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God’s Gonna Call – Clod Busters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 21, 2023 2:34 pm

God’s Gonna Call – Clod Busters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 21, 2023 2:34 pm

“For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs.”

Habakkuk 1:6

When did God call the clod busters on YOU?

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This is the Truth Network. If you think you're better than those in the hood, God's gonna call podbusters. If your wallet's stuck and it don't give good, God's gonna call podbusters. I'm afraid of those horses.

I'm terrified of that wolf. Podbusters. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now, nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud.

You got to nip it in the bud. Podbusters. If you think you're better than those in the hood, God's gonna call podbusters. If your wallet's stuck and it don't give good, God's gonna call podbusters. I'm afraid of those horses.

I'm terrified of that wolf. Podbusters. You might realize now that we are naming this show. Well, I'll tell you what, Rob, before you go into that, I just never knew I was coming this morning and build a new talent. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Don't give up your day job. That's what they're saying. Wrapping Robbie.

Yeah, Wrapping Robbie. So God's gonna call podbusters. I mean, I guess you kind of figured that from the intro. I did have fun putting that together and thinking about it this morning. And you're probably wondering what in the world? Well, as always, you know, I have a little something. So I, you know, beginning 2023, God has me in the book of Habakkuk and we're in Habakkuk chapter one. And so when you get into Habakkuk chapter one, we had talked about last week, you know, that Habakkuk was bemoaning the way that people were acting around him. And then all of a sudden, uniquely in the book of Habakkuk, God starts talking himself in the book. And he starts talking to the prophet Habakkuk.

And this is what he says has everything to do with cloud busting, as you're going to understand here in a second. And so I don't know if I've ever thought of myself as a clod, but we're going to get there. So, behold ye among the heathen. Now just think about that a minute, okay? Now the Jews, unfortunately, and believe me, when I'm pointing my finger at them, I'm pointing five back at me. We'll get to that in a minute.

But right now I just have to point my finger because this is what God's doing. He's saying that, look, the Jewish people thought that their spirit was better than the spirit of the nations. In other words, they had spirit, because God gave them the law and whatever, that they were literally a better form of human being. And so they rose themselves up above and became hard-hearted.

That's going to become very important in this discussion. But these hard-hearted Jews would not imagine themselves being among the heathen or the nations, right? These uncircumcised.

What are you doing with these people? He says, but God says, behold ye among the heathen. And then he says, and regard and wonder marvelously. So he's telling you, think a lot about this.

Wonder and marvel, okay. And he says, I'm going to work a work in your days, which you will not believe. In other words, you will not see this coming. I'm going to work a work in your days, which, by the way, I bet you there's been something done in your life. I did not see that coming, right? Like, man, that's just unbelievable.

I'm going to work a work in your days, which you will not believe, even if it was told to you. And so then he says, and here's his verse six, he says, for lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation. Now here's the reason why we're saying Clodbusters today. It's because the word Chaldeans in Hebrew means Clodbuster, which is significant when you think of Jesus' parable of the soil.

That the first seed didn't get to go in because what? The dirt was hard because it would have been rutted from people walking over and over, like our hearts get hard when we begin to think that we're better than other people and all that. And so who's God going to call? And you ain't going to believe it when they come, because it's going to be heavy duty.

So like, man, you're not going to see this coming, but he's going to call Clodbusters, just saying. And they're going to march through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs. Okay. That means they are going to hit you where you live.

Okay. And let me show you how neat that is, because dwelling places is tabernacle. Well, tabernacle, if you know, if you're a Christian, where do you tabernacle with God? It's in your heart.

In other words, he's going to hit you where you live. And clearly for the Jews, they lived in the temple. That was their idea of, you know, we have this, nobody else has it.

Okay. And the Chaldeans were going to put an end to that. And they did not see that coming.

They just didn't. They, you know, they totally trusted in their place there. And then it says, they're terrible and dreadful, and their judgment and dignity proceed of themselves. And what that's saying is, you know, it's my way or the highway here. You know, like, when they speak, you're going to listen, or you're going to listen to them.

Let me just say, as certainly a lot of those kings found out the hard way. But here's kind of where I want to land today, because I think it's so beautiful what God shares with us here. And it's so relevant to what we are living with in our worlds, based on our own behavior. Okay. So it says, their horses are swifter than leopards, and more fierce than even wolves, and their horses shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far, and they shall fly like an eagle that hasteth to eat.

