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God Is In The Details

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 30, 2023 12:44 pm

God Is In The Details

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 30, 2023 12:44 pm

Today's episode was recorded live at the Carolina Classic Fair. Listen as Robby brings us a fun and insightful message.

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This is Hans Scheil from the Finishing Well Podcast. On Finishing Well, we help you make godly choices about Medicare, long-term care, and your money. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. But that will not bring you my salvation. If you cannot accept that you are spiritually poor and captive in the same way that a Gentile woman and a Syrian leper recognize their need, if you do not realize that you need a year of the Lord's favor, then I cannot save you. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

I say this calls for action and now. God is in the details today on the Christian Car Guy Show. How fun! We are actually live today from the Carolina Classic Fair and I've got my good friend Bob Young.

Great to be here, brother. My life is full of history from this place, from the time I was born to more recent years too. Your dad was in the agricultural extension, right? Yes, sir, and we were here for cattle shows, all kinds of displays. He used to do the exhibits in the exhibit hall and he would put a little extra into it and actually won several years because he put a little motion in it.

We're going to talk about that here shortly because God is in the details and there were details to those exhibits and that particular show. But if you're in Seattle this morning or you're in New York City, wherever you may be, we just want to let you know, yes, we do have a fair in North Carolina. And one of them here is actually in Winston-Salem. It's the Carolina Classic Fair. The main state fair is in Raleigh but they do this one which is huge every year. It's more of a district thing. They have the county fairs out in the area and then the winners at the county fairs come to this district.

It's more of a district competition in the agriculture. You're on the home stretch if you're here. But today, I am fresh off of a car show. This is sort of a county show. But last week I was at Sweetwater Baptist Church, just an amazing experience. It really is. God shows up at that particular car show and just, you know, it's really cool to see how much Jesus loves cars, Bob.

I'm just telling you. And he loves the people. He loves the people that love cars even more. And it's just fun to watch a church get behind that. And it's fun to see, you know, they always actually have me come and share the gospel during the car show.

That's always fun. There's actually a car show out at my church today, Oak Forest in Midway, North Carolina. And they have, and I think this is pure genius, they have a barbecue contest during the car show itself. So everybody gets free barbecue. Everybody that comes, you know, whether you're a spectator or you've got a car or whatever. So one of the big draws is that they have this barbecue contest so you've got all this barbecue to go along with these cars.

Free food works for me. If you're listening to our intro, you might be going, why did Jesus show up at the very beginning of the Christian Car Guy show? Well, hopefully throughout the whole show. But if you've watched the Chosen series, what you heard there was a little excerpt from actually the third show in the third season, which I found interesting. And it was the scene where Jesus was actually in Nazareth. And he was in Nazareth among his own homeboys, so to speak, right? He was at the county fair. He was there for the feast, and they asked him to read from the prophet Isaiah, and then they got all fired up at him.

And you may know the story. They actually tried to stone him. But what I thought was so compelling when I watched that episode of the Chosen and the thing that really God had been, I guess, flooding my mind with, because I got a chance to share the gospel at that car show, was, did you hear?

If you don't know that you need to be saved, right? If these people thought they were the seed of Abraham, they thought they were the chosen. You know, they thought that because of who they were, that they had a free pass, right? Their ticket was punched, they thought. Right, so they thought. And so what Jesus was so, and if you watch the show or you could hear the compassion, it was breaking his heart that if you don't understand that you have a need to be saved, I can't save you, right?

And so as I was driving, thinking about what I would share at the car show, God gave me this kind of vision. It really was, as I was driving to Atlanta, this vision of this person drowning. And they're just flashing around, right?

Their arms are swaying. And I don't know if you thought about it, but you can't save a drowning person that hasn't decided they need to be saved. They're still trying to save themselves, right?

And so I guess lifeguards are taught to punch them in the head or something so that they will realize they need saving. Well, there you go. What Jesus was trying to do for those people that day in Nazareth, the same thing he's been trying to do for me every day, is to tell me, Robbie, you need more salvation.

I love a podcast that John Eldridge did here recently. He talked about that he was on the sabbatical and he kept praying for the rest of his salvation. Yes, we're going to heaven, but if Jesus just left us in the condition we were in to go to heaven and it didn't work on all that other stuff, like, you know, the guy that cut me off in traffic three days ago, and here I was, the Christian car guy, ready to, you know, pop my lid. Like, I need saving there. I need, there's a lot of places that I need the Lord's favor, right? And there's a lot of areas that I'm still flopping around and I'm still thrashing my arms, Bob.

