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R U Ready?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 10, 2012 12:18 pm

R U Ready?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 1866 34 truth.

That's one 866-34-TRUTH 784 what does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore. The question today on the Christian card I show is are you ready first of all, the set your clocks forward to my want to throw that one in for those of you may not heard or remembered.

Yes it spring forward night so go to bed early church is common real, but so don't forget to push those clocks forward, but the show today. Really, we are asking the question, are you ready gas prices this morning.

Nationally, $3.79 in. If you're out on the West Coast there over four dollars.

That really means they've climbed up more than $0.40 over the last six weeks and I should tell you, for the first time since I have been following the US Department of Energy's website and I've been doing that for number years there are no longer assuring a long-term forecast. In fact, they haven't posted a long-term forecast since last July, but this week they posted market prices and uncertainty report, uncertainty, and when the US Department of Energy is uncertain out there some mama I'm thinking little bit scary out there. Are you ready well, three weeks ago Friday afternoon right after I returned from the National religious broad broadcasters convention where frankly I heard plenty about America's financial woes that I received a call from a financial advisor admit years ago in Raleigh that I really and spoke to in years and he told me that the Lord put this message on his heart that he needed to share about one America's financial future would be well asking the Lord to guide me through this because last thing I ever want to do is to share any sort of doom and gloom when we have such an amazing hope in our Savior Jesus Christ. But Jesus himself did ask the question time again and especially when he was on his way to Jerusalem the last time the question was are you ready does your lamp have enough oil is your house in order. Did you bury your talents.

Have you been about your father's business. So let me start off this discussion with some qualifiers. This is the Christian card I show so were not out to bash nor will we bash any political party. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but spiritual forces in high places. Satan is certainly alive and well in Washington. But as of last night.

I can assure you it was alive and well in the Gilmore home so you know there's nothing new about that. And with that said okay I want to welcome certainly a friend of mine and Micah mentioned a financial planner out there in Raleigh, North Carolina Don Sylvester Don, welcome to the Christian partnership with thanks, Robbie, and am glad to be here today will there is an economic and financial perfect storm headed our way and we need to prepare for and get out of the way of it. If we can yeah and and they were as I mention I was at the National religious broadcasters convention and several pastors who I won't even name it very well known on this network were speaking of the very same thing.

They are all very convinced there's there's definitely something on the horizon. So first we we do have to share the problem or an ideal part of the show about the problem but stay tuned because we got some strategies that we feel like will help you but if you got ago that soccer game. Remember, the podcast is there Christian car and get posted there later today and also here to help us out with some strategies this morning. You know we've got one of the all-time favorite. Certainly one of my favorites. Dan Sanna really here with us here is dad Amount of value on that you live from Ohio. This welcome good morning. This would be the same. If you didn't hear your music when you are it's it's kind of scary out there. Dan you're talking about the gas prices when you got there.

You watched them go up your watch little signs changes your drive in the morning and get down and beautiful were 368 and it drove down the road they were changing the time that 389 a gallon so you know we are there certain stuff to talk about today but all you know Dan is here to help us. Certainly with some of the strategies to get to in a bit in the show but this is a live call-in show, as we always talk about and you know it's our callers that often share the biggest blessings you guys out there listening, you've got some stuff that I know will bless our listeners so if you have a question or you have a comment today again were not going to go into the political situation, but if you got a comment or question. By all means you call us 866-348-7884. That's 86634 truth. For those of you who are digitally gifted and you know all about that, of course, with this subject. You know we got have an appraisal by the real black book and that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, back in the days of the Judean Kings there was a bad one really bad one named because and if you think we have our presidential problems were of had them in the past we got nothing absurd old Haas certainly this man openly through his son into the fire worshiping the balls.

I mean I'm in front of everybody. He offered no healthcare legislation that all I mean there was none. No Social Security, not even any social security reform.

He never heard of it be certainly allowed the slavery of his own people, widows and orphans had to fend for themselves. And he had the Jews in a horrible predicament, but King of the Armenians and nets.

Modern day and the king of Samaria.

