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Chrisian Car Guy Theater 38

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 15, 2018 3:39 pm

Chrisian Car Guy Theater 38

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 15, 2018 3:39 pm

After all looked lost for Bad Brad, God had another plan for his life and Beaver County get a long overdue announcement. Bad Brad came to Christ, so now I guess he’s Not-So-Bad Brad! God drew Brad to himself with the help of Lazarus, Allie, Dr. Sonny and his daughter Kristie. This has the Under the Hood Gang of Jimmy's Jeep puzzling over what’s going to happen to Lazarus and Not-So-Bad Brad.

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Today's episode jailhouse justice. The finale episode of jailhouse justice that Brad had escaped from jail and was in the hospital room was a crime boss know our brand was desperate for water to help get out of town. The sheriff and use disbursed to the hospital when Brad jumped from the second floor window trying to escape brand was critically injured by the fall in desperate need of a blood transfusion which Dr. Soni informed the sheriff there was only one person in town who had baptized and the sheriff knew she was at the church. Ali told her the church by gesture at the taller you better start crying.

Bonnie, Christie, Jimmy Nally, Elvis, please, and everyone else. Please keep up the prayers for Brad.

He's in critical condition and needs forgiveness on all sorts of levels had never seen folks could we just open this discussion and prayer Lord, thank you for your new friend Christine. The love you've given her for Brad. Her father Bretton really need your help right now, Lord.

He needs blood. He needs tight baby. Negative blood and bread desperately needs your blood Jesus to cover his horrible sins against Allie in this town.

Thank you.

Also that you help Christie forgive no good kidnapped Christine then blackmailed Brad into kidnapping Allie. Please help Allie to see the chance she has now to save a life. A life that you placed her very veins and it will take your blood in her blood to say Brad we pray this in your name Lord.

Amen Allie, you have tight baby negative blood now and what difference does it make you don't think I'm letting someone stick me to say Brad, do you. I can see why everyone thought how long did you see your beautiful, but it wasn't your beauty wasn't no time. You know the hold.

What truth I finally learned the truth about your parents you are kidnapped to begin with some type of complaint.

Your grandfather invented what grandpa, what is she talking about.

I really didn't know myself until I wrecked my car. You see, nor went by the name of Ross Backman, Allie, and years ago I discovered a rubber compound that will help all rubber products last much longer know our or rocks back then this company want to buy my rights to my discovery but I knew it would never biodegrade. So I trust you are Lazarus, it's getting confusing. Ross was the very man. Your mom and dad meeting with we never knew for sure what I have the car your folks were him find a thing linking what I have a garage but we heard rumors that Ross was Mafia so your grandma got as far away with you this week back. River rock know for sure what happened honey, so we never told you all that to protect so so why put the pressure on my dad might kidnapping me until you are kidnapped and all the time. It was like that formula and why thought would make you millions your parents might all this pain and it's not over you person who has lost most mom but not coincidentally, but actually you the blood you can still pull the face death spiral.

I believe your forgiveness just may be the key that unlocks the door for it all. Even my dad's life.

This is all too much for me to take him right now. Grandpa grandma.

This rest knew are Lazarus killed my mom and dad. The story is always so much bigger than we ever understand Allie. It's God's enemy that was trying to hurt God by hurting those God loves the enemies called the father of lies.

The author of confusion.

Satan is behind all of this tragedy. The Bible says comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus came to give life and life abundantly. You now have the choice Allie. You can give life to Brad and give him a chance to turn to Jesus and have a real life God knows how much you are dealing with right now. Allie got also knows your heart.

And there isn't much time getting to the hospital.

I'm not sure I can do this by one at least try. I know much time Christie, but I don't Jimmy why do you have some kind ready to go past the mind of its own. I would say with Pastor Jack's window open Jimmy jeeps under the hood gang heard everything about Hannah Horn couldn't contain herself. Mosey motor oil commends them think tank cars. Jimmy get Allie to the hospital in time to give Brad the lifesaving folks bring all over the river rock rat wakes up to a roomful Christie Lazarus in his wheelchair.

Allie Jimmy Sheriff Eustis Dr. Soni well well look who came to hear us where am I Christie is that you are you okay okay I'm glad you this old am I seeing things are. Allie, what are you two doing here Brad when he was Lazarus now know we have never met that until today. Sadly, it was partially to blame for the death of Allie's father, but Allie forgave me and all I did to hurt her and she forgive you to Brad even gave you the blood transfusion that saved your life saving my life. My blood was much easier to give the blood and save me yes.

Christie told me all about what really happened and many were praying for both of us forgiven. You need to live Jesus actually died for you on the cross, Brad. That's what you really need and I wanted to give you a chance at it, what you think change me seriously. My the person you knew just a few weeks ago.

I don't know much but when I see your daughter has arisen his eyes. These people have something you gotta do is you. You have a point, but I never have about eternity with me. Eustis sent me Sheriff Crane right Christie and Allie. How else could this make that connection to God. You all. He will still have these words after me.

Father, I knew father I know Jesus is. I know you sent him to die for me on the cross paid the price for all my sin, horrible things I know you sent him to die for me on the cross to pay the price for my sin, horrible things I've done. I accept Jesus as my Savior and I gave him my life's life forever.

In Jesus name. And for me I think I give him my life to live his life's name is amazing.

Now Randy radiator: call ranking my love go not only for three Jesus my Lord, we go

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