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Fireworks on Demand = Bondage Not Freedom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 1, 2017 11:42 am

Fireworks on Demand = Bondage Not Freedom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 1, 2017 11:42 am

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Is Mr. quick to clock in Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card will you Christian card I radio show initiation Bible style is the man were is Fourth of July weekend on the Christian card I show 4 July is all about freedom and not coincidentally so his clashes with the Pharisees inherited as both of them demanded fireworks. If you think about it. Remember, they want to sign in the heavens that it's kind of a firework demanding. It's a precious lesson on how we can lose our freedom if not careful.

Based on that Levin and working to get that shortly but we also have our very own Bill Mixon with us.

And speaking of freedom.

It brought up to him the idea of one of his people in history that he really likes the leader of Philadelphia and the leader of Pennsylvania and was one of the top people in the Continental Congress. When the put all these papers together so freedom Ben Franklin style. Yes sir I should we tell our Facebook friends that are watching the show basically makes this look about 10 to did Vance have the reaction of the auction.

You can tell him that yes is Bill mentioned it streams if you ever wonder what these crazy people look like you can go to Facebook at the Christian card I/Jesus labor love page and you can watch the Christian card by all means, but speaking of the Jesus labor. Love we have some truly I mean truly miraculous updates were to share with you today on the Jesus labor love at first we want to get to our first drawing. For those of you who went in this case to folks is all that went to go see if they can win a stay of the IP overnight stay at the red roof Inn, so it's pretty easy when Bill selects between these two who's going to win, but the good news is you can go register for next week and I'm guessing that maybe more than two will register because this is really steep looking to get a free overnight stay at any red roof Inn anywhere in the United States. They want to pay anything for no timeshare they have to watch her anything Robbie didn't like my idea that the two of them could share the same room and both of them could be better when Palestine did it's time to pull a winner and so that we can email them and tell them that while you one you just registered it Christian card I got, try the latest is free. Just know purchase necessary have to be over 18 to win the Christian card who one we just had their first Ginny there you go. Janet is the winner and we are going to send her her VIP certificate via email again. All you have to do to win is go to Christian Car and register Intel is your favorite Christian card I theater episode and there's no purchase necessary. No big deal. It shows all the episodes you can pick it right there and again these are VIP certificates are good until October 31 you go to Christian card you submitted your over 18. That's how easy that will be and everybody can play but talk about everybody can play.

We now have a very special fireworks on demand Bill. I'm very excited about this name that night's game.

So let's let's play Kim some time to find my defect or race that I like that hubbub is all that I get ready to call in at 866487884 we got fireworks on demand name that Norway's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You can win the Windjammer thickening. This noise he's getting it ready had it like ready but I have a chance to win the landlord and also a copy of Christian history magazine and go copy of Christian history magazine and Stu Epperson's book the last words of Jesus.

All you have to do is name. This noise going play Kim. While that's a noise in the bill helicopter to write Bill if you if you if you go out and neutralize people need to call in at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and again it might have something to do with fireworks on demand, which is what were talking about today on the Christian Car Guy you call us you can win that book and that copy of the Christian history magazine 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and for the first time ever in the history of name that noise. Somebody has been wrong and it sounded like you not try to yes my so anyway, we do want to point out the Jesus labor love's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and I think I really want to lead off the show with Emily get to the fireworks on demand part last week. If you are listening. We had a ministry contact is called redeeming joy which is down in Concorde and they were in need of a seven passenger van and if you would've heard that conversation last week. It was like Robbie, we heard you maybe can help us with a seven pastor fan and I was like with silver and gold have I none but I can go on the radio and I can ask is this redeeming joy ministry what they are Bill as they they help out trafficked women that are recovering from being traffic which is no easy recovery from what I understand you may have a place down there in Charlotte and because of the many needs that they have to constantly taking folks the doctor in the hospital and stuff like that they needed a van.

