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Christian Car Guy Theater 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 27, 2015 11:00 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 27, 2015 11:00 am

Jimmy happens upon a Biker Dude and the lesson learned by all was a Godly one.

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Nine now Christian computer with today's episode, Jimmy and the road you may remember that when we last left Jimmy. He'd been involved in a terrible accident was going to spend six months in a wheelchair. In this episode we join Jimmy Wales spent six months in mice that wheelchair crutches anymore.

Your job now is to get your strength back.think it's okay to start driving. Well, well, young man, hold your horses.

I recommend you start walking slowly at first, but after about a month ago job that should do the trick and make that bad leg stronger then think about driving Jimmy to the doctors advice and after two weeks of tracks in the countryside of road. Everybody is going on around me jump my wife goes around the turn of think goodness on Jimmy spoke his name around the bend in the road to BC with Mr. Road himself under his motorcycle pulling itself. This guy was very friendly looking.

He had a Mohawk haircut and tattoos of writhing snakes up and down his arms get boots with spikes on the toes in a sleeveless black leather that had a skull on the back. Oh, will nothing.

I'm just walking out I was that guy you pass back there. Oh right to check in with well now you got your all scratched up.

So is my cycle yeah yeah go on I'm not laughing could have been hurt. She just froze up.

You know it's wrong all not blinking blinking Easter around here.

Yes, you know, because I didn't smile I know I'll be riding wreckers bye-bye Jimmy had his doubts that anybody would be willing to do this. Arrive, he was beginning to feel a little sorry for the scare I can help. What you say you think you know more about my all and I do, maybe not right for them with bikes a little, and I think it might be your front forks. I wanted to change your fork oil God just this morning out with the old and held it up with the new build it up. Did you see build it up that's what I said to the top. Yeah dad to the top, what's the problem with your steering you have to precisely measure foreplay opening that took out with Michael steer and occur. The quantity from your manual database you can steer and when you get home. All that out. Spec exactly how much the putting forth. Jimmy was so intent on getting a motorcycle steering again. He forgot how security was emailed down and loosen the pleadings set up here for me holding the bike straight up and push on the forks of that knowledge.

Some of the excess out okay. Not going down for me. I have a #Jimmy let some of the fork oil out reporting back to going slowly checking out around the head, she went back to say it was better.E verse 13 to not neglect to show hospitality to strangers Roy that some of entertained angels without knowing it meant Hells Angels all the time Jimmy was braiding his car was getting back to the tires as it works as well.

By the time is right is strong enough for him to try. Jimmy decided to take his car for the first time to the malt shop. Since the accident after headlight was so bad Gracie gas tank was pleased to Jimmy just cars member. She seems like she's a little why I always say when you something Jimmy was driving by pretty Betty Lou from the class a chocolate shake left in their rather fast side-by-side with the parking lot just slightly No shiny dominoes cars will jump from his car to try to fix Lee on eight came outside right all and another and another bunch of bikers all at once, so sorry everybody's my finger Despite clearly they all sort of fell over trying to pick them up awfully happy. They are right back up again and noticed what I was telling you about his new got him a little slack like is so you everything's okay to show just call came Cheryl's road turned inside slack. Thanks day so site yourself.thank that's okay. Sorry about the bikes I haven't been driving for a while and will miss everybody going to treat my new friend say? What's your name Jimmy I want Jimmy to double ice cream soda in the flavor of his yeah sounds great what your name I didn't get it guys call me road I don't know why today's episode of Christian car guy wrote start Alex seals is Jimmy Rosenberg played Road and the and all played French offender Ellen Kennedy, Gracie, written by Kennedy and Robbie produced

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