That's the northern kingdom had joined forces against Judah and on their way to Jerusalem. They captured 200,000 women and children, and drug them off to Samaria and now they are laying siege there surrounding the city of Jerusalem itself. So even with the worst possible leadership there in Jerusalem and with what appeared to be a completely hopeless situation for the people there God shared the most amazing hope ever. Not just short-term but long-term. And I'm sure it has everything to do with the question on today's show are you ready and again on the share that coming up in the show in our appraisal by the real black book high on Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy. If this your first time listening in 935 years in retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ, the Christian card I show is changing the way people look at their cars. They need to be paid for no debt certainly will watching people going to serious amounts of debt over the years is a lot of how I feel God laid it on my heart to start the show and certainly talk about that today on the show but cars need tender loving care and they need a name like old red, which turned 326,000 miles this week.

And guess what you see this old tractor sitdown ailments. There still running.

Why do you think well if you take care your car it will last as long as you do and we always talk about driving safely right it might save you literally wear your seatbelt. Let me know how simple can that be, but also don't speed it some estimated that Americans waste get this based on the current situation. Americans waste 96 million gallons of gas a week on speed. That's how they waste just on speeding if they would just drive the speed limit, they could save 96 million gallons of gas a week so you know there's one strategy right there. Don't speed but today right, we are talking about. Are you ready to get into that, but we need to hear from you. What are your thoughts 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to of course we got all this of the website including an article that was written by Don Aaron links to his information. It's Christian car W WW.Christian car There you'll find out all about the Jesus labor love free car repair for single moms and widows. That's one of our ministries.

Here the Christian card I show expanding all the time. Found out just today that were on the air in Phoenix on the patriot out there.

KN Katie, I believe the call letter so were excited about those guys carrying our show.

But that means. Guess what we need volunteers people to help us out in Phoenix people to help us out across the country with this labor. Love, so you can go to Christian car We have a new volunteer form is the second post right underneath the American financial meltdown picture that is outstanding in my views go there and check that out a Christian car guy that calmed out Don is so the gods been put this message on your heart for some time and in you see a lot of stuff that that scary up there.

Well yes and you're correct. God has been directing me to communicate this message to anyone who will listen, but I believe there's going to be a convergence of economic and financial events that can really rock our world and this is primarily due to currency devaluation that that to me is the root cause of the problem but then you couple that with rising oil prices, weak economies, both here in the US and around the world and then the threat of governments defaulting on their obligations and we saw little bit of that this past week over Europe. So obviously we got a lot to talk about why we shouldn't be getting ready.

There's a lot of stuff on the horizon. You know what can we do with these high gas prices and what can we do, and in light of these I know they have got some strategy for us. We got a whole lot of fishing partners, you want to stay tuned and you call us with your thoughts on the 866348788.

Are you ready that were talking about today on the part I show little space to match Michael Jordan with my thinking.

But anyway the question today is are you ready for what may be headed our way. In oil prices in the financial sectors that you know we saw gas prices jump up before and a lot of stuff fell immediately like the housing market and stuff because you know it's hard for people to make the car payments. It's hard from the maker house payments when all of a sudden the galley gas unit jumps up to four dollars or five dollars a gallon and there's a fascinating thing to be discussed right there is, as I mentioned, I I was watching oil prices like crazy back when they jumped up before and the US Department of Energy always had long-term forecast. They always showed you what was really an inanimate and quite honestly, they were they were never doom and gloom. They never said it was uncertain. They always had a chart and graph and they would show you here goes. And it's going right there. But if you look on their website today guys it it's not there because there is so much uncertainty, not just from the standpoint of supply and demand, but because of of the dollar and whatever and so we have Don Sylvester here with us. He's a financial advisor out of Raleigh again. You go to Christian car and link to his information, as well as dance and rally our Christian Toyota guy out there a good time to be a Toyota salesman in advance. It's real good we been selling just in the last few weeks. I think we sold 35. And now our little Toyota yards and our Corollas there start to fly off a lot gas is a huge issue and talk about the strategies but right now we'll talk about what is happened when the world is going on because you know you hear some media that would say it's all because of the government and then you hear this other media. It's all because of the Arab union here these other people well there. There's little pieces of all that that's in there and we want to see if we can get at the truth is with the Truth Network and that's what we like to talk about here for all possible. One thing that I've not heard commonly mentioned in the media was all the refineries that shut down because when the largest refineries in the world. It was in the Virgin Islands shut down a couple of them in Pennsylvania shutdown, which is amazing thing happened over refineries shut down when you think oil with. There are some you wanted to be doing right this minute being all business, but that's part of what happened that the supply in a course when the supply goes down, the demand goes up, but there's other factors right Don and you want to share some of those right and get a credit to build on what you were saying Robbie note a barrel of oil is almost the world's unit of exchange anymore know that the dollar is linked very closely to a barrel of oil and a barrel of crude oil.