They contacted us. I'm talking this happened. I want to mount and so last week I mentioned it during the show that we have this need redeeming joy needs a seven pastor fan would you believe that actually within 2 to 3 minutes of that. A gentleman called in Durham, North Carolina donated a seven pastor van for these folks and so talk about appraise we worked it out all week where there there, not to get the van next week, which is actually one of our prayer request that that will go smoothly and I will get it all checked out and that van will get transferred over there.

So, how cool is that Wilhelm right wonderful see the Holy Spirit work is just it was really amazing to me that we also wow that was going on. There was a domestic violence victim that was up in New York that called me just absolutely wishing she sent an application Christian card data, Jesus labor love but after she filled out the application. I called her and she was completely distraught because her state inspection was running out. She has to work in order to be able to take care of her child, etc. set of single mom domestic violence really critical situation. The mechanic had quoted her $3000 to fix your brakes and with help of a man up there by the name of Joe. We made some other calls.

We actually got it all done. I think for $384.

She got her state inspection done thanks to your donations.

Those people who went to Jesus and onto the Christian card and donated or set in, which will give you the address is 238 Sauer Ln., Jesus, labor, love 238 Saar Ln., Winston-Salem, NC 27107 most people.

He did that made that possible. So this lady who was literally in tears would have this opportunity, but and there was also a single mom that was homeless actually in Kernersville, which if those Littman North Carolina kinda knows where that is staying in the YWCA and her car broke down and she needed to get to work and it turned out to me the power steering pump which was provided as you might imagine, by one of nine you pull it and and this lady is back.

She went to work on front and and so I see these miracles happen between people donating parts.

People donating money people donating rest and got so cool this is so amazing but I have to tell you about the one we can't meet and I don't know what to do with it but I got a call from Louisville, Kentucky this week but actually was another application. I came in and Michael which I try to call myself because it's real important to me to find out what they need and if we can pray with and so as I talk to this lady she was very hard. I don't want to put a sheet lost for the last three vehicles on the side of the road because she couldn't fix him and she was very like nothing is working out for me. I've tried and tried and tried and she mentioned the church that she went to which told me that she had some relationship with the church Jesus. I will get to where this conversation went and will get to the prayer need that we have inside this that I'm hoping I'll be praying for her in this situation, when we come back about Jesus labor love a person still got lots of people there and calling a name that noise filters you didn't name it so 866-34-TRUTH seven fireworks that the minute but when we left the all we were well first of all your private noise as I'm shocked I built it after you. You gave this answer. That was wrong then you find out I was right. You just wait. Anyway, we got to play the noise again Kim or play name that noise.

We would love for you to call in a name this particular noise. It has to do with fireworks on demand can can you plating informed 866 is the number to call him 866-34-TRUTH 878843 name that noise you get to women's dues book last words of Jesus and the Christian history magazine. One of those for you so you call in 866-34-TRUTH 878840 when we were right before the break, I was talking about this lady in Louisville who was obviously struggling with a lot of different things and as I went through the application.

One of the things that she didn't have computer access. I was having to fill out my hand and one of the things we ask in our application is to have insurance you can imagine that bill because we don't want to repair carpet somebody is dry land without insurance and she said no my insurance lapse, and I need hundred $87 and*calm so sorry because we don't repair cars that the people don't have insurance and she says I understand she was to hang up on me and I said, but don't don't don't hang up. Please don't hang up on. I said, our ministry doesn't do that but maybe there's a way somebody will meet that need. I don't know unless we try, but will you let me pray with, I guess, and I was the so I prayed a prayer that I normally pray went up because I am always so impressed that people have the courage to reach out and ask for help that needed and I'm also impressed that God wants to meet this need.

Even though I have no idea how this get met because it she's in need of insurance. The most common and after I prayed it the Holy Spirit, not me.

But the Holy Spirit broke across her cheek was the tears you could hear and she said something I've heard before and I still shocks me is no one is ever done that for me, prayed with her IV don't know what she means by that mean I just know what she said and she said I cannot tell you what that means to me. She went from this person was in a hang up on me a minute ago she needed hundred $87 for insurance and so I don't know somebody. Louisville connected her with a sure, whatever.

