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The Road Trip Resolution

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 2, 2016 12:13 pm

The Road Trip Resolution

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 2, 2016 12:13 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the blue book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. One 866-34-TRUTH that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more will making Bobby Gilmore this is Bill Nick Christian car guys insurance expert in Robbie's regular sidekick first Saturday Robbie called this week to let me know that you had a death in the family and asked if I would sit in his chair today is a very big chair to try and city and I'd like to ask our listeners like to ask you to please lift up Robbie and his family in your prayers today also need your help.

I need lots of calls this morning. 866-34-TRUTH 878848663487884.

Your calls make this a much easier job in your calls make for a much more enjoyable show. Please call in. I need your help. Our theme today on the Christian car guy show is a New Year's resolution to strengthen our families, our marriages, our relationship with God. The car trips to wonderful places in this coming year. My guest is a special friend of mine John Holland, who is a leader of our church is small group that my wife and I had the pleasure to attend at Twin City church. We are rather new congregation. After our first year meeting at our local YWCA with moved to our new space and John's been a wonderful leader of our small group and we learned so much in love watching him and his family that inspired us in so many ways John how long have you been a leader of small group. I have been in small groups for about 22 years, Bill and by the way, I gotta tell you I feel like your sidekick today. Well I hope that works out how long you been a leader in our church.

Well it's been a little bit under a year that we've been doing small groups with Twin City community church you have shared some wonderful road trips stories about some wonderful trips you had at this man has a Harley rider he's got one of those big machines join Harley out on the road and we're hoping that some of you in our listening audience will call and talk about some of your favorite trips on that. It made a big difference in the relationship you have with your spouse with your children and with our Savior. Where have you been you would recommend others go well I gotta tell you one of my favorite places as Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

And I gotta tell you why it's a beautiful mountains. It's the setting for those it that have been there.

You first come in it remind you going to the beach except there's no ocean you had all the light.

So you have the lights she got the bungee jumping you've got all the go carts you got all the Las Vegas without again, that's right. That's exactly right. The kids are fascinated by they get to see all the stores that they want to get him is probably hermit crabs and their dislike of the beach and then you have the setting.

The backdrop of the mountains for all the hiking so yeah I've gone twice. I believe absolutely beautiful up there. I sort of remember there was a little bit of congestion in the traffic. Yes, there's a lot of pressure getting there early get out early well at other than the trip how we absolutely gorgeous in the I do. I would really love to get up there and do some hiking.

I've had a great time this past year I read a wonderful book called getting lost on the Appalachian trail and it bubbled up in me. All these memories that I had from earlier in life. When I had hiking boots and had been out enjoying North Carolina in the state in the federal parks we have.

I would love to do some hiking around Gatlinburg. Any chance you did any of that while yeah that well. One of the things you can do and I do want to echo what Bill said I II was sale, car, but besides driving around in a cage shot. I like to spend a lot of time on two wheels. So if we do have any listeners out there that like to ride a motorcycle and it's okay if you don't run a Harley will all talk were all Christians here.

Please call him because there is no better way for me. I can tell you having a great time of worship and relating to Christ than being on two wheels were I have basically a full panoramic view of what God has given us and Gatlinburg as long as the Smoky Mountains and one of those places and you can hike off of this case, anybody that's been in that area, and taken that loop through their there is a great chance you're going to see a lot of wildlife and a lot of bear and the way you can tell there's a bear around is your to see a bunch of cars sitting around their trying to get as close the candle bear before they find out that that bear is wild and they're not. So they Starscream back to their cars so it's a great place to go. Great place to motorcycle. I remember two years ago I went on a trip on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. with my wife and we must've seen 40 or 50 dear on a weekend trip.

I don't think I've seen more than three or four this past year's I want to commend you hunters are doing a really good job of getting down and trimming some of that hedgerow back.

We did car claims from people running in the dears had been a lot lower this year than in years in the past have you done much driving up on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. yes and and you know what the other places I like to go to is Roanoke and you got that Blue Ridge Pkwy. entrance right there off to 20.

You can take the Blue Ridge Pkwy. If you really want. Have a great ride or drive. You can take that away through to Asheville. It's a beautiful drive all the way through and enter Mount Mitchell if it's opened I don't know if folks realize this but that that whole Parkway was built with national defense.

