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Tell us about your Blessing or Coronation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 6, 2023 2:06 pm

Tell us about your Blessing or Coronation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 6, 2023 2:06 pm

Show us us your sunshine smile!!! 


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This is the Truth Network. We got together with Pastor Chris and Pastor Stephen on Thursday to just go in after the presence of God and try to pin lyric and melody. And after a couple of hours it just felt like the presence of God just stopped everything. And we wrote a song called The Blessing and it's straight from scripture and it's the heart of the Father over us as His kids. Lord bless you and keep you. Make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

I say this calls for action and now! Be His favorite be upon you and a thousand generations and your family and your children and their children and their children. Tell us about your blessing or perhaps your coronation today on the Christian Car Guy Show. Yes, we want to hear about the day that you were blessed or the day that you were coronated. I've got such a funny story along the lines of the coronation today.

As you may know King Charles was cornered, he got his coronation today at like five o'clock this morning. I'll get into that in a second but before I do that I have to tell you about the Aaronic blessing. My brother was born with all the personality in the family we've always said, my brother Mark. And he had this thing he called the sunshine smile which I just wish you could see the sunshine smile. But it's critical to understanding in my opinion the Aaronic blessing because what it says is may the Lord shine His face upon you and then turn His face towards you. And what the actually the sound man at the church I serve at came up to me one day and explained that he heard that the Hebrew tradition on that was that when God shined his face on you he gave you what was my brother's version of the sunshine smile. In other words when you look at a little baby and you try to get that baby to smile you give them a big huge smile you look deeply in their eyes and you try to bring it out, right? Well in so many ways that's a blessing like God himself is looking at when he's turning his face towards you he's giving you the sunshine smile. Now my brother does it like this he bends his head way down and he puts his hands next to his head like they're kind of wilted flowers like at night.

But then the sun comes out and as he turns up and looks at you he opens up his hands like the the flowers that would be beaming at you and thus you get the picture of the sunshine smile. Which is critical to the idea of blessing which is what I want to talk about this morning. So it's fascinating to me how God puts me on a lesson plan every week and every week it isn't until Saturday morning that I know what he wants to do on the show. And so actually at times I get fairly anxious like God where are we going?

You know I don't we've gone all over the place in my study this week which is actually what happened and I don't know what you want me to talk about today on the show. And so I was very you know I went to bed anxious about that and you know there's always this bridge of faith like is God going to show up and show me this morning, right? So it's a very critical time to me and I usually get up about three thirty or four o'clock but I was late going to bed last night so I didn't get up till about four thirty. And when I got up my wife was up and I'm like what's up with that? Which this isn't good because I need complete concentration and focus and like I'm I'm aggravated just by the fact that she's up. And then when I walk into the place where I'm going to pray and all that the TV is on like that's that that is and my wife knows I cannot deal with the sound of a TV. And so now I'm triply aggravated like what in the world and she says oh you don't remember I told you all week that you needed to set up the TV to record the coronation this morning it's going to go on at five o'clock. And now I'm triply aggravated because I'm really not sure exactly how to get the TV to record this thing.

But I know that I've made a commitment to my wife and in spite of the fact that I have a show to do I have no idea like and so I actually Google how to turn on the recording on this Toshiba TV or whatever it was. So I'm getting the thing together and I get this thing go I actually got it to record I was very proud of myself and then I sat down to pray. And I know that Jesus he had the sunshine smile going on at me all the time because what he wanted me to talk about was the blessing and the connection of how the blessing is in fact a coronation it's a crowning right. And I don't know if you're familiar with the idea of an anointing but it's similar that when they anointed David King long before he ever wore a crown he got some oil from Samuel. And the idea of that is the idea of Shem like that's your name and so Jacob wrestled to get his I don't know if you thought about that. But in order to get his blessing he wrestled with God I mean and then he wouldn't let him go until you give me a blessing and you might remember Noah got a blessing. But it took a flood for him to get in.

These things don't come all that easy. But here's the way that God gave me this lesson plan this week absolutely beautiful that I have the absolute honor of. Helping Nikita Koloff the once professional wrestling the Russian nightmare I help him with his show and his podcast and and so he does a thing called questions and answers with Koloff. And one of the most common questions everybody asked Nikita is about the day he came to Christ and of course we had that same question this week but he answered it in a way that I've never heard him quite answer it before.