But I can't get, I can't get any saving if we don't get that. When you told me that just the show this morning, one being at the fair really rang my bell and I was a lifeguard from the time I was 14. Oh, were you? And, uh, I'd say several people through the years and, uh, but you're right until somebody, you know, a lot of times pool rescues are pretty simple cause you're at the side is close by, but lake and ocean rescues are much more dangerous because, you know, the people are so desperate. You're, you're their way to get up, but for them to go up, you've got to go down, you know, and, and somebody in that frame of mind is desperate, full of strength, adrenaline and everything. And, uh, you know, you're taught one of the first things you're taught is to be careful and on your approach, because you got to obtain control or you're lost.

And the, and the, you know, the really interesting thing I found in this, I was studying this idea. God took me, um, you know, to that famous place, be still and know that I'm God. And I think it's Psalm 46 that that word be still means to let go.

Okay. In other words, you got to let control go and give it to the savior, not yourself. In other words, how are you going to do this if, if he doesn't take control, right? You know, Jesus take the wheel.

I'm obviously driving this thing into the ditch. And so it's interesting to me that you both have the issue of salvation. Like a lot of people out there slashed around in their life, but man, we, you know, those of us that are think we're the chosen seed of Abraham and all that other, we still need just a whole lot of, you know, site.

We need a whole lot of, you know, all those things that Jesus talked about in that particular picture. It's the biggest problem in my faith wall is surrender. Uh, I say it, I talk it, but I have trouble letting things go and turning things over to the one that can handle it all. There was a time in my life when I had no choice but to surrender because it was really easy to see that no man could figure out what needed to happen day by day in my life right after the fire. But God knew what needed to happen. And that was the time that I knew I had no control of what was happening in my life. Uh, and I needed to shut up, stand back and let him lead the way. And it was some of the best time of my life. And some of my closest walk with God was right during that period of time. But as things get back into control and get back into order, well, I might be doing some of this and I might need to turn the knobs and I might need to push the levers and everything. And we try to take that control back.

And that's when things start to go downhill for me. And so you might be asking yourself, like, why did Robbie call this show, God is in the details? Right?

What did this have to do with little GTO? And let me see if I can begin to put the package together as you begin to think about your own story of when you needed saving, however that looked. And call us by all means.

This is a live show. We would love to hear you. 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. Because interestingly, details is not necessarily a Bible word. So we're going to get to the synonyms for that that might help you see how this might come together for you. As we've seen so many details in these car shows, we're going to share those as well. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and If you do not realize that you need a year of the Lord's fever, then I cannot save you. Little GTO, you really look at my three juices and a full speed and a 389 God is in the details, even in the trouble. For what He holds, for what He never holds. God is in the details today at the Christian Car Guys show.

It's live from the Carolina Classic Fair with my good friend Bob. And when we left the first segment there, I was talking about making the connection between how is God being in the details and this idea of in order to be saved, you got to quit thrashing in the water. That was such a cool thing that God gave me as I pictured that.

And here's the other aspect of it. If you go to a car show, you will note, and they had a beautiful cars at Sweetwater. One guy, in fact I posted this on Facebook, he had the 40 Ford and on the grill of that 40 Ford was a grill ornament I'd never seen and it said 85 on it. Really big 85 and sort of his Ford logo and I went... It was significant. It was significant. I said, what's with the 85? And it was beautiful, you know. And he said, oh, it had 85 horsepower.

Well, I didn't have a clue. I'm like, 85 horsepower? They're bragging about that? And so... What year was the vehicle?

40, 44. Anyway, I posted that on Facebook and said, you know, what does this 85 stand for to see, you know, if I was the only one who didn't know. And quite obviously I may have been because they answered it immediately. It was amazing how many comments I had about that little 85 that was on the grill of that car, but it just illustrated the point that these people that know this stuff, they are in the details.

They know the least little thing. There was a Camaro. I don't know if you remember them.

They were white and orange. It was an official pace car for the Indianapolis 500. I think it was one of the first years that they ever used a production car to do that, and this Camaro was just beautiful. Well, this guy had one of them that was used, and actually Mario Andretti had signed the trunk, right? So there's Mario Andretti's signature on the inside of the trunk.

