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October 22, 2022 1:00 am

FRI HR 1 102122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right, What's Left, is coming up right now. Coming to you live from Independence Ohio.

You changed your life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bringing to light the enemies of freedom, steal your rights, your children and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this 21st day of October which is Friday 2022.

Right, yep. All right folks tonight and this is the last night of pledge week. We've got less than two hours.

Less than two hours. We've got to finish strong tonight. We really do. Back there in the boiler room. We had the boiler room was full tonight.

In that boiler room uh you've got the regular. You got Randy. You've got Eric. And tonight we got Ron, Barb and Christine all out there. And we're going to throw Lisa in there in a few minutes.

Now tonight folks, tonight we we're desperate. So we lock them in. There's no bathroom breaks. No bathroom breaks until we get at least one half okay of our pledge tonight. I'll let you know so they get locked in. And so think about this.

Think about if you or them have three women in there with no bathroom breaks. And who do we have to enforce it? We got the enforcer himself. The guy with the dials and the smiles. None other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. Way out yonder.

Way out yonder in Houston, Texas. Well there he's got a 10-gallon hat. And he's kind of like John Wayne in a way. None other than the chaplain, John McTernan. Well hello Pastor Ernie. Thank you for the nice introduction and God bless you and all our listeners. Well thank you very much. John we have to finish strong tonight.

We really do. Okay. And so uh little Lisa's been wanting to say hello. Good evening everyone. Oh there you go. Now get back there. Go on. No bathroom breaks okay until we get we got to get our pledge.

One half, one half. All right there you go. All right John we have a lot tonight.

Lightning lightning rounds tonight. This is uh the last night that we have before we want to raise money for another whole month of bringing what the opposition does not want us to bring to the people out there huh? Uh yeah Pastor Ernie.

They want everything shut down and silenced so they can operate their crimes and actually it's the better definition would be sin with no opposition. Well you know to show you the Bible tells you it talks about the last days perilous times. We're there.

We're there. These are the perilous times and not only is the deep street coming and the anti-christian movement but John the Pope Francis has appointed a pro-abortion atheist anti-capitalist economist economist and climate alarmist as a full member of the Panofuk Academy for Life. Did you know that? That's like appointing a Nazi to a Jewish synagogue. Right what does that tell you about the Pope? Oh Pastor Ernie he's been compromised since oh I'm just about day one. I called I called him the Catholic Obama.

Yeah that would be yeah I could see that. All right folks and you've seen that what they've done they've subpoenaed Donald president the legitimate president the actual legitimate president of the United States Donald J. Tom they have put a subpoena on him I think he it's what January I think he has to appear but I think he wants to appear I think he wants to go in there and just. He'll have a battle because his attorneys will tell him I guess to make to appear but to plead the fifth amendment. They probably will but I know Donald Trump he and he wants to load on him.

Well that would be that would be the best thing I mean for him to come with evidence and to show the fraud and things like that that would be the best thing to do. Yeah because you know they'll try to shut him down they'll try to shut him down but the more they do that the you know they're pushing you know they're pushing hard. Joe bomb was pushing for a civil war they really are pushing hard for a civil war and if it comes it's not going to be because we wanted it it's not because we started it but we're gonna if it does come our people are going to have to finish it shouldn't we. Well we certainly are because there's not there's no good thing on the other side of whatever they do if we don't win I mean it's these are these are I don't even use the word evil for them I call them murderous psychopaths. They're they're wicked the Bible says when the righteous and their authority the people rejoice but when the wicked are in authority the people mourn huh.

