that this does not work. God made the man to love his wife and the wife to submit to her husband and stay home and raise the children.

Keep house, but that's all gone now. It's just the woman is the strong one and the husband gives into the wife and is the week on seating commercials on TV where the woman looks so strong in the man. Men look so weak.

Okay, listen to our interview with my parents today here on Father's Day weekend on the Christian worldview were talking specifically about marriage and family and how that really coincides with this recalling a revolution trying to transform our society from the traditional Christian America, the America that my parents relisten to do it today grew up in a new very well as they describe what their life was like in the 30s, 40s and 50s in on how that changed and now that is the target overturning marriage and family to create this new world unaccountable to God, that's impossible, but will come back and talk more with them.

We have much more coming up this weekend with my parents as we talk about marriage and family. Stay tuned. You are listening to the Christian Realty radio program David we people everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to their help, their job, their finances the future. There is also heightened spiritual awareness is not doing my right with him.

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When you give like to thank you by sending you a current resource. Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA eight 646-2233 or go to the Christian Thank you for your support Father's Day weekend and happy Father's Day to all the fathers listening today. Hope you are enjoying and gaining from the interview with my parents always do it this time of year to thinking how blessed I am to be able to interview them to have parents like them. So think for them to look a straight-backed interview with them. We have much more coming up this I hope you'll stay tuned for the entire interview with my parents. So what would you say mom are some principles, some from the Bible that you've learned in your life.

You two have been married for 66 years you have been both and followers of Christ for 64 years you both in your late 80s you have four adult children, seven grandchildren. I know you don't look at your lives in your marriage is perfect and you parented perfectly and all assets are not trying to say that you have but you have strived to have a unified family and a strong marriage. How do you pursue those think some people here listening. I'm sure this thinking this is just crazy talk.

Patriarchal Christian oppressor that kind of thing that other people listening are thinking this is very different than the messaging I hear from our culture today in light of the way things are going in our society even in the church. Perhaps there is some validity to what these two older people are saying today on the radio. What would be your advice as to how to have a strong marriage and avoid divorce. Mom, well, you have to have the same mind mind the same thing and there's only one way to have that and that is by the word of God. You have to know the word of God apply at your life, I heard a quote the other day that I really thought was good if my life does not match my mouth. You are not going to hear what I say and I will say of dad that he's the same in the houses when he walks out the door and I think too many people profess to be Christians. But what they are at home with anger and language and all that that goes on in a house and they walk out the door and they're completely different.

That does not work and children see that right away. We don't think we're perfect by any means. If anything were far from perfect, but we certainly want to live by what we knew to be true in the word of God in it without the Bible you can't do it. You have to have Bible and know it and apply it to your life and then give it out to other people who want to know the truth because I have to say, the greatest joy of my life is to see my own for children walking in the truth in my spiritual children walking the truth. That's all it really matters when all is said and done, he said that people would laugh at the way we've lived our lives, they can laugh all they want but you know when you do it your own way you live your life, go your own way and no coconuts way. It does not end up well and I think that's the reason so many people are getting divorced and living together, they will live together because they don't want to be divorced.

There's so many things going on in the culture that people adapt themselves to the culture and then it ends up so badly. But in the end it's going to end up worse because the Bible warns about all of it and it ends up in hell so I think people need to get serious about life and think about what they're doing and live their lives according to the word of God and have a Christian worldview. But what what did you see that that you could pick up on in our family.

I would say my there were a lot of things I could say but just all this give one the strong impression I had was that you two are very different personalities and temperaments and yet the unity between what you believe and how you follow Christ is the same.

You have the same doctrinal beliefs. You're both committed to that committed to following Christ. So there's a unified front.

There and then as a result of that you have pursued your own marriage and your family and the way you live your life or business or whatever else you've done to try to live by what the what God's word says that seem simplistic follow Christ and follow his word, but that is the duty of all buses. The creation of God to do that so I think I will be my biggest impression doubtless move it over to you and mom talked about having a strong marriage. How about having a unified family. I already mentioned that you have to have the same values in a marriage that helps father down the line when you start to have children being able to have a family and being involved with everybody in the family is very important. One of the big things that does not happen today that I don't believe is that families do not eat together, we made it a strong point that we had dinner together every night to me that most every night anyway because that was a time where you got to talk about what happened during the day, whether it's in school or independently. What they did but now dinnertime doesn't amount to anything.

