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Are You Ready?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 7, 2015 11:21 am

Are You Ready?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 7, 2015 11:21 am

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian card radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 87884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Ronnie Gilmore. Are you ready is the theme of today's Christian card. I shall and winter read is one of those things were asking about. We have 10 winter ready ideas for you, but sorta kick off this whole winter ready thing. I am a special name that noise. When a ready addition, Alex. Let's go on and play name and noise. Time to find my defense roar like that hubbub name that is all that yes we have a very name and date 7884 because I'm guessing it's amazing to hear this one and just know immediately so 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Alex go ahead and plate form rethinking winter bills got the strange look on his rethinking winter, especially those folks up in Seattle and Utah. You know it's coming around the corner that noise will sound all too familiar now will mention that that's not an engine running in any way shape or form that car is not actually running at the point that this noise is making matter. It reminded me of sound you hear on a boat right before you say abandon ship.

But I betcha some folks out there heard that noise, maybe even already this year and if you know what you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you can name that noise 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can do that. Alex tell Mike that when they can win a lesser DeJesus CD from Stu Epperson. The last words of Jesus music soundtrack that goes with the book, the seven last words of Jesus.

It's an amazing CD and we have that for you if you can name that noise. Alex can you play one more time for several ways that that could be accomplished later in this particular name that noise 866-348-7884 so they go along with our winter ready to have Bill Mixon our Christian insurance guy here with us today and Bill we got to be ready going.

Are you ready for an insurance claim. Right after the accident. Will you be ready to gather the right information. When you get ready to call in the client will you be ready when get into that a little bit RISC man cars already on may not know lazy but we need to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and then coming up in our prayers by the real black book for today. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for the sermon lift up our voice for understanding well in Ephesians 613 has little bit to get it says wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all the stand so the question that they, banks is what is the evil David Paul is speaking of what is the evil David were supposed to be getting ready for what William Col. in the classic the Christian informer spent many pages explaining all that it could be in real confession. That's how they wrote. But then, as always. He let us know what he actually did think the reason was what the evil day wasn't working to explore that when we come up in the show and are praised by the real black book. But first offer to play name that noise. We got Jeff in Raleigh.

He thinks he can name that noise. Jeff you're on the Christian card I show them on. I was expecting somebody in Seattle for sure because I'm a that they've already tried that this week. What do you think that noise is Jeff no machine that is scraping of the ice you're exactly right. So you know it. I imagine it's happened in Raleigh that hadn't happened in Winston yet for me but I imagine your time.

Seattle you know the ice scraper idea year year we get a lot right here and so this week that little fun.

Jeff, I decided to go in search of the greatest ice scraper ever. What is the best solution.

The ice on the windshield and you wouldn't believe all the stuff that's out there.

It's incredible the things that they've now for me and I bet you been in Raleigh or, like me I once while you get out there.

There's ice on the windshield and I might have to reach it for that credit card that needs to know what the CD CD cases are excellent credit card. I got no credit card. I don't use and people, even things you know if you're in a bad place.

You might take your iPhone so I thought what would be fun today is for those folks, especially in Seattle, Utah. Places like that you what is your favorite ice scraper and I offered to call in today at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the Jeff you kick this off, thank you so much for called in today. God bless you what you know there's a there's an interesting search and I've done it. By the way, if you go to Christian car you can see there's my 10 winter ready ideas but along those lines as you get ready for winter. What is the best solution to ice on the windshield and I will tell you that they fall into three main categories, but is all a lot of fun.

I guess making some guys take this really serious like the blizzard writer. I mean, and may have the ice dozer.

I may make them real masculine names you know about how you get this ice off your windshield and and then there's other people that that that use the proactive approach will park under the carport there you go.

They have these ice screens that you can that are magnetic that go under your window in fancy stuff that you can put on and like you say it's it's like a carport you can put on even if you know and then there's there's four or five different home remedies for stuff you can spray on with a squirt bottle on your windshield so that ice won't form and then there's even some home remedies on what you can squirt on your windshield.