Oh yeah you can see that. Not too many happy people out there today are there. Well it's getting to be less and less Pastor Ernie it's sort of like the tide coming in you know people that are low in the tide start to drown and then it comes in and more people start drowning and that's what they're doing goes it's a slow like drowning. You know yeah did you know but one of the things I wanted to say this here and even dedicate this radio program tonight to those patriots out there those Christian patriots uh let me see okay we've uh what's going on here uh isn't the computer working tonight all right oh I see last night last night when we went when we went off the air I didn't get to mention we had Carla in Dallas donated 100. Joanne in New York donated 250 and Melanie in Michigan 50 think or Marlene and Michigan thank you thank you thank you ladies but you know I wanted to also thank uh all of those people mostly probably 80 percent of the letters we get are from women but but they're encouraging they're really encouraging out there uh knowing that um you know what we're doing here we're reaching people and they appreciate what we're doing and it's really good to hear these encouraging letters from the folks out there I just want to say god bless all of you for for standing and fighting the fight and joe john we're going to pick up where we left off the title of the message uh this week was it is what it is or is it and we're going to finish tonight john in second thessalonians chapter three that's second thessalonians chapter three uh versus 13 uh through 17 so uh would you like to go there and read that 13 through 17 okay but ye brethren be not weary and well doing uh you're in the wrong place of that second thessalonians oh i'm sorry chapter two i said chapter three i meant chapter two it was three at the top of the page okay but just chapter two versus 13 if you had an electric bible like i do you wouldn't uh made a mistake like that yeah but then it might get wet in the rain and catch on fire like those that's what's happening those electric cars in florida yeah i know hurricane yeah apparently when you caught fire in a garage i think in the house and burned it down yeah well i'm liable to hear that you were walking in the rain with your electric bible and uh got hit by lightning all right okay but we are bound to give thanks always to god for you brethren beloved of the lord because god has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the spirit and belief in the truth wherefore uh where unto you he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our lord jesus christ therefore brethren stand fast and hold the traditions which you have been taught whether by word or our epistle now our lord jesus christ himself and god even our father which has loved us and have given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work okay so he says but we are bound to give thanks always to god for you brother beloved of the lord because god hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through the sanctification of the spirit and the belief of the truth so if we go over to eph to ephesians chapter four and we read our chapter one verse four he says that before the foundations of the earth before the foundations of the earth um god knew us and we were sanctified before the foundations of the earth so here that you know what that means don't you joe john means you and i are older and dirt yeah but it but anyhow so that's predestination do people often get misunderstand predestination you know pastor ernie did the whole doctrine and denominations built on it and so what is he talking about i mean does god does god say well all right i'm going to send you to heaven you to hell you to heaven and you to hell or is god uh a holy and a completely just god does he give everybody the opportunity is anyone denied the opportunity to receive him uh the bible says for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life so the opportunity is there pastor ernie and that's where whosoever believes in him comes in so uh it says it's not god's will that any come short of the glory huh well right yeah well absolutely well then how how do you justify predestination because it says right here that god chose us before the salvation uh uh to salvation before the foundations of the earth so then then how do you how do you justify if god chose us i mean uh that means that we had nothing to do with the gain of our salvation there was nothing that we could have done uh but god so what is that actually saying there because we know that salvation is a free gift there was nothing we could do to earn it not even a minute of it so what is that actually saying though well um our our actually pastor ernie and john it says and this is the work of god that we believe on him whom god has sent so our it's our belief our faith in jesus christ is what is what triggers eternal life in us we repent of sin and we confess jesus christ as our lord and savior but um the way i look at it pastor ernie god knows the end from the beginning he knows the beginning from the end and that uh he has um it works out with our free will intersects with his if you want to call it predestination and that's where salvation comes all right if you look at today like the weather do you ever see how they predict the weather especially these hurricanes and that so they have computer models they use artificial intelligence and these computer models uh will tell you pretty much uh a day ahead of time what the temperature is going to be in certain places what's coming our way this and that and it's all it's all set up on uh a computer model what what has happened you know uh previously what has always