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The Wonder of Habakkuk 1:17- Sometimes What We Don't Say Is More Important Than What We Do Say

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 2, 2023 12:15 pm

The Wonder of Habakkuk 1:17- Sometimes What We Don't Say Is More Important Than What We Do Say

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 2, 2023 12:15 pm

Hab 1:17 Shall they therefore empty their net, and not spare continually to slay the nations?

So on this episode I share what I think Habakkuk didn't say.

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This is the Truth Network. Bible Wonders of Habakkuk. Ah, the mystery of the 17th over the pay verse of the first chapter of Habakkuk. And as I have just so enjoyed this chapter and the lesson in Hebrew that it is in so many different ways that I really have learned so much, I now wonder, is the 17th verse more in what he did not say than what he did say?

As I can tell you from listening it, looking at what Rashi had to say and what Matthew Henry has to say, and there's 40,000. I mean, if you look at all the verses, you know, that are connected to this verse, as far as cross references, oh my goodness, I mean, almost the whole book of Jeremiah, not almost the whole book, but several chapters in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah are all considered to be cross references to this verse, yet it's a very short verse. And again, I wonder more if it's about what he didn't say than what he did say, but I'll read it in English and then we'll get into it. And so here you go, it's the pay verse, which has to do with, you know, God's provision comes so often through the letter pay in his, he spoke things into existence. So here it is, shall they therefore empty their net and not spare continually to slay the nations. In other words, from my standpoint, Habakkuk is asking God, you know, what he actually asked him at the very beginning, how long Lord is this?

Shenanigan going to continue to go on that these people are going to continually slay the nation and not show any compassion. And so I studied it and looked at it and thought about it. But the thing that's particularly peculiar about it from my perspective and the mystery of it is that although the other verses were seemed to be just line up perfectly with the 145th Psalm or with the Hebrew alphabet, when it comes to this particular verse, the 17th verse, there is no pay, even though it's the pay verse, there's no pay in it.

And nothing that would totally point to the letter pay, except again, what he did not say. And so I think what's helpful to me, or just really helpful to me and highlighted the 145th Psalm is the pay verse of the 145th Psalm speaks to what I think Habakkuk really wanted to know. And so that would be simply that thy openness thine hand and satisfied the desires of every living thing. That's the 16th verse because it's the pay verse of the 145th Psalm.

As we've talked about, King David did not have a nun verse because the nun was fallen. And so here he, what he's saying, and it says again throughout the pay section of the 119th Psalm is that God provides things by speaking them into existence. And so when he says thou openness thine hand, the word open has to do with the letter pay. And so when he says thy openness thy hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing, clearly Habakkuk is saying, I really, really desire that this would be over and that we would live and once again, things be according to your law, because you might remember his concern that concern that the law had slacked and, and judgment does not go forth. In fact, wrong judgment proceeded was Habakkuk's complaint to God.

And so he's basically getting back from my standpoint, what he did not say, because I think it was just, this is my opinion. I'll have to ask Habakkuk when I get up there, but I think what he was doing was he knew as he was writing this verse, what the pay insignia, I mean, what the pay idea is of God's provision. And he knew that this was the pay verse. And so he was pretty much once again, in my view saying, how long, how long is all this going to go on Lord? And I think that it's absolutely spectacular myself to know that he had such faith in God to leave it there. And that was one thing that Matthew Henry said, it was similar as Matthew Henry said to the end of the end of the 74th Psalm, the 22nd verse, Matthew Henry says that this is kind of where this goes, arise, O God, and plead thy own cause. In other words, the prophet leaves it in God's very, very capable hands, and that God will speak into existence exactly what needs to happen.

And he did. And he did as Habakkuk knew he would. And so I love the lesson in Hebrew that Habakkuk has taught me through this. I think I understand the Psalmic better than I ever did. I certainly understood the nun better than I ever had and the hay better than I ever did as I've gone through this. And I think, okay, God, now I think I understand.

You know, for me personally, like God called me to this study, right? That I asked him, you know, where are we going? And he said he wanted me to study Habakkuk. And this is where he landed me in that.

Oh my goodness. When it comes to, you know, the pay, the idea of, of trusting God, I mean, he will speak things in his time and when it's right and when everything's best, in spite of the fact that it looks like all is black for the home team, it still is completely in God's hands when that's going to work out. And so I don't know about your life, but in my life, there are so many things I would like to know how long, Oh Lord, just like Habakkuk started out this, Oh Lord, how long? And, and my, and David did again in the 13th Psalm.

Oh Lord, how long? And so a lot of times, you know, we just want to shorten the pain, but God understands the process, right? And, and, and like I said, there are so many things in my life that I know that I just would not grow if I didn't have to constantly go back to him to get some answers. And that's what Habakkuk did here is he went to God to get the answer. And, and because if he gave us the answers at the beginning and, you know, he would, we would take off and go work on the solution and he'd be going, Hey sport, you know, what about the fellowship?

Where, what at, where'd you go? Well, fortunately for us, you know, it's waiting on the Lord. That means so very much as we get gathered in and we grow closer and we're, we're put at this point where, you know, like Peter said, you know, where would we go, Lord, if we were going to go somewhere else, where would you go?

Well, here we go. Habakkuk left it there very much saying, Lord, I trust you because I know that you, you fill it the desire of every living thing. I mean, look at that, look at that, look at that, um, pay verse of the 145th Psalm. And you realize that God has got this covered and he knows what it is that you really desire. Unfortunately, for those who desire power, the Deborah Knesser's and his group, they got that. They didn't realize what they were getting, what they get it for those who desired murder. They got that, you know, unfortunately there's people that desire things that they should not have. And eventually God does let them have it. And eventually for many, unfortunately, they'll be given a godless world.

They desire not to have God. And so that desire is going to be met. My challenge with this verse and with this idea, as I sat there and thought about it as God helped me to desire is if you're going to meet the desire of every living thing, help my desire be for you, my help, my desire to be more intimate with you, for you to reveal more to me so that I could, um, walk in your commandments, right. And be and be your disciple is that it's truly my hope. And I, I thank you so much for studying this first chapter of Habakkuk with me. I don't know about you, but I'm terribly excited about the second chapter. And, uh, again, if, if you think about it and pray about God spreading this podcast, I pray that, that if he puts it on your heart, somebody that you might share this with that likes this kind of study likes Hebrew and that kind of thing that you would email them the link to this podcast. So thank you again so much for listening and have a great day.
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