In most families is just you make your own food and run out the door.

It's a time when families can really grow together and hear each other's comments on what happened that day and the churches are helping that either because they often preach on social ills. Rather than preach on verse by verse in the Bible they get into the circle of social gospel, and I appreciate the pastors that just open up the word of God and turn to the Bible and preach verse by verse right out of the Bible because that's where you really learn what the Bible has to say yeah and also not only social ills dad but also just felt needs of people how to have a better marriage how to raise your kids a certain way, what to do with depression and disappointment and those things are all will be addressed.

As you preach consecutively or expository lease through Scripture, grounding people in sound doctrine who God is and what he desires for us is is the way those things get impressed rather than just you know individual messages in certain topics leave topics just to radio programs like this and keep the preaching of the word. Verse by verse and churches. Now you mention the church. Dad let's go over to you mom. I give my parents with us today in the Christian will view this Father's Day weekend talking about marriage and family.

You have obviously seen a lot with regards not to just society is he been talking about today, but also the church over your nearly 90 years of living.

You probably started to pay attention more the church. Of course, when you are saved in your mid-20s, but what are some of the major changes that you have seen and I'm talking less a church I'm talking more. Let's say in evangelical churches are more fundamental churches.

Churches that treat the Bible is the word of God and are interested in evangelism and that sort of thing.

What are the major changes you've seen in those kinds of churches over your lifetime.

When we first started going to church. It was long after we had received Christ as our Savior.

It was a small church and the pastor taught the Bible verse by verse to go through a book. Verse by verse eight. Always start out by saying open your hymn books to old rugged Cross are amazing Grace a blessed assurance all the old hymns which sing the hymn and then he'd teach the Bible and that was basically yet we had fellowship with the believers they were. It was a smaller church then the church got bigger and the mega church and everything changed.

It became more topical preaching, not strong like we had heard and the address change casual dress. People were coming in their shorts and thongs and who knows what and I think the music has really brought the world into the church because it saw its rock music with some words about who knows what I at it if you can even sing the songs in our generation.

They hymns meant so much that even to death. We we knew the hymns this generation younger generations are not good to know the hymns and it's really a shame shame it's it's a complete violation of Romans 12 one and to be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind when you bring the world into the church or even in your life, then you lose the whole point of what the Christian life is all about.

I think there a lot of professed Christians, but in Hebrews. It's is clear that the true believers want the meat of the word, not just the milk but the professed believers. II don't think there really true believers at all. I think they're just professors like you said in your book University destruction professor is not the same as a true believer appearance with us today in the Christian review again this Father's Day weekend. Another question or two. Just in light of all the unrest that is currently taking place in our country you grew up in Minnesota you still live in Minnesota you grew up through the segregation. Although that really wasn't as strong much at all. Were we lived in the north part of the country, but it will be for our listeners in the South segregation laws a lease or officially ended in 1964. What was your recollection of the relationship between Blacks and whites just your experience where you grew up in Minneapolis was there. This kind of racial or ethnic. I guess we could call us a better word, more accurate word. This kind of ethnic tension when you're younger. Minneapolis, I frankly didn't feel that tension may never Blacks in their whites and their Spanish people Mexican. There was, not any racist talking all the word racist. Now is almost a combination expression people clouds say oh you're racist is got to the point now where I'm not sure what it means to be racist, however I will say that I had absolutely no feeling, and most of my friends had no feeling towards or against Blacks or whites or other people of different races at the time I can remember being in the military and the Army and Army training is actually before I was on active duty I was down at believe Fort Bragg and I was off duty and I had some civilian clothes to wash and so I was walking through the town going and I noticed there was a laundromat in the wind of the laundromat it said white only.

I thought to myself I said all know I've got all sorts of color to close here in our shirts of different colors and so forth. I wash in there. I'll have to find some other place that shows you how nave I was. It just escaped me.

We we grew up, mom and I in an age when it didn't matter whether you are white or black if we just accepted people on the face value, but now it's been turned into hatred you not matter what you do. It's your opinions are formed by what you say in who you talk to.