happened so now when god knows i mean god knows those that are going to receive him and those that are going to reject him he knows this long before we're ever born and so when he tells you that he has chosen us it's because isn't it not like uh let's just say that god has the ability to know how we would turn out who we would be again you know before we were ever born before we ever born he has this he has this ability it's like it's like watching an entire movie and then rewinding it and then watching it again in a sense so god god knows history not only does he know history and time but he owns it it does time is what god says it is now people say well how could that possibly be well that's far beyond our ability to even begin right to try to comprehend that before i go any further i got to do this phone lines are open and we got to do some pledges 888-281-1110 that's the that's the line too with the credit cards 888-281-1110 uh do we get any pledges yet and tonight yet i didn't see any here well i got to go back and find out that he he doesn't have us in you don't have a start we're up there in the computer for tonight okay all right i start with all right let me do this i start over here with uh linda and kevin they pledged 200 thank you linda and kevin kevin and shardin pledges 100 and geeza geeza in cleveland pledges 50 thank you thank you thank you all right and that is uh the other number is 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 folks this is our last night we got to finish strong we really got to finish strong okay so then john so then god knows exactly uh how we're all going to turn out and and i mean it's it's impossible for us to even begin to try to comprehend that isn't it well that's what i said this bernie he knows isaiah said god knows the beginning from the end and the end and the end from the beginning and that plays into what we're talking about i mean not only does he know but is it i mean isn't god really the beginning in the end i mean he he's the elf in the mega isn't he and so well he's nothing exists outside of god you know everything is uh it's it's everything in the universe is from him so everything the entire universe you and i everything that exists is sustained by god is it not correct absolutely no and you wonder this is that is such an awesome statement and you wonder but but it's it's almost impossible even begin to try to comprehend how such a thing could be that they're i'll give you a verse for that yeah hebrews 1 3 who being in the bright speaking of jesus christ who being in the brightness of his glory from the expressed image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power he's upholding upholding all things by the word of his power when he had by himself purged our sins sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high all right then he says where unto he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our lord jesus christ so in other words when you when you heard the gospel of your salvation now it was predestined those god who god sanctified he knew it was going to be but then the next step is we had to get the invitation we had to hear the invitation and that's when we heard the gospel of our salvation from a preacher right generally someone someone had to get the gospel to us best bernie well i mean if it's i'm not i'm if it's a non-clergy person if they're witnessing in the sense they're actually preaching right that's true okay and so that's so so the the the completion of that is when we hear the gospel of our salvation okay and then uh we receive christ as our savior we make the profession of faith in christ right and then he then he says therefore stand fast behold your traditions which you have been taught whether by word or by epistle now we god gives us three main missions doesn't he three main missions mission one is the great commission that's job one mission one that's that's matthew 28 verses 18 through 20 that's that's we preach the gospel in season we witness to people teach the gospel and baptized in the name of the father son the holy ghost right yes that's that is the heart of that's the heart of our faith really so that's mission one that's that's mission one of this radio ministry too isn't it yeah pastor ernie because you know everything we're talking about here politically and all will pass away one day but uh the eternal the eternal life in us will last forever so that is the most important thing there is to be lined up with god's word for eternal life well all right john we we're four thousand five hundred and fifty dollars short of our goal for tonight so four thousand five hundred and fifty is what we need if you would pledge that then you know we wouldn't even have to go on with the pledge thing tonight it it would be nice best already wouldn't it yeah it would be all right let me go back to this uh so here now the number so there's three missions god gives us the one is the great commission the second one is from genesis to revelation from genesis to revelation the bible teaches that resistance to tyranny is obedience to god resistance to tyranny is obedience to god there's one chapter in the bible that sums that up it's called the heroes of the the heroes of the faith that's hebrews chapter 11 huh yeah yeah that whole chapter really is a big long list of uh as you said heroes of the faith and that the action that they uh performed that they're classified as a hero of the faith and if we look at starting when the days of noah with noah and his family and then we go to shifra and pewa the midwives the two midwives they were government employees actually they worked for for pharaoh uh they obeyed god rather than government they obey god