The idea was that if we got attack fall back and defend the nation and run the troops up and down that little bitty house is really nice things of change since the but it is absolutely gorgeous. Now one of my favorite areas is around the. The Boone area in both directions up to Linville Gorge Linville Gorge absolutely gorgeous to some right places you can drive to both sides of the Gorge talks Bill and tabletop did there some real dirt road backtracks to get to them. I mean the views and then heading in the other direction, down around blowing rock is absolutely gorgeous.

This is some really nice hikes right off of the Blue Ridge Park Blue Ridge Pkwy. There's a really nice little hike on the back grandfather Mountain just about anybody can go up and then there's some really tough ones that lead off with off of that trail. If any of you have done some hiking in would like to call and talk about that would would love to hear about that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I don't know how many of you been to the Christian car guy Facebook page go to Christian car guy and hit search.

And like the page. We would love to be able to let you know it's going on a regular basis. I posted some links to some of the places I really love to get out and drive to some the places I love to really go in hiking in and then would love for you to go to Christian car and look at the page. I had the chance to go back and look at and listen to some of the podcasts ready for the show and really had a blessed time really listening to some of the shows over the last four or five years and I've got to say the more I listen more and all I was of Robbie, but a wonderful job he does sit in this chair and he does a a better job of encouraging the listening audience. The call-in I would appreciate you calling you and sharing about one of your vacations. That is, made a big difference in your life or one that you would like to go and someplace that you would like to visit you really think you can fit in in the next 12 months.

You know Bill, I think. I think what it is is not so much. You know us. I think it's his big bright ball in the sky that we haven't seen for basically a month in December is called the son that is blue sky. Hello Scott is in India and I think that's what's got everybody to ride a motorcycle or drive around the car, or maybe doing some hiking and I can't blame him for that.

That's a great day today to be out there doing it.

I would suggest anybody call with any mode of transportation.

It's it's a little scary behind the mic here right now. I said well you cross that you have to look at with that I had struggled at least to come to hear my live and what little hair I have one of the things I found recently is that there's a neat website called all trails stop on and you can go on it and find some of the neat places close to you close to a place you want to go visit where you can hike in our area very short about a 30 minute live. We got something called pilot Mountain State Park and you can curve up and there are some awesome cheese very very short walks in the parking lot and then there are couple really first-class flights around pilot.

One of the hikes. One of the trails. A lot of rock climbers last year. Grandpa was hard. Robbie Gilmore had a death in the family called and asked if I would sit in his chair today I want to encourage those of you in the listening audience to call and talk about one of your favorite vacations or vacation that you'd like to have 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and were talking about New Year's resolution to strengthen our relationship with our our spouse, our family and our creator. One of the things I've been doing the last year is been spending more time going to some of our state, national parks and doing some day hiking at one overnight hike hope that the weather will cooperate and allow me to do a little bit more that were talking about in our area about 30 minutes away with got a wonderful part called pilot Mountain has some great trails around it in about 45 minutes away with got another mountain called hanging rock and it's got a good doesn't first-class trails going through their are there some areas near you where you like to get out and take long walks some trails that other people might like to know about our there's some some day trips you've taken like you have on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. other places that you like to take your family and let them experience the beauty of our nation. John Holland and I were talking about how we love to get on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. that it's just a wonderful place to go and spend a day or we can and visit some very beautiful places and John was talking during the break. To me about rolling it. He loves to go up to the train Museum train William as I had it been there and I think we've got one near Spencer near Charlotte. I love to go down and say tell me a little bit about Roanoke and that the museum well is right downtown will and it's, it's, you know anybody who knows about Rona. First of all Roanoke was first name big lick is a trivia question for your big lick salt there's must've been a Salt Lake prior that's exactly right. But lot of all life was around there and then decided to change the name to Roanoke which is Algonquin for show money because a Roanoke River and there were Lotta shells and so forth, and least that's what I could find, and it's built around the rails was great place were comes in from a gentle Valley. The Roanoke Valley Lotta real comes in a lot of coal and so have this nice train Museum and if you get the state or stay downtown believer not hearing the trains come through.

The kids love that they like to be able to see if there's a lot of there's a couple overpasses were going to down pat downtown. We can walk over by passenger bridge and it is absolutely wonderful.