If Yorty have ice usually use some warm tapwater if the temperatures turn out out now.

That was my one tip for today that I was gonna say. Don't ever never ever ever put warm water. I say hi.

I didn't say hot either never but warm. Not even close to you. Note if you have a little crack in your windshield you can watch it expand almost immediately when you put a little crack in the field. As to call immediately. Normally we will fix those for free regardless of your data. Really we need that insurance to seriously if you want to take advantage of your insurance for Lahore.

How are my mom went cold. I will not but yeah warm water is just not not one of those things and in the and, interestingly, some people say vinegar and water, and then there's the Snopes thing that that says that possibly that could put talks in your windshield. If using now so there's a lot of home solutions out there working to get into all that today on the Christian card I show plus our 10 tips right that we had promised, and along those lines. One of the first and most important winter ready ideas, and this is where ever you are in the country regardless of how cold it gets.

Is it probably says at least every two years to flush your radiator and your thinking.

Why never gets below freezing or it never gets below 40 where I live why what I need to do that well obviously if you live in subzero weather. There's a possibility.

Your antifreeze might not hold up in that that would be a serious issue because it literally cracked the block and because you need a new engine. A lot of folks don't realize is that there's a lot of what they call electrolysis because there's a lot of electricity that goes from an engine, especially gasoline engine because of the ignition system in all sorts of things happen and that electrolysis changes the balance of the antifreeze and it becomes acidic and once that antifreeze becomes acidic, which happens over a cochlear period of time, and it begins to eat away at your water pump at your radiator at the rubber seals of the rubber hoses and all those things and I can just tell you from having been with the Jesus labor love car repair for single moms widows, the number one problem that happens to cars that I see that is the end of them how they end up at Bob's 109 you collect is they get over they overheat and the reason they overheat is either radiator failed water pump failed the thermostat fail or they cracked a head gasket and all these things are result of improper cooling which happens most of the time because people didn't do the normal maintenance to their radiator which has to do with that flush. Whether you live in subzero weather or not you still have to flush radiator because wherever you are, you have the problem with your antifreeze, becoming sick, so I got my number one tip out there first and also one that I think it actually save people the most money, but we have nine more of those, we still have the discussion of what is the world's best ice scraper I'm looking for the most creative solution that you've got up there in Seattle and I got some funny 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

You can join the conversation follow us all out.

For those of us of the 70s. I bet you've heard that song.

I think about this show.

I couldn't get that lyric out of my mind.

Are you ready and immediately knew that's when I looked up that song on YouTube and then I went had to get the lyrics because I always thought he said are you ready to sit right down. But that isn't what he said he actually said it, I found out now. I am in 2015. Are you ready to sit by his throne is actually the lyric and so the good news will play that song again on the second break.

Are you ready to sit by his throne. I never knew that Bill I mean Pacific water and light company from 1970 did that song, but I know you said that you are a lot more indie music than I but the question today on the Christian card I show are you winter ready and I I I spent some fun time creating a picture they are Christian card I got, this part is totally frozen. Embedded in ice and I decorated a little bit and then gave you these 10 items that would help you to be winter ready. We talked about antifreeze already and the second thing that I think is extremely important, but let me say this before you. I am so excited to hear your creative ideas fry scraping what you may do to keep from ice forming on your windshield and I need your help today, so you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Don't recommend warm water and anybody else recommend Walmart 866-348-7884 is a number to call and I know you folks up in Seattle have to have better solutions maybe use the ice dozer or the blues or greater or whatever it is I am excited to know what is the best solution to this problem that apparently some people really take mom with great scientific gusto.

But getting back to our 10 winter ideas.

Another one that a lot of people don't think about what is actually a wonderful idea on a lot of levels is snow tires and you may think now I live in North Carolina.

