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The Wonder of Habakkuk 1:10 Laughing Stocks

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 24, 2023 8:54 am

The Wonder of Habakkuk 1:10 Laughing Stocks

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 24, 2023 8:54 am

Hab 1:10 And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them: they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it.

Do we trust in our Doctors, layers. bankers, politicians or even our military, police, schools, courts? How many of these folks are the butt of jokes? Listen for the Hand of God.

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This is the Truth Network. Bible Wonders of Habakkuk. Digging around in the Yud Verse today, in Habakkuk Chapter 1, that would be the tenth verse. And the yud is that beginning of the word hand.

It's like the hand of God in its own way. And I'm sure you can see that that's kind of what's going to go on. So here we have the tenth verse in English reads, and they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them. They shall deride every stronghold, they shall heap up dust and take it. So clearly, wow, this is a real interesting set of words here. As I saw these, it kind of blew my mind because the word scoff is very much connected to the word scorn.

And deriding, all those words are an oxidizing or making fun of statutes. It's interesting that what you would consider to be most holy in your world, these people are making fun of. In other words, these people have put their hope in their kings, their armies. The Jews have put all their hope in their strongholds, in their buildings, and all these things. But these kings coming from Babylon, they're going to scoff and scorn all that. And they needed the Lord as their strong tower. They listened to Jeremiah and Isaiah and all these things. But instead, they trusted in their kings.

They trusted in their princes. And here, the Babylonians are simply going to scoff. They're going to scorn. They're going to mock.

This is like they're a flea unto the power of this. And clearly, if we put our, I wrote this, as I was thinking about this, it was like, oh my goodness, when we are in trouble, who do we turn to? Who are you going to call?

Probably not Clodbusters. But as I wrote this, I thought, oh my goodness, look at this. Because how many times when I trust, these are the things I trust with. So I went, when war breaks out, we turn to our government. Or violence or lawlessness, we turn, obviously, to the police, to the government. When we get sick, we turn to our doctors. And our doctors can sometimes can be a laughing stock for sure. Financially, if we get sick, we turn to the bankers, worse. If we get sick legally, we turn to the lawyers.

Need I say more? I have some wonderful lawyer friends in my life. And I understand that here, these are people that interestingly find themselves, if we get mentally sick, we turn to psychiatrists, right? Or if we get spiritually sick, we turn to the minister, the pastor, or Lord Jesus. Help me, and I couldn't mean this more sincerely, help me to turn and trust in you. And so I ended up on this verse, studying the word turn, which has to do with a pay, which is your face. And then a nun, which has to do with faith. Like, where do you turn? Where do you put your faith when the ox is in the ditch?

You know, when things go awry. And here, you know, obviously, these Babylonians, these cloudbusters are going to make fun of who you have turned to, okay? And the word trust is a Het and a Psalmic, which is like very close to the word hesed, right?

Because it's a Het and a Psalmic and a Dalit is the word hesed. But trust is just like that word where you're united to this unbelievable strength, which is God. And it's expressed where, you know, hesed is that, you know, merciful God that, you know, David said, surely goodness and mercy, that hesed, that servant of, you know, God's united power that he has for us. And so, oh my goodness, I mean, I mean, I think about, you know, I'm going to turn to all these different people. And I have in my life, very, very godly people that I turn to in such situations. My doctor is Terry Diekel and a very godly, wonderful Christian man. You know, when I had cancer and all, I turned to him. Undoubtedly, you know, when I have legal problems, I turned to an amazing lawyer. I have Adam Draper, one of my favorite friends in all the world.

We talk Hebrew all the time. You know, I have people that I turn to. And financially, I have Hans Scheil, who is just a spectacular man of God and financial counselor. But as I really think about all these people that, wow, the first person I should always, always, always, always turn to is the lover of my soul. And I can't help but think of the 16th Psalm, you know, where he just starts out, oh, Lord, in whom I trust, you know, preserve me. Oh, Lord, in whom I trust, my soul is said to you, you're my God.

You know, those, those statements are a place where I have to, you know, not just go first thing in the morning, but I got to go, you know, more and more and more and more. Somehow or another, I pushed that faith into God and not into all these other structures that the world puts their faith in like, because man, the cloudbusters are going to come and there's going to be stronger, there's going to be somebody, there's going to be a stronger banker, there's going to be a stronger lawyer, there's going to be a stronger government, there's going to be a stronger whatever, you know, then then then you're facing, but there ain't nobody that's going to be stronger than God. And so when it comes to a hand that I'm going to turn to a kid, right, that in fact, you might hear the Jewish people referred to as their Yiddish because they consider themselves to be the hand of God, that's pretty cool. I would like to be considered the hand of God, but to be the hand of God, I've got to be connected to God and I got to turn to God or otherwise, you know, then, and I got to turn to other people that I also know will turn to God right when it comes to doctors and lawyers and bankers and government and officials and those kinds of things.

Like, oh man, we desperately need, right, chesed, we need this unbelievable force and we need statutes that can't be mocked. You know, it just, it blows my mind that, you know, their kings were mocked, but man, if they had mocked David, a real king or mocked Jesus, you know, this would not be good because God does not look lightly on people that mock his people. Like, you know, the first time you see this word mocked, the very word that they use for scorn here is the boys that mocked the prophet that said, come up here, old bald head.

You remember what happened? The bear came, the bear, right, and mauled them because they had mocked God's man. Well, you know that if they'd mocked David or if they mocked Jesus, I mean, this is, this is, he's going to, he's fully able to protect his own. And so we're going to leave, you know, what God's going to do to those who mock us, right? And follow the statutes that are actually clinging to the holiness of God, not the holiness of all these other people or other organizations or other structures. But, you know, what a beautiful opportunity we have, you know, when we have, when I had cancer, you know, when the dealership crumbled and I needed a lawyer, all these things, I had plenty of opportunity, right, to turn to people like this, that we, where we put our trust, but oh my goodness, at the end of the day, we desperately need to turn our face towards the one we really have faith in.

And that would be God and enjoy right and trust right there with complete faith in what he's going to do. I hope this helps you. It sure helps me. Thanks for listening.
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