He'd covered it in plastic so nobody would mess with it. Really, really cool little details that made all the difference. Yeah, you could see an Indy pace car Camaro, but wait a minute. This one was signed by Mario Andretti who won the Indianapolis 500 that year. That's kind of a big deal. That's a little clout right there.

You've got a car signed by him. Right. And so as I started to study that idea of details, and that not being a Bible word, you won't find it in the King James Version, I began to ponder what would that word be. What are some synonyms? And I just Googled it.

What are synonyms and synonyms for the word details? And one of the words that came up immediately and then was very much a Bible word to me was the word respect. And when you think about these guys, they have great respect for these cars because they love these cars.

And they go into these details. And one of the things that amazed me, Bob, was one guy had a 41 Ford Coupe. And he had the original tool set.

I don't know. All the Fords used to have a set of tools that came with them. And they were the coolest little monkey wrench that was a Henry Ford monkey wrench. But he had the original bumper jack.

And I'd never seen anything like this. This thing looked no more like you could jack up a car than the man in the moon. And it had this little bitty pipe thing that went in this base. And it was obvious that you needed the weight of the car to even get the jack to work. Right. I mean, it was it was that flimsy looking. But, you know, Henry Ford was an engineer.

And the more I pondered this jack in my mind, the more I realized how important it is in order for you to be uplifted. Right. It takes engineering. Lots of it.

Lots of it. And the fact that that base, like in today's jacks, if you've got to put, you know, the long part into the bottom part, it's going to fit firmly into the base. Right? Right. This one did not. And as I thought about it and how beveled it was, Henry Ford realized something that people of today don't.

You don't necessarily always have a flat on a level piece of ground. Ah, right. Did it come with a wheel chop? But God is in the details. In other words, Henry Ford was a detail guy. And I have great respect for him because he knew all these little things that would save money on cars. And he's the reason to be in a production line and all these things, because he had great respect for engineering. Right? And productivity. Right.

Right. And so King David, he liked that word respect too. And in the 119 Psalm, he has this line that's kind of in my soul. It says, oh, that my ways were directed to keep your statutes. And what that means is, oh, the statutes are the hardest of the commandments as far as King David was concerned. And so if I could keep the hard ones, then what he said, then I would have respect for all your commandments.

And what he's saying is, when it gets down to the details of how that jack worked, I don't have a clue. I need saving. Right? I can't, I can't do this on my own. Right? When it comes down to all the little details, like, you know, God is in.

Look at how he told them to build the tabernacle. Could you do that? No.

Could you keep all those little things? Those were some very explicit instructions. Right. That was, it was still crazy to me how, how detailed. Right. But it took great respect because they knew that it made all the difference whether that was three cubits or three and a half cubes.

I don't, you know, here's the deal, but that. And the cornerstone. But here on the instructions that Henry and Ford himself had written on this Jack. Right.

It's like, here it is. It said, do not lubricate this Jack. Use gasoline. Use gasoline in order to clean it. Now, you know, you remember the days when we used to use gasoline to clean everything, Bob.

Nobody would do that anymore. Right? Mash your fingers sticking that gasoline. Right.

Caricene if you have it, but gasoline if you don't. And I don't know if you remember, man, like 20 years ago, I had Rachel who had a 63 Ford Falcon. And she, she had the original paint on that thing and had almost a half a million miles on it. And she had it since it was brand new. It was her baby. And I asked her, she lived in Florida near the beach. And I said, well, how in the world, you know, with that salt air, if you kept the paint on that car all these years. And she said, oh, a simple, I wash it in gasoline.

Now don't try this at home folks, especially if you're a smoker. But nonetheless, it just reminded me like, man, you know, people back then did a lot of things different, but they got a lot of things right. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

And they have a great respect for elders. Let me tell you, they, they do some stuff, man. And so what is your story?

We would love to hear from you. 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and If you do not realize that you need a year of the Lord's fever and I cannot save you.

And I cannot save you. God is in the details today on the Christian Car Guys show. We are again live from the Carolina Classic Fair here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina today and how fun it is to see the crowds pouring in, Bob. They are rolling in here now. As you pointed out, the Ferris wheel has a live TV coming, but the point of all that is that we're hoping for those of you who might be in this area, and a lot of you may not be, that you would take this opportunity. We're going to be on live for a couple of hours here this Saturday, and then next Saturday, we'll be back at the Carolina Classic Fair. And we will hope that you'll come out there, but I need to make you aware of a couple of other events. Next Sunday, the 8th of October, I'll be, how fun, leading the Cowboy Church of the Pro Bull Riders event in Mill Spring, North Carolina. And so I love, last year I got to do the Bull Riders event here, but they say this is an amazing venue.

