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Christian Car Guy Theater 29

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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August 18, 2017 10:10 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 29

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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August 18, 2017 10:10 am

Bad Brad’s daughter is kidnapped by the Nefarious Noire and his sidekick Lou who disguised themselves as two other hoods named Angelo and Vinnie and allowed Kristie to escape, and now the Noire and Lou have decided to open up a “Fine Fit Auto Parts Plant” right next to Nahum’s Garage, calling themselves Eldon Blackwood and Otto, as they are plotting another nefarious plan to rip off Allie’s Grandfather!

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And now time for Christian.

Today's episode jailhouse justice that Brad is been recaptured back in the hospital. The good news is that the nefarious two hours now planning to move next door to garage doors business a fine for auto parts you might wonder why you are inside you blue are afraid of being recognized by Brad's daughter Christie since they did.

After all, kidnapper Warren Lou would disguise themselves there with Christie, but that set up large archrival crime boss Angelo and his like you need to take the rap for kidnapping Christie and now some more good news, share framers finally back from Denver and his deputy Eustis, just say Eustis got some spilling so much will thanks Eustis, I'm still flabbergasted about what's happened since I been away from it. According to Georgina jailbreak kidnapped dog. Not to mention the kidnapped girl included in the turns out to be bad. Brad's daughter and now brothers back in the hospital. Maybe I just need to go back to Denver because I understand you handle board the last week than we did in the last two years locked up Brad to begin with. Before you let me tell you a lot prayers have been answered since since you were gone and now is prayer for me was my prayer for you to get back, I learned the hard way that they got the bullet yeah it's hates TB DTP shortcut for yes I remember Eustis but I want you to know how proud I am of the job you did here.

It takes great faith Eustis to believe God is with you in such life-and-death situations and you confronting Brad again after he almost killed you took phenomenal courage which really shows how your faith in the Lord is growing, Eustis.

Let's talk about this kidnapping business. One of the world is this about Brad's daughter and some crime boss named Angelo when is Smitty and Vinnie. What we have on them. How are you keeping Christie safe okay share now the scoop about low and now the state trooper got say the one who cracked Christie and the sheriff fall into the trap to go after Angelo and his minions Vinnie mar himself has come to town to meet with me about purchasing the property for their new fine for auto parts plant next to Nahum's garage. I'm guessing you must be Mr. Black will good morning call me out. This is my assistant is a peaceful place already. Michael you know you match a young feller now what you named after the Old Testament prophet now Peter's hometown you know your Bible.

There, so fascinated by that story in the Bible where you know those friends, lower demand, through the roof so Jesus could she love you so much. She even fancied that man's name to be the norm in Hebrew means that you actually came along well yeah that's what Jesus caught everyone by surprise when he pulled back his even before Jesus healed, especially the Pharisees.

The Pharisees don't like Jesus to know that I can see why your mother and speaking you know know that property over there is the perfect acreage for what we need for a completely pollution free fight for auto parts plant would make a great addition to the beaver County employment possibilities talking to hundred and 25 jobs he all great on the way my friends call me may go away. And that's right, Nahum know who is the Hebrew pronunciation is more organized but when in America may limit, is it a real pleasure to meet a man knows his Bible looks like the new R has made it out of his hand. Later that day the new Warren Lou discuss their strategy was. It's like taking with this you get all the Bible stuff you knew nothing about any Christian I spotted the cross and sign with a name like that big fish in the barrel sea of Galilee patient that I'm a genius horse, Allie Perkins, she's just a means to an end. It's a grandfather, Bob, I need to know years ago he invented a rubber compound that last twice as long as conventional rubber tires, wiring insulation, and things like that I could've made millions. What he wouldn't share the plans. Would anyone. He said he would never what file degree and it would hurt the environment. Please boss yeah I tried and tried to get the formula out of I put the squeeze on his son. 15 years ago I was trying to make a son, Bob Junior Napoli could refuse killed trying to get away ran off the road. That's why Allie lives with her grandparents yet. Bob Junior should've cooperated. But Bob Perkins never had a clue what happened I just figured I'd bide my time to that little girl Allie Bob got close and I think the time is come. You know what I mean. I think this will be a great negotiating pool while Jimmy Herring figures he can finally get back from Eustis stopped by to pick it on the sheriff. I know you got Eustis was born near in the police manual give me a second. It's okay, you did a great job on the sheriff is gone.

Can I get my Fernando Starks brain pray for a change around here a whole. See you also very funny, very funny when it's the one we get in trouble.

We do mostly Motorola increasing gas tank was approach the Lord one single rinse fighting right here on the radiator to review today's episode. I know I clean 1.1 the final leg. But the more clear I see you

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