I don't need snow tires off. I disagree that no no tyrant you that's what you're thinking, but they don't do that anymore.

If you were to go check out a citizen of the new snow tires BFGoodrich or whatever your brain is mush Michelin you will find that they use normal almost a must look like regular city trip. The big difference is the huge differences as the temperature drops the rubber does not get his hard and so you got a softer rubber that gets you better traction on ice and snow when cornering and breaking and so again as our friends used to say where the rubber meets the road that that rubber is softer, Bill, you can stop better.

You might, you know this is a safety issue, especially if you're driving it on some ice in my tendencies. She's really, really, where they were not snowing pretty well. Well, we have Mike is in Taylor, South Carolina, and I bet he a weather winter tip for us. Mike you're on the Christian card I show good morning good morning what you got for will click and the default hereof Nalco there you go there's a man with some experience up there in West Virginia gets cold and it and you're out there in the morning and rubbing alcohol. That's good stuff understand like two thirds rubbing alcohol to 1/3 of water is works wonders if that is a great tip and I I'm I'm very anxious about that on a lot of levels.

Bill you looking again can.

But here's the deal. I watch there's a YouTube of somebody using rubbing alcohol and water for guys. I'm just thinking I had some one last visit, I gazed alcohol to clean and that I had to buy new glasses is the alcohol eats that the protective coating. It didn't hurt the plastic but this is not on the outside of the dry I'm not sure what the coatings they put on my winch on the outside but the rubbing alcohol thing. They show it, even Wikipedia says that this is a good thing for Mike. You are in good company but that the Internet is a strong believer in your and I will point out that here's another thing a lot of people say you add rubbing alcohol to your windshield washer solvent because it keeps you the windshield wipers from icing that when they get that rubbing alcohol on them. The ice does not form on them and anybody's ever had eyes form on your winter washer diapers you know that the worst possible time you're in the middle of this blizzard and now I can't keep my winch.

You are perfect.

I'm good time to have some rubbing alcohol around right Bill will always make you color thank you Mike. That's a great suggestion and I'm glad you called in today. God bless your appreciated. Thanks all right. You may have another creative solution out there, 866348788486634 truth a bit. I get were ready for your you get. We gotta get ready for insurance claim because you didn't use rubbing alcohol in your solvent and now you can see in your slamming door guy and now what will it seems today at Walmart that got in other stores that got Jesus to sticking your windshield wiper fluid that is supposed to help with all this stuff but who knows if you do have an accident. The thing to keep in mind is when you get ready to call and that claim it's good to have certain information and it's good it did phrase things the proper way.

The way you describe an accident can determine whether or not it's covered it can determine whether or not it's collision or comprehensive it can determine how much is going to be paid. If you run into an animal and you call up and say I had an accident and I ran into an animal is your responsibility to prove you hit the animal so you don't want to go in and wash all that goo off before you get somebody to look at it here arguing to continue here while angrily it is our had one client that said they took a picture of it did dear on the road and that was supposed to prove that the damage to the side of the car with now you really leave it all in there until the change taken a picture of the car with the with the firm still stuck in the it's a whole lot better to let the insurance company see the car with the Stefanik strategy for and it's a big difference really know what we have so many more. Get ready to fark you ready with the song coming up again. She could hear that a break so stay tuned. By all means, 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number call in with your eyes foster 866-34-TRUTH policies that a like that's all medical now that I know with lyrics actually say after 30 or how many years I think. I guess is 40 years. $45 and allotted list and that we are talking.

Are you ready for the winter but we have some other get ready stuff for you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and we are just I have inquiring minds need to know what is the most outstanding ice tech technique to get ice off the windshield. What you do up there in Seattle.

What you do in Utah what you do in Albany New York and I got blisters of their 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I know you guys fight this thing and I I read articles Bill, let me tell you about the blizzard rater always got any of these people going to great detail about what's the greatest idea about getting snow off the windshield 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We'd love to hear from you this morning when we left our hero Bill. He was helping us out. Now you got this.