Because he shared the blessing that he got on the day that he accepted Christ and here's how it worked. That five years before Nikita came to Christ there was an elderly man apparently lived in somewhere in Concord North Carolina and he turned on the TV randomly. And here was this wrestler screaming at the screen you know how they do and you can picture the Russian nightmare. You know I'm going to kill this man you can picture this thing and he said the Lord hid him this older man he said it hit in between the eyes and he said I want you to pray for that man because I have a calling for ministry on his life. But he needs salvation so I need you to pray for his salvation I believe the man's name was Billy he was an older man didn't like wrestling. Didn't know who Nikita was but he knew that God told him to pray and so the way I understand it is he prayed diligently for five years that Nikita Koloff would come to know Jesus.

Very cool. Well one day he's I think it was in October he was kind of sick didn't really want to go to church but God put it on his heart today I want you to go you need to go to church tonight. Tonight and so he goes and I guess it was a Wednesday night but what he did not know is that would be the night that Nikita Koloff would accept Christ he'd never stepped foot in that church but he would accept Christ in that man's church. Right some friends invited him he goes he gets convicted and he goes to the altar to receive Christ and this man Billy I believe was his name. He of course sees this and he rejoices because he's been praying for this and he does not have any idea who Nikita Koloff is he just knows that's that wrestler dude right.

So he approaches him afterwards. After you know as they're leaving the auditorium and he says you know I've been praying for you I don't and he told him the story. And he said the Lord told me that he has an anointing on your life. He has a ministry you are going to have a ministry a ministry in Christ.

And of course if you know Nikita you're familiar with his ministry like oh my goodness was that a blessing. And here's why. Because the idea of a blessing is for you to become who you are. There's a wonderful line in the movie trailer called Robin Hood it says are you ready to become who you are. What God meant you to be originally in your actual identity in the name that he has for you that when you get the white stone you know he's got a name for you.

And that is who you really are right. And he's got this name for you that only he knows and you'll know on that particular day. But in the meantime there are people that speak over you and at one point in time came over you and told you wow God told me this about you just like Jacob did all his sons. In fact when he wrestled with God God told him what was your name he said Jacob not anymore it's Israel because you're going to wrestle with God and boy did he right. Or Abraham when he got his name he was blessed because he was going to become who he was.

Sarah she got a blessing she was going to become the mother of nations but look how the word blessing becomes part of who she is and who is her name right. And so you have all that because as you accept Christ you become a child of the king. And this is critical to the fact that you are going to get a crown and the idea of a blessing I don't know if you've ever looked it up in Hebrew but it means to kneel. Now why do you kneel?

Well take a good look at King Charles this morning at five o'clock you'll see the position that he was in. And oh you may not be shocked to know there's a Hebrew letter that looks just like that and that's going to be the letter hoof and we're going to talk about that when we come back but I need your story. When you got the crown when you got the blessing who spoke over you how did that happen for you? 866-348-7884 You're listening to the Truth Network and Tell us today on the Christian Car Guys show about your blessing or your coronation as it were as is the idea of that as God would make his face shine upon you right.

