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Song of Solomon 5:1 - Chosen For Jesus' Wedding Feast

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 30, 2022 8:34 am

Song of Solomon 5:1 - Chosen For Jesus' Wedding Feast

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 30, 2022 8:34 am

Song of Songs 5:1 I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse: I have gathered my myrrh with my spice; I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk: eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved.

Chosen sounds so amazing for such an event - the event of events. Wine eyes and milk teeth are so very much a part of the experience you may even have experienced something like this recently - Listen How

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so oh what a treat we have for you this year. I had shared with you as we are finally getting to the fifth chapter which should be the hey chapter of the song of songs and this is certainly a mouthful of the first chapter and verse one, which you know is always is out of verse and it's that's an interesting verse in so many different ways and I'm so glad I did the review yesterday because it unlock the secret here that I would not have seen before. So I think you're gonna be excited when you hear what I have for you today so to read this verse in English it says I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse, I've gathered my murder with my spice. I've eaten my honeycomb with my honey I have drunk my wine with my milk eat all friends drink yeah drink abundantly old beloved and so man oh man oh man. A lot of the imagery that we've used throughout this book, and you might remember yesterday we talked about the connection between wine and dove right in and as I looked at this verse I saw something I had not seen in all the sudden it just unlocked like oh my goodness he's been talking about it since the very first chapter and he talks about in the second chapter and he talks about in the third chapter the fourth chapter he really drives at home and here we have a chance to enjoy the wine with the milk and I see finally Wyatt is that Jacob's blessing I've been wondering this for years and years maybe you have two that when Jacob blessed Jesus when he blessed Judah excuse me, he said that his eyes would be like wine in his teeth like milk well you know we talked about it and talked about it that yesterday we discovered that the word dove has everything to do with wine right it's actually wine expressed as the word dove and so is Jesus's eyes as it says in Genesis right. Genesis 4912.

His eyes shall be read with wine in his teeth white with milk well if you see that then you go. My goodness. We have Jesus's eyes with he says you've got dove eyes. The sudden the light just came on and I felt really like oh my goodness and light would be a good word because I in you know that word in Hebrew is 2 yards and a non-so it's like this unbelievable, starstruck, wonder of faith right and when you look in a believer's eyes you see that they have Jesus's eyes, especially that childlike wonder and that light and so I Jesus's eyes were filled with that starstruck wonder. Of course they are.

And so his kids have his eyes and I got out of my goodness.

And then when you think about this, that if this is teeth were white with milk right and so how did Jesus describe or how did the beloved describe his bride. He said we have we have white teeth. Do we have milk deep in other words, we not only have Jesus's eyes we have is the which is also spectacular because with those teeth we chew on his word right, and based on what he's given us. I mean I was the onions for spectacular and so when you look at this this verse. It's really unique and essentially he's calling us his friends and you can't help but see this as a picture of the party that Solomon through and he dedicated the temple and clearly the Jews teach along that line that they did it was a lot of wine. There was a lot of food. They had a big party but most of all, they had fellowship with one another, but the other thing that I think it really drives home and I think as we go through the fifth or hey expression of Jesus's love.

Throughout this chapter. You're gonna see that this particular party is with the disciples, and specifically the 12 write these guys had a fellowship that was on believable and they had that fellowship with Jesus and it was not unusual at all, that they were wondering about this wondering about that because it Jesus's eyes, but they drank plenty of wine with them as well and then clearly he spent a lot of time in his word and they chewed on his word with those white teeth and you get the picture that that that clearly as we are disciples you know we get to spend time with them and we literally if you've ever been in a great gathering of believers and you open your mouth to be filled with the spirit right get not drunk on wine but get drunk on the spirit as you filled your mouth to be filled with the spirit, you know you know that feeling like you're in heaven and so you know I like was just at this man up conference and there were a lot of believers and a lot of men I heard talk about energy when you get a bunch of believers altogether. You get the sense of God's presence in the Holy Spirit does come in miraculous ways. But there is an even in more intimate kind of thing that I have experienced and I'm so blessed with my band of brothers, you know worth where is really more like 8 to 10 of us and after we have served the Lord throughout a day at boot camp and shared talks and shared intimate stuff that you talk about a time where I feel like you can drink your filling get intoxicated laughing till your belly hurts you know feeling completely. You know the difference between this large group in the smaller group is the sense of United Methodist right because when you're in the smaller group or what they felt like and 12 or maybe even in the three when it was John and Peter and Paul, excuse me, John, Peter and James and Jesus that close, belonging and intimacy like you are really his favorite and all these people want you there.

Well, that's the feeling to me.

When you're in that unity that comes in and when you look in this verse there are hats, which is an idea of unity all over it in the word milk is that letter and kingdom right so you feel like you're in heaven because you are in the kingdom and the idea of milk itself is kind of where I land on this particular verse this go man if I could just always have that feeling that feeling of milk so I know we talked about it time and again Ivan did a whole podcast just on the wonders of milk but I want to just revisit it because I think it's so important that we have Jesus is teeth and this idea of milk teeth right so the word milk is a hat and alarm it and I bet and so ready to spend another minute that that head is this idea of being united with Christ and in the letter Lahm it is that idea of our hearts being united with Christ in the letter bet is as a brother in the kingdom and and so you know that that enlightened united teaching of the kingdom family and and so were in that kingdom family. There's a place that only can feel like that and that's is unbelievably wholesome, but is also unbelievably like grace and of course you know the word grace starts of that same letterhead and you can certainly feel that grace when you're in community that give you those milk teeth. Okay. And so you know, as this verse so clearly calls us his friends right and and you get this idea of that. Yes, you're the beloved but and it even ends the verse with say and oh my beloved right, but he also refers to us as friends which you can't help but think of the gospel of John where he says I've called you friends in other words, all that is is as we are disciples and in community there is a sense of belonging, a sense of grace, a sense of wonder that in our wine eyes and our milk teeth.

I hope you've enjoyed this is much as I've enjoyed sharing at the day. Thank you for listening

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