I know that myself. If I can if somebody donates the hundred and $87. Whatever.

I really would like for that money to come through her church because I found that her church was and I can I can have her receive the money through the church. You see, she can't get it through our ministry because our our ministry is for car repair and whatever and whenever 501(c)(3) like we have a very specific things that we could do but if we had this other donation we could send it through the church and if somebody would like to bless this lady.

I would love to be part of that, however, that works and you can of course email me if you get a Christian card data, email addresses all over the place that so we have needs.

We have needs are our account in general is lower than it has been all year long.

I think were down to less than $600 to help the people to come up.

So if you feel led to pray for that meet we would sure appreciate it if you feel pretty led to pray for more volunteers or even to give you can go to Christian card data, and find out all about that, but meanwhile I'm excited to play bill because we have Deborah is in Youngsville, North Carolina, who she wants to name the noise every year on the Christian card I show the morning.

I am excited to hear that. I know that Bill was wrong about that. His answer so what what noise do you think that is Deborah right Deborah, you are exactly right that idea fireworks on demand about one of those dragster's that you know the the fuel dragster. Is it just pop the fire out the that's the picture right there fireworks on demand. Thank you Deborah God bless you.

I'm so glad you one today. Thank you so much God bless our ride we have bill is in Clemson, South Carolina. We don't want to not give him a chance.

Bill your on the Christian card I show good morning morning. Same thing that you will dragster due to burnout at an NHRA drag rack you like you've been there. Bill after that. I have worked directly with the racetrack will see Bill. This bill was right what you thought it was a helicopter helicopter really. Anyway, Bill God bless you, thank you for calling in today.

You're exactly right. And we have Ted is in Mansfield, Ohio, Ted, you're on the Christian card I show good morning I am wonderful what'd you think it was is definitely a topic you know that's fireworks on demand when you step on that if you seen them at night. There's a lot of fireworks going on, but it really is. God bless you Ted, thank you two are a winner. We have all that.

And of course Bill you feel to be just like now that you will feel like Ben Franklin right this minute because, in speaking of freedom before we get to the fireworks on the Mannix discussion on the go to want you to start and lightness on on your view on freedom which I know you're right on this. Unlike the my understanding after taking numerous history courses to college was about 1/3 of the Americans were for the revolution and 1/3 of the Americans were against the revolution in the third of the Americans, what revolution and Benjamin Franklin was one of the leaders in the group that did all the states had sent a representative up to and they were having all kinds of trouble they were frightened and few men and get nowhere and he stood up and he says you know, gentlemen. If we keep this at work accomplished nothing said if God does about a spirit that it would a sparrow falls from the air for God to be a part of this country. And he advocated that they take a few days and they go and they listened every ministry down. We got a lot more to find out about Benjamin Franklin a lot more about fireworks on demand, and we would love to hear your Christian comments 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

You got all the stuff Christian card data, red roof Inn trip. We fireworks onto man today on the Christian ago so I'm been been teased that all traditional and I'm actually probably get to that in a minute. What fireworks on demand. What that has to do with cars in our business model and stuff but for Bill. You know our Christian insurance guy you might imagine, since Ben Franklin was the founder of insurance as we know it in this country when he wilt what he did was do all kinds of problems. He wanted to solve one of the first ones he solved was that there was a lot of D4 station around the big cities and a lot of wood was being burned in Lotta call and he came up with the Franklin stove that used half as much fuel and produce 25% weight and he put that out there without Minute without making a fortune off of it. Another thing you came up with was the first library in the United States. He came up with the lending library. If you had three or more books you could donate your three books to the library and then you had the right to come in and borrow a book whenever you wanted to. The other problem he found was back then you had lots of rhymes with a place to put a fire to heat and you needed a fire for cooking at people would carry the embers from one to another, because it was expensive and difficult to start a fire, that you didn't have matches or lighters so people were constantly taking calls from one house to another, from one room to another. There were lots and lots and lots of fires so they were trying to figure out a way to deal with this at you if there fire happened.