rather than the corrupt government we take a look at moses's mother and father they obey god rather than the corrupt government then you look at shadrach misshek and abednego and you look at daniel and jeremiah and isaiah and elijah i went all the way through they obey god rather than uh remember what peter told the sad hendron when they asked why didn't you obey our laws and he told them what we ought to obey god rather than men and uh is that not what we do we are to be a god rather than men right uh yeah otherwise you end up to submitting to people like the nazis and the communists and all these tyrants throughout history we become part of their um their evil well i mean aren't we now right now in a police state they have uh they're trying to um outlaw saying certain things telling us you're going to jail right now they're arresting people we just had bill dumpfi on here yesterday uh a good friend of mine a pastor for a good friend of mine was arrested for for preaching that the election was stolen the election was stolen uh and so he was out here last night and i'm going to get him back on to find out and help him because they he's got to raise funds for his defense but all of the things they charged him with you know they've charged him with all kinds of things the fbi came to his house but in all fairness he said that they they were very professional they came to his house they didn't point guns in the faces of children like like uh the dirty 30 have done but uh he said they were professional they they did their job and and he could tell they didn't really want to be there and uh they didn't disrespect his wife or anything but the fact of it is all the things that they're charging him with all these made-up charges and we know where that's coming from from from the most dirty cop in all of government and that's merrick garland and so and his sidekick uh ray yeah and so what was he doing uh or what was he saying where was he and uh the reason for arresting him well he had preached a message like i preached it's exactly like i preached on the stolen election that the election was stolen and then he went to january 6 he went there but he didn't see anything he didn't i mean he was there he just saw the crowds um and he saw he never he saw the front but never the back of the uh of congress there uh he he wasn't one of the ones that was stormed inside the building or anything like that and so uh but he was there and i guess you know that he he when he preached in his message that he was there that's all they needed to know and uh so they went after him with no evidence that he did anything uh to try and overthrow the government is that correct correct that's right you don't need any evidence all you have to do is be there remember this is a police state we are in a police state right now this is a police state and so in fact i'm going to play a little clip uh lord's will in the uh stop of the hour with jim jordan and he's going after merrick garland and praise the good lord for jim jordan we have a few congressmen and senators that have some metal have some guts have some honor have some integrity and you know again i just wish that more pastors the pastors in this country had the courage of jim jordan that's that's what's needed i mean what's happening to america is way beyond politics you're telling me there's a spiritual element that we must have revival i mean how can we have a political stability here when we have the hard left i mean everything they're doing they're they're in the process of trying to destroy america they're they're woke and they want to destroy our children they're doing everything they can do to to turn a little kindergarten first second grade kids into confused confused little children about their sex yeah they got a new thing john called furries but we'll tell you about that later i want to say thank you to andrea and michigan pledged 58 ken and missouri pledges 1 000 and caroline and illinois pledges 125 and anonymous and bronx pledges 100 thank you thank you thank you we'll be back right after this i had this crazy dream about some folks who love this country who all began to dream the same dream to dream the same dream and when the morning came there arose across this nation people thinking one and the same and they all defined their freedoms and all their liberties had gradually been taken away and when they realized the danger to their posterity i heard those patriotic people say we want this country back we ain't just joking jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back she's been driven way off track we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore oh remember golden days when the stars and stripes forever symbolized her glorious name america but now it's all been changed and when we gaze upon old glory it's hard to fight back feelings of shame work it up with lion politicians and greedy corporations who have sold us out time and again and we're sick and tired of sending our soldiers off to wars that we were never meant to win we want this country back we ain't just joking jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back she's been driven way off track we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore now we know our cause is right and our victory's on the way and we won't give up the fight till we hear 200 million say we want this country back we ain't just joking jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back and we ain't taking anymore back we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore that's right we're not gonna take it anymore we said we're not gonna take it anymore that's right we're not gonna take it anymore we said we're not gonna take it anymore