Otherwise you be called laces think it's very interesting that the late 80s felt that there was less lot less racial tension back when they were growing up, and there is today very counterintuitive from what you would hear elsewhere like in the mainstream media coming back more on the Christian will view this is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called conscious thought. I don't think God Jesus said this story.

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Our topic is how God's how how or why the God define family and morality are the targets of this revolution taking place in this revolution didn't just start this spring this year.

This is been going on for many many years in this country, at least for sure since the 1960s. I think those who have a biblical worldview.

Realize that it is gaining steam right now it's it's becoming more pervasive, more people are succumbing to a believing in it.

Even Christians are maybe unknowingly or unwittingly, agreeing with the that the direction of this revolution thing black lives matter as if they don't it just it really is that I think a real a time of upheaval right now that we need to have a sharp biblical worldview, helping us do that today, giving us a a long-term perspective are my parents, who are 88 and 86 years old have been believers for most of their lives. A lease for 60 some years married for almost the same amount of time and so I think they can give a very valuable perspective on what is taking place in this country, specifically with regards the importance of marriage and family.

So let's get back to the rest of the interview with them dead. How do you explain how and un-biblical ungodly organization like black lives matter get so much support and hold so much sway in our society today. Pastors, Christians, everybody nowadays with black lives matter is fear that they they fear these people and therefore they joined the chorus or become demonized black lives matter as he got to the point where are anything like it's got to the point worked like Chicago Mafia years ago they would go on sale protection to small businesses in the area and the small business would have to sign up for protection if they didn't get their place vandalized so I think that's where we are now everybody's falling in line all the speakers and their preachers and where you talk to their afraid and that they don't count tell to the black lives matter is an and other organizations that go along with that organization. Their afraid or fearful. It's easier for them to go along with it and support them and give money to the cause. Even corporations.

The letter the way to show support your exactly right that there is a high strong pressure leverage being put on people and churches and pastors in organizations and corporations text you say those words, black lives matter. We saw the present Southern Baptist convention JD Greer use that recently it's being used a lot in the Association with the organization which we will get into today is an association in the linkage that no Christian should have mom, have you ever seen this much division and you this country over the 86 years that you've lived. You have a long span bring perspective. I know it's easy to get influenced by the. The moment in which your living, but do you remember another time in this country when there is been this much division and unrest as you flip through a lot.

You mentioned early from the Great Depression to World War II to the 60s and 70s the Vietnam War 9/11 and all the different things you've lived through. Have you ever seen a time like this never never never never never seen anything like this. Dad and I don't keep up with the news and were just like me. I don't know. We've had two main teachers for a long time now. John MacArthur has been teaching for 50 years.

We happen to find him in the providence of God when he first started and we've heard his teaching every day, and Alister bag. They both are the same in their doctrine and teaching, and Alister bag said he just started out talking about this morning. He said if he got onto all these different issues that are going on now. It goes nowhere is the constant drumbeat of going in circles about this and that but he said you just have to stick with the gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ died for your sins. That's what we need.

That's that's all we guess the truth, and John MacArthur the same way talked about it last Sunday for over an hour just about that mess.

The country is in the world's end, but it's all sin with a high in the middle.

The word SIN is all sin and until people deal with their sin and repent of their sin and see themselves as sinners. It's it's never going to change.

It's only going to get worse.

We are here were born reproduce in their sole purpose is not to solve our racism or whatever the heels of the day are but the sole purpose is for individual Christians to tell others about Christ. Christ didn't save us to live under ourselves where to take it in and give it a client and give it out. Not keep it to ourselves and live a little insulated isolated life just for ourselves. That's not what the gospel is about in the beginning of our Christian life. We learned how to give the gospel and we've done that all of our Christian life and we've seen people who have put their faith in Christ and grow in Christ and that that's the reason we're here is to tell others about Christ so they can know into so that gives our lives so much more meaning to see someone else know Christ to so I appreciate both of you coming on the program today way more than that. I know I speak for my siblings that we are so appreciative to both of you.

We love you so much and are so grateful to God that he has allowed you to be with us this many years so love you both happy Father's Day to you, dad, and thanks for coming on the Christian world you.

Thank you, David. You welcome David, so thankful to be able to do that interview for another year.

They mean so much to me.