Okay. So with all that being said, that little paragraph right there, the eighth verse of the first chapter would be the miracle verse, right? If you're following, Robby loves to talk about the miracle verse, where there's the miracle, okay? And all of the animals that are in this verse are—you can read the book of Revelation, you're going to see plenty of horses, and they're going to be swift, and it ain't going to be pretty, okay?

It's just, you know. And wolves, oh my goodness, and all these symbols have been symbols of nations throughout the history of the world. And I'm going to read the book of Revelation, and I'm going to read some of the symbols of nations throughout the history of the world, right? You may be aware that the Greeks were considered to be leopards. That was their symbol. The leopard was a Greek symbol. And the horses, of course, were Babylon—was a Babylonian symbol. In fact, I have a picture of one of Nebuchadnezzar's obelisks that's there at that will show you one of those lines. That obelisk shows a horse, a two-headed leopard, another horse, and then it shows an eagle at the end of this—as if whoever carved it had read this passage.

It's like, man, you've got to be kidding me. There's the eagle, like right there. And all these are symbols of countries throughout the world. And I don't know if you ever realized this—I didn't, actually, until I began to study it—that Germany's symbol was a wolf in so many different ways.

You think about it. Their submarines were called a wolf pack. Well, there was a reason that the Germans have long used the wolf as a symbol.

Thus, the name Wolfgang—and I did not know it, but Adolf itself—comes from the word wolf. And so does Rudolph, by the way, for those reindeer friends out there. But man, these animals are symbols that God is using, not just on a huge scale that we're talking about worldwide apocalypse here, we're talking about in your life on a regular basis. He brings these ideas, and it's really a beautiful thing that the Jews teach.

You know, they have a better neshama than us. They think they got it going on. But they do teach that Adam had, like, special vision that he could see when he saw the animals and he went to name them. He could see how God spoke them into existence with the Hebrew language. And so, in the way that he named these animals were the energies that God used to speak them into existence.

And so, within these animals and these symbols are remarkable things that we can marvel and regard marvelously, okay? We can marvel at these things in your life. Now, when I was thinking that I was better than everybody else, which is probably way too often, I was the general manager at the Chrysler store down the street here. And I really thought I was important. I got cancer and these huge tumors started to well up in my skin.

And I went to the dermatologist and, you know, they did a biopsy and they called me back the next day and they're like, Mr. Dilmore, we need you to come down here and talk to us. And I'm like, I'm a busy man. I don't have time. You know, I have over a hundred employees up here. I'm an important person. I don't have time to, you know, like, this is what Robby was thinking. The cloud busters were on their way.

I'm just telling you. And they said, well, Mr. Dilmore, you have lymphoma. And I was like, what's lymphoma? And they said, oh, that's cancer.

And I said, I'll be right there. And like within swifter than horses and faster than leopards and more terrible than wolves immediately, my clods were busted. We'll be back with so much more clod busting when we come back. So stay tuned. Busters.

If your wallet's stuck and it don't give good. God's going to call clod busters. I'm afraid of those horses. God's going to call clod busters. So if you missed the first segment of this show, we were talking about the book of Habakkuk and the idea that the Chaldeans are clod busters.

And certainly we're sharing our own clod. But, you know, when we when we begin to think we're better than others or when we get hard hearted, whatever that looks like, God, he calls in the clod busters. And I love the way that I mean, the more I have meditated on these passages over the last week or so is that you never see it coming. I mean, he did it so good. It's the way that God said it, like behold and wonder marvelously that I'm going to work a work that you won't believe.

You wouldn't believe it if somebody told you. And so when I look at so many different events in my life that totally hit me where I lived, right there in the heart, you know, it happened with me with the dealership in general. It happened to me with my cancer. And time and again, he hits you where you live, right?

Wherever that may be. And you did not see it coming. And I don't want to mess with anybody's theology. But when you look into the Hebrew of these letters within the side of these animals that apparently when Adam named them, he saw how God originally sent them. Well, we mentioned wolves.

And I told you that if you heard me singing, I'm terrified of them. I'll tell you why. I mean, it's the sword of the Father. I mean, that's kind of what that is a picture of. And he's using it to remove that hard R. I mean, he's got to bust up the clods, because otherwise the seed can't get in there, man.

