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Song of Songs Verse 10 - The Beauty Of A Smile In His Presence

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 31, 2022 8:44 am

Song of Songs Verse 10 - The Beauty Of A Smile In His Presence

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 31, 2022 8:44 am

Song of Songs 1:10 Thy cheeks are comely with rows, thy neck with chains.

The treasures of these few words, Proverbs 1:9 Solomon shared that by listening to wisdom we would have ornaments of grace and chains on our necks - To be in His presence is to smile and smile big time; it will make rows on your cheeks even if you don't have dimples.  To be shy and look down or look down in Bible study (Jesus) will give you Tech Neck or lines that resemble chains of pearls... And that's Just the beginning of treasures in these few words. An amazing study today.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so all of the treasures that are in version 10 today to study treasures of the song is on and you know that idea as we started this study BM try to figure out what are the statutes in verse 119 and these things that are you know is David songs in the house of his pilgrimage, which has everything to do with really this verse in my opinion, and so you know, the interesting thing about verse 10 is that there's a couple words that were added in most translations that are just not there.

And so I'm not glad them.

So if you're reading verse 10 somewhere you go. Wait a minute you didn't say everything was in the first well I do not adding the words that are there because to me they take away those words take away a lot of the coolness and of course there to be used later as we get in all that in a minute. So were going to say the verse in English, excluding the words that aren't in the actual text that I cheeks are comely with rows by neck with chains of tolerance to it.

But oh my goodness all there is to it. So here we see the essentially Jesus is describing his beloved, which by the way his eyes and cool cool thing is he's describing things of beauty that he would see in your face, which, when you look at what you know I think clearly, Solomon you know love this idea and that if you look in Proverbs in the first chapter of Proverbs. He says something very similar and so you know I think we can from Drew. This is how in fact it's actually verse nine. In the book of Proverbs and chapter 1 verse nine because he's talking about wisdom and he said, for they shall be an ornament of grace essentially well overtly verse eight and then verse nine. So it says my son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother for they shall be an ornament of grace upon my head in chains about thy neck and so you know clearly you know here Solomon is giving you some understanding obviously of where he was going with how he's describing out how Jesus is describing his beloved so when you look deeply in my opinion into these words in Hebrew because there are so few. It's neat that we can really study them.

And since they are literally treasurers it's really fun. From my perspective, to study the treasurer of it. So you're the first one. Are these ringlets you know which is described as Rose. But when you look at that word it it clearly in Hebrew has to do with the rings and so you know I'm sure going to see that this can be earrings at some point, but that is not necessarily the rings any starting values talk about cheeks here and rings on your cheeks okay and so that there is an simple easy understanding of this.

And then there's a beautiful amazing deep understanding of this episode is to start out with a simple easy one. When anybody ever you know, because again when you think about what Solomon is talking about is talking about. Wisdom is talking about grace okay and and so when you think about your father and your mother. It's all about grace and when they see you were more venal in this case, when your beloved sees you when you see Jesus, let me put it that way when you see Jesus what is your face going to do your gonna smile like crazy because in his presence is fullness of joy in your full of grace and so he's your favorite and so it's just absolutely natural that you would put this gigantic smile on your face and thus you're gonna see these little ringlets on either side there often called dimples, but even people don't have dimples when they put a big old smile on their face a big huge, and when it couldn't be any happier there ringlets there and they are absolutely beautiful is man effective thing about it you know the most beautiful of women were not smiling though not near as beautiful but when they're looking at you with this absolutely beautiful person is looking at you and they got this big smile on their face than all my goodness you feel like you're there favorite and you know there is all this grace involved in. So when you see supplements talk about ear. To me these ringlets innards to start talking about the ornaments before you get there is is is kind of premature. My point because the natural beauty of a Smile Way, God designed us with these ringlets. The just come on people, and in the simple beauty of that is absolutely spectacular and the and the idea of in his presence is fullness of joy him is is just amazing.

So that one is is is something in order to get to the deeper meaning of all that in a minute, but next you've got these what is described as chains well when you look deeply in the Hebrew of that word.

It has to do with something that's perforated. In fact, interestingly, the root of that word is the same at the root of the word Lord or Queen. So naturally the queen would have these chains. But what they're not there perforated in that their pearls okay and when you think about the pearls of wisdom, you know, Job starts up on that whole idea in Job 28, there's this discussion of wisdom and how important it is and wisdom is to know. Obviously Solomon at something he would think of was extremely beautiful well.