Happy Father's Day dad you been such a wonderful father to me and our entire family was very interesting what they said there my money because my mom said in the last answer. The importance of teachers in their life. Here they are in their late 80s and are still looking to those who teach them that I know this because I see them on a regular basis how much they take in themselves. They listen to several different pastors and and preachers enter daily basis, multiple and how the importance of whose teaching you is going to what likely boffins in the program your product of your influences your product of your teachers, and so those teachers better be sound and what they are teaching you. Otherwise, you're going to be going down roads that aren't honoring to God. Ultimate goes back to you want to be influenced by God in his word and if there can be influenced by teachers. Those teachers better be sound and solid on God and his word, and so I think it's a great lesson that took away from the conversation with my my parents today. Not back to that the question of the day's so why is there this mission to dismantle as black lives matter. I strive to do to dismantle the quote nuclear family and dismantle morality because all about queer affirming and transgender.

What is the point why is this why that mean Wisner just for you.

Just maybe something more new med reform in the police if they feel like they're being unfairly targeted, which the evidence shows that they're not but that's what they believe are many believe and I want overgeneralize by saying that, but why this mission to dismantle anything to do with it something that God's design family morality will that the answer is the think the answer is very clear because to achieve. And if you read their tenants again.

I could go over again. The ones I read the beginning the program.

Today we are unapologetically black and are positioning this is black lives matter I we make space for transgender brothers and sisters. We do the work to dismantle cyst gender privilege and uplift black trans folk. We build a space that affirms black women free from sexism, misogyny and environments in which men are center that would, but just do away with the church in the home. Note that the Bible advocates for the demand to be the leader in the home we dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work double shifts so they can mother in private.

Even as they participate in public justice work.

We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and quote villages. We foster a queer affirming network when we gather we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking that that young people should be heterosexual or rather the belief that all in the world are home heterosexual. So this this black lives matter and the slogan that they popularized in the slogan you see spray-painted everywhere. BLM and the signs being held up in them being repeated being repeated by Christian pastors and leaders and people on faith honestly is just beyond me how how any Christian could one anything to do with a repeat the slogan of that organization. We didn't do by this revolution that underway Christian should have no part in it. Will talk about why this final break of the day here in the Christian world view David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love, loss and grace then was a yellow lab and inseparable companion. This stage of my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to.

I invite you to enter into the story's tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, the child friend I would finally marry, and ultimately with God caused all things, even the hard things to work together for good. Order the book for your friend who needs to hear about God's grace in the gospel for the one who was going through a difficult trial or long just the dog lover in your life signed and personalized copies are only or by calling 1888 646-2233, one AAA to 46 2233 or my boy People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to their help, their job, their financial future.

There is also heightened spiritual awareness is God doing in my right with him. We encourage you to order Ray comfort 20 page booklet how to be free from the fear of death, which explains how one can have peace with God in a confident hope this life and the next good news of the gospel.

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Were this Father's Day weekend and heard an interview with my parents, Bruce and Mary Jane. We can always go to the website the Christian to hear that you have it up the same day that there is on Saturdays and also we have short takes coming out during the week. Sign up for free weekly email to get those short takes links for the program. We also announced today that our golf and dinner event is an annual event is on for this Monday, September 21 here in the Twin Cities. Although it's probably unlikely her neck and beholding the dinner event this year because of restrictions and regulations due to coronavirus, so will be announcing that more and getting registration together next week, but just wanted to announce it today so you could get on your calendar if you want to be a part of that event, the topic is why God define family and morality are targets of the revolution. We read before the break there that does the. The tenants of the belief that black lives matter.

By the way that this is in a just a black group to just from guessing at watching these demonstrations of violence on TV. This is probably half whites and other people. This is not an ethnically based group based on only Blacks that all the know this is this is a political movement, a worldview movement that seeks complete transformation revolution of our of our Christian based historic society. And so the that that the Psalm Psalm two I think describes so well as you read their tenants. You read Psalm two. It's just it's a complete explanation of why they believe what they do because it's ultimately it's shaking your fist at God, and we will have things her own way.

Look at Psalm two.

