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Short Take: How does a person go about better manifesting the beatitudes in their life today?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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July 19, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take: How does a person go about better manifesting the beatitudes in their life today?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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July 19, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on Is the Blessed Life of the Beatitudes What You Really Want? Part 2 of 2

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Would you say to the person listening today who maybe hasn't entered into a relationship with with God through Christ by faith.

At this point, or for the Christian listening today who wants to better live out have these be manifested out of their lives, how they go about some practical ways to go about doing this. Yeah, I think that one humility is the key to getting more of God's grace of your Christ follower God is attracted to humility and so when you're really honest before God that moves the heart of God. I think you know you look in culture today. We need to more are sent right, we should be mourning the sins of our culture.

I think this whole idea of meekness bridled strength that relies on God's sovereignty, not our own power as a relevant word for us today and everybody striving Rio it's But system constant power struggle will the Christ follower says that we have strength but this bridled strength because were an arrest in God's sovereignty. God is the one who has all the power to give me look at what are we hunger and thirst for what we really asked her in life. If it's not the word of God the son of God right the church of Jesus Christ. We can look at look and say what's missing in me. Blessed are the merciful and weak.

We certainly need that in today's culture right where we understand what grace does, and when we give people grace we show people mercy and give them second chances how powerful that is not transformative it is for culture. Certainly the pure in heart for Christ followers will make sure that were cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and we want to see God work talk to a group of passage of the day. We need to see a work of God and we need to seek audit work in our culture right now and then.

Peacemakers obviously keeping peace is one thing. Making peace is another thing when the gospel is the peace plan right that that that changes people's lives forever and then I just think this whole idea that you follow Jesus Christ. And you're not.

I have trouble in your noggin I have struggles when you look at the founder of the faith. Jesus Christ himself who ends up nailed to a tree and that somehow you and I would would be able to live lives different than that, contrary to that without pain, without struggle. I just think you you look at your Savior and and he told us this right. You can expect it right. So don't be surprised when it comes be disappointed when it doesn't come I would say is maybe not live in a righteous Christian life that draws any sort of distinction and I think people don't know Christ. Listen, the whole key that is you rely on your to rely on him. So I'm sharing the gospel to three different friends of mine right now it is going to go with you. You banking on you and you know the Bible would say that if you will just humble yourself and let yourself low before God and say hey I acknowledge I'm a sinner I'm in need of a Savior and I acknowledge my face. The Savior is Jesus.

I want Jesus to come in the my life and fill my life, that he will cleanse you from all your past present future sins to write your name in the book of life will give you eternal life. The moment you believe, so solid you get when you die you get it when you say yes to Jesus that that be the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive. On on the planet. And so I was a man I would run towards this gospel. This good news and stop relied on myself and start trusting in the Savior and his work for

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