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Psalms 119:83 Waterproof Wineskins

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 9, 2021 12:01 pm

Psalms 119:83 Waterproof Wineskins

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 9, 2021 12:01 pm

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Psalms 119:83 For I am become like a wineskin in the smoke;   I not forget thy statutes.

If you want to make a hide waterproof ask a Native American, you smoke it. That's why a new wineskin needs to be smoked,  so it doesn't  leak. So Jesus used this same metaphor.

How cool would it be if we didn't leak out the wine that Jesus gave us? Why not ask like the Psalmist in this verse... Robby share a story.


Psalms 119:83

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Treasurers all right with you about our appearance around in verse 83 of the hundred nine Psalm here in the half section and it's a beautiful thing. This letter half and these eight verses that we get to study today's the third verse in the host section. Then we talked about before that the hoof is for like the Hanukkah that goes over the head but maybe another way for you to understand it is the home of his like the palm of your hand that it's there for you to receive a blessing and so you can see throughout these verses that the psalmist throughout gifting.

The Holy Spirit is sharing so much on how important desire is and that has everything to do with Christmas like what you want for Christmas and God loves it when we ask him for things we want very specifically and very cool. You can see that the psalmist desire.

First was for salvation. And then yesterday Wade.

He talked about his his his hunger for his word. As far as comfort and today we did a really really cool, ask, and this one is asked of.

I don't want to leak it's explained in that this verse is often misunderstood.

Simon actually said in English in the way that I would translate it rather than the King James Arbella to close that it's different and I will explain why zero verse 83 for I have become like a wineskin in the smoke. I do not forget thy statutes. So when you read that in the King James it says a bottle in the smoking minutes is yet well yet I do not forget thy statutes. One word yet is added if you look in the Hebrew it's not there. So when he said I become like a wineskin which is more accurately what he said in the smoke. I do not forget thy statutes. Let me explain, and you won't see this anywhere. I've checked lots of commentaries. Nobody seems to understand because nobody else is tied in many hides but the Indians have for years and the way that you make a hide or a wineskin waterproof is you put it in the smoke.

And so Jesus picked up on this parable and talked about putting new wine into new wineskins was new wineskins with a been freshly smoked because in order for a wineskin.not leak to be waterproof. It needs to be cured in the smoke and so it's a beautiful thing that what this ask is is is is from a standpoint of I want to be waterproof and I don't know if you feel that way. But if you got up does the Holy Spirit this morning and throughout the day you're leaking and and so that's why it makes sense that he says I do not forget thy statutes and the statutes of those high hard ones there who come we talked about this before, but wouldn't it be just a wonderful thing right that we could go into our day not leaking and and so this being the third verse in the end of the eight that are gonna be on the hoof. That means we did wisdom which was salvation and understanding which we talked about was you know what would comfort us and so this third one would be if we look at the Isaiah 11 template we talked about often of the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit.

So the third anointing is was we talked about often counsel so the anointing of counsel is telling us with direction that we need to go in and here is telling you the direction that he needs to go in is to not forget the statute that you know if we are mindful of our desire is that we we have the word of God or disposal all times than what you know.

Here we are worth this this place where we realize that in one of those statutes. As you may well know is right love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself and you know what a neat thing to love the Lord in such a way this Christmas that other people would see that in you. I and so I was a little heartbroken of my daughter recently and I thought what could I do to come after her harder make you feel like you know she's loved all this and interestingly, God put on my heart to ask her for lunch and so you know she's like 31 has her own daughter. But so when her dad asked her lunch, which was totally unusual.

The very first thing she said to me, what do you have cancer. Are you mad at me and and in Reno. It was kind of an indictment on my fatherhood to say wow drafted to have something like that before asked my daughter to lunch.

But as we had a chance to share together.

I could see that God was allowing me to not leak not forget his statutes. In other words, I was able to love my daughter with his love because I had leaked as he gave me this through prayer and opportunity and so I hope this Christmas that that like the hoof that week we think about what it is that we really want for Christmas and like a good father. That night he so excited to see his child. The light in the present that he gave them for Christmas believing God delighted as he sought my daughter and I sit down for that lunch.

Just this week, and I hope that you can have a desire like that today.

As we could become like wineskins in the smoke and again that that don't misted it says bottle, but believe me, when you look at Hebrew and that it is a wineskin K and a wineskin holds wine right and would speak back to the first that Betty that the psalmist referred to in verse 81 my soul fainted for thy salvation.

That's a thirst, and as we talked about last episode that when you thirst you do that you do that in your mouth and you do it in your soul, and so here is creating a situation where we would be able to hold this everlasting line right so as we take communion. You know how cool would it be if we can always feel that kinda communion like we had the wineskin with the inside of us that was growing alive. The way that that wine does and and it again that we get to be in remembrance of him, which is again the whole idea of like when you when you do the Lord's supper and how many times as I do this in remembrance of me. Well, this is along the lines of this particular Psalm forget to remember we can't leak and so or we know that you know the way that you cure a skin if you're Indian or anybody else will tell you if you want to make a waterproof you put it in the smoke while the smoke that we talk about here is is holy smoke okay when you look at this word smoke is only used a few times in the Bible, and specifically the smoke became a part of Sodom and Gomorrah after impurities. It been burned off and it's literally holy smoke right as things become pure and it's making us one of able to hold this wine is in new wineskin crack and listened

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