See the strands go underneath you and the kids eyes light up when I get to see those big trains come through there and you have an museum there so it's a wonderful trip and it's only 2 Hours Away Quickest Way to get there is to go up Route 220, and south of the city and you'd make a nice day trip up so that's a great place to go warming also wanted to mention to was going back to Gatlinburg, but we have a call to Marge's been wonderful to have Marge call to talk to us about a road trip story Marge how are you doing this morning or Marge. Well, except that had a little cold but I'm doing better will will will pray that that that goes away soon. Thank you so much for calling. Yes ma'am is okay. I wanted when I am rather worried that we were fortunate enough to travel all around the country and mostly we did national parks and this was not a national park that was so wonderful. It was a State Park is called in a way that it's in New Mexico and it it's like a hidden valley. There's only one way and it's like, what, when we first started going there. I you had to go in just one road, but since then they've made a road road in a row now, but it I can deep deep canyon and sandstone with a river running through it and it's perfectly serene, of course, is not a lot of foliage because it New Mexico but it's just unusual God's beauty and stiff gorgeous many of you were there you and Robbie in his dad and brother were 67 well and we went.

We want to go and can and that was great fun. Anyhow, this canonist is unbelievable and the people there at first were very very much of the Spanish conquistadores because this was so hidden that civilization hadn't really There and so we met some really really Spanish people, not Mexican people and we continue to go there over the years and they just love that you love them. I grew up in a family that camped. We had a pop-up camper and then I take my intent and that it really was wonderful. Later, to spend a couple weeks during the summer yet, we set your favorite place to camp. Well, I probably was back in Yosemite can't be amazing. I get my contract I ever why I went there went my second husband was Olympic national Park lamp on the Olympic Peninsula Great Lakes set on the Great Lakes. Now, specific ocean out. It was all thanks so much. One Robbie had encountered great stories thank you enough yesterday and will we need some other callers. Please call in back that I was not doing that John and I were talking about During the break and he was mentioning that there were some wonderful places to stay, but what did you want the audience to will you know there are a lot of people to know about Gala burden a lot of people that don't know about you think about Gatlinburg or the pigeon Forge area you think about all the tourism so forth. But with the smoky mountains. You can get away from all that terrorism because the cabins and you can get some great deals specialist time you're obviously with fall foliage and be busy, and so forth with Dollywood, which the kids love you're going to have a lot of people on that that time a year but this is a great time you're get away for a weekend have a lot of great different deals going on really all time a year but because the number of cabins, competition is is pretty good and you can get a lot of amenities.

Most of them have hotdogs have soaking tubs you just they all like log cabins.

I was with a number blackberry Mary the problem have a ton of black bear artifacts, meaning pictures and statuaries and everything else is going to black bear. So what I would recommend it as we were talking about time with our wives as well is any resolution to you know reconnect. Maybe we been busy and we want to take away some time and spend with our wives or wives or husbands think about just getting a cabin there may be a little bit more than a hotel room but you get so much more for and then you have a backdrop of the smoking. And then there a lot of places that are real close to you that you haven't visited.

I and I know in Winston-Salem, which got old Salem that a lot will have gone to know the house museum.

A lot of people have gone to in a long time in our nature science centers. One of the best in the area.

What is it around you close that you could take a day and go visit and enjoy call 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Call us at 866-348-7884 and shared a trip that you took last year or trip that you'd like take this coming year.

Deep in the relationship you have with your spouse or your family are your your creator, you know, Marge called and she was talking about some of the state parks. She's been to, you know that I know there are a lot of state parks out there a lot of people like to go to state parks give us a shout. Let us know the state parks that you really enjoy going to want to my wife Caroline and I like to go to and was dealt State Park in Clifton for truck just outside her and that was actually a model for a lot of state parks around the country.