It's a situation really is gonna be a big difference in your deductible. If you hit an animal or if you hit a car and that's what caused the death right will collision deductible is normally a lot higher than a comprehensive deductible which is a lot lower and normally a comprehensive deductible doesn't make your insurance what were collision will but there are other instances where urine and accident and you are not real sure he's at fault. Whether you were at fault or the other person was appalled at what degree. There things that you need to get one year in the accident you want to make sure you get the driver the other drivers name and address and phone number and you might need to understand the car is more important than the driver said if the drivers drive in somebody else's car. It's the other person's insurance is going to take care of the situation so you need to know the owner of the cars name and address and phone number and then you need the insurance company and it's really really helpful to have the policy number and a contact number. If they deal with an agent with that agent's phone number is I have seen more cases with it. Sheriff with the police officer just gave them a little slip of paper with somebodies name and a phone number you ever dialed the phone number and the phone number says this person is not set up a answering message that it take your call. It can be really really frustrating these days trying to track somebody to if you're in an accident.

Make sure you get all the information that you need.

If they say it's my fault I'm so sorry. Pleased make sure they write down in their handwriting that they are followed and they admitted if they down admit it's their fault and make sure you get a police officer. There have been more occasions I've seen were my client was absolutely sure it was the other persons and they with thought that the other person. It and then the young lady talks to their daddy and the daddy calls and the accident apparently happened in a different stated a different time with different people at a different make sure you get all that stuff up front. After that, you need to know how you want to explain the client.

It's good to have an agent that you can sit down with you and call on the phone, you can say look, I'm in a situation I don't want you to report it to anybody until after we've talked, but help me understand, do I have coverage for this and how should I phrase what I'm going to say is the way you ask Lane what happened paints a particular picture in the name of the in the mind of the adjuster and and there is really an opportunity for somebody who has an agent like I did, and bills in as you might imagine a speed dial in my phone and I actually have time to get a hold of him and in any fortress, because that way anyway so it is bad.

Admit whatever yeah you can call Bill and say Bill, you know, this just happened. What is my what what angle should is the best you know to cover me in to cover my family under all the circumstances and it's really wonderful to have an agent in that situation.

The other thing I think is absolutely wonderful these days. Bill is the cell phone cameras and how easy is it to take a picture of the person's driver's license that hitch salute of the person's insurance card that hit you of the person's registration card that hit you because I met registration card. It shows who doesn't fact on the car and often in most states. It shows which insurance company covers it and so all those things you have it right there you didn't misunderstand. This is the information that they gave me and again you got police reports that are really helpful is well. But those are things that become instrumental in making sure that you don't end up with higher insurance premiums down the road.

As a result not only in the pain, but you pay forever, and in many instances, police departments are failing, refusing to take reports they're not charging anybody unless they actually see the accident near leaving it more and more up to the insurance companies that the fight that at the time and the reports can be a challenge and I have seen it take us a week to 10 days to be able to get a report to find out it wasn't clear to have the officer clarifies that the and to prove that the other person was probably more fault than my client was so it's good for you to be proactive in these situations, and in a nice, Christian, loving and caring manner, get all the appropriate information to make your life easier later.

And speaking of proactive, as I was researching the world's greatest ice scraper and what's the best solution for ice on the windshield and I know it's him that a lot of his face. These two young men, which actually you know, I thought, I think, must be brilliant and III do I like the video so much. I posted it on my website along with my 10 in a winter ideas they created this magnetic cover for your windshield. Now this because it fit the wind is gone and all that stuff and you try to put a sheet of your cars is a challenge, but this thing how cool is this.