that's right all right folks i couldn't i couldn't take it anymore i broke down i let them out i let those those women out so that they could use the ladies room there you go kind of makes me proud of myself doing that there uh john but anyhow guess what two things we want to say uh geeza from cleveland pledged 150 not 50 it was 150 thank you geeza but john there's a fellow a lady it's called uh she has written a ministry her son and i believe if i remember right he was a a former if i remember right i may be wrong but i think he was a former police officer and then a soldier first and then a police officer but he he got set up and this was 15 years ago he's been in prison he got in uh into a fight he was attacked and this and that but um all the evidence is that he was set up and so finally john uh someone has come forward and said look they'll pay for the lawyer now uh and so his mother is asking she wants you to pray that you would would send them the right lawyer would help them and all the folks out there listening with you it's very important for this mother to see her son while she's still alive uh so would you pray for for uh i believe that her his name is randy's mother i will pray for a randy to find a good lawyer to get out of prison randy is that his name randy i believe it's randy yeah okay father we bring before you randy in this situation lord uh there are corrupt elements in the government on all level that for whatever reason will use fraud to put people in jail and to long sentences lord but we're asking now that you would help randy get the right attorney and that the truth would come out that's what we're asking for the truth lord we don't want anything made up we don't want anything doctored or anything like that we want the truth to come out and that the truth of this problem with randy and what happened within the police it'll come out and he will be set free that's we're asking for the truth here to be applied to this situation and with the truth he would be set free from jail in jesus name amen thank you you know john years ago when i was a young fellow when i first got to the prison ministry i thought uh the bad guys were all in prison and the good guys put them there but then after being in the prison ministry for a while and going to court sitting in i realized basically for the most part in this country today now you have two sets of criminals one in charge of the other our our judicial system has been so corrupted with with corrupt lawyers and that and judges and you know we've gotten around seven men off of death row that never should have been on death row but the you know the evidence once we got the evidence away from the prosecutors and that and it came out um you know it proved that they were innocent and or some of them years later people came forward and admitted that they had made false accusations but but today uh and i hate to say but our judicial system guilt or innocent means very little okay it's basically getting a victory you know if uh it's not good it's bad but those are the days this is why the bible says it's perilous times for living and and i i can tell you this there's been a lot of innocent men have been executed over the years and most people have got no idea they're clueless out there well well pastor ernie uh years back now i don't know how many i'm gonna say 25 in around there maybe 30 uh the um chicago law school assigned their students to do investigations of everybody on death row in illinois do you remember that pastor ernie yeah i do i i do yeah and i think eight eight were found to be not guilty and they're on death row and they followed leads that the police didn't do whatever reason and they took evidence and uh had it re-examined and all and then we're eight now i mean can you i can't think of anything worse than being innocent and on death row to be executed yeah i i know men some of my men that i was their pastor for years were innocent we did stories on that we took brought it here on the air and uh showed how they were innocent but uh again like i told you in our judicial system it's been so corrupted it's it's you know guilt or innocence doesn't mean much at all it's just getting a win today if you have money firstly conversely uh with the defense they'll they try and concoct the biggest lies they can to get the uh someone who is guilty off sure they will so the whole thing is just lies it can be lies on one end and on one end and on both ends just lies lies and more lies yep you're absolutely right absolutely right i was called in because of the my history in the in the prison ministry 45 years working in there so i would be called in because i i would have uh evidence of things you know of cases and that because of the inmates so uh in fact the maryland shepherd murder case with sam shepherd and that i was deposed i was deposed for that murder and i was uh as a witness because the men that were charged in that and sam shepherd's cellmate i was their pastor for years i was their pastor richard eberling who was charged for that murder i was his pastor and because of that i was brought in i was deposed and i was i was only seven years old at the same at the same age as chip shepherd the one who uh brought the lawsuit you know for wrongful uh incarceration against his father for that that uh for that killing but anyhow uh yeah there's there's so much that you don't you don't know and again so many innocent people in prison today but again that's the days we're living in it's called perilous times eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero folks these phones have not been ringing i'm sitting here i can tell when they're ringing because of the board lights up and then