I want to go back to the year 2001 and and that because that was the last year that our government had a balanced budget okay since 2001 Kate, the average crude price in the US was about $26 a barrel. Well, as of yesterday it was about $107 a barrel so there's no there's a long-term trend. There and yes events like what's going on in the Persian Gulf, you know, do do affect the market, short term, but area is the area read all those things have their right have their effect but there's been a huge change also.

With that inflation on the gift of the barrel of oil what's happened to the money supply right well but again going back to 2001 and and this is according to the Federal Reserve Bank's own statistics okay that the money supply in the United States has grown by 100% since 2001.

Meanwhile, that means we have twice as much money out there today is right. We had just 11 years right exactly but meanwhile our economy has only grown at about 50% in that span of time and many of your listeners may hear folks refer to the GDP your gross domestic product and you can just think of that as our national income. Just think of like your what your salary you can think of GDP as her national income and is essentially a tip to buy this barrel of oil since it only took economics 101 in college and I know a lot of you did a lot of your shaking your head like I do that my account and my economics teacher I know who is now passed away with the same. There's no way you can do this because if you keep making money right. It's got to create inflation. It's interesting how they really kept inflation down in certain areas by manipulating interest rates, but a barrel of oil is one place that they apparently effective in doing that now well and that's because yeah well that the Fed can't print barrels of oil is yet but but yeah the unit that the money supply has been outstripping the growth of our economy, which is real things of real value and is just an economic fact that as a disclaimer, I hear you. You don't sell gold you not out the so-called will not talk about selling gold and we got no agenda and I hope you understand that that they were just Christians discussing things that we know based on art what gods I shared with us our expertise so to speak what God's blessed Don with what in the in the line were keys and he makes no benefit by you doing anything the writer knows about what were talking yeah as much a make sure that you know we don't have any agenda, what were talking about, but these are just plain here's what's happened to the money supply. Here's what's happening with oil supply here was having with this so based on what you now know what's gonna happen. No price on well yeah it it's got to.

It's got to keep going up and it will continue to go up with all else being equal, we just keep ratcheting up the money supply. Christie I holiday not in the get to that unfortunate question. How could they not ratchet up this money supply based on our debt. Well that that's right. And then we don't have a balanced budget which there is no chance of that in the near future, the world can we not put more money right exactly and the Fed and it's not even that there even printing money is just there creating it out of thin air and a lot of us think of the treasury printing dollar bills, but in today's world, the Federal Reserve Bank and just it just creates money on its books and it goes out and it does but it does things like it goes and buys treasury notes and bills and all of this just serves to pry toughest electronic it's right electronics mice all electronic and the whole world that we operate in today is all based on an illusion of prosperity you know money is electronic, I mean we all use debit cards, credit cards, money moves by wire transfers and what they call ACH transfers between banks. So for other there was a spear that at some point in time right as the oil shoots up and people can no longer afford to make right payments. Then things start to the fall. If we thought the classes start happen. The fast of back a couple years ago when this collapse comes the second time it it it could be real ugly real quick mind and is in some I think your spot on right about that. You yeah it's going to educate the lose faith in a global economy because I not just us what happened in Greece. What happens with euro what happens with all that is all that collapses you then what happened. Well, yeah. I mean, it's important to remember that CR money today does not have any real backing. It's not backed by gold and it's really not backed by anything of value and are it's just it's just out there and if so when they get to see the problem. What happens if your money is worthless in a few months what would you do, that's what working to come up with some strategies. We hope to help, and upstaging better Pacific Gas & Electric Company. How many of you remember that song from the 70s. I do you know if I'll be on and then you remember that song I well I was certainly far from a Christian in 1970 and I always did thought he said you had no idea it would. This business is already ready for Christ to come back.

