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The Wonder of Habakkuk 3:19 - Gathered In Great Faith

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 24, 2023 8:58 am

The Wonder of Habakkuk 3:19 - Gathered In Great Faith

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 24, 2023 8:58 am

Hab 3:19 The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments.

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This is the Truth Network. Bible Wonders of Habakkuk. Oh, what the kuth verse or the 19th verse of the third chapter of Habakkuk has to tell us is, oh, one of the most amazing verses, undoubtedly, in the scripture. And I think it's just a gigantic understanding, I guess, that the last verse in the third chapter of Habakkuk is kind of the letter that exemplifies his name, which is the letter kuth, which I fully believe is part of the reason that God had me study this whole book to begin with, is that the idea I came into it with wanting to be gathered in great faith is that is my word of the year. And gathered has a lot to do with hugging and Habakkuk's name is kind of like a hug on steroids because it's got all those kuths, which has to do with, you know, getting close to God and becoming more holy. And clearly here, Habakkuk is showing us what that looks like in this kuth verse, which clearly would have to do with, obviously, draw near to me and I'll, you know, draw near to you. It's completely what this verse has to say, even though I honestly didn't search all that hard, but I don't think there's a kuth in the verse. But I will tell you that it's all over the thought of what's going on here as, you know, that idea that we've been searching since we started on the 119th Psalm is what are statutes and Habakkuk's name starts with a hat and it has, I might believe three kuths in it.

Anyway, it's got all the letters of the word statute is just a hat and a kuth. And so it's very much connected to this idea of a God hug. And so if we read, you know, verse, the kuth verse, which is 19 verse in English, it first starts out by saying the Lord God is my strength. And there's hats all over that verse.

I can tell you that completely. And there's Aleph's because, you know, it's beautiful how he says this is the only time that Habakkuk uses the word Adonai. And so he uses Yahweh, which is the word Lord that is translated Lord here. And then he's saying Yahweh Adonai, and he puts it in that particular order. And so Adonai being the father that is just unbelievable. And so here we have Habakkuk giving us all this idea. And if you think about what the word Adonai, you can hear it. There's an Aleph at the beginning that has to do with father and wisdom and all that kind of stuff.

And then there's a Dalet. And that Dalet is there to indicate the beloved in so many different ways, but also the fact that God is a servant. And, you know, it's amazing to me, it really, really is that, you know, Jesus has clearly came to serve. But I don't know if you ever thought about all the ways that the father serves.

In fact, the very air that we breathe and all those things. And the idea of what strength is begins with the word het. And so the Lord God is my strength. And as he's connected to God, clearly that is where his strength comes from. And it says he will make my feet like Heinz feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.

And then he says the chief singer on stringed instruments. So beautifully, beautifully, beautifully, the word Heinz, or when he was talking about a Heinz feet, I think that's critical to understand in this. And I think it's very similar to the way the Song of Solomon ends, where she talks about I was one who found Shalom in his eyes and the whole word Shulabite in the Song of Solomon has to do with peace. And in order to find peace, right?

You need that, that Lamed that is in Shalom, you hear the L that's in there, and you can hear the Shin that's in there. And in the case of Heinz, it starts off with an Aleph like the father and then has the Lamed. And it's sort of like the father's aspirations expressed, right? That in other words, just that idea of reaching out to touch God is what Heinz do as they are going up, up, up, right with a very swift and very balanced feet. And clearly they have great wisdom as their Lame begins with that Aleph. And it's really an amazing thing to watch. And I, again, have hunted deer for years and they are so elusive, but yet so beautiful and clearly fast and clearly, you know, quiet and all the things that come with Heinz's feet is all there. And it's a beautiful thing to think about that God is going to give us the ability to soar and actually walk up on those and balance.

And why are we going to do that? Because he wants us to walk with him in the high places. In other words, this isn't a lonely journey. And so interestingly, and talk about being able to walk in high places this morning in my quiet time, I just simply, when I got to the point where I was, I felt like I was in communion with God. I asked him, was there something he wanted to tell me today? And was there something he wanted to tell me?

Oh my goodness. What he told me, I wrote in my journal and I will never ever forget because I feel like he helped me to walk in a high place. What he told me, because I've really been working on the word salt and I've been working on the word humility, and I've been working on that and a lot of other stuff that I've been studying. And what he told me this morning was he says, you know, Robbie, you can't achieve humility on your own. You know, I don't know if that thought has ever occurred to you, but of course, you know, you realize that he is going to have to help us to become humble. In other words, you got to quit believing you can even be humble on your own because the first thing you got to do is drop the self-reliance, right? And so humility requires, first of all, realizing that we can't do this alone.

We can't do anything alone. And you know, whether it's, you know, whether you're trying to work out something financially or you're trying to work out something in your relationships or you're trying to work out something in your faith, you know, all those things require reliance on God. And of course, the quicker that you turn to him and all that and walk with him, right, you're going to get to go higher. If you start walking with him, he's going to make your feet like Heinz feet. He's going to give you phenomenal wisdom. There's all these things, but the very first part of the whole equation is you can't do it without him.

I like John Eldred says, God's rigged the whole world. So you can't do it without him. And what a beautiful thing to consider in this whole idea of you can't do it without him. And so he also mentioned that you can't do faith without him and you can't do love without him. In other words, it requires two to tango.

In so many different ways. Well, when you look at the word humility, you're going to find that it ends in aion, which has to mean that you're going to be yoked to something, right? And also it starts out with a zaddy, like you want to do things right, right? And then the middle letter is a nun. You're going to have faith in that which you are yoked to, which is hopefully Jesus, whose name also ends with aion. And the idea within the idea of Yeshua is that aion has to do with vision and being yoked to kind of in the same way, having God's vision, how that looks will yoke you as well. And so when you think about that, in order to take full advantage of your hinds feet, you got to be yoked to God. So in order to walk humbly with our God, you know, it requires him for the part of the equation. And so, you know, I think it's absolutely spectacular that this verse ends this way. And then it says to the chief singer, right, on stringed instruments. And what you see all over those two words are nuns and ions.

And so seriously, both words are filled with nuns and ions. And the idea of the nun again being faith, and the idea of the ion being yoked, okay. And so remember what I was supposed to learn, how to be gathered, right, in great faith in so many different ways. Habakkuk is showing us that and the chief singers are going to do that. You might remember that when you look at the at the words at the very beginning of the chapter, it talked about, you know, that he was going to be on this, a prayer of the prophet Habakkuk on chicken oath, or that word chicken oath is like to correct my errors.

Well, here's the error for Robbie, right? I keep trying to do this stuff on my own. I need to be yoked. And I need to be gathered in great faith. Thanks for listening.
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