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Psalms 119:125 Get Your Story Straight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 17, 2022 11:40 am

Psalms 119:125 Get Your Story Straight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 17, 2022 11:40 am

Psalms 119:125 I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.

This the knowledge verse of the Ayin section shares the importance of knowing what sort of story we have fallen into, to quote Sam in Lord of the Rings. To serve God with His vision (The Ayin) we need to understand the story, (testimonies). Robby shares what happened in his previous marriage when he didn't know the story.

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Treasurers around of the ion section of the hundred 19, 125 and the idea of the letter I am being of vision and of doing and the unit was really what were hoping for is God's vision because we don't want the wrong vision for sure.

And so the hundred and 25th verse would be the anointing of based on the template that we lay over this of the Holy Spirit, saying that this would be the knowledge of what an ion is and so here this is an English it says I am not a servant. Give me understanding that I may know thy testimonies and so is just beautiful.

From my perspective. In Hebrew, you know that the verses going to start with, and IN, and that idea of the word servant is that somebody is going to do as we talked about throughout this I am is doing and having this vision along those same lines will servant it is going to be somebody who has obviously the Masters vision and so as we get God's vision. We need understanding in order to interpret what's going on that I may know thy testimonies. In other words, it's an interesting thing we teach that these boot camps we do with a masculine journey of the second talk. We always give we call the larger story to help people get some perspective on God's testimony. The story that he's telling the larger story is is what this talk is actually called and the reason it is is because in our lives. Quite often we feel like we've come into a movie in about two hours late for 15 minutes later.

Whatever week it seems like there's bad guys.

It seems like there's good guys.

But you know it's pretty hard to tell where this is going and where do I fit in and all that and then so as we understand more and more of what God story what the what the actual narrative is it helps us not only see the reason for so many things in our life but also to see know where we fit in and essentially who the heroes are that kind of stuff because we interpret life so much as a story and so as God's servant right. It helps a lot if we know the story and and how that all fits together in order to make this this work together. So when it says give me understanding that I may know, and I love that the word is yada that I that same idea of you know when you know something in Hebrew year and become intimate with it and it's always asking to be intimate with a testimony and and you know that that in the Pilgrim's progress that the hero Christian. He had his testimony Near his bosom. In other words, in order to interpret the story always to know that that we are God's. He's got this and I know that God is involved in this based on my own eyewitness.

That's what a testimony is and so this knowledge is critical in my opinion having God's vision so as an example of how this might work out to the reverse side of what happens when we don't have the proper interpretation of. Unfortunately, I discovered my first marriage would be an example because unfortunately, my first wife and her family. My wife had had a drug addiction problem that I was not aware of when a murder and got involved with this young man and actually had three children by this man. And at first he told me of. None of these children and then it came to turn out that one of these children. They would claim to me and told me was Debbie son but I didn't actually find out until Debbie had been institutionalized in the mental institute for the rest of her life. Actually, as it were, turned out that I found out about the other two kids and so here. This was my life partner in between Debbie and her family. Nobody shared with me the story right what what it happened. How these children had been born and so obviously you know not only did Debbie have the struggles that she had coming off the drugs but and and some of the other trauma that she gone through through that, but she now had the separation of two of her children that she couldn't even tell anybody what were her children home and the stress of the app, already you know somewhat broken. Mental capacity, you know, I've been really helpful to know that was part of her story as her husband, right, and to be able to minister to her in so many ways.

It breaks my heart. Now to think back what I you know what all that led to is the way that that that her life played out, but it was a matter of right.

She didn't feel safe which you know I take responsibility for that. In other words, why she was afraid I would leave her if I knew stuff like that and I wasn't a Christian at the time, and obviously you know I wasn't necessarily always looking at things the way that I should've been looking at them, but what I can see now and I know God was at work through all of it, you know, because it it it all led to the testimony that I now have. But when I know in my heart is that there was a poor woman who had three children that she she couldn't mother and and I can even think of all the stresses that when in to what was involved in that. So you know, again, if were going to be God's servant we need an understanding, but in order to you know have the walls come down so he can tell you what's going on. He's got to be able to trust you with the information it hits FO you know we have to declare that we are your service on the we do want your vision will you do you know if you love me you'll keep my command that we love you Lord.

So you know where your servant note share with us what's really going on so that we can really minister to the people in the situation and I love the psalmist heart and this and this is clearly some knowledge of an idea of what God's vision should be that his servants would know his story and the stories all through the Bible, but is also in your own life and the ladies worked in your life and your family's life and your kids life, of which the story continues to go on the larger story and he he's the hero and finding are placing that story on the beautiful things that we get to do and so as we think about this verse right. We are your servant's understanding that we may know intimately, your test thank you for listening

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