I had no clue. I thought what he said was are you ready to sit right down but I when I looked at those words. When I got the readiness already this week and it actually says are you ready to sit by his throne and end just a word from the Pacific Gas & Electric Company from 1970 or made or maybe he was talking about. Are you ready to go off the gold standard for next year.

That happened now Don you're not saying that this thing is going to happen tomorrow we've got time to prepare. You know, you're thinking we've got a year or so ahead of us. You know, before things really get ugly. But getting prepared is certainly on the agenda of and what are some of the things that you would eat you know, think about up from a standpoint of you know there's a lot of folks in the last thing we want to do. The last thing I want to do is get anybody to panic and go out and sell all your stuff you never think that your dollars might be worth nothing tomorrow but there are things that would just be that would make sense from a standpoint of Mike but why would you buy government bond right now.

Not a real good choice right right exactly and and yes I don't think that this is an imminent problem, meaning it's can happen this week are prompt probably not even this year. I think if we continue down the course that we've been headed within the next four or five years. I think things are going to to to shake out, but by spite by no means does anyone need to panic and also just keep in mind it. God is in control of things heat he's heat.

He is overseeing all of this and he will provide for us in in times of trouble. If we's remain faithful. But as a practical matter, there are things that you can do to prepare yourself and as you said Robbie. I wouldn't necessarily in my essay retirement portfolio.

Start adding to or buying a lot of treasuries because, again, our government is now $15.5 trillion in debt and that actually equals more than 100% of our gross domestic products again think of that in and and what we just saw this week in Greece is not too dissimilar from what we saw from General Motors and Chrysler that right, we've now figured out a way to get rid of debt we just tell you were not know.

And and then people have to take what they call a haircut in the business a Bailey's 50% of values which have in all of Greece's debtors, and so the day would come like for General Motors bondholders where the government just says you know what guys, we made a mistake. We don't want to pay you back the money that you Leninist we think you're only worth $0.50 on the dollar $0.25 on the dollar amount is in some right exactly yeah and they have the power to do it, you know. And again, like a zoo said the Fed, Federal Reserve Bank creates money well.

It also can take it away and it can also wipe out debts but somewhere someone takes a loss.

So yeah, I wouldn't necessarily go whole full force and buying a lot of treasuries necessarily. There are some good things that that would happen with this is that all the sudden companies that sell like food and energy and stuff that that that this is those would be a good things good Nvidia it you know if if we get into a situation where our currency devalues significantly, or even becomes worthless.

Then, essentially, you become on the barter system so you need things real things to be able to exchange the more real things you have, the better off you will be and but in terms of your say your retirement plan portfolio that you have now been many of us own stocks in different types of mutual funds in ETF's where you own a bundle of stocks but the important thing is you don't necessarily just go out and dump fellows out of fear but in the future if you're looking to add stocks try to buy things that again have underlying value companies that make things of real value and especially food and and energy you know, look, look for things look for real value because even if the stock market declined significantly. At some point they'll come back you know that this event will have a lifespan of maybe six months to a year and eventually things will come back to hang out of those things. But those companies that make things that people really need and want are going to emerge the strongest. So and the other thing to remember. Like I own MRI band Toyota yeah and and so we went out right. We got a got a get to this from a car standpoint. I know Dan, I mean we wanted to share the stuff right right but this is the Christian car show so from a car standpoint. If you're me and I got old red sitting out there with 326,000 miles on it and I've always told people looking to bury me in this car. I have no plans on ever trading it but it's important that I do make choices right now that are valuable right yeah I mean if I say if you if you are in the market for a vehicle if you're if you think you're going to need one anytime soon go out and get it now. Now is the time to to look to buy a new vehicle is something that saves gasket right we can see what's can happen. The gas and at night it shocked me know in the last time. Gas prices went down SUV sales skyrocketed.