Everybody in the neighborhood would turn out with their bucket, but do usually was in a really good place to get what and the people were tripping over each other to the bucket brigades didn't usually work and he read about how they were professional firemen in Europe so he gathered a group of people together and said let's trying and be ready and have all the tools necessary to put out a fire with. I had to pay for this. There were tools that were needed.

There were things that we needed to make sure there was water ready in different areas they had to figure out how to pay for it so they came out with something called a fire.

Mark and my father was a safety engineer. He had a Masters degree in safety and he was named after Benjamin Franklin and he loved to tell the story about fire marks and they were about a foot square foot round and you would pay ahead of time for the fire department to put out your fire so you would make a annual or monthly donation to your local fire department and they gave you a fire.

Mark and if you go to Christian there some pictures of these where you can Google it. There's some beautiful art and they would put this fire Mart on the house so the fire department would come as the fire. Mark was there, they would know they had already been paid to put out that fire. That was the way that the first fire departments got their funding and the way the first buyer insured asked that has like that sort of a lizard to show if they had not there absolutely no liturgies that they did have some barbecues when they got there and the people had not paid for their fire Mark but there were neat things that that Benjamin Franklin was responsible for he patented a lot of the terms used in electricity, he discovered how electricity work.

He was the one that came up with the concept that you could talk about electricity flowing. He came up with the terms battery and charging condenser in a positive and negative without him. Electricity would have been discovered will work done a whole lot later than it was.

He also came up with some other really neat ideas that changed the world in radical ways. One of the neatest things about him was in my way of thinking. He was one of the first franchise holders in the United States.

He set up a first-class printing press any printed scum thing called the Farmer's almanac and he would.

It was the first way to get a weather report.

It was a way to tell in your particular area of the country when you should plant something and when you should reap something and it was a big hit, but each region of the Country would have different dates for all of us sit every couple years. He would buy all new printing equipment and he would send his printing equipment and his top person to a new colony and they would set up a printing press and that colony and they would print their own Farmer's almanac and they would send him back the royalties so that by the time that he really got into politics.

He had all these printing presses all over the colonies was making good money and it allowed him to do research into all kinds of other areas like he came out with the idea of swim fins. He developed bifocals. If you have glasses that do more than one thing, it goes back to what Benjamin Franklin dreamed up insurance and I'm still waiting on the insured because you insurance was prepaying for the money they have the fire department come put at your so that was the original fire yes was that the money you wrote in advance to take care the cost of the fire department I'm a little slow going. Some will and I was given this history lesson.

I was excited and and that the cool thing is that when we think of 4 July. Obviously we think of freedom and and we think of Benjamin Franklin out there with his kite in his key.

I mean an end in Philadelphia in freedom ringing all that stuff. He was, hanging out there but I'm curious because I know of your your delight in in American history, how you picture Ben Franklin in the in that point of 4 July your freedom will he wanted everybody to come together and work together.

He wanted different groups to come up with great ideas and implement them. A lot of the lending library. The first teaching hospitals. The community coming together to build a facility for performers to come and give a performance for the community.

He thought it was important that Christians and individuals in a community should work together outside the government to solve the problems that they needed to solve and did a phenomenal job of bringing folks together have a whole idea of community is allowing for freedom. You know, as everybody comes through that and whatever but since I've got my my minute on freedom here, here we can afford to. July is all about freedom and not coincidentally coincidentally so is Jesus. As we talked about his clashes with the Pharisees inherited as both of them demanded fireworks.

If you remember the Pharisees demanded a sign from heaven that that's my picture fireworks inserted here and so I think we can lose our freedom if we don't wear careful what Jesus taught here. So in Mark chapter 8 Jesus you got a picture with me here. He just fed 4000.