It's magnetic it goes down and then they have these flaps on the sides that when you shut the door. It closes the flap soon so that nobody can even steal your magnetic cover that you paid whatever for which they're not terribly expensive but then there is the part that I thought was that you had young people in their technology. These guys create an app for the phone so that it will warn you if you can have frost at night to put your cover on your car. I'm thinking thanks Bill, I mean so I'm I'm coming home at night and also my phone tells me well you put your snow cover on because it's gonna be that and and then you know what else they did these guys that they just there and think think think think think they've got mirror mittens cover the windshield, but they've got mittens to put over your mirrors, you know, there's nothing worse than you can't see behind your right. They were headed near I frankly, hello. RSM learned if you ever went to Michigan or your father not at least a first yeah I just said I don't ever remember my my side mirror that I can certainly imagine their places woman. Next time it snows real good.

You remember Robbie telling about merriment when I was suggesting that if you get a roll of large garbage that you pull out three garbage bags together. You may want to put a little bit of duct tape. You can create your own windshield and mirror in the MMN is glad rags will anchor you get letter-size to dictate but is not the rubbing alcohol to women. He would buy something from Walmart worried about paint my car worried about all right misted up.

My mom leads you, so we gotta get back to my 10 tips here. We will, but I am still very excited about your solution to this ice thing on the windshield 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Feel free to call in and disagree with Bill. I love it when you do it. Eight. I feel like warm water 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so we talked about flush the radiator. Now here's the thing batteries. Oh man is nothing worse than it's you know, 14 below zero and you go out there and you turn the key in here that dreaded click click click click click well these days with all our technology you know any AutoZone or any of those places O'Reilly auto parts when one is close to you and by the way, it seemed like there even open till 10 o'clock at night.

These days they will so quickly for you.

Put your tester on there and tell you you know whether you got the amp hours to make the winter which with cars today. With so many electronics are involved in a you may know, have no clue that your battery just works great and on the old days battery seem to go down and you had a pretty good idea that things would not be long for this world.

While today is not so much that way in the day you be putting a key and it doesn't work you the proactive thing is you're getting ready for the winners to go ahead and drop by one of these places and have them check out your battery to see if it's gonna make it because, or maybe her daughters battery life battery and others are things you don't want them stranded in the mall Christmas Eve email and the narratives you know that's the worst possible time. That's always the time that some like that is going to happen to you, but here's a situation Bella got my mom calling and I'm sure she's going to disagree with you on something so we come back later and call in and we got Paul and we got our praise about a real bike book. Are you ready it's all coming up when we come back in the Christian Jesus is no winter ready to and I'm hoping my mom is going in with something to help me out against Billy Bob your sugar morning thinking and roster like it was an external defrost. You plugged it in and heated up like an electric blanket for your car that's seeing somebody should do that again mom I mean it's it's a perfect solution. The electric mittens for their mere there you go. That's a great idea that we need to come back. That's a great great opera sure that with my wife's got to solve this problem. She sends her husband out like the car up 15 minutes before why she could put electric blanket around the car, I would work.

I would think we got Paul in Anderson South Carolina polities doing this, you might want to turn the radio off. See you all there. I will put you on hold so in case we get that spring that we got. Gloria is in Washington so I'm excited about Gloria you're up there where the snow really is in the winter weather. What if you got force. Now we don't get much snow like to share my my guys okay market currently grinds during garage about the garage door openers and on the guy got plenty of room for two cars. It's just not you know that's just too easy to see Bill that they use your your strategy and it works out well let you got hooked cars in the garage when you go Gloria.

Great answer absolutely foolproof. I let it show for it. Got appreciated so much. Well so you got time to get yours in 866. We would love Paul to call back as well. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. If you digitally gifted. We would love to have you check that out now getting to our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure ground for discernment, lift up her voice for understanding as we mentioned Ephesians 613 where it says you know you're not take up the whole armor of God that you be able to withstand in the evil day. The question that William Col. the Puritan ask is what's the evil day, what day is that and a course it took him like six pages to explain all the things it other people say it was. I was waiting for him to finally tell me the day it was, give you the reader the friction bill.