I was like what are people think they think this is coming back, but you're right right now what's going to happen to the price of small cars, Dan, and that in the very near future. Right smart card they're going to probably continue to ride because people they have to have the car gate good gas mileage. You know all of our you know the previous came out with the family of cars that were going to begin one more at the end of this year. I believe it is that's what their target date.

It's going to be an electric break, but they just came out with that a previously, the city gas mileage is 53 miles a gallon so these are some of the wiser choices were, you know, even if if you go out of the used car market. You know there's an old diesel rabbit those things know those got 4050 miles a gallon, or are a good use Toyota you know some of those things to really prepare yourself for what because there's people out there that literally they drive 100 miles a day to work in their drive and bingo SUVs. This is not something you want to wait until gaskets the five dollars before you try that SUV would you agree Dan, I agree. You know the last time you know there was a lot of eye when gas shot the four dollars a gallon. You know there was a lot of people that really gave abandoned and traded in their big SUV for smaller stuff and lately, probably the last several months were seeing a lot of that now people are really because there's been talk of these dollar prices going up for well over a year now and people are really conscious of what what you know what you're doing.

You know how many trips that they're making right now. I even do that even in my case with old red right. This is not the time to be sitting there need in times like this what's can happen. Price the tires done right.

It goes with the present Wilkins guess what's all over tires or write if you rinse in need of some kind. Repairs while the money while it's all going on before the big mad rush hits and were not trying to panic anybody. Believe me I'm not saying run out and trade your car. Anything less you really looked at your long-term strategy and in saying this is this is what I need to do for my family prayed through it. Don't do it based on some we said, but we are saying look if the signs are, you know you if you look around the thought that this guy is looking a bit red that dollar is looking a bit red and it may be time to be thinking while while I've got time. What can I do to increase the fuel economy of a car. I got you can take better care of it right and get a tuneup. You know, make sure that you're doing everything you can do now before you before go straight well go ahead and unfortunate thing here that only car the price of oil, eight affect everything I need all your food. You know anybody that's transporting any type of good all those prices are going to start to ride and people have to have to realize it's just not your automobile today at everything that's going to be affected so as you trust in money, but Don's chitosan is you better have some trust when you go out there and start the car that it's going to go in my right yeah I mean I would. I would certainly concentrate on making sure that all you important points of maintenance of your vehicle are kept up to date. Now that you have, particularly things like the starter battery the transmission fluid your coolant is probably mention your tires and just all those main points of emphasis in the maintenance of your car you make sure you keep them up-to-date. Keep that vehicle running well especially if you if you're not in a position to be able to afford a new vehicle in the foreseeable future. Anything you just want to take really good man is made perfect sense to me. Those people who went out and bought all the food stores not stuffer Y2K looked a bit foolish, but those people who did what they needed to do before Y2K and were ready in case of Y2K in other ways don't look so foolish and I think that that's what were saying is there's ways to get ready right down there that we need to be concerned about right exactly.

And you know and and we have I think we have the time to do that in again if I believe that the Lord is just to put this on my heart and I think now because we do have time to prepare for this so yes there are just a lot of practical things that you can do just again back to cars. One of another thing to do is your auto insurance. Make sure that you are properly insured because if you wreck your vehicle you want to be able to get a replacement. I want other kind of did not so car topic that you made a suggestion to me, which I thought was just terrific. This is not the time to go sell all your gold and silver. I mean if you got that somewhere in your house, whatever. Yeah, it's expensive but there you've got something actually on hand that has real value right back. My wife and I were talking Tempest one day and she was saying she had some silver from her from her family, silverware, and I said oh no don't don't sell that you know keep that because those are those are the kind of things that you don't that can have value.

You know, if we come to this economic financial crisis you if you sell them for dollars now will then what then you're holding up a bunch of dollars become worthless. But if you have golden but many people have old old stocks of gold coins silver coins new and different places during bank safety deposit boxes, but those are the kind of things to hang onto now even though the price of gold is whatever $1700 an ounce. Now there's a reason I was people standing on street corners, trying to get you to cellular gold there in the end, India is not all it, but even at that gold and silver you can eat it.

You can't wear it. You can't live in. At some point you know you need things other than gold and silver right and so it unit unit again.