He's given you the sunshine smile he's trying to bring out that smile it's deep inside of you and when you're smiling like that you are who you were meant to be. A very joyful happy like in his presence his fullness of joy it couldn't get any better than that. But along the way God gives us hints of how he made us and what it is that he actually has for us in this life this amazing life that we have and if you're like me you probably have numbers of times people spoke over you or something happened where God made it obvious how he blessed you how he cornered you know the crowns that you may wear and those kind of things and so I thought I'd give you a few examples but before we did that I wanted to well let me share one and then I'll then I'll share about that whole idea of Barak in Hebrew how that's spelled and what that looks like and why the letter hoof is what is going to bring us this show today it's a Hebrew letter hoof but anyway you know I had cancer real bad cancer in 1996 in fact my sister worked at University of Michigan Hospital at the time told me it was killer cell lymphoma and most folks didn't expect me to live nearly a month as no one who had been diagnosed with that had before and there were only three people in the United States that had ever had it before I got it and so I had these tumors that were all over my skin and I looked somewhat like a freak so but I was still working and so I was working at the dealership you know I'm a Christian car guy so I was working at Bob Neal Chrysler Plymouth Jeep Eagle at the time in Winston Salem North Carolina and a pastor by the name of Pastor Little came by and spoke to one of my managers and said you know God has put it on my heart that he has a healing for somebody here and they said oh that's got to be Robbie because you know he's dying of lymphoma back there and he's in his office but he won't come out because he looks kind of like a freak because he's covered in all these tumors and I literally did they were big whelps they were all over my body and you know I had hundreds of them and so as it were what happened was Pastor Little came back to my office now I'd been in Christ maybe a year at this point right and I had no concept of what it meant to be anointed by oil or have somebody lay hands on you or any of that stuff but nonetheless that's what he was about that day because God had asked him to not unlike you know the man that had spoken over Nikita Koloff right he was given a commission to go heal somebody and he said it was supposed to be at Westside Chrysler and he found his way to me and so he pulled oil on my head really did he coordinated me that way and then laid hands on me and prayed now I know there were a lot of people praying for me and whatever but whatever he spoke over me was the healing for my body right that he knew that God had more for me than I'd experienced so far so he in this particular case coordinated me to be healed and that was on a Friday afternoon and as I said I was covered in tumors I was supposed to start chemotherapy on Monday when I got up Monday morning I did not have tumor one none zippity and the hospital everybody in fact it's in a book Divine Healing and all sorts of stuff that's been talked about that over the years but that is a big part of my story was that original blessing okay that original coronation that I was to be healed that's when I've received a few times since but nonetheless I you know wouldn't be here today I don't believe if God hadn't given me that sunshine smile right and I'll never ever think about it as anything other than God looking down at me and giving me that look because he wanted me to smile and I still smile every time I think about Pastor Little and my it was not a lot different between my reaction to my sister my wife having the TV on this morning I mean I was not something I was up for at the time it happened however God's laughing as he's given me the sunshine smile and away we go and so how does that how does that play out in your life and it's and I think it's absolutely amazing that you could call in and share your blessing your coronation your anointing what how does what does that look like in your life 866-348-7884 it is the callers that make this show you always blow my mind and I would so love to hear your story of your anointing of your coronation of when you became who you are God mentioned to be 866-348-7884 well the name or the word blessing in Hebrew it means to kneel if you just took the regular meaning and you look at it in a Hebrew dictionary it says to kneel now why would that be well if you get a good look at King Charles this morning at five o'clock you'd see why because when you receive your crown right you're gonna be kneeling and it's neat that the word kneel or the word kneel which is the same word as blessing is barak and it starts with letter bet which has to do with your sonship okay because son you might know is the word bar is ben as well in Hebrew and that idea of the bet is very much a house where you live that you are a son and the race the second letter when you hear that barak you hear the B sound and then you hear the R and that R is a race and that has to do with the head of the house okay and that's actually the way the Bible starts with a bet in a race same idea there's a house and we got to have a head of the house and we know who that is that would be God right and then the last letter which has to do with why this is a blessing and why it means to kneel is this letter hoof now if you take and think about the letter U and turn it upside down you it looks kind of like an N right well that's what a letter hoof looks like and it has to do with the crown you see the crown the idea of that N coming down on your head that's a crown but really cool in Hebrew letters have different forms and so when you finish a word with a letter sometimes that changes the letter and it does in this case of the letter hoof it turns it so that that letter kind of unfolds one of its legs of that N to stand up sort of straight but actually to kneel right so if you picture King Charles right he's kneeling but he's still got his head bowed and he's kind of up like a final hoof because he's fixing to get a crown and you'll see how all that comes together plus we got calls and I would love to hear these stories when we come back but we need yours it's not complete unless you call 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH You're listening to the Truth Network and And may His presence go before you, and behind you, and behind you, around you, and within you, He is with you, He is with you He is for you, He is for you, He is for you Tell us about your blessing or your coronation today on the Christian Car Guy show and of course you may have guessed that one of the coronations I got was to be the Christian Car Guy and that definitely gave me that particular anointing and I you know it's quite a story we'll get into that in a little bit but we are talking about the idea of your blessing on your coronation What did that look like? I want to hear your story 866-348-7884 and so we've got Ann Ault, my good friend in Huntersville, she's got her story.