They've got a big bull rider thing going on out there in Mill Spring, which is apparently to the west. I've never been there, Bob, but I'm going to be there next Sunday, and I really look forward to having a chance to speak out there. So I got to go to Atlanta last week, and then next week I get to go to Mill Spring, and then wow, just God's got all sorts of fun stuff. I get to be at the fair for a couple of weeks now, and so I would love for you to come out here. We'd love to meet you.

We've got lots of prizes, giveaways, all sorts of stuff here with the Truth Network. We'd love to see you out here at the Carolina Classic Fair, but God is in the details. And if you listen to that song, well, that whole intro, right? You've got Jesus explaining that if you don't realize that you're sick and blind and all these things, then he can't save you, right? But the saving isn't just necessarily the fact that you're getting, but your whole sanctification process requires Jesus at the wheel, okay?

Just saying. And when you think about it, here's one of the more challenging ones. As you begin to have respect for God's Word, as you begin to see it, like these guys, you know, they would look at a 68 Trans Am, which was the original car, and they could tell by the hubcaps whether that was original. They could tell by, there were so many little details that they could tell was that the original.

One thing on a grill, or... Right, right, and that makes all the difference to those guys, because they know what the original looks like. Well, here's the original thing that King David said in Psalm 119 that continues to challenge me to realize that I cannot save myself. It says, Great peace have they that love thy law, and nothing shall offend them. Now, I don't know how you did yesterday with that, but I mean, nothing shall offend you?

Did you hear that? Great peace have they that love thy law, and maybe you know people like that, that they do, they have such great peace about them, that you rarely have ever seen them offended. I know and respect people like that, but I'm a little volatile in certain situations.

I think I'm a better person than I was when I was so active with my business. There was a lot of volatility in me. There was a lot of peace in me at times, but that place, I mean, it was just so much going on all the time.

And a lot of times, I would leave there just plum purple, the vein throbbing in my head. And so, you know, maybe you go to church tomorrow, and the pastor says something that you don't think he quoted quite right. Or maybe the musicians did something that, you know, and you begin to think about something other than, man, God is awesome. Like, as soon as your heart and mind starts to think about anything to do with yourself, like, when am I going to get it? You're sitting in Sunday school, and everybody's getting a chance, and they're not listening to you, right? You're thinking about what you're going to say rather than listening to that person talk.

All these things, the reason why I can say that is because they are familiar to me. I know how all that feels. And the point of it is, is I have no chance of saving myself, right?

And I'd be sloshing around in the water, right, just kicking in all those things that, you know, and I got no chance of Bob taking control of me out there drowning. If I don't realize, man, this takes a constant communion with Jesus. And it takes a constant saying, here, you know what, you know, I've got you, why is all that other stuff Bob? There's no reason that I've got to somehow or another turn that to you and trust this, okay?

So here's a little detail that I learned this week that might help you, it sure helps me. And it's a gigantic detail, but it has a lot to do with my last name is Dilmore, and that starts with the letter Dalud. And that letter Dalud, the magic to that letter is that it has another letter in it that means humility.

All right? And the reason it's actually the letter Yud, which is God had to shrink himself. You take an infinite God, look out there at the sky, Bob, you see how big that is? God is bigger than that sky. Yet, somehow or another, he created a finite world, and yet, somehow or another, he sent his son down here. In other words, in order for him to think so much about you and me, it wasn't about him. He didn't send Jesus to be about him, he sent Jesus for you, or he sent Jesus for me, and the amount of humility of that is unbelievable, right?

That's a whole lot. And so, if he could make me the center of his universe, then shouldn't it just be where I should be? Like, if God is the center of my universe, then I am simply, like, how can I serve, what can I do to help right this minute? Like, man, you're doing great, God, what's my next step? You know, it's those kind of things that I can see that the secret to being a good servant, the secret to obedience, or being not offended, is clearly, if you're walking close enough with God, he'll take all the offense for you, right? I mean, it's not in my job description. I say it all the time, that my self-centeredness draws me away from where I needed to be, and I've experienced it time and time again, and it seems like, by this point in life, I'd have it figured out where the great times of my life were, and where the not-so-great times were, and, you know, Ray Charles can see, you know, it's so clear.