What were saying today on the show. Hope you get it is that just are you ready and Jesus said this over and over again. There are you prepared are you looking at the signs of the times and saying no.

Do I need to make some changes in in in our life based on what were looking ahead well we got a guitar appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, and as I mentioned that the beginning is show back in the days of the Judean Kings there was a really bad one. His name was because in if you know you think we've had our presidential issues in this country.

Whichever side of the aisle you're on eye on you know everybody thinks we've we've had issues. Believe me, we've had nothing compared to this guy that they had back in those days was openly openly through his son in the fire worshiping the bow halls, balls, and in front of everybody. So you think abortions want a and and it's horrible murder. I believe if anybody is against abortion you listen to them, but throwing it you know a two-year-old child in the fire in front of everybody in the in the country are pretty much give you the idea that this guy is bad news but not only that he didn't offer any health care legislation at all. There was nothing to protect against the insurance companies of the tough. They had no Social Security not any social security reform. He certainly allowed slavery of his own people, widows and orphans were fending for themselves. But here's the real problem was that the king of the Armenians is that Syria of the Damascus area of those had joined forces with northern with the northern kingdom of Samaria and they were coming up against Judah. They had made their way down towards Jerusalem, captured 200,000 women and children drop them off to Samaria. Now they were laying siege to the city of Jerusalem itself. So there surrounding the town. These people are getting hungrier and hungrier.

There's gotten a way to get through. They do have water and at this point were things are looking blacker. Talk about bad leadership. They did not mean it didn't get much worse in the government that they had. Now how does God come to their rescue and what they have the full to guess what working to find hope in the same stuff coming up in the last segment of the can think of ourselves as though I only think maps where we left our hero I have is I mean it.

Guy was he was in bad trouble is town was surrounded by the bad guys, the Syrians in the Jude and those seminarians were Adam surrounded and the way the Bible says it in Isaiah 6 that he was Isaiah 7 actually the city was shaking like the leaves in the trees and he was scared but it's interesting how God always has his players on the field at the exact right moment and you know who he had on the field at this point time with his bad leadership, bad government. All that was going on. He had none other than the prophet Isaiah, and he sent his son Isaiah and his son screwball with which meant the remnant will return the boy's name alone that was traveling with Isaiah. There was telling is that these 200,000 people were coming back, but more in this passage you could probably spend the rest your life studying it. It's got so much amazing stuff in it.

It certainly where Isaiah went to because they are the aqueduct and he said to him, and I don't worry about it. God's got this.

These guys are not going nowhere about and then he said to them, some that I think is the most amazing part of the passage, the thing I've been just my hardest screamed out all week about he said Haas asked me for a sign and a sign. Any sign can you imagine how cool is that.

That God would save you look just I know you're scared things look horrible just asked me for a sign on the show, you can trust me I can show you Haas but Haas comes back he says no, no, I wouldn't tempt the Lord my God and I wanted line is that and there's no doubt we don't want to tempt the Lord by you know requiring a sign out of them.

But Gideon asked for a sign he got the water in the but I'm thinking Haas could ask for anything he could ask for anything and he instead he says no I don't want to serve you. God I want to serve as it turns out he hires the Assyrian, but he saying I don't want to serve you, God, I, II got another plan and God says, are you gonna try much you try the patience of all these men now you try my patience. I'm to give you a sign. Let me show you decide to give you the Virgin will be with child and his name will be Emmanuel sounds like the Christmas of obit is not because here's the thing I Haas was facing big trouble and God said show me a sign that you can trust me, you can trust me. Wait on the Lord in in. Then the Lord bail them out of that situation.

And certainly, Jesus is now bailed us out from our sin and he is the only one that can really help us get ready, but in the meantime, Dan.

What's another way we can get ready real quick so we get Don in here for second well better be there talking five dollars a gallon for gasoline and I think you're going to have to cut back in your extra travel.

I think people are going to have to really sit down and created by and we we got breakout down real quick. You can close us out and when you go to some well we just got a trust in the Lord in this. He's the one in control of the economy and is pray to him and pray for our country and you're listening to the Truth Network and

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