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Horns of Light 8 - Conntections In Jordan

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 13, 2024 2:06 pm

Horns of Light 8 - Conntections In Jordan

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 13, 2024 2:06 pm

In this episode Pete share much more of how God's story keeps connecting more and more dots both of the scriptures but of geology, geography and relationships.

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Welcome to the Horns of Light Chronicles. Peter Berbalis chronicles his family story, prophecy, and testimony. God's story unfolds, from his grandfather in Lithuania, Nazi Germany, the Russian Revolution, to Ronald Reagan in the fall of the Berlin Wall, the gospel spreading across Eastern Europe, how God called Peter to Petra, Jordan, and so much more as prophecy and testimonies unfold.

And now the Horns of Light Chronicles. What God is actually doing right this very moment, and how we all can join with him in prayer for this particular area. So take us to the next step, Pete.

Sure. Just, you know, I'd say probably around after that whole experience in 2019. I'd say things just start really to kick up again in 2022. We move to where we plan to retire in Kansas City, the guy that helps me move we're sitting at a table at a sub shop. And, and just kind of telling him the story. And as far as Micah 212. And then we finished our meal and he points down at the table that we're sitting on, and it's numbered 212. And then he just mentioned, because he's an engineer, and he just mentioned you know 212 is also the boiling point of water so that kind of brings another kind of component into the parable.

The time of Jacob's trouble the boiling point of water when everything seems to start to boil over. And then another situation was going to what I thought was going to be a meeting of people who are in their 50s and kind of this small group that was gathering around it at at the University here. And there's a guy by the name of Joel Richardson, who wrote a book called I think from Sinai design and then he really captures this Isaiah 63 Christ's return.

From the south that Isaiah 63 road dipped in blood, and I saw in a room that he was there so decided really felt like I was supposed to go to that instead. And just mentioned to him kind of felt like I was supposed to look up a few days before I don't know if it was a few days but before that, the date of the post of that on Facebook, which was October 26 of 2019. And what was strange to me when I looked up October 26 2019 it ends up being 25 years to the day that Jordan signed the peace treaty with Israel which was October 26 of 1994 Petra Jordan is located in Israel so just kind of mentioned that to him and he just says well I was there I watched through the binoculars and saw them sign that peace treaty and he was just amazed that he was able to do that.

He was up in the mountains and was looking on as they saw that and just kind of referenced it to lack of security. Then we kind of my wife has a bit of a strange experience. We're at church and this lady whose name is fun. She prays for my wife. And in our backyard then that morning, or that evening she's talking to me and she's like this is really strange there's a one horn and one horn deer in our backyard or kind of a stag on our backyard and she sees it as she's looking through the blinds which kind of brings up a song of Solomon to nine, looking through the lattice connotation. And I got to jump in here right here, you know, you may not know this. It's really funny that happens to be my favorite verse in the Bible.

That's amazing. It is absolutely I have studied and studied and studied it because, you know, I, you know, just to jump in here the. I fell in love with a young girl, you know, when I was, you know, like anybody in there 13 or 14 years old, and I just became the great stalker like I would just if you've ever heard the song from my fair lady on the street where you live and so I would always I had no ill intent.

I just wanted to see her anything I could possibly do to see her could just make my heart come alive and so I would go over there and whatever. So years later is I'm a baby in Christ. I'm reading the Song of Solomon and when I read that verse right and it's and it's a picture of Christ peering through the lattice trying to get a look at his beloved right and I thought Jesus is stalking me.