Right, so you start to feel that offense, it's like a check engine light blinking at you. You're thinking about, give this to Jesus, you know, but you made a great, before we got on the air, you talked about your dad, and the detail that he put into his work here at the fair that made him a winner. Share that story, I think it's cool. Well, they have exhibits here. They exhibit different things that the Agriculture Extension Service does for people, and he had motion in his. He had rigged up this thing and put a lot of time and effort into it, but he had people that moved. One was a male, one was a female, and he had it where we had a hoe in the guy's hand, and he was out there hoeing in the field, and the girl had a fishing rod in her hand, and she was going up and down, and she was fishing.

I was standing there in front of the exhibit one day with my dad, and this very young child walked by. He said, look, mama, that girl's fishing, and the man's working. And my daddy looked over and said, there you go. There you go. You know, that was the thing.

It was about using a herbicide on your fields so you didn't have to go out there and hoe all the time, and to get the weeds, keep the weeds down and everything. But he loved the fair. He loved coming down here. He loved bringing us.

I'm sure it was a challenge to bring us sometime. My brother won at the fair here years ago grilling chicken. He cooked some mean chicken.

My brother Keith, he could really cook, and he won first place down here at the fair one year. But see, I'm going to bet you with your brother, with your father, the thing of it is, in that recipe for that killer chicken, there's minor details, like just the least little bit of honey, or the least little bit of chives, or who knows what it was that was the secret detail, right, that made... Oh, I know it, but I can't share it. Oh! But the details of the lady that was fishing, in other words, there were all these details to make that... Well, if you go to a car show... To get the message across. You'll see some people have gone to great lengths to provide... They have a whole book that shows, here's the title, here's the pedigree of the car, here's 14 owners, every single last thing. They got this whole book, right?

With every last detail. Why? Why? Because it makes you respect the offer. Right?

When you think about it, when you see somebody's gone to all that work, and you see it, then you automatically respect what's been going on. Well, the more you study the Bible, the more you will see the detail within the detail within the detail within the detail, and that respect, right, leads to faith, and that faith can lead to you letting go of the wheel, and saying, you know, if he's got that figured out, there's no way in the world I can... You know what I'm saying? And there you go, we'll be back in a minute with your calls, 866-348-7884.

You're listening to The Truth Network and If you do not realize that you need a year of the Lord's fever, then I cannot save you. God is in the details today on the Christian Car Guys show.

Again, we're live out here at the Carolina Classic Fair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which, if you happen to be in this part of North Carolina, we would love for you to come out and see us. We're going to be here till noon today, and so, how fun. But God is in the details, you know, and I couldn't help but just reflect on that, what Jesus said, that wouldn't it be good if you had a year, right, that you were Jesus' favorite? That's what I always like to think. Like, favor has to do with grace, right? And grace has to do with favor. So, I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I'm Jesus' favorite. And I can see that, but sometimes I have trouble thinking that I'm his favorite. You know, I struggle with that because of my sin and because of the way I get close, and then I draw back, the way I release things, and then try to put my hands back on them. And I struggle with understanding that I'm his favorite.

I know, we all do. But what I try to get my mind around somehow, and it leads to the humility of Hanan in the wheel, in my own mind, is that he knew all the shenanigans, not only of what I did before I accepted it, but he knows all the shenanigans that I've yet to pull. In my mind, I don't even know all the low stuff that I might be involved in, and yet, he did all that, and he continues to do all that, and he continues to knock, knock, knock on Robbie's door like, Robbie, you know, wouldn't you like to spend a little time with me today? Robbie, wouldn't you like to, you know, and I'll go three or four hours, and I go, man, I haven't prayed, I haven't, oh man, I don't know if you've heard this, it's very convicting to me, my son-in-law shared this with me, but C.S. Lewis said that hell, I think it was in The Great Divorce, that hell is a door that's closed from the inside, and that it's this place where you can't even, you've gone so far down, you can't even remember there is a God or anything about God. Can you imagine how horrible it would be to not remember any love, any joy, any peace, right? You couldn't even remember a place or a time or a thought, like, that's hell, and so the opposite of that is, well, if I could remember Jesus in this moment, if I could be praying in this moment, because what did he say when he, you know, it's kind of cool when you look closely at the communion statement, he said, do this in what? Remembrance of me.