I mean, he's got to create good soil. And he knows what it's going to take and what, you know, in my life and your life and all these different things. Like, wow. And I'm just telling you that those are some powerful letters within those animals and really, really beautiful letters as well. And so today's show is always brought to you by a Hebrew letter. You're not shocked, are you, Jerry? Really?

And as I was studying these animals, there were two of them that really grabbed my attention. And the letter that I'm going to use is the letter Nun, which often means faith. But in this case, it means the supreme leader.

All right. So what they're saying is, the greatest among you will be the servant of you all. Well, the letter Nun means a faithful servant. And so when you put a Nun in front of certain words, then that means that this is the leader. Like, Moses was very, very humble, and that made him the prince of princes.

Right? And same with David. He was a very, very humble leader. And as a result, that Nun at the front of a word makes him the leader. Well, when you look at those words for leopard, it starts with the letter Nun. And then it has a Mem and a Resh, which would mean the head of water. So we have sort of like a prince who is over water. Well, fascinatingly, the eagle is a prince over princes.

And the eagle starts out with the letter Nun and then has a Shin. So not only is it the prince of the princes, but it's the prince of fire. So once again, we see fire and rain coming into the idea of judgment, which when you think about when God's going to rain down something, he either rains down fire, he rains down water, however, those are both items that come into all our lives. The water is to make us clean, and the fire is to refine us.

And so this leader of the rain, this leopard, which is symbolizing something, right? It's going to come on you faster than you. If you've experienced this that I'm talking about, you know what I'm saying? It comes on you so fast.

And you did not see that coming. But think about what God's doing. Is he trying to clean you up? Or is he trying to refine you?

In both cases, it's going to be good. I mean, he does it out of love. And you think he's going to do it on a worldwide basis. But really, when you look in your own life, Jerry, he's done it many times, hasn't he? Oh, yeah. And you sit there and we're thinking about it. And as you're talking to him, you know, we always think that he comes to refine us or to bring, we think sometimes just punishment on us. Why me, Lord? You know, I'm a good person. I believe in you.

You're my Lord. And Savior, why is this coming on me? But sometimes it's no more than just because if we became complacent and comfortable with where we are. And God has to kind of get us because that's not where he wants us to be. He wants us to be growing. He's talking about the seed. He wants that seed to grow. That seed is planted inside us of Jesus Christ. And if it's not growing, we're not very pleasing to God. Yeah, we get in these ruts, unfortunately. Yeah, we get in these ruts, unfortunately.

And the soil gets hard. And those Claude busters. Oh, my gosh. I bet you've experienced them.

So I would love to hear your Claude busting story. I know, you know, yeah, that's it. I'm sure everybody's sitting here is listening this morning. Listen to Robbie's story. But they're thinking, you know, they don't realize, you know, if you just slow down a moment, just think back about how God has been dealing with you over the course of a lifetime. There's been many of those moments, right? Like I can remember all too vividly, when the accountant came in from Chrysler to tell me that, you know, I was missing $600,000.

And by the time they finished it, I was missing over a million. I did not see that coming. I mean, talk about busting up your clods. A lot of Claude busting hair, that's for sure. So you know, what does that look like? And what was God? What was he working at? 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH.

Sarah Linda's in Washington. She has a song for us. We're going to get to that in a second. But we need your call.

866-348-7884. You know, God is going to call the Claude buster because he loves you. You know, it's kind of hard to study these passages after you've been on the Song of Solomon and love and all this stuff I've been studying. I'm like, oh, you know, all this stuff.

But man, it is such a picture of love in its own way that is beautiful. Because I can't imagine my life had he not busted up those clods. I mean, I wouldn't be here talking to you on the radio today. There's no way in the world if he hadn't come in with some serious Claude busting. God had a path.

He had a path. We'll be right back. Then those in the hood, God's going to call Claude busters. If your wallet's stuck and it don't give good, God's going to call Claude busters. I'm afraid of those horses.

I'm terrified of that wolf. God is going to call Claude busters. We have been talking about that today on the Christian Car Guy show. And you may wonder, what does this have to do with Cars Robbie? I thought this was a car show. Well, it is. It is because in all of our lives, as we're driving, you know, often he will choose to call in the Claude busters. You will not see that coming. Okay. I know of lots of people that had in a horrible accident right after God told them to put on their seat belt. They did not see that coming in so many different ways. You know, what it says in the back, chapter one, verse five, is he's going to work a work in your days. Well, you will not believe if it were told to you.

