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Psalms 119:156 - The Womb of Mercy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 5, 2022 9:46 am

Psalms 119:156 - The Womb of Mercy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 5, 2022 9:46 am

Psalms 119:156 Great are thy tender mercies, O LORD: quicken me according to thy judgments.

The Might anointing of the Resh is so so great on all sorts of levels. My story of three suicide attempts to go with it.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19 we have a great first night.

Six which is the fourth verse in the rates range section with that ration being the idea of the head like at the beginning of the river is the head of that river as things begin. That's how they go like in the beginning starts. That letter that word is reishi which it starts with a raised in so many things are like that. Well, verse 156 would be the might and also quite often is the definition of the letter itself. The fourth verse is really cool really cool. I think Juergen enjoyed his first someone 56 in English is great are thy tender mercies, oh Lord, quicken me according to thy judgments. So it's absolutely amazing to me and beautiful that three times this almost in the race section asked to be quickened.

This would be the second one and the first one of you might remember, was back in the second verse played my cause and deliver me. Quicken me according to my word in here were asking the psalmist is asking like he did back in the previous section to be quickened. According to thy judgments, which seems like going through the fire in order to get quickened, and once again he hedges that this time with great are thy tender mercies is really cool. In Hebrew there are two words that are often translated mercy when you think about the 23rd Psalm, and he knows good goodness and mercy will follow me without mercy is tested which is a lot different concept.

It's more of a loving kindness kind of mercy when you look at the mercy that were talking about here this word, which begins with the race since run the race section is run Hom and it is literally the mother's womb okay and it's really cool to think that since God is gender full that he's got this womb, and so to think that were getting asked to be quickened or born again here in this womb is really really a cool concept that he saying within this womb. Judge me right. And through this process of we talked about judgment is this refining the refining fire. The heat getting turned up and literally the face of God. Judging what's good and what's bad so that it can be disposed of what's bad and this idea of this kind of judgment is really quite heavy duty and a pretty much I think is a process of quickening, which is fascinating because obviously you're not just you know born out of your mother's womb.

Your mitt in your mother's womb right and it was a nine month process in order for you to be made allowed you thought about the process and that there obviously was the broth involved and so you know this, I may have more questions about this verse that I have answers. But the thing that that that does grab me was this idea of here we have this womb that's great in any uses that word again which starts with the race so he's he saying the head or the beginning which womb has everything to do with the beginning so it's it's it's like he's really showing that this is the head of his quickening here and this is the idea of beginnings, like your beginning in my beginning and it also quite often the race has to do with the choice and so here we can see it is God's choice that you are alive, you know he met you and your mother's womb as it is, as you know, the psalmist says so you know this is a spectacular idea, and then he is refining what he's quickening as were in this womb process which is really you just remarkable and and again this is the last time we will visit the idea of quickening within the race section. So the idea of beginnings when it comes to birth and life is so neat that they're all coming together in this idea of the rage so you know again what is his look like.

Practically, I have been thinking about this that one of the struggles that I've had in the one of the you know when you go through that a refining process in your life, your story is your story. My story is mine.

For whatever reason three times in my life that I know of, and I seriously attempted, seriously attempted suicide and the one time I was really, really young and I have very faint memories of it. I've had God walk me through that one. The second time when I was on my 16th birthday. I remember well because I'd been betrayed by a girlfriend and a friend of mine went out with my girls so sort of a double betrayal in at the time my parents were struggling with the divorce and I was in a dark place and I attempted suicide by taking a bunch of pills and the third time was right before I got in the cytology and somewhat comical but is just the dark place that I got myself into. Was I just was going to lay in my bed in the apartment that I lived in until I died and that was the decision that I had made. And then there was a knock on the door were summing selling the book Dianetics a modern science of mental health, and that's how I ended up not lying there till I die because I read that book and got involved in the church of Scientology buy sell those three to say that was a process of like oh my goodness almost 3 times. I took the life that he's talking about here before I was ever quickened spiritually right before ever had a chance to be born again three times you in my own crazy ways.

I attempted to end that and again I'll never know whether they were really cries for help, or they were just in a just craziness.

Or, you know, certainly intact from the evil one that was you know, getting me to to go with some really stupid decisions, but the thing that occurs to me because I went through this with one member my family and as I was speaking to, and I've actually wrote them a letter and I said you know the thing I did not perceive when I attempted the suicides that were it had I succeeded.

I would've been murdering not only myself but I would've murdered my three children right and and then their children and then yelled their children and all my goodness what what would've happened had I succeeded in ending that which God had clearly started due to the refining process.

Not only did I get a chance to live, but he's been teaching me so much along the way of what life is as a result of you note pouring out the draws.

In other words, there is a lot of pain that that that through the fire we get saved not necessarily from the fire that we get say and through your life story or process that God would hold you up and save you because I had no concept. I really didn't have all the lives that hung in the balance. As a result of the life that I was thinking I could take pride in. And so I say that just to say you know there's so much at stake here that God began something in you, you know that's just the spiritual life mimics human assisted physical life.

I wonder how many people I've had some you know word in the process of them coming to know God, however, that works whether that was actually you know help them pray the prayer or at night over the weekend. Got a chance to baptize a guy you know it, whatever that was.

That was my role in all those processes were all part of what God was doing in this life-giving process which you know I you know I just really again.

I have more questions about this verse and I have answers but the things that I do see are clearly God's womb is absolutely unbelievable and the word mercy has to do with how my mother has compassion on child that that certainly that was knit together in her womb. Well, I love you considered that God certainly feels that way towards us because we were knit together with his purposes in my absolutely so thank you for listening and studying this

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