randy comes in with a little note that he hands it over to craig and craig puts it up on the board right okay and so eight eight eight two eight one tell them craig eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three geez i was nice enough to let the the ladies out to go to the bathroom so folks show me some gratitude by calling eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero now that's the uh the line for the credit cards too or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three all right you ready for the lightning rounds are you ready for lightning rounds i sure am okay okay okay north carolina's school board votes to forfeit all volleyball games against school with transgender player after a girl was injured you know what i'm talking about don't you yeah i watched the video on that he really nailed her didn't he uh yeah i i couldn't tell the size difference and all that because the video wasn't that really good but uh she was back away from the net and the ball was on his side right by the net and he jumped up and and really slammed it down and hit her right on the like forehead and knocked her out do you think any of those women the real women the real women that were playing any of them could have spiked the ball that hard i doubt it best ernie i mean that was a real shot in fact i think the medical report said she has a severe concussion and neck injury as a result of it yeah you know see you and i you know we've known all along that men and women are different huh yeah i have an advanced degree in biology past ernie that's how i found it out and i taught you i spent hours teaching you right remember yeah yeah and so i mean if you could take me right out there in the street and you say point out a woman i could point out a woman and then you say a man i i could tell the difference and um it wasn't just because i was registered as a republican okay right i mean if i had been registered a democrat could i have done that i don't i don't i think a lot of them you couldn't you couldn't and you couldn't dare you can't dare call a him a him and the she or she i mean that that's uh you might get arrested for that test ernie you know what about common sense does common sense tell you that women are not made to be warriors just common sense here here's what if i were king okay you know i would have women and do things that women should do just and men do the type of things men would do i would have listen to this only women could be mothers think about that so if i were the king that would be the law only women can be mothers okay uh yeah and and only men could be fathers wouldn't that be a great thing well that sounds radical today all righty but there there are certain things you know just adding to what you were saying a couple years back i don't know two three four years back all three four years back of these uh brain dead insane uh mma fighters or uh or promoters allowed a man a transgendered man to get in the ring with a woman and he ended up busting her cheekbone her jaw her ribs and a bunch of other things i remember that yeah yeah i mean he busted a really bad pastor ernie that that's criminal to me i if i remember right that that they they promoted this thing and they had that woman out there saying she will show you that there is that there's no difference that women can be every bit as powerful and strong as men right and that's the way they promoted that uh women are not as strong as men john this is a fact it's working with good pastor ernie i remember she got busted up really bad yep anyhow yeah i would make it if i were the king i would make it that only women could have babies okay uh and and things like that you know those type of things common sense common sense if i were uh if i were king i would not have women in combat at all they if they served they would serve because you see we care more for our women we we don't think women should be treated that way um but then again common sense out there today you know the bible talks about feminism that's it it's the same as witchcraft it's the same as witchcraft and all of the insanity that we we have out there today i want you to think about this because the the people that we're up against they don't know what a woman is john they don't they want they want to turn boys into girls and girls into boys uh they want to legalize pedophilia they they got a new name for it now uh uh it's it's uh what is it minor minor attractive yeah uh they want to put pornography in the textbooks boy you saw what happened did you see what happened in michigan uh at the city council meeting or the uh school board meeting yeah yeah dearborn the muslims come out i just was watching that the muslims were not happy about the pornography in the textbooks uh they want to put and they have put it and and both been portland in oregon and washington state of washington tampax machines in the boys bathrooms boys bathrooms john uh now today you have furries in other words in the public fool system john in the public fool system they want to put litter boxes in the closets for little boys or girls to think they're puppies or kittens or something so they can go in there now now think about this you see you start out you know with a feminist movement try to take away and destroy the differences between god's creation right god made men to be men women to be women there was nothing wrong with that okay that worked out great for thousands of years didn't it but now but now we've got this total reprobate society out there i mean it is is the democratic communist party has become totally mindless it's mindless and reprobate hasn't it it really is pasternian and the sad thing is uh these reprobates in