Right after a difficult entry for those across the lake and he went over and had a difficult encounter with the Pharisees were demanding the sign from heaven. The fireworks and then immediately Jesus loads up the boat to take the group to decide which happens to be the house of fish you know Bethlehem is the house of bread will best side of the house efficient and the school always learn something on your show anyway.

Herod's territory was beside and so he was sort of a fishy character. That's all you can remember this truly was over that territory and so the reason why Jesus mentions Herod in the same statement as they are on their way to Herod's territory beside and he says this is putting Jesus in Mark you and Matthew and Mark 815 and he cautioned them saying watch out beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod. So the question you can't help but wonder if your man is and I pondered it all week is what is this leaven. What is Jesus talking about and about this demanding fireworks as he asked for signs.

Herod did in Luke 23 as for sign there. It and I'll about you, but certainly you know some Pharisees and their kinda puffed up, and you may know a politician or two like Herod in these he's kinda puffed up.

So where do we let the hot air out and what was Jesus warning us not to fall for what I believe this leaven that Jesus is talking is I've been studying this is the bondage of control.

If you think about it when you are demanding God to do something for us. It's if I do this, then you're going to do that. That is control. It's an if then.

If you're a computer programmer. They love those if then statements if this happens, than that's going to happen. Essentially, when you're doing that your testing.and you might be saying right now I would never do that I would never say, if then. Well let's take a letter little closer look at Robbie's self talk a minute and say yeah I do say these things and to myself this is Robbie's self talk is not unusual for me to say some of the things myself.

If I tie then God will bless me if then. Okay if I don't tithe, then God will break me if then if I pray for my children. They will fall in love with Christ them.

If I don't pray for my children. They will be lost and something bad will happen if God sees me giving all for the kingdom. Then he will bless me if I slack off work. God will surely punish some of your life right this minute that like Bill Natalie going where you going with this robbery.

That doesn't sound like testing on well not sure they where you were to go further into this fireworks on demand when we come back and hold concept of fireworks on demand and how that may be testing God, and you may have listened to what I was saying, right before the end of the break and surround me.

I don't see that want to get to an actual car business example of one talk about nearest minute that you can see it how it actually plays out in interpersonal relationship sometimes but not my own self talk where I think if I do certain things and God is going to do certain things. In other words, testing God and and and at some point when I look at that I really almost come to this point of like a cool man who will save me from this body of death. They met the disciples coming back now. They just been part of the feeding of the 4000, and if you study that story a little bit. You'll see that they were three days with no food up there on that mountain and no one asked Jesus to take seven loads and feed everybody. Essentially, it was his idea wasn't they were asking for a sign bringing some bread that was all Jesus. If so, just the day before. Remember, there were there in the boat and is like remember yesterday. Robbie then you eat well and did your kids eat well and there were. I mean, you're not in control Robbie and if if you would let go of the reins for just a minute and just trust me and love me in stop testing me, there's phenomenal freedom and that in and allowing God to be in control and just, you know, it's sort of the surrender place not fireworks on demand so I told her that this plays out my car business, and here's where it plays out and I think it's incredible to think about it where ever you go into an interpersonal relationship to think about this. See happens in sales and service, and sales. Many customers think that the salesperson essentially an annoyance, and he'll have no clue on how to help me and so the customers are in control soon as I walked in I waited on lots of this way.

I need to do this this this and this and you're going to do this, this, this, and they're totally in control, not realizing oh wow, I spent every day of my life for 30 years, helping people buy cars I might be good at it but if you're smart salesman.

You does little to controlling an end and sometimes I would laugh all the way home at this person. I was in such a visit vision to help them but they wouldn't let me because they were sold in control. There was no way that I could help them because they knew everything they were totally in control. So when you go into an interpersonal relationship say with an insurance agent right would not be crazy for me to start telling Bill what insurance I needed. When the man he works with people every single day of his life on exactly how that all works but who's got to be in control when you get that relationship now. The other one is in service and it's very very common unfortunates, even common to the Jesus labor love that I'll have an applicant tell me that their car needs this this and this and this, in order to fix there in control.