Okay. And it will come swiftly because all these animals represent these unbelievable forces that God knew he was going to use in all our lives, you know, with Adam and so many beautiful ways. So, you know, in the Jesus labor love, which is really where I was kind of going right this minute, you know, we have the opportunity to minister to those people that, you know, we may think, well, they made bad choices. We may think a lot of things, but, you know, we, that's not our role.

Our role is to say, man, how can I help you and what can I do to make this better, you know, in any way, shape or form that often we can. And we always get to pray with them and all those things. And so that is a big part of what we do here with the Christian Car Guys show.

And so you may have noticed in my song, if your wallet's, you know, you're rapping song. Oh yeah. And you don't give good, right? I don't want God to call the cloudbusters on you.

Okay. So I want you to give to your church and all those other things. But if you've been, if you feel a need to help somebody that really, I assure you, because we're talking to people that are really every single week, Scott will tell you that those people are really, really hurting, really, really need transportation.

And this weekend I got a text from a young lady who's always so faithful to text me and tell me how she's doing. And she says, oh, Mr. Dilmore, has anybody donated a car, right? Those people out there that might have a car that they don't want to trade it. You know, they think it may not be fixed, but whatever the situation may be, man, what it would mean for somebody that doesn't have transportation to get back and forth to work and all those things. Like, here we want to bust up your clods without you doing it the painful way.

You know, it can come with wolves and horses and leopards, but, or even an eagle, which was really swift. You know, Robbie, the thing is about a car. I mean, just everybody listening, I describe it sometimes when I'm talking to somebody about Jesus' labor of love and the importance that a vehicle is to somebody. You know, we are in a society now that depends on transportation, depends on our vehicles. Just think about it.

As you're listening, just take a moment to think about if you walked outside your front door and in that driveway or in front of your house or in the parking lot of the apartment or whatever it may be, you didn't have a means of transportation that day. Just how does that impact you? And I'll think about you probably got, you're a single mom or you have a special needs child or you're dealing with the illness or you're taking care of parents and add all of that. I mean, and an often, often that's exactly what these people are up against. Yep.

And, or trying to take care of just, you know, keep their job and they can't keep their job because they can't keep good transportation. So those, you know, if God puts it on your heart, man, I mean, it's really, really a wonderful thing. And he puts it on my heart, right? He's putting on my, he busted up my clods all week.

Like Robbie, we need to push, we need to, we need to, we need to speak on this issue because the needs are real and it breaks my heart. We, you know, that we don't have anything right this minute, but God's going to provide. I know he will.

He always does. And it's going to be awesome. Before you go to the phone, I just want to say another thing is the fact that when people hear you talk about that and hear, I am so impressed with the way it works. I mean, because Scott and yourself really do screen and make sure, a lot of people say, you know, if I'm donating something, donate a car. I mean, is it really going to somebody that, that needs or is this, you know, is there really any, am I really, can I make a better impact somewhere else? If they're receiving something from Jesus' labor of love, it's much bigger than just that automobile. And Robbie and Scott, I'll really dive in and have prayer with them and talk to them and more walk the journey with them. And so that's just, to me, that's just humbling and impressive.

Yeah, I think that's absolutely huge. From the day that God put it on my heart to do this, I wanted anybody that received help to know it did not come from us. It came from Jesus.

That's why it got that name. And I actually got an email from somebody trying to think of the name of the country. It's in the Balkans over in Europe, that he wanted to start in his country when I mind if he borrowed all my stuff.

And I'm like, dude, I would be so honored, you know, because he just saw it as an opportunity. He's a mechanic. I think it started with an A.

It's in the Balkans, but over above Greece. It wasn't around here. It was around here, but man, this guy was one. He's a mechanic, and I was so honored that he would do that. It's so beautiful. Sarah's been hanging on. Sarah Linda's been hanging on forever in Washington. Sarah Linda, you're on the Christian Car Guys show.

Good morning! Our station doesn't come in again, but I've been listening, and I've got so many clawed hopper stories as you talk in my life and what I've seen in others. What came to mind was, and I start writing, well, call the clawed hoppers, the clawed busters. Clawed busters, if I can read my scribbling. Wolves and horses and leopards and eagles in the sky, how many are the clawed busters about which you may decry? Well, that's what I was starting, and I was thinking about when Solomon was dying, one of the thoughts that came to my mind about, well, there were so many. I mean, when I hear you, you know, my life story runs through my mind, and you know, it's a long story.