Wow. I mean, just like I used to stock Susan Seamans, you know, she he was out there doing that for me and I later have, you know, studied done a verse, you know, just like I did on actually what you're going to get to here in a minute on on the Book of Habakkuk. I did that on Song of Solomon way before that because it's always been my favorite verse. But also I have to jump in on the on what you talked about Micah 2 12 and I just went looked at that again as you were talking about it and maybe you've seen this and you want to speak to it. But what it says is I will put them together as the sheep of Basra as the flock in the midst of the fold and he's talking about Jacob and you're right of Jacob's trouble. But that word that word Basra that word in Hebrew is is the sheepfold that and clearly what Jesus is talking about in John 10 right that you know that that is his fold and so he's talking about clearly it couldn't be more clear to me than in Micah 2 12. He's talking about bringing Israel into the fold that yet clearly they're out there shenanigans right this minute and and they don't understand that the real Messiah has come and what a beautiful beautiful thing. As you're over there paying it praying and Petra you're not just praying for the peace of Israel what you're actually praying for it the only way they're going to get peace is to meet the Prince of Peace and to come into that fold right.

Amen. And I never really I never put that fully together like you did there. As far as coming into the fold and what's interesting is Petra Jordan you have to get through it through a narrow and that's kind of what we struck in bound to call it the sheepfold is and Basra is also known as that region in the Bible. But, but it's a narrow passageway into Petra, just like, you know, enter into the sheep fold so yeah there's just, wow, this is just really interesting. It's just beautiful absolutely amazing how God puts it together now let you go on I'm sorry. No, no jumping anytime I mean I'm just the poetry continues. And so, so yeah so there was that to nine and to 12 stands out to me of Song of Solomon to 12 and we were invited to a conference and this guy had to 12.

And it was an invite only conference for leaders in the church and people prayed and invited people and I had no business being there I'm not a, you know, I'm not a pastor or anything along those lines but was strange was the guy who was kind of the pastor of the church of that conference he had to 12 tattooed on his arm. And then, Song of Solomon 214 which is really interesting to me. It references, the clefts of the rock. Well, the clefts of the rock is. And here's why I think you can take Song of Solomon allegorically, and not just you know a husband and wife type of thing because clefts of the rock is the same. If you look at Obadiah one three it's that exact same phrase, you who dwell in the clefts of the rock. So, so we kind of have this song of Solomon poetry, going on. And then it comes to somewhere on March of seven somewhere around that.

I think it was shortly after March 17 of 2023 if I have the dates correct. But I wake up one morning, and I just feel the prompting of the Lord to look up the verses that took him to pray in Petra, and so I will come up and I get stuck immediately. And I think the first one I looked up was Habakkuk three. And when I start reading the entire chapter of Habakkuk three verse, starting with verse four, it talks about rays flashing from his hand. And that's kind of if you look at that picture of the ray of light, it hits the right hand and there's kind of all kinds of stuff you could go into as far as the right hand, biblically speaking so my antenna immediately goes up and I'm like this is really strange this is that picture. It goes into three five and talks about pestilence and what's strange is we were there in October of 2019 just as COVID was getting ready to hit the earth. And some say that during military games in China is when it really spread all over the earth, which was before that and I don't necessarily know I'm just throwing that out there that then Habakkuk three six, it talks about him standing and measuring the earth, and for my job. I started doing GPS on benchmarks and creating and it was done through a National Geodetic Survey in regards to creating a new model to help transition from the old model they were building to the new model they were building of the earth. So I just start getting really kind of, you know, it was weird.

I mean it was just really really strange. And that's really again to jump in, just because I can. That's really what God trained you up in you understand that, because that's what you do survey every day of your life to some extent right. Yes, yeah yeah and that's all that I do was I right now I work on.

Yes, I'm a surveyor that's that's what I do and that was a huge part of our job for for a couple years was just going out and getting these long six hour GPS measurements on these discs that NGS placed in the earth. So yeah, yeah that's yeah. Go right ahead.

Now that's, that's the thing you can't help but notice is God's finger weaving this together to have you trained in this idea, you know, and then giving you obviously this bit of insight, and then a platform to share it. Yeah, and I don't, you know, I'm a regular guy. I'll just, I'll leave it fully at that and I don't fully understand all this or what all this means but you know I'm just saying, we all are right we all are regular guys. We just know a guy.