I'm anxious to hear this. Good morning Ann! Hi there, I'm loving the show of course and I've got a smile on my face. Oh a sunshine smile! Exactly, a sunshine smile and especially that's so childlike and that's the way God got me into the Kingdom was a very childlike thing He had me go when I was living in New York City as an actress and I went with friends to Child's Restaurant, don't you love God's symbolism? Just amazing, Child's Restaurant in New York City 1974.

Really? I knew that story but I didn't know it was Child's Restaurant Yeah, God's parables lived out. He beats me at the pun activity every time, no doubt, yeah. And Roger just said Ann, why don't you give your life to the Lord? And I had gone to Air Force, I was an Air Force grad, gone to church with my parents and that sort of thing but he said give your life to the Lord, I said well Roger I can't handle that kind of a commitment, I don't think I'm worthy and he said you can't, you're not, just do it True words right?

Just simple, you can't, you're not, you just do it, yeah. Yeah that's right and I did just self-consciously bowed my head and prayed with Roger but I walked out of there, talk about sunshine, I mean I walked out of Child's Restaurant with a sunshine glow and you know be as a child to enter the Kingdom of God and I just love the whole theme of the story and I got my crown at Child's! Right and we can still write, we can still picture him looking down at you and smiling because as you receive the blood of Christ and you really receive what he did for you, for the first time ever God can look in your eye and try to get you to smile Exactly and sometimes the crown slips and we feel guilty about oh I've messed up again or I said the wrong thing or whatever, he is so merciful to just keep saying as the Holy Papa does his child, come here kid, you're okay, you're okay and just give you that pat on the back that you need in our journey with him, with our upside down crown sometimes Well in this case you know you actually bring up an amazing point I think that speaks to something I wanted to tell you anyway, you know we were anointed, no doubt we were anointed to do Christian Kargai Theatre and we've done many episodes of that but both you and I have had some deaths in our very near family in this season and my mother-in-law went to be with the Lord and actually we're doing her service next week in Montana and so I'm actually preparing to leave and so you know even though we were anointed to do that and whatever, there's just seasons in your life where he gives us other priorities to honor those who he wishes to honor and those kind of things so we know that you're honoring your dear brother in this season in so many different ways and of course I get a chance to honor my mother-in-law to do that service for her with her son in Montana and so very cool Christian Karg-like way, we're driving my wife and I to Montana from North Carolina so those of you in Seattle and places like that today we won't be far from you or Utah, we got a lot of listeners in Utah and so very fun but we're gonna be up there but I didn't get that episode done this week and then I got to go to the NRB so I'm hoping by the end of May to finally, I'm so sorry Ann that I have not moved on but we're gonna get it It's always there, that's what's so marvelous, Christian Kargai Theater, I mean and we have so many episodes we've done, it all started with the idea that you had about doing that drama on radio and it has been such fun with so many fantastic actors and the episodes are all there on the podcast, right? Oh they are, so I have to tell you about another anointing so while you're thinking about your story that you're supposed to call us with that God's poking you saying call Robbie 866-348-7884, call Robbie with your story but I wanted to tell you this one because you're connected to it So it says in Mark chapter 10 verse 30 by the way which is my birthday, 10-30 but anyway it says that we're gonna receive, not fail to receive, 100 mothers, okay? In this life you're gonna receive, if you've given up anything for the gospel you get 100 mothers, that's the deal and I love a deal because I'm a Christian Kargai so I got 100 mothers and so those who know me well would know that Ann is one of my mothers Definitely, oh yes I am sweetie, I'm your mama But one of my first 100 mothers was I do a devotion at a retirement home in Mocksville and have long before I started doing a Christian Kargai show and there was a lady there by the name of Miss Beck who was 89 when I first met her, she lived to 104 and this woman had read the Bible through most every year of her life and I think she was born in like 1908 or something And so to know this woman was to know a godly person, like she had baked in the word first for decades, right? And so when you receive something from somebody that you know is close to God, has a wonderful relationship with God, it means more to you and it's just like it does when I receive something from you Ann This was the first place I started to actually speak, in other words as I was doing devotions I had no idea, I was a car salesman right?