Why are the nations in an uproar and you could definitely say our nation is in an uproar. Right now it has been for for many weeks now and why the People's devising a vain thing is not just a thing, but it's a vain thing. The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together and they are. You have political leaders who were on board with this revolution taking place. Think about Seattle as an autonomous zone or you just don't have your own country there and do what you want to do and will wall around and have guns inside and yet it's in political leaders. You are are sympathizing with. We with these kinds of situations taking place in our country, letting police station just get taken over the kings of their earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together, they take counsel together against against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, and here's what they want, let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us. Another words I don't want to be accountable to you, God, I want to live my own life the way I want to live my life. You are restraining me. I feel like you're binding me Chris not God's not doing that his commandments are not burdensome.

There there for our good and his glory verse four.

But here's the response of God as he looks down on what's taking place with say specifically in America right now. This revolution, he who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them. Then he will speak to them in his anger and terrify them in his fury saying. But as for me, God speaking here. I have installed my King K upon Zion, my holy mountain.

That's Jesus, I will surely tell of the decrees of the Lord.

He said to me you are my son, today I have begotten you. Ask of me and I will surely give the nations as your inheritance. This is God speaking to his son and the very ends of the earth as your possession then here comes the consequence for this revolution. Verse nine you shall break them with a rod of iron, you shall shatter them like earthenware. Now therefore, here's the warning.

Oh, kings or rulers of the earth, show discernment and take warning, worship the Lord with reverence, reverence, fear, honor all and rejoice with trembling due homage to the son. That's Christ that he not become angry, and you perish in the way for his wrath may soon be kindled in the Psalm ends with this encouragement.

How blessed are all who take refuge in him and hearing my parents today who have been longtime followers of Christ.

I have strived to obey God's word.

Again, not perfectly not try to set them on a pedestal, but they're in their late 80s and they strive to do this over the life. How blessed are they who have taken refuge in God and so the result of all that said and done is they've had a godly and good life for many many decades because God graciously save them and by his spirit and his grace, help them along this narrow road of life, but in contrast that to black lives matter in that movement. Again, not ethnically based. It's a political transformative Marxist movement what they wanted.

Readers want to want to get rid of cast-off God define family and morality why those the targets of the revolution won't because to achieve the that humanistic Marxist big government state they desire, one that is quote free from the quote constraints of God as you read about an Psalm to the core institutions, marriage and family of a sound and stable society. They have to be toppled.

It is totalitarian at the core.

There is no diversity.

They talk about their first ever. There is no dissent that they pulled out. If you are a past American and you owned a slave, you're done. It doesn't matter what you did for this country. If you have certain sins in their mind. Your statue is toppled. You will you be renamed.

History will be re-re-rewritten. Frankly, it's not too much dissimilar than North Korea. If they have the the guns and weapons and in the ability to do what they do in communist countries in different parts of the world they would do it. You see that kind of violence being played out in certain places on the streets of America and then for Christians to be saying the black lives matter to be posting on Facebook is somehow implying that black lives don't matter mean that that that is that is completely not true. It's it just goes without saying that every life matters with the fact that you can't say all lives matter you considered a racist like that. You shouldn't even say all lives matter just shows you the bankruptcy of this particular organization and movement.

You know the whole thing is corrupt when you're saying when you called a racist for saying all lives matter that whites are inherently racist just for being born white your inherently privileged in a racist. Now why our biblical marriage and family morality so important to a stable and peaceful society because that's what God designed male female marriage and family is God's designed to protect society to train children to restrain the sin nature laws are there to protect us from each other.

Good families strong families God-fearing families don't need much government oversight because there is a there's a umbrella of authority right inside that family both with mom and dad over kids, but also mom and dad under the authority of God and the church. But if you want government is God, then you need to break down those institutions that foster stable society. That's why you have promote sex outside of marriage and that's why the prevalence of fatherless homes are no marriage or homosexuality are encouraging drug use or abortion or splinter people into identity groups hate the police. That's where things go very, very badly. Thank you for listening today here in the Christian world view. In summary, I would just say trust in Christ for your salvation because your soul matters, not just your life but your soul matters, but the Bible inform your worldview on everything and then cultivate a God loving marriage and a God family until next weekend. Everyone think biblically and live accordingly. Happy Father's Day. Everyone is well. We hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and sought to receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website, the Christian will dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian will dawdle will call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 was sent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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