Exactly, exactly. And it's just, you know, I'm not a pastor I'm not, you know, any one of those things that, anyway, it's just, I just encourage people to join into the adventure of God, because he really does have something for everyone. But go right ahead anything else before I jump back in. No, I just think that it is an invitation, as you listen to this, you know, what is your passion and then it's interesting how God will begin to weave through and, you know, we're just praying that as you listen to this, it sparked something about, oh, that wasn't a coincidence. That I got that look at that whatever my passion was about because God, you know, is speaking something for us for such a time as this to go deeper with him in prayer, which is what Pete did, right?

The whole idea is relationship, believe me, and as you go deeper that then your story brings light to other people's story encourages them as well so I, you know, I just think it's worth highlighting and definitely beautiful but go ahead. Amen. Amen.

So then, yeah, I go downstairs. After kind of this highlighting of things and I say to my wife I say God's really speaking to me through Habakkuk three. And she's sitting there with her Bible open and she's like, well I'm in Habakkuk three right now too. And she had had a dream the other night and she saw the Lord getting ready to shoot his arrows at the earth.

And that brings up Habakkuk three nine and his bow being made bare, and she made a little sketch off to the side of this dream that she had so it was just so strange that we were both in that same passage that same morning, you know, from two different kind of an unexplainable coincidence I guess is what I would say. Well let's just talk about unexplainable coincidences, okay? Sure.

We only have about a minute left and you've got some great stuff I know you want to share but I don't want anybody to miss this, okay? No. Keep going. At the same point in time clearly God was working on me on Habakkuk, okay? And we couldn't be any more unrelated than we are.

Pete is a surveyor up in Illinois, right? And I'm a radio talk show host in North Carolina. Never heard of each other, never anything, but I'm in the book of Habakkuk, right? And I am doing a podcast on Habakkuk three, which God had me, I mean that particular year, you know, God had me like, God where are we going this year?

I want you, and again, it was his word to me that year was Robbie, I want you to get gathered and see how this all pictures together with the sheepfold. I want you to be gathered in great faith in order to do that I want you to study the book of Habakkuk. And for me, being a Hebrew lover and person that loves to study it all the time, you don't call me a scholar if you want, but whatever, I love the stuff. And the whole idea of that for me was that throughout the 119 Psalm, you can hear David's heart crying out for an understanding of the statutes. And even when it gets down to the end, you know, I'm going to sing your praises when I learn your statutes.

I mean, that's the whole, throughout the thing, and the question that raised in my mind was, right? Here's a man that knew Hebrew better than probably anybody ever lived. As he wrote all this stuff, every verse in the 119 Psalm is on one of the letters of Hebrew. And here he's writing that he wants to learn these statutes, and the word statutes in Hebrew is just two letters, a het and a hefkuf. And that idea is, again, of gathering close to God. Well, the word Habakkuk, you can hear it. It's got four, it's got two hefks and two kufs.

It's got two hets and two kufs, meaning it's like statutes on steroids. Because, and the idea actually is like a super hug. Because as we're gathering together, we're almost in this hug, and you're in a hug with God. And so as I'm studying this idea, I put out a podcast on Habakkuk 3, and guess who hears it?

In Illinois, right? Yeah, and what's strange is, you know, every now and then I'll search for Habakkuk, Horns of Light, because of that, you know, experience. And so yeah, and I just reach out to you then, and so all kinds of strange stuff to develop our daughters going to the same school. Right, right, right.

And your wife is there, you know, and again, we've got to close up this episode because we're out of time. But again, I just, my heart is that as you hear this, like man, like Pete, like me, God sends you somewhere, go. God asks you to pray, pray.

He will blow your mind, right? And you think about the famous Hebrew, you know, Shema, Deuteronomy 6, 6, right? Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one, right? Hear, hear, and then obey. It's all in the same package. So thank you again, Pete, and what a great episode. I'll look forward to where we go next time. Yes, thank you. God bless.
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