When we first went they didn't have all the plumbing and electrical like you might find now. We were pretty much roughing it and we had a funny story. We thought we were on level ground and look up the next morning we found out in the tent that we were all on top of each other because we actually try to set up a tent on a slope, so make sure you find some little room when you're ready I'm trying to to Hammett Hammett camp and that a problem you would call us and let us know about your favor. State Park, you know, we have one out. I was enjoying reading about Daniel Boone as a child he grew up in our neighboring county and there's a a part that went from a state park to a local park called Boones Cave you ever heard of Boone's care if you go right at 150 30 minutes there's absolutely gorgeous little part that sits right on the Yadkin River and there's a cave that his family supposedly lived in while they were building. One of their first log cabins in the area and it's got all kinds of beautiful trails and a picnic area and it amazes me the people I've talked to that it never even heard of it. Point being that all kinds of really neat recreational areas that you may not even know about. Within a couple hours drive that is right, and one of the sites that I found this just been really neat is AL LTR AI all and you can put in a ZIP Code or city or region. And it will tell you about all kinds of trails in your area that you can take a gentle, easy hike were really rugged hike and it will give you a good idea that a difficult time you will and you don't need a yeti cooler for now.

That might be nice if it's on wheel. You only the money going out for that yet this campgrounds got a place for three campsites that are free. You've got the book of the week and it then, but I've discovered there's a lot of really neat freak camping across the country is a little bit hard to find some of them but in parts of the country. It's called dispersed camping. There's a lot of places on federal land where it's free, free to can't, then there a lot of local area cities and counties that have free camping in their jurisdictions to. I have found if I take about it to 2 1/2 hour hike out in the middle of nowhere make sure I take my Gatorade a little bit of beef jerky in my compass with me, but that I can relax more and an afternoon out on a hike that I can't taken a weekend off and doing all kinds of stuff around the house all you we've got a call or Jeffrey from Thomasville hey Jeffrey, that would like to share with us a little bit Jeffrey are you there Jeffrey, can you hear us. Oh, I'm sorry. Give us just a second.

Will we get connected here. Jeffrey, can you hear us now. Hey Jeffrey good. Hope your gap number CrackBerry not even comical. And when people go to Gatlinburg. Don't forget Mary, vibrant arts and craft community. There check it out.

Yes, there is what's where whereabouts are you when you going to Gatlinburg well.

I am only there year. I am Gatlinburg craft fair and I don't think Gatlinburg craft fair rest of the year I meant were about located, what type of crest do you do I'm at it and go okay and Julie primarily primarily I want to work more along panic and a great way by record or other any trips that you've taken outside of your craft work that you enjoy. Yeah bear great motor trail.

Start at. Where is it located go down and all the and plan on spending at least an hour cleaning up by Paul walk around all hike.

Look at all without really great. Like all that is wonderful. Thank you so much for calling and sharing with this this morning.

I hope you have a blessed year. Thank you. Having yes sir, and if anybody else would like to call in and and share some wonderful places stood take your family that others should know about. Please give us a ring at 866-348-7884 and I'd like to encourage you if you if you have a Facebook account, go in that little search space and type in Christian car guy show and like the webpage and if you got a chance to go on the Internet go to Christian car and you can read the articles. Robbie posts some wonderful articles in there some podcasts to some shows from the last last years on them that are absolutely wonderful to go through and we want you to know how much we appreciate you tuning in and listening to the show that you are prayers and your thoughts just mean a great deal to us. This is really been a labor of love to come on the show and we wanted mentioned that on the Christian got car webpage there some late to the labor of love that we've got resources for widows and single mothers are in difficult times need some advice and some help with cars that they can go to check out the webpage and please remember pickup society give us a ring. We come back to our last segment.

Thank you so much there is any way I find this is a crane can know we were sitting here talking about some of our favorite vacations and trips in North Carolina were blessed with the Outer Banks in one trip with both John and I take in our family time is the Wright brothers Museum in the last two times I went they had an auditory presentation where they talked about the history of the Wright brothers getting everything just right.