He said the evil day is the day of your death and as I start a process that and think about any course he had about 50 arguments that he could go about explaining that why that he felt that, but I started to think about this whole idea I call it pothole thoughts that you know every time a tire runs through pothole.

It carries away a little pebble of the road in your life, your physical life right every day your body. It is a little bit of you that goes away it it it it may be big. It may be small but everyday carries away a little pebble and eventually you feel the whole, I can assure you I'm 60 now that Bill is like, you know, and so few things I didn't feel you know 10 years ago, but I have this wonderful lady. Her name is Miss Beck and she is 90 years old and years ago, I asked her why is it that you work so hard she was.

She's 103 now at the time she was 90. I asked that question. Why are you working so hard and she go all around the assisted living center getting people to come to devotions. She made sure there was always a minister there. She played the piano and she worked hard on lots of projects that I knew and I asked her one time respect. Why is it that you work so hard and she said Robbie which you can hear Miss Beck in Mexico soundbite. She said, Ecclesiastes 88 now that sort of a obscure passage. Ecclesiastes 88 which need to go look about this is what it says time is no man, excuse me, there is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit, neither have the power in the day of his death, and there is no discharge in that war. Neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to another words what she told me as Robbie wants transcript in the Lord's army. You don't get out of the war over what Solomon was telling here is that we don't have any power over when the days of our death and we will enter that particular battlefield alone in your armor with Jesus, or without Jesus, you will enter that every man will have his opportunity but I did since I happen to have the soundbite of Miss Beck doing her Christmas list thing the other day I got this from her is so awesome I want to hear Miss Beck's voice gives itself is just a treasure.

So Alex Quinn play, this is Miss Beck and talk about her Christmas list. His name is Grady's Christmas finished the longest wanted to get gay shade you have to cut it down I knew that Lacey ate was true. The on the faintest count but wasn't named East here and say you last youth ministry and as a last game at least. Again and said not sure that dad is a his name's not there. They frame to guide you and Dan are clearly understood as Jesus that he may farmhand who should have gone. First of all, I hadn't planned this and I made a Christmas birthday list and left the Savior out, but although it didn't take me long to change the initiative and and alive injunction the names of folks I like a lot.

My Lord must have the most because his name is extra tough. There II feel it's just a treasure. That's Miss Beck. She is 103 and I got this just the other day so that you know you're listening to a lady who is been in this war for a while but when you listen to or do you think that this is the first time liking David that she put on her armor that you think it was her first time she strapped on her belt of truth in her breastplate of righteousness or shield of faith her feet fitted with the gospel of peace. You think this is the first time she looked through her helmet of salvation, or she swung the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. Believe me, if you saw Miss Beck's Bible. It is absolute treasure. I'm telling you you've never seen anything like it and she tells me that she's read it through over 70 times and I believe it because she can coach when she coach if easy to see. Ecclesiastes 88 just like you now and then and there she is so if that is the evil day that were just if there's a day that I need to have my armor on Bill I'm thinking that's the day I got 1/2 is that day when I face my own death right yet there's a Methodist and is a Presbyterian spin on it.

I think it's that day that you finally decide you're not going to accept the offer, which may be before your last day while I got Sherry in Seattle I to get to her real quick and she has wanted to force Sherry drawn a Christian card. I shall can you tell us real quick. There you go. You guys have been CN up there.

I bet it's really valuable. Thank you for calling Ventura God bless you about a all right for all these winter weather tips the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. It's all there Christian card. as well as this whole thing on my pothole thoughts. It's all there.

I got wonderful pictures I created of snow and also assist us to go to Christian card. Think about that we are. Thank you for being on with us today. Most of all we want to thank you for list as you guys make the show if it's not to have fun Saturday mouth. Never slow down Jesus. Luckily we went got it all done in 33 years and how about

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