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Psalms 119:162 - Chewing on The Word

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 13, 2022 8:35 am

Psalms 119:162 - Chewing on The Word

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 13, 2022 8:35 am

Psalms 119:162 I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

The understanding anointing of the letter shin- as we chew on the word we explode in rejoicing .. My story from this morning

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of oh how I love the letter should go around in the understanding of that letter today. Again, the letter she as we review a little bit about the letter were to get to verse hundred 62 are in a minute.

But the idea of oxidization or oxidant. I will now say that exactly but either chewing or fire okay and so when you think about the clean animals that they would chew the cud well the ideas are sitting there chewing on something like we chew on the word of God and is the same concept of actually what you know refining it to the point where it can nourish your body as you chew or or fire as it would refine a piece of gold unite gets rid of the draw, and those kind of things and so as we see the letter. Shin as we begin to get understanding retired by the wisdom in the last episode said today is the understanding and so verse 162 in English reads. I rejoice at thy word as one that find it great spoil if this is just spectacular as the word rejoice as it is written here in Hebrew is literally just to shins. Okay, the idea of rejoicing is like chewing on some to the point that you just ready to go all my gosh because he didn't everything that you need out of it and you are obviously have refining it to the point that you know it's it's got you exploding in the great fire exploding.

You know how that looks to the point of rejoicing at what at thy word right and this is the word Amira in Hebrew, just this spectacular idea of its Jesus, but it also as we read in a we get these things as one that find a great spoil and he might not be shocked to find out that that word spoil also has a ship minute has you know that's the idea of of getting to just something purified something and and the idea of again Shabbat and shalom to you take that day to sit there and chew on what God's done for you all week, or eight you know in the idea of peace. You know that bit as we take in his word. Obviously we get more and more for Hartman. That's the alarm and in the word shalom is just it's amazing. It's amazing amazing letter and so as we get this understanding how does this actually apply. Well, you know, in order to rejoice at that word. You gotta take some in the same and I'm hoping that even this morning you've had a chance to rejoice at something that God has taught you might want to find a great spoil, so this morning very early. I have a wonderful group I belong to call mescaline journey radio and one of my good friends is Danny in that group just wholehearted management seeks after God with his whole heart and so this morning he texted me and he was like Robbie, can you break down the words attic for me. In Hebrew it takes to be like 530 and as we entered into that conversation and that word is absolutely spectacular.

We certainly have studied it here as we've gone through the verses of the Saturday but anyway as we went through it. I can see where he he had been on a journey where he was rejoicing in the word static, like one who find a great spoil when you begin to understand all that's included in that word. Righteousness and I I couldn't help but note that like wow what a treat for me to see something that not you know I'd shared some of the boot camp that we had a couple weeks ago that sent him on a journey and we began to talk about the word meek and when as soon as I told him that that was a knob in Hebrew, and it had to do the letter I am, he immediately said well that's it. When you show me that had to do with the beginning of nakedness and that's what fired this Canon as we been talking so much about identity is in the mescaline journey and but the point I'm trying to make is all my goodness, how we can rejoice as one that find great spoil as we refine his word. As we chew on it in and get the idea of what this shin is bringing us like always we are processing but is also very much judgment right at some point in time as you process the stuff there is going to be some draws in the world that we live in that road currently is cursed at and so you know it's really neat. As we get a chance to think through.

There was the wisdom of the letter shin that we gotta choose right the right direction of refining and then as we do that if we want to get the best, most wholesome thing that we can refine the God's word is absolutely pure as we talked about him as attic section is a lot of it right. I mean it's just absolutely spectacular.

When we chew on the word right and were not connected to the ground like an animal right without the part of the verse in there chewing the cat on my rejoice one who find great spoil.

I hope you found some thanks for listening

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