But they told me to do it so I went out there and I would do my best to do these devotions, right? And so Miss Beck comes up to me one time and she says, Robbie, there's clearly an anointing on your life to speak to bring God to people, you bring laughter, you bring a smile, you bring all this stuff, in other words she was crowning me, she was anointing me, she was commissioning me to be who God knew I already was long before God had said anything about doing a Christian car guy show or anything else just like I know that you had that same thing with acting, right? Exactly, and then knowing, I mean the fact that we have morphed since 2015, morphed into a Christian car guy theater I mean I used to do Adventures in Odyssey and didn't know what would ever replace that and this has been such a joy to do this Christian car guy theater with old actor friends and everything So God is so good that he keeps it going in different phases, you know, praise his name Right, he gives you the calling, the identity and those kind of things but the job description kind of changes along the seasons of your life, right? Right And so, you know, it's really, really cool to see this whole idea of kneeling down to receive what he has for you but like you said in a very childlike way, he's looking down at you with this big smile trying to get you to smile back because it is really about the relationship, right?

Once you have him as the head of your house, of course you're going to be kneeling because you can honor the fact that I mean he's God, right? And it requires that kind of reaction, but by the same token your head's not on the ground anymore or like the original hoof, you've picked it up a little bit because he wants to see you smile and so I love the word picture that the word blessing really is and I'm so grateful for my hundred mothers And the deeper your well of sorrow, the more joy it can contain type thing Oh wow, oh good word, I like that That's from several sources, I think Corrie Tynboom was one of them but isn't that the truth? The deeper the well of sorrow that the enemy thinks he's got us down, well the more joy it can contain, so take that I like that, oh that's absolutely beautiful Well along those lines I had another thing I wanted to share So I told you this was my lesson plan this week and I do this wonderful podcast called Character in Action and this podcast is done by a young man who's autistic and so it's really neat to see him flourish in an area because you may know autistic people don't have a lot of social skills but Matt has really really worked on becoming a host and so we'll get back to that story when we come back but we wouldn't be the same if we didn't have your story but please, God's poking you, we need your story about your anointing your blessing, when did God speak over you somehow?

866, it's a coronation, 866-348-7884 866-344-TRUTH, thanks for calling and God bless! Tell us about your blessing or your coronation today on the Christian Car Guys show 866-348-7884 866-304-TRUTH No, it's actually, it's interesting, an exercise in pride reduction to be able to share your story in other words, it takes humility to actually say yeah, this is what somebody did for me sometimes and so that requires you dialing the phone, like 866 like God's telling you, because here's why other people, when they hear your story, they relate to it and it touches their heart and they want to relate they want to be in relationship with people and your story has so much to do with that 866-348-7884 866-344-TRUTH and I told you I have a hundred mothers, well maybe you heard Karen Mulder's wisdom of the wounded about the child caregivers well that's another one of my mothers, Karen Mulder she lives in Holland, Michigan, sometimes she is in Florida but her residence actually is in Holland, Michigan and what a tremendous, I mean you can imagine having a relationship with her she is an amazing woman of God as well I always stand amazed at all the people that God has put in my life like that and so I did want to talk about, you know this was the lesson plan God had for me this week and it was amazing, he had been working on me I had been working on the book of Nehemiah and Ezra and some other things and then I was telling you about this podcast I do with this autistic gentleman, he's Catholic and then he was interviewing a fairly, well amazingly educated priest in California that's head of their major publications company of the Catholic Diocese, however that works anyway the man was very, very learned in language and you know like it says in the Psalms all are my teachers and so I was paying attention obviously this man had an understanding of Greek and of Latin that I don't have I mean it was spectacular to listen to him and so when the host, Matt, asked him to describe what the word empathy meant he blew my mind because he said what real empathy is, a real empathy skill is what the three young men in the fire and then he goes on to quote from the Apocrypha which I don't know if you were aware of that but really, really cool that it's called the three children in the fire book in the Apocrypha but it is a prayer that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said while they were walking around in there with Jesus like what? and I know that it's not necessarily scripture from a lot of people's point of view but it's certainly in the Apocrypha and certainly something to look at and this man as he quoted it said listen to what they're doing they are blessing the rain they are blessing the snow they are blessing the frost and it's not an uncommon idea from the idea of Psalm 103 I think verse 22 the same idea God is going to bless I mean, or we need to ask that all the creation bless his name and so as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were blessing what they were saying is let the rain bless his name let the snow bless his name of course because when you think about what we're talking about that to bless is to stand instead and ask that these things become what God made them to be what God made the rain to be what God made the snow to be and so when we pray that when we go into supplication for someone we're offering up our voice that they would become who they are supposed to be right? when we're saying God bless Christian God bless Glenn God bless whoever you have then you're saying and what the priest said which was beautiful was this is a picture of what God did on the cross what Jesus did on the cross he died so that you could be blessed it was the ultimate example of empathy it's way beyond sympathy he's taking on your need and believe me your need is like my need we need to become who we are we need to be blessed right?