I mean, you know, 95 years you've got a lot of stories behind your... Well, anyway, so much comes to my mind, and that's what I started to write. Call the clawed busters. Wolves and horses and leopards and eagles in the sky, how many are the clawed busters about which you may decry? Anyway, I thought of when Stalin was dying, his daughter was watching and praying. She's a Christian, but he was declaring that there were wolves tearing at his flesh, and his fist was against God. He had a fist, not a reaching up to the Lord, but a fist in the face of the Lord, but he felt these wolves tearing at him. And you know, he was called to be a leader, and leaders are supposed to be like shepherd dogs that follow the Lord's command, but he chose the different path, and that was very much a... He was not listening. What a terrible end. Oh, it was.

And what a lesson for all who try to be, you know, that kind of a leader. Anyway, in my life, of course, as you have told before, but there was much going on in my life before that helped me to have a stroke. And then later, there were other things going on, and there are during all our life, there are things that help us to break up those places that have become, you know, hard. And I went through cancer, as I said before, but each thing has been a real blessing, because of an overcoming. We can't be overcomers until we have something to overcome. Right, and you know, as I was thinking about it, what you're talking about, Sarah Linda, that... And you have to overcome with humility and joy and just yielding to the Lord, and there's so many stories.

Oh yeah, and I was... Can you hear me okay? I'm praying that I can write them down, and I'll be sending these songs to you as soon as I can. Okay. Well, thank you, Sarah Linda. Thank you so much.

God bless you. You have a great... We're going to keep you on the line so you can hear us. Okay. All right. Bye-bye. But hopefully she'll stay on, and we will be back with your story, 866-348-7884-86634-TRUTH.

We'll be right back. You're listening to The Truth Network and Clod Busters. If you think you're better than those in the hood, God's going to call... Clod Busters. If your wallet's stuck and it don't give good, God's going to call... Clod Busters. I'm afraid of those horses. I'm terrified of that wolf. Yes, God's going to call Clod Busters, and we would love to hear your story of you getting your clods busted.

866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share. But actually, as Sarah Linda was sharing, and apparently she couldn't hear me, but God gave me a revelation. It really did, because I remember when I got cancer, and then later I had a brain abscess that was perhaps worse than the cancer, and I kept on getting sick.

And by the way, each of those I did not see coming, right? And no doubt God was busting up my clods. But in both cases, I remember being just dumbfounded by how kind people were to me. I mean, my Sunday school class came out and built a wheelchair ramp on my house, and all sorts of people came and visited me, and the cards and the love that was poured out for me. And you see, I didn't come to Christ until I was in my mid-30s, and I was, and probably still am not, a very kind person. I was just—because I had never been that kind to anybody else, I was dumbfounded at how kind everybody was being to me. And I saw the love of God on all sorts of levels, and I'm like, oh my goodness. That was perhaps what he was showing me, Jerry, was that, you know, look what kindness looks like.

Here's what love looks like. Here's how other people really care about you. You know, you could kind of do this for other people too, Robbie, if you really wanted to. I know exactly what you're—I mean, I don't want to take up either time, but yeah, same thing. I mean, what you're saying, I have experienced that to the 10th degree, and just definitely made me think, you know, who am I, or whose am I?

Right. And the generosity when I had financial crises that people poured out financially to me in ways that just blew my mind, and still do. And I think, wow, it may have taken 30 years to figure it out, God, but I'm working on it anyway. We got Ms. J is in Greensboro, North Carolina. She's got a Buster's story for us. Ms. J, you're on the Christian Car Guys show.

Good morning. It made me think, you know, who am I, or whose am I? And the generosity when I had financial crises that people poured out financially to me in ways that just blew my mind, and still do. And I think, wow, it may have taken 30 years to figure it out, God, but I'm working on it anyway. We got Ms. J is in Greensboro, North Carolina. That's like déjà vu. Well, we're trying out a new studio today that we've never used before. So perhaps, you know, that's something that's going on there. And I hate because Ms. J had something for us, but we just, you know, Sarah Linda couldn't hear us, and now we had that.