I absolutely something I will always remember and then we got there we stated a little hotel and we got up early the next morning and there must've been 50 or 60 little bitty dolphins brought all these fish yet and just you could toss a rock to have been right in the middle. It brought out a whole school officiant and were dance. I you've done a trip down to our Outer Banks and you John yeah I love the Outer Banks. You've got the sand dunes. There course Wright Brothers Memorial, which if if you just driven by stop go to the museum we actually do so much about that print that's black-and-white that shows the plane coming off just some of the it's kind of a where's Waldo kind of thing of the items that are in the picture that you go wow that's that's really interesting you can see the tools that they had to send that that that airplane lift and and then go down to the aquarium and that's if you taking the ferry to Ocracoke and down to bend on Hatteras and it's been a lot of fun going down and seeing all the lighthouses. It's just a wonderful time. We like to go up to the north of Doc we can drive on the beach head often thought about it wonderful, wonderful, and the houses that are out there. You can rent out. I've always thought that would be interesting to rent a house of their but you better take everything you need, because you're knocking around. I can tell you that and what was really interesting is I saw postal carrier going up the beach now delivering mail to those house no roads or just roll up the beach long service and delivering mail. I thought that was amazing. Have you been to the Maritime Museum in Bedford not have been there buffered on the other side from Morehead city and they have a postcard started from groups that set up that would go rescue ships that crashed into the cut and there's a museum there that talks about how the different groups evolved into the United States Coast Guard. One of the neatest museums one always loved to go to is the Maritime Museum in Beaufort. Wonderful, wonderful place to visit there and then across the harbor Morehead city at whether your scuba dive or not there's a really neat place.

They are called the Olympus dive center and the that that company. That group is found a whole lot of wrecks off the North Carolina coast and they've got some really neat stuff in their collection that take it yet. There's some German U-boat that were sunk off the North Carolina coast. Just neat place to go look in and then all the way down that coastal section is just gorgeous.

If you been to some some vacations that mean a lot to you with love for you to call and talk to us about them 866-34-TRUTH 87884 with got what three aquarium's North Carolina has three aquariums in the North Carolina because thing that's right. I know there's one in Virginia, you know they have one down toward Virginia Beach.

We have one in the Outer Banks. So for theirs is it I am. I've been to a few of one of Baltimore wanted a lie that they're all very nice. I know that with got a number vacations just centered on going down and making sure that we got one of the aquarium's North Carolina really nice nice way to spend a little bit of time and a lot of our bigger cities have something called nature science centers. That's right, Winston's got one in Greensboro's got one that I really great. The really designed for the middle school kids in high school kids, but that got lots of other things there to and I can go to it three years and forget about them and then I will go visit friends will come to town and at least the ones in our area. Absolutely fascinating what he take a day if you been to the one here in Winston, I have and I'm a transplant here from Virginia and so there's still a lot of things for me to explore here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'm hoping this coming year that I'll do a better job of saying to my wife let's let's not just sit in front of the TV let's grab our radio tuned into the Christian car guy showed. Let's go out there is something let's go out and see something wonderful in our area knowing and that's something you know we were talk about during the break we spent a lot of time thinking of things to do with her family are little ones in our church.

Twin City community church. We have a lot of young families a lot of little kids start now. II. We used to take our kids camping explode play in the water and it's it doesn't cost a bunch go to a state park, do a day trip, go hiking and make those memories you don't have to out by the yeti coolers. You don't have to spend all this money but shall make it just a tremendous deposit in their bank that don't cherish all their life about spend their time your time with kids will remember and we hope that most of our listening audience belong to Fellowship the church and that most of those people are in a Bible study Fellowship group at their church and I'd like to encourage you to pray with you group your group get out.

That's awesome things your church family find some nice button close places to go and we could use an exercise group get you you she tennis shoes out and do a little bit a hike in go to some of the wonderful places in your area and build some really great Christian relationships with those folks that you just rub shoulders with there in the pews. It's amazing how many people that we know that don't have somebody to invite him out to do something fun with. Think about the people in your church that you could invite with your family or with your small group to do some fun things I'd like to put up a bug in your ear.

I don't know if you realize this but across the United States when it surveyed this found it almost half of the adults in the United States only attend church three or four times a year and 25% of the adults United States had never ever been in a house of worship at all. Even in the Bible Belt in our county. They say 50% of the people that were surveyed said they did not belong to a denomination or congregation.

You know we are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ, we've got Jesus in our heart got a responsibility to talk to people about Jesus and about God in a loving and caring way, and there are lots of people that were around that if it were not for a kind, loving and gentle word. You may not understand that got me off God all become part of his family. So we want to encourage you to pray about Vienna light on the hill. That's right, I'm rushing around you'll do a that we will do a better job sharing God in 2016 and we have before. So thank you so much for listening and robbing it week and have a blessed new year

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