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Song of Solomon 6:5a - Do Your Eyes Overwhelm Jesus?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 13, 2022 12:06 pm

Song of Solomon 6:5a - Do Your Eyes Overwhelm Jesus?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 13, 2022 12:06 pm

Song of Songs 6:5a Turn away thine eyes from me, for they have overcome me:

Digging into the intimacy of this verse.

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This is the Truth Network.

The Truth Network Podcast is brought to you by Truth Network. Here's a, comely is Jerusalem and terrible is an army with banners. I really feel like, you know, that's so amazing that that idea of you're just awesome with an army of banners and then while he's still in the strength of what she's talking about, he says, turn away thine eyes from me for they have overcome me. And so I looked at this thing, 15 ways to Sunday and now certainly all the commentaries I could look at and, and actually they were quite confusing.

So I won't even go into what all they said because to me it just is confusion because I don't think they personally, I don't think they necessarily had grasped this either. But essentially after, you know, two or three hours of looking at every single letter and every single word in it, finally the Holy Spirit said, you know, Robbie, you're just not willing to believe that Jesus really loves you that much. Like that he, in other words, when you are looking into the eyes of somebody that absolutely adores you, it's more than you can take. And you know, it's overwhelming and to think that Jesus loves us so much and then when we think about emotion, you know, Jesus is the most emotional, he's free with his emotions. And so, you know, he just is a wreck when we look at him with all that we have with a whole heart to love on him.

It's more than he can take. And you know, I would point out that, you know, based on what happened in the fifth chapter, his veil was taken away and we're going to see that, or not his, but the bride's veil was taken away in the fifth chapter. And we're going to see that so clearly in this verse when we get to the part tomorrow, but with the veil gone and we're no longer under the mask, then all of a sudden it becomes apparently, you know, just even more intimate with Jesus to the point where he can't take it.

And so, you know, eventually, like I said, it just came down to that issue that, you know, the verse is what it says it is. In other words, turn your eyes away from me because you're overwhelming me with, you know, with this idea of intimacy, of how much he loves us, you know, that he just gets wrecked. And so, you know, what that looks like practically I think may be helpful as I relate this story because I couldn't help but think of, you know, when did somebody look at me and just wreck me because they adored me in and I couldn't, you know, I didn't know what to do except turn your eyes away from me cause I'm getting wrecked. And so when I thought back to it, the way that the time that that really happened in my life was, and you may have heard me talk about this before, that I had this essentially a pornography addiction and a lust addiction.

That's the best way to put it. And I had gone to this married retreat and the Holy Spirit had told me that I need to talk about this with my wife in spite of the fact that she had told me that if I ever told her anything like that, when he went to see the movie Fireproof, she said, if I ever found out you were looking at that kind of thing, I would divorce you on the spot. Well, you know, after she had told me that I was certainly terrified to ever tell her that because I didn't want to risk losing my wife, but I still had this problem. And, um, I got a great deal of healing that year, um, as, as I'd been going through some stuff with John Eldridge on a bunch of different wounds and Jesus came in and really helped me get healing. But part of the healing process is I needed to come clean with my wife and what my problem had been and that I had healing and felt like, you know, that I could, um, go forth without that kind of sin in my life anymore.

So in this particular marriage retreat, it came down to, you know, they had what they called a joint covenant of silence where we were supposed to go back there with our mates and tell them something that we had been afraid to tell them before. Again, take our, our, our veil, so to speak, you know, and so as I took off this veil with Tammy and I told her what I had been struggling with throughout our marriage, you know, and at this point in time, we'd been married over 25 years. Um, and you know, at that point, you know, when I expected to be totally and a hundred percent rejected instead, when I looked in her eyes, what I saw, um, was her finding a way to forgive me.

Right. And as she found a way to forgive me, honestly, that look in her eyes of still loving me in spite of knowing who I really was. Um, you know, it's, it's almost like that is, is beyond my heart's understanding and it just wrecks me emotionally. And I think about, you know, what does that look like when, when somebody just loves us beyond the point that we can understand it and, you know, to think that Jesus, um, is filled with that kind of emotion when our, when our eyes sparkle at him, that he literally is wrecked. And he said it, he, you know, in the fifth chapter, excuse me, in the fourth chapter, you know, when he said, you know, with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thine neck, you know, thine eyes are ravishing me.

So, you know, ravishing his heart. And so now he's making this emphasis again, but we would note the difference between what he says in the fourth chapter, cause he's going to go into the same description and what he says in this chapter. Cause in the fourth chapter he says that, but behold, thou art beautiful.

My love behold, thou art fair. You know, thou has dove eyes. But rather than saying that this time, and now realize that the veil has been taken away, that was there in the, in the verse, then we're going to see that very clearly in the rest of this verse. But that's the first verse in the first chapter.

It says behind thy locks, thy hair is a flock of, you know, goats. Well, here you're going to see the veil's not there. And without the veil, they are apparently our eyes are more than he can take. So I wonder, you know, how, how your heart deals with that. And I wonder if you can remember somebody looking at you and wrecking you with their eyes and what that feels like now, take that on the level with Jesus and see what he's saying here, that now that we've been through these life's experiences, where we begin to take away veils, which by the way, I know I've still got plenty of them to go around.

I've still got lots of mass I wear and lots of poses. We're kind of like, uh, ogres. We have layers or onions have layers. You know, we got layers of ways that we pose and veils that we put on to hide that we're scared. But as we get closer to Jesus and we allow him to cover us more and more than that intimacy gets to the point where literally, um, we, we can experience this with him. And as we experience it with him, right, we begin to experience it with other believers, where you can see that they are so in love with Jesus, that their eyes sparkle in a way that they can just wreck you. And so what a cool thing to see from my standpoint, how beautiful this emotion is.

In other words, the whole idea of expression that letter, Hey, right. Is this idea of sharing what's on your heart, right? And when you can share with on your heart to the point that you're wrecked emotionally, I mean, what did a cool thing to be able to run like that with Jesus? And so I hope, as you think about the first part of this verse today that you see as we begin to strip off the veils, as we begin to strip off our poses, our mass that we wear, that the intimacy grows deeper because you know, when Tammy loved me before, when she didn't know that I was addicted to porn, she, she was loving the image that I was portraying her to her. She wasn't necessarily loving me, you see. And so when I took off the mask of what I was really involved in and where I really was broken, then all of a sudden I could receive Tammy's love, right? And instead of her loving the mass that she thought was Robbie Dilmore, she loved the real Robbie Dilmore with his flaws and all that. And that's, that, that's an amazing thing. And so as we can, you know, confess our sins to one another, confess our sins to Jesus and, and get off these covers and let his blood cover us, then, oh my goodness, you know, what love we can receive and give, which is an absolutely amazing thing. And thank you for listening. We'll be back tomorrow.
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