I don't know what that was. But meanwhile, you know, we do want to think about, you know, how beautiful is it, Jerry, that God gives you? If you'll sit there, you know, when I first started reading these verses in Habakkuk, I can tell you, they were not attractive to me. But the more I pondered and the more I thought, like, wow, I did not see that coming. You know, I know for me, when I read Scripture and study on it, you know, it's so important for me to read it. I have to read it a couple of, well, not just a couple of times, multiple times, but one of the times just reading to hear what God is speaking to the people at that time, but then read it back to, you know, what is God saying to me today?

Right, right. In this very moment, when Sarah Linda was talking about, and I've never heard that about Stalin, and I didn't understand all that. But, you know, God is really, you know, he's holding up pictures, poster pictures for us to see, you know, here's what real love looks like. Here's what real generosity looks like.

Here's what it really feels like to get something that you didn't deserve. I think that's called grace. Thank God for grace, that's for sure.

Yeah, yeah. And I, you know, it's one of the things he just keeps teaching me over and over and over again, that if it's, if it was something you deserved, it ain't grace, okay? It was this unbelievable lavish hand of God, that when your clods got busted, right, that here to the rescue, you know, came all sorts of people, all sorts of things. You know, and you said that, you know, it's not, you know, sometimes we, you know, we imagine it's just going to be, you know, it's going to be evident that it was God, but sometimes it's just sort of hidden in other people and their actions because they're showing, as you mentioned, you know, showing grace through Christ to us. And we've done, you know, I didn't deserve it. I don't deserve for people to reach out to me and tell me when financially I was struggling and got blindsided, but people from all aspects that I never thought would contacted me and offering to help and stuff. And all of a sudden that, you just, that does nothing but point us to Christ. I mean, it's just powerful.

Darrell Bock It really is. And, you know, in its own way, it's a picture of love that is spectacular because you can't help but wonder, you know, okay, you know, like I talked about at the beginning, you know, in what ways was I thinking I was better than other people? In what ways do I give the way that they have been given to me?

And how do I love the way that I've been loved? And, you know, again, the person who gave me more than anybody would be Jesus and the person who loved me more than, you know, all that, like, okay, wow. You know, what an opportunity and what an opportunity we have to be part of a ministry that really does that for people. And lots of opportunities that I guess God's given us.

And you can take part in that. Again, it's at That's our website, And there you're going to find the Jesus, labor, love, all that information where you could give a car or pray for, you know, the people in need or whatever it is that God puts on your heart as well as you want to see something cool.

You can see that I posted today, of course, on God's Gonna Call Cloud Busters. That picture on Nebuchadnezzar's obelisk of there's a horse, then there's a two-headed leopard, there's another horse, and then there's an eagle. And it's like, hmm.

It's like, had he read Habakkuk? You know, that's pretty amazing stuff when you think about it. Yeah. When you go on there also, and we haven't really mentioned much about it, but just talk about communion and stuff. It made me think as I was driving in, thinking about when I looked at the, I was on the website this morning, you know, that's the one time God wants us to just kind of slow down and just think about what He has done for us as individuals. What did, you know, He died on that cross for mankind, but also He died on that cross for Robbie Dilmore. He died on that cross for Jerry Mathis.

You know, it was personal. Yeah. And in our own way, we put him there, right? Yeah. In our own way, we drove the nails. But by the same token, in our own way, when we're in communion, you know, we feast on Him, right?

And we feast on Him, not only obviously when you're taking the bread and the wine, but you're feasting on Him when you're at church, when you're in a group like, you know, we are today in the studio. Like, you know what a joy it is for me, actually, Jerry, to have shared this experience with you for 20 years. Yeah. Come on.

You know, well, it's 18 years, but we're going on 20. Yeah. No, I'm just saying, man, it doesn't, as you said that, it doesn't seem possible, does it?

No, it doesn't. So, wow. God is good.

He really, really is. Again, it's And oh, how fun. You know, I shared that Robbie's spice coffee recipe, and I had all sorts of emails from people, apparently couldn't find it on the website. But I put it under the communion thing. But if you want the recipe, feel free to email me for my spice of life coffee.

How fun will that be? And again, we are so grateful that you listened and joined with us here at the Christian Car Guy show. And of course, I would be remiss, Jerry, and you mentioned it, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years. Thanks for listening. This is the Truth Network.
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