They have to control the whole process and I understand the hurt people, and her people need to grasp control.

They try to take effect these to teach us that little kids run away in order. In an effort to try to gain control because they run away their control will same thing when hurt people are in the service lane in their cars broken down and they're gonna tell you you need to do this this and this to fix my car. Only written service advisor school many years ago they taught us. Don't ever ever ever write on a repair order if you're to get this to mechanic to fix. Do not tell him what to do. You put down the complaint customers you don't put down replace the battery you put down customer says the car not turn over. You don't put down to give the car a tune up to put customer says the car skipping missing or whatever the situation is, in other words, allow the people that that are gifted in the area that control and let go of it. Sometimes I understand that you being in control can sometimes lead to good places. But essentially the ultimate place where this falls down is am I going to really allow God to control my life.

And so when I come to him in my prayers and my asking for his control. Or am I wanting him to respond based on what I need or I think I need in the crazy thing is Bill. How in the world. What I know what I need you if you tell God how you want to have it fixed yet a whole lot less likely to give him credit bullet got fixed at a most cases what you want is peace. It's not that you want a particular problem solved with prayer and petition with Thanksgiving.

Lift up your request to God and the peace of Christ will be granted to you, and it'd been lots of cases in my life where I prayed for something and thank God. God didn't give me what I asked for, but he really gave me for what I wanted and what I needed right and you see this yeast thing is these Pharisees when they're in control. They're pretty puffed up and Herod was pretty puffed up to.

I mean there there want to sign I demanded you're going to show me whatever and unfortunately you know, I find myself off sometimes thinking I know a lot more than actually do ever experience that in the insurance where people call up and they tell you this is what I need that others on your dislike will hang on their I got a few I've seen people Dixon real deep holes after I've told many meet. Do not do this. Do not say that you, it's amazing how bad you can mess up if you don't take a little bit of advice in the one place that besides God's right up there. But here's here's another place that really really close to home. In fact his home is my wife right in my life. God sounds a lot like my why have my I'm telling you and and it's amazing.

I should just be on my knees constantly on really I didn't listen to her again I didn't listen to work and I didn't was to work in an you know it's just his mother's things that you know I think I I'm I I know this and I know that but it's it's a matter of I gotta be in control. You deliver some like I did you like to think that you're in control one more time. When they got make a pitch for Christian car because there you can be in control. You can click on the banner to go when that next week will have another drawing and I hope that you win the red roof Inn free stay VIP if you're over 18. All you have to do is register dissent.

As you know that the thing there's no purchase necessary and will will draw next week so you can win that you can also argue there go see his eye. I try to post our prayer needs it for the Jesus labor love every week so you can see the prayer needs for the Jesus labor.

Love you can see Bill's article on Benjamin Franklin.

You can see my thing on on on fireworks on the band I'd like to put in a plug to Chris for that. The finest insurance will it's a three of the finest insurance agents. I know in the area were kind enough to allow me to join them and we started Forsyth insurance so I just want to put in a blatant commercial out there for Forsyth insurance services and let people know that would love to talk and and the other thing marriages and I know this is true for you and me.

Do that even if you're in Washington or you're in New York or wherever you may be listening. You have an insurance question be moderately I does need to be your agent he would love to help you with that.

I would love to help and I get emails every day from people that have this concern about prayer, need, or whatever it may be in an lot of time that has nothing to do with cars.

I'm delighted to help build delighted to help. You can go to Christian car that I kindly ask an expert page. It's right there bills emails their minds. There, we would love to help with whatever your situation is but this week is you go through your week. Think about where it is that were actually demanding fireworks and be careful with those sparklers calls lots and lots of fire, but fortunately they promptly got the Ben Franklin Farmer mobile. The 11th model it thing to have. Once again, remember slowdown, Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 30 different listening

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