the schools are trying to turn little kindergarten first second grade on up kids into reprobates like them they're using the school system to create to turn the kids into reprobates yeah i know that john for 50 years on this radio program we've been saying if you love your children get them out of the public schools if you love your children get them out they're indoctrination centers so for 50 years we've been saying that now here i have so many uh adults you know grandparents have come to me and say we louis that we had listened to you those that had sent their kids to the public school system now they're adults and because in many cases now i've seen this happening now more and more because the grandparents who are smarter who've been around a while and they've been around a while and refuse to take the kill shot you know the the jab that they call a vaccine which is not a vaccine uh some of these adult parents refuse to allow their their parents the grandparents to see the grandchildren without taking the kill shot and that is a terrible thing isn't it well pastor i mean in the beginning all right uh i mean we saw through it right away there's no excuse now there's no excuse for anybody that promotes these uh these death shots and the cdc just came out uh this week with a 15 to 0 they have a board there 15 to 0 ruling that youngsters now like birth and to go to school you have to have the death death shot and i guess the boosters where the the death for children is minuscule pastor ernie it's like more kids are dying from and having severe complications from the shots than any type of uh flu and like to get like a covid-19 right many many many more people are dying from the shot now john if you go all the way back to 2000 uh to march and of 2000 and i believe it was 2019-2019 when before the shots were given before they were even given the shots remember they were talking about these shots so we looked into it and we had wendy wilson here in the program and and wendy was saying look all of the lab animals that they tested this stuff on all of them 100 of them died and that this is an experimental it hasn't been tested on humans right it has not been tested on humans so by the giving the shout out to the masses is the test and people are dying but the fake news media nbc abc cbs they're told play this down play this down because look all of the advertisers on your station this message was brought to you by pfizer you see all these all of these uh commercials from all these drugs from all these drug companies that's where the money's coming from play it down play it down so you know what you know a couple million people die so what uh play it down the money's coming in and that's why you know we're here trying to warn people now i just was just read an article here in fact if i could find that again uh where it talks about guess what fewer people today have uh have trust in the shots more and more people are rejecting and turning away from the vaccines what about that can you believe it after all these people after all these people have died yeah pestering but i believe it's uh shows like this one uh there are sources out there that are getting the truth out but if it wasn't for like your show of the the people really wouldn't know it's all lies it's all pure propaganda lies but the the antidote for the lies is the truth and you've been getting it out and that's why it's needed to uh support this ministry because you uh the things you say pastor you really can't have you know advertisers yeah because they go after advertisers gain of function gain of function listen to this you know we talked about this time yesterday here's an update fauci's agency ended echo health are funded funded echo health one million dollar grant to help create a new 80 percent kill 80 kill rate uh covid strain in violation of u.s law that's gain of function he's talking about here boston university newly developed coronavirus strain with an alleged 80 percent a kill rate would not have been possible were not for the grant ordered by tony fauci to echo health alliance as the scandal continues to unfold we learned that the national institutes of health and the national institute of allergy and infectious disease the latter of which had been controlled by fauci for decades sent american taxpayer dollars to boston university to develop a deadly strain a highly deadly strain of the chinese virus capable of killing eight out of ten subjects who catch it that's it's like they're totally lawless aren't they why develop that past ernie and there's they're they're saying this like um what two weeks three weeks before the election and it makes me wonder that they are they gonna i guess they don't have enough time to turn this thing loose and start another pandemic stampede and everything taking over but why why would you develop something so deadly as this well again you know uh if we if somehow an escape from the laboratory by some mistake right and all of a sudden started killing started killing more and more people it's because that is the goal we've done program after program you know the the world depopulation center that's their goal is to depopulation of course that that would have to make sure there was no election in 2024 uh they would have to be everyone would have to go into shelter in place we're coming up to a break we'll come back from the break got some interesting clip we'll be right back okay thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 speary road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word cleveland dot com the word cleveland dot com once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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