Remembrance. Right, and it's interesting, at any moment you could go, oh, I need to turn loose to the wheel, oh, I'm starting to feel a little offended here, oh, I'm trying to find my place on first base, and all of a sudden you go, oh, now here's my opportunity to let Jesus take the wheel. Pretty amazing stuff, brother. You always, you always break it down for me. Sometimes you confuse me a little bit because your knowledge is so vast, but then you always break it down and get it to where, by the end of the show I say, yeah, yeah, I get there, I get there.

Bob, I confused myself, you had an idea. You don't know the hours I spend trying to un-confuse myself, like what was I thinking and how did I get there and oh my gosh. But you know, it's God just continues to shine a light and then you kind of go down that path and then he shines a light some more and then he shines a light some more and you're like, man, I would just want more of that. Can I have more of that? Because the thing I'm thinking is the more I could, the more I could remember him, more that I could turn to him.

So true story, I didn't know I was going to share this today, but nobody's called in so I got no choice, but here you go. So I went dove hunting, I love to hunt, and those who know mean it well. You took Jeremy, my youngest son, dove hunting one time. And so I get all excited when a dove flies by, like man, my heart, you know, I pulled the gun up and I'm shooting before I can begin to think. And so my mission this year as I was hunting was I want Jesus to be involved. I'm not going to take a shot until you say that's the one, right?

That was my goal. Instead of sounding like the army's approaching, I can see one, boom, boom, boom. You know, I must have taken 10 shots before I remembered, because the second that I would see it, my heart just, you know, you're looking at the sky, you're waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, here comes one, oh, you know, and off I go. Then finally, after I'd missed, I don't know how many birds, Bob.

It's been like three hours of hunting, and I keep going to this guy going, Lord, would you just show me a bird and be there with me? You've got to do this. I can't do it. I obviously can't do it.

I need your help. Help me, help me, help me, help me. And so here comes this bird, and I said, is that the one? He said, that's the one. And I could sense his presence, and I said, shoot, he said, shoot. And guess what, Bob? That bird fell. I was like, what? I had missed all morning long, and then this bird clearly went down, right?

And there was a man there that had a dog, and he saw the bird go down, and I saw the bird go down, but neither I nor the dog or him could find the bird. Oh, my goodness. And so... Can I change gears for a minute?

By all means. I was talking about the early days of my life here at the fair, and how it came with Dad and this and that, but even later in life, as I had the business and everything, we were heavily connected to the fair. They do a figure-eight race, which they did last night, and they'll do a demolition derby tonight, and we always sponsored that. Well, not always, but for several years, we sponsored that, so just once again, the fair's been a big, big part of my life and everything, and it's just real exciting to be out here, and the food is permeating our nasal passages.

Yeah, I just saw a lady go by with a turkey leg, and I got to say, that looked good. I always loved coming to the fair. A lot of great memories here.

My son, Wanda, did my best. Loved coming to the fair. A lot of great memories here. My son won the small car demolition derby out here, robbed one year, and got to go to the state fair, but just a lot of great memories out here, and we want to encourage everybody to come on out today or sometime this week and enjoy the fair, bring the family and have a big old time out here. There's a lot of fun to be had. Yeah, we're going to have people out here at The Truth set up all day long if you make your way out here, obviously. We have all kinds of Truth paraphernalia that we're giving away, and we would love to see you if you've got time.

We'd love to see you come on out. Again, it's at the Carolina Classic Fairgrounds here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'm sure you can Google that or the other things, but again, if you're putting on a car show, and you're seeing these cars and you're seeing the details, you can't help but respect, right? You can't help but respect, and here's what I've noticed, that at Sweetwater Baptist Church, they have not violated the first rule of car shows. You know what that is, Bob?

It's the same thing as the first rule of fishing, which is, by the way, also the same thing as the first rule of radio. Have fun. Oh, okay. There you go.

In other words, what I saw out there for hours was people having fun, fellowship, and when you begin to see God in that, like, okay, there's no way, because hell, there's got no God, there's got no love, no joy, no peace, no patience, none of that, and so when you begin to see, like people out here at the fair right now, you see families together, the dad's arms around his son, go ahead. I just wanted to make mention, we're talking about car shows. There's one today at Oak Forest. Glen High School is putting on a car show October 8th.

If you need details, you can get in touch with Robin Sandblasted and my good friends out there are helping out with the car show. I just wanted to plug that really quick. All right, well, I got to say it. Slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years, and we're sharing the morning with us here today on the Christian Car Guys Show. This is the Truth Network.
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