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Song of Solomon - Jesus' Traveling Bed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 19, 2022 8:39 am

Song of Solomon - Jesus' Traveling Bed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 19, 2022 8:39 am

Song of Song 3:9 King Solomon made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon.

This was a Sedan Chair a curtained traveling Bed and He made it himself of Wood - Oh the imagery of these words explained here..

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This is the Truth Network. Hidden treasures of the Song of Songs, which is Solomon's. Oh, what a glorious verse we have to dig into today.

I'm so excited. We're in chapter three of the Song of Songs and or the Song of Solomon, depending on how you want to put it. And we are in verse nine or hoof verse spectacular in so many different ways when you think about it. And we will. So it's a very, very short verse, but very, very full of meaning.

I'll read it in English. King Solomon made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon. So again, as the Jews teach, and I believe it's very much true that when you see the word Solomon, um, that you are talking about God here. Well, here we're talking about King God, which is Jesus.

Okay. It's just clearly the King Solomon is, is in this case, a reference to Jesus. And then very significantly, he made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon. Well, you know, the idea of wood, we've talked about it many, many times. If you're a long time listener of my podcast is when you look at all the coverings, um, they're always made of wood and all the sacrifices were always sacrificed over wood. So the idea of Noah's Ark, which was the first picture of this that I think is in the Bible, probably not the first, I just haven't discerned the other ones.

But anyway, there's no doubt that here's this wood that gets us covered. And the idea of the Solomon's, um, they, it's translated chariot here, but it's far from a chariot. It's actually like a sedan chair, but a sedan chair that is essentially a traveling bed that all these warriors would be holding onto these poles and carrying Solomon and his bride in, or perhaps just the bride, however you want to look at it.

But it's a sedan chair, essentially a couch that's covered. And the covering of that becomes a significant thing as we really discern what it is that, that Solomon has made for himself here. And so, you know, and again, that's, that's, uh, a spectacular way to look at this because Jesus made this particular sedan chair.

In other words, this covering for our hearts, he made this himself. There was nobody but Jesus who went to the cross and it was clearly made of wood as was all the sacrifices burn over wood. And once again, there always is wood and why? Because this word wood has to do with a vision of righteousness, where you see it's an iron and then a Zaddy. And that idea of righteousness would happen on a cross is, is like been ordained since the first tree, the whole idea of trees have the vision that they have to be upright, that they are vertical. Um, and that's the idea of this, this trees of Lebanon. So there's beautiful, beautiful that it's made of wood. And of course we know that Jesus did that.

And he certainly was a carpenter. So it makes sense in so many different ways. And then when you think about Lebanon, okay, when you listen carefully, even in English to the word Lebanon, it's lab. Well, lab is heart in, in Hebrew. It just is right.

It's a Lamed. And a bet. And that those two letters put together mean heart. And, and again, where is this, where is this bed that we've talked about here? This is, this bed is our hearts. It's the heart of the church. It's the place where the church was conceived. It's a place where Jesus rests. It's a place where we rest. And now we're going to begin to talk about the covering of our hearts. Cause that's the idea. And it's made from wood.

That's not one bit surprising. And it's made of special wood of the, of the cedars of Lebanon, which again, we talked about Cedars and all the values of that earlier in the first chapter. But here we want to talk about the basics of the word Lebanon, which there's two ways you can look at it. And in that, that the idea of Lebanon was originally the idea of white because that L that Lamed bet nun is the, is the word white. And so when they look across from, from Israel and they see this continuous white, then they see Lebanon.

That's what they're looking at. So when you think about your heart, it's, it's that lab, that lab sound. And then this continuation is what the rest of the word would mean if it was a compound word. And so here's this continuation of our heart. You can also see that it's a compound word.

And so here's this continuation of our heart. That is a continuation of white in so many different ways. Cause that's what our that's what we're made white by this wood. I mean, it's really a really cool word.

I just think it's just, um, loaded with meaning. So he made this right. He made this unbelievable sedan chair, and we're going to get more into that in a minute, but it, it, we got to get the foundation of it here.

