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Psalms 119:84 The Might of Desire in Faith

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 10, 2021 9:44 am

Psalms 119:84 The Might of Desire in Faith

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 10, 2021 9:44 am

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Psalms 119:84 How many are the days of thy servant? when wilt thou execute judgment on them that persecute me?

With the fourth anointing of the letter Kaf we see the Power of a sense of urgency coupled with Faith, described in Robby's stories from selling cars to fishing.

Psalms 119:84

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Treasurers oh I saw home.

Hope it's never over the day I get amazing stuff that God provides that are down in this Mayan certainly in a rich vein with this letter. Half and we are in the fourth verse of the letter half today so if you go with them is the salvation and understanding is the comfort and then counsel is to remember his word and today we get to the might and the strength and boy oh boy, I mean that his lines up perfectly with this verse for me because I can tell you that his mother hidden secrets of the car business or management and in my experience when I understood this.

It made all the difference in the world, and it may not sound like it at first but believe me it's very very mighty verse.

So verse 84 in English reads how many are the days of thy servant.

When will thou execute judgment on them that persecute me so again this is letter health has to do with the desire a strong desire a longing okay and here we have them asking two questions how many are the days that he actually uses a wonderful Bible award there called Ma it's MM, which has all to do with Jesus, as it did with 40 has to do with water.

It's working to get to that verse very soon here and it's more than mind blowing amended universes on the member to get that very soon and that's more than mind blowing.

But here we see uses that word Ma which is like a test. So how many are the days of my servant surveys asking how many amenities asking when when will bow execute judgment on them that persecute me and in his own way. I think he saying your kingdom come, because that's what happened when the execute judgment on our enemies.

Specifically, Satan. Obviously that is going to be big time and so the beautiful thing is this desire that were talking about this hoof, which we talked about this super intellect that that is above anything is desire.

Or if her hands are open like the sign of the hoof and were expecting a blessing. And so here he is expecting something he has his expectation of how many and when.

And so there's a definite asking here. Well, that's what I know to explain this is when I was in the car business. I worked for Royce Reynolds and Royce Reynolds on the crown organization which is altering the dealerships and he was a huge, huge student of what's called predictive Index and that is a personality kind of test and in that personality test he would measure in a somebody's ability to lead and he would measure their ability to influence other people and he would measure their attention to detail, but the measurement that meant everything to Royce and would make all the difference. If you're hiring either a salesman or a manager was what he called patients, which was your see is what the letter was that was aligned with it and it had to do with compliant but it had to do with how long did you expect time to go by before something would happen.

In other words, how quickly did you expect results or what was your sense of urgency and if somebody didn't have a low see in other words, they had no what he would call patients or no sense of urgency you could not hire them as a salesperson you get fired if if you hired them as a manager you or you move somebody that didn't have a low see in the management that you are in bad trouble. Royce Reynolds, you will probably lose your job mean he was he was a student of this and he studied it and studied it, and because of that, I became very aware of what he was talking about. He would say they need a fire in their belly okay and this has everything to do with faith in you know, I guess the best way to know. I noted explain this and in another way is through fishing like you know you could say that person's patient could they fish in the fish and the fish not been around a lot of fishermen, but the ones that are truly effective fishermen.

The other patient but every moment their home under that rod there expecting that Laura is going to get that fish to bite. They have this expectation is faith that something's going to happen and see underneath his faith in this expectation is not a sense of of of you know I'm okay.

If nothing happens for the next four hours.

It's a matter of I can hardly wait because this vicious fix and abide, or if you're selling a car is not the Jurgen of pressure the customer into buying the car, but it is that you feel like you have the gifts and talents to help them with the decision that would be in their best interest not manipulation but actually helping them like I have the expectation in the faith that if I help somebody with truth, broadcasting or helper radio host or something that that's going to be effective and so I do have the question I have that longing. When and I have that longing. How long et seq., you know, when you find those qualities in a person that that that you watch that they have this sense of urgency does not mean that they're not patient there. They understand that people are broken and it takes a long time for things to happen what it means is they are expecting results and and and there expecting things to happen as they wait, it's that it's the way Jesus taught this was the. The people that had their lamps burning, waiting for him to come. They had this expectation that he's going to come. So yes, there's patients involved as the obviously we don't know when he is coming, but the expectation is what that is. And if you look at this verse that has all to do with might. Because if you want to find a mighty car salesman or you want to find a mighty manager in the car business or better yet, if you want to find a mighty man for God. What is underneath that is is tremendous faith that God is going to come through. And of course we in order that continued to grow that expecting to expecting expectation of blessing we holder that I like the hoof and and and we say when Lord when is your kingdom coming. We wanted to come. We have this expectation is absolutely beautiful thing as we consider this today. Think about might when it comes to athletes what made Michael Jordan. What Roger*Bakker are all these people. They wanted the ball and the game was on the line because they believe right that they had faith that they were going to be up to perform and they wanted to know when we might get the ball here is the mind of the letter hoof is worth were acting in a that he is coming with her. Thanks for listing

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