Jesus talked about pearls of great price that again. And when you think about what a pearl is and why its connection to wisdom for centuries is been that you know when something is put into this oyster that irritates it.

It begins to cover it like what we do with Jesus's blood right. It is an irritant to God and so we need a cover and that cover is absolutely beautiful, as is Jesus's blood in the wisdom of that spectacular math that's that's the deeper Ms. admit the idea behind the pearls are the chain of pearls that surround the Queen's neck but just the simple idea of what's there because when I talk about ornamentation just yet, although he did make reference to these chains that were connected to pearls.

In this verse, but it doesn't mention the pearls.

He just talks about the change that when you look at just a person's neck. They have today what they called tech lines, which I find humorous because originally it would be from holding your head down when you look down your neck naturally begins to wrinkle and and so if you are all the time head holding your head down, then your neck wrinkles and so when you think of this beautiful girl she smiling and chances are her heads down.

She's kind of shy and embarrassed and think of the beauty of what that looks like, but also think that she would have these necklines because from Solomon's point of view, the most beautiful of women would be studying Torah constantly and so you wouldn't call it technic the Torah neck it's I think this particular unit is to think about it, so you know you you think about this woman who was full of wisdom and grace.

And so what what Jesus is describing here, in my opinion, because, interestingly, that word that we as we go back to the dimples which is kind of where I land on this for so spectacular. The root word of that word that is used with translated rose in the King James version it's translated circlet and other versions but were talking about these half circles on your face but if you look at what that word is it is the root word of the word Torah which you may know, means law or the law. Well who the law is Jesus Sappho in his presence is fullness of joy, it only makes sense that we would get the big dimples on the side of her face as we see in him and really cool when you look, you know, now that we've studied the hundred nineteenths, we can look at these words in depth in the ways that the beginning of the word Torah is the top of which we now has to do with truth, and we know is the end of the story like I'm, you know, when Jesus shows up in Revelation. He says I am the Alpha and on the top of the Omega right so that's the last on the and and again will know the truth. At the end. And so you know, this idea of Torah is working to know the truth. At the end. I can assure you, and then the next letter in the word Torah and in the word ringlets.

This is used in this verse is involved in and that vav is connecting that the next letter in it and and is also a continuation we talked about that through the valve section and then the last letter beautifully and you can hear it in the word Torah is that our sound that is a race and that rage means the head of something. So the reason why it's ringlet is obviously when you go from the beginning to the end.

It's a circle right this case, when you put those two circles together on either side of someone's face.

You have a ring okay is beautiful with it, and the power of that by the way is insolvent but anyway before it just is just when you think about the idea again of this person is been starting Torah by the rings in the neck and they have distorted smile which is gonna come because a bit in the presence of Jesus right anybody who has been in the presence of Jesus is gonna be smiling because in his presence is fullness of joy.

So this all comes together with the beauty that you are reflecting right to be a beautiful personality, reflecting the most beautiful of all, right, and then the more you read him in his presence, the more you get that shine you like Moses had and so here here Solomon is describing this now, if you go to apply this in your own life is what you think back to what you consider to be the most godly person that you ever met in your life and in my case, I've got a couple of candidates put number one on my hip rate is good to be pastor Mark courts at Calvary Baptist. We first came to Winston-Salem and this man he he. If there was ever a picture of grace. This man was it for me. He he he he had this smile right. And believe me, he studied and he had wisdom and he'd been down that road of getting Jesus's cover, so he had the pearls. In other words, all the picture of it and when you are in his presence all and I was very fortunate to be in his presence many times, even sometimes I need come down and drive test drive cars with me and we go for rides you know and and and what godly godly man who you always felt like when you are in his presence you were his absolute favorite, which is how you feel when Jesus is and when and if you can't help but look beautiful. Think about it you know and and and I can't help but think of this verse in context right that he just told her how to find the shepherd stance rhyming out of how to how to get close to him and now is he's telling the result of that closeness is oh my goodness, you're absolutely beautiful and and I just think it's a spectacular treasure as we study this particular verse.

Very few words, but the idea of lease ringlets in the cheeks and the chains upon the neck.

Are there naturally are absolutely thankless

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