and so that word is tremendously powerful and so when they say the Aaronic blessing when you say it on someone when you say may the Lord bless you may he keep you may he make his face shine okay? that shine don't miss it in other words how wonderful would it be if you think about it for your child or your grandchild or as Kerry Job said for a hundred generations right? of your children's children's children that God would put that big old sunshine smile on them and you could see him smile back only a child can smile right? when you think of that like yesterday I was walking you know just in my neighborhood and there was a man that I was a little familiar with he was walking his brand new baby and one of those holders that you hold on your chest it looks like a backpack but kind of in reverse a front pack I guess and the baby's head was just kind of sticking out right? and it looked like it was asleep the baby did a little girl but then I saw her eyes kind of open of course the second those eyes opened without me even thinking what I was doing but I know now what I was doing what did I do? I started to smile I was trying to get his attention and in my own way I was giving it the sunshine smile why? because I wanted to see that baby smile I just you know that's just what you want to do when you see another human being you want to see him smile right? and what a fun thing to think that we were made in God's image and so naturally he's got a smile it's out of this world and he's looking down at you and it's like the sun is coming up it's been dark but here comes a ray of light and so as you accept the blood of Christ as you really accept this unbelievable empathy from Jesus then for the first time the father can get a look at you and he can make his face shine upon you and begin to bring out that sunshine smile and you know what?

when you have that smile then people are going to ask you why are you so what are you so happy about? and here's another part of my lesson plan this day just a man came by a Bible study that we were doing in Mocksville he had walked by the hall and he said can I sit in with you guys? and he was a wonderful Christian man I was just kind of shocked at it but he came in and he was such a nice man and his name actually was Glenn and he sits down and he goes on to share this story about how his granddaughter just asked him, Papa why are you always smiling?

what are you so happy about? and that very evening he led his granddaughter to Christ why? because he had a sunshine smile and by the way when you meet Glenn he has that sunshine smile and it's absolutely beautiful and I think about it that wow, that is so much the blessing right? one of the blessings that you actually kind of give people is your smile it's one of those opportunities that you have to show people the joy of Jesus, right? because if you look at them and frown they aren't seeing nothing in that but they would love to see you we got Laura on the line I want to hear her story good morning oh, that was quick it was, because we just have a minute and I need to hear what you got ok, I just had a guy's smile I was walking out of fixin' trash and I had my cat in tow I had Millie on my shoulder and she likes to hang out anyway, and these little girls three little girls, they couldn't have been more than like three years old maybe two I was leaning from where they were playing to touch my cat and pet and oh my goodness all thrilled about this cat and it was perfect timing it's the smile we're always looking for I'm so glad you called in with that, Laura because that's how it is and if we can just recognize it as a God moment that's a blessing it just is those cats were being what they were those children were being what they were and so we get to be what we are and everyone I am so grateful for all of you listening today and remember, Slow Down Jesus walked everywhere it went got it all done in 33 years
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