And the foundation of it is this wood and he made it himself and he made it of the wood of Lebanon. So what does this look like in our lives? Right? Well, we have been searching since the garden of Eden for cover.

Okay. We do it by putting on masks. We, we do it by choosing things to as false comforters. There's so many different ways in our lives that we go about seeking cover right.

And when we get scared, we are always looking for cover. Well here, King Solomon slash Jesus has made for us the ultimate cover it's made with the wood of the cross. It's, it's made with his blood. It's made in so many spectacular ways because when we're covered by Jesus, when you think about that, when you are in Christ, when your heart is in that arc, that, and this clearly, you know, Rashi teach is that that this chariot was the arc of the covenant that moved through the desert.

It was a picture of it for sure. Right. And as does Spurgeon and as does Matthew Henry, but I don't think they get into the, to the idea of this wood and seeing this cover for your heart, this bed that, that is the cover because the idea of the sedan chair was unusual compared to the sedan chairs you would see in the middle East. And this one has all these curtains around it, which we're going to get to in a minute when we get to the next verse. But the idea is that you're covered inside your, they got you covered.

And so what does that look like? You know, for you that, that you have this, this wonderful place when you're scared or you're worried, or when you're trying to find Christ, whatever that looks like, that you can go into this unbelievable sedan chair made of wood and know that you are completely safe. You're safe because you're encompassed by these 60 warriors that we talked about yesterday, but you're more than that. You're safe because Jesus is in there and this is his sedan chair. And, and the idea of that, when you think about it, we'll get into more of the gold is that when you are hanging out with Jesus, you glisten. And the idea of anointing is that idea of shining. And so, you know, you're, you're anointing shine like crazy when you spend time in that sedan chair, which moves about in your life with Jesus.

So, you know, Sunday, I had this opportunity to teach special needs and they wanted us to use this vacation Bible school format, which honestly is kind of annoying to me because, you know, I like to do what just God puts on my heart, but God said, no, go with this vacation Bible school format. And this, the format was how God was a creator and how he was painting everything through creation and obviously going to paint the picture of Jesus and the Holy Spirit just made it obvious to me that God's favorite thing that he loves to paint is he loves to paint Jesus. Whenever he's painting, everything points to him in so many different ways, even us. And so, you know, again, he gave me all this as I was sitting there in my golden chair, you know, just hanging out. He gave me this way to shine. And so after I spent some time explaining the anointing of David and what happened, and I spent some time talking about how God was painting, always painting a picture of Jesus, like he did with King David in so many different ways that it would be Jesus's father, but also so many similarities because he too was the stone the builders had rejected as, you know, as, as Saul had anointed him King later. Well, then after I painted that picture as best I could, that God was painting David to look like Jesus. Then I went around the room to each of my students and it was glorious and talked about how Jesus had painted them because I spent some time that morning thinking about and just considering where was the glory? Where's the shine?

Where's the anointing of all these precious, precious students. Like we have one is his name is Logan. He's absolutely the most delightful person you ever met in your life. Always has a smile on his face and always has these great jokes.

I mean, they're Robbie jokes. And he tells one, you know, every week, you know, every week and, and, and he makes people laugh. And that's just, you know, he just has this joy about him that, that only Logan has. And so I, you know, I pointed out, here's Logan's joy.

And then there's this lady named Lee and, and she worships when she begins to sing and whatever, whatever it is that she says, and she's down syndrome. So, you know, she's very intense and very passionate. But anyway, as I went around the room and I spoke over every one of them, some of them having the glisten, they glisten because they're so affectionate.

They're going to hug you every time they see you. And, and it was just so much fun as I went around the room and talked about each one of their shine. It was clear that they'd all spent time, right? It's clear.

They spent time undercover under that cover of their heart in right. This bed that King Solomon made for himself that we could, we could, we could, you know, what a picture of the husband that would make us this unbelievable bed, right? This place where we got completely covered and completely at a place of rest where we can just see all that God has created and all that we enjoy. Again, this verse is so special to me. Wonderful. It's wonderful stuff. I hope you see it as I do. It's just spectacular. And thank you for listening and thank you for taking this journey with us in the song of songs, which is Solomon.
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