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Song of Solomon 8:14 - Even So Come Quickly Lord Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 30, 2022 1:13 pm

Song of Solomon 8:14 - Even So Come Quickly Lord Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 30, 2022 1:13 pm

Song of Songs 8:14 Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices.


So what is the mountain of Spices? Journey with us on the mountain climb.


This is the Truth Network. Hidden Treasures of the Song of Songs, which is Solomon's. So how amazing here on the last podcast that I'm doing in 2022 would happen to be also the last verse in the Song of Solomon.

It is the eighth chapter of the 14th verse, which would make it the nun verse. And wow, this journey that started for many of us on May 16th. Today we finally, we land here and wow, what a landing we get to have as this verse just enlightens so much for me.

And so how exciting that we ended here today with one day left before New Year's Eve tomorrow. So have fun. I'll just read it in English and we'll jump in. So make haste my beloved and be thou like a row or a young heart upon the mountains of spices. So, you know, just to jump in like this verse does. Well, you know, first I should probably say that, you know, Matthew Henry, I love what he says, you know, even so come quickly, Lord Jesus. I mean, clearly, you know, at the end of the day, that's the, that's where we're headed.

So don't miss that. But, but I love the way that we get there is that when they say that word make haste, it actually is the same word as to flee or what you think about this row or this young heart. And if you've ever seen a deer in full flee mode, I mean, they can, they can go when they're scared.

Or even when they're obviously in that time of the season and the rut where they're running. And so, you know, here make haste, you can clearly see that the beloved, you know, the church is saying for Jesus to come quickly. And then upon the mountain of spices, which therein lies the huge mystery of this verse, which to me is spectacular. And I think tells us so much about the entire book and maybe about that much about life. The mountain of spices. So that, that idea of spices, we've, we've heard throughout the Song of Solomon, you might remember that his cheeks were as beds of spices.

And many times he referred to all the spices that we were and spices are used without, within this. And as I was studying this word today, as it means so much, Rashi said that the word means is a short way of saying Jerusalem, because it has the Shem and the Mem. You can hear it because the word in Hebrews is Beshem. It doesn't sound too dissimilar from Jerusalem or the word Shalom or even Solomon. So, you know, you can see it's got all those aspects to it.

It starts with a bet though, which would be kind of like home. But the interesting thing is when you look at it from another angle, and I think there's a lot of angles we could look at it, but the word Shem is the word for name or identity, right? Like the Jews refer to God as Hashem, right? And which would be a good way of saying the mountain of Shem, right?

That is the mountain of his name. And so, you know, that would be Jerusalem in its own way, but it also is in a way is the place of identity. And that bet being there first is almost like the home, you know, or the house of identity. And when you think about the idea of spices themselves, right? They bring out a flavor of, you know, the flavor that's already there and whatever it is that you're eating, the spices enhance that flavor. And, you know, I've thought about this from a standpoint of, you know, what heaven is, because in so many different ways, Jerusalem is the new Jerusalem that's going to come down. And it's like that mountain of spices. It's going to enhance what it is that you already are. In other words, there is identity that we all have, and the Lord is wanting us to be all that we were meant to be.

And heaven is like spices. It's going to bring that out in new, wonderful flavors of yourself. And so, in so many ways, when you think about it, you know, the idea of being loved well by our Savior is the process of becoming who we are, right?

Are you ready to become who you are? That's so much about what we've studied throughout this. And, you know, you can't get over how many times, you know, the lover Jesus just goes on and on describing the beauty of the bride. And so, I think there are several take homes that we need to take from this that, from Christ's standpoint, we are absolutely breathtaking, absolutely captivating. Obviously, from our standpoint, He is, but we don't want to miss the fact that He thinks we are, and He thinks our voice is, and that this mountain of spices is there for us to become all that we can be. But also, since we talked about the friends that are in attendance, right, all those that are attending to our voice, you know, think how cool it is, and I even did this exercise a little bit myself this morning, that there are so many different unique identities. In other words, I know just a ton of really good people like, you know, Logan in my special needs class. He clearly has a very different personality because he's autistic, but he's one of the coolest people that I know.

And you might compare him to Adam Draper, who has this phenomenal intellect that can go deep, deep, deep on subjects, or our Dr. Duane Carson does date the word, another man of deep theological understanding. But in his own way, you know, Logan can stand right there with him on the mountain of spices, because he's got such beautiful, unique ways that God made him to reflect himself in ways that he made you to reflect himself. In other words, when we get to God, I mean, when we get to heaven, the New Jerusalem coming down, all the people, including you, will be all that they can be, plus with all these spices enhancing their flavors in all sorts of different ways.

You know, it's really, really cool. So that idea of spices, Bashim, again, I should not leave out that that, again, is fire and rain, right? It's a house of fire and rain, just like apparently heaven has to do with the harmony that happens when two extreme opposites come together, like fire and rain. And so therein lies the beauty of all these different spices is we come together in unity, the church, and the, you know, as we talked about that the gates are named after the 24 elders, excuse me, the gates are named after the tribes of Israel, and the wall, its foundations are named after the 24 elders.

So, you know, here we have obviously at least 36 different identities that are in the walls and the gates. And, you know, again, that are a collection of fire and rain. And so, you know, that idea of Shemaim, and that the idea of Jerusalem, which has so much to do, obviously, with the whole idea of the Song of Solomon. You see, the song itself has to do with peace.

The song itself has to do with the peace between fire and rain, and it has to do with that harmony of all of everything coming together in the New Jerusalem. And so in so many different ways, you know, we see the end of the Book of Revelation, but also in a way that, for me at least, I'm seeing a revelation I've never seen before, of how all of us come together in harmony in heaven. And even though we're fire and rain, so to speak, in so many different ways, you know, God is going to bring harmony within that, that will be so miraculous to see not only the beauty of the people that you knew on earth and all that they could be, but with these spices bringing out all the flavors that to be able to taste and see that the Lord is good in so many different ways, because every single one of those people, every single person you know, uniquely reflects God in a way that only they can reflect him. And with these spices on the mountain, right, we're going to see that in so many unbelievably unique ways as we see this light reflected through, you know, the gems of, you know, the ruby and the sapphire and all those things that have to do with the 12 tribes of Israel and then all the different gemstones and the pearls that have to do with the 24 elders. It's going to be spectacular and I am so looking forward to seeing you, if I haven't met you, or maybe you're a good friend of mine, whichever way that, well all of you are good friends of mine, but however it works, you know, how cool will it be when he does make haste and come quickly to the mountain of spices. I can't thank you enough for going on this journey with me and wait till you hear where we're going in 2023. So stay tuned, we got a lot more coming up.
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