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Psalms 119:70 - Hidden Treasure

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 22, 2021 8:35 am

Psalms 119:70 - Hidden Treasure

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 22, 2021 8:35 am

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The struggles of our cocoons help our wings to fly, lack of struggle causes fat, just sayin.

Psalms 119:70

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm.

It's so good to be back with you today as we dig around in the 119th Psalm, and actually today we're digging in verse 70, which is the sixth verse in the where the whole idea of tet is the idea of goodness. And the neat thing when you think about it is the 70th verse, you know, it certainly is a significant number since it's 10 times 7. But also it since it's the sixth verse in the tet section, it's going to give us an idea of goodness from a standpoint of fear of the Lord. Because as we've talked about as you lay Isaiah 11, the seven anointings of the Holy Spirit as a sort of a template over and again, you know, I just believe that David was working through the spirit and sharing with us the anointings of each of these letters from a standpoint of here would be the anointing of the fear of the Lord when it comes to the letter tet or the idea of goodness. And so it's a fascinating verse when you think about it in that context.

So here's the verse. And, you know, it's a neat thing that he uses some really unique words here in Hebrew where he talks about their heart being as fat as grease. You know, I think when you when you think through that, that the proud have indulged themselves to such an extent that they're long longer sensitive to what's really going on with a great example being Marie Antoinette's famous quote, not that we know that she actually said it, but the quote was right when they came to her saying, you know, all the peasants are out of bread and she said, Well, let them eat cake. In other words, her heart was as fat as grease, right? She'd been eating so much cake.

She didn't have any idea of what it was like to actually struggle. But here, you know, David contrasts that with his delight, right, which gets to the fear of the Lord. His delight is in the Torah is in the law. And so it's it's a fascinating thing. I just came back from boot camp, which I was Oh, man, what an amazing time to be with men of God and and and see people coming alive and get their hearts back. And it's so relative to this verse or relevant with this verse, as the greater the struggle is, is there's this movie that we show at boot camp.

It's about only about 20 minutes. It's on YouTube called the butterfly circus. And you know, I've never seen Nick via chick. He doesn't have any arms and he doesn't have any legs. And the idea behind the butterfly circus is not unlike the idea of the poor caterpillar in the cocoon that, you know, it needs to struggle to break out of the cocoon in order to strengthen its wings.

And, you know, this is the idea of not being fat, but actually struggling. And so, as Nick is, you know, Ben in a freak show in this particular movie, it really is a great movie. And I don't want to rob you of all of it. But at one point in time, as he's picked up by this wonderful ringmaster who is trying to help him to struggle to get out of his cocoon of believing that he was cursed by God. You know, they're out at the river, and they're all swimming, and he wants to take part in it. And he's asking him to help him get to the water, help me help me. And he falls, you know, down as he's trying to get back up. And then he goes to this tremendous struggle to stand back up. Of course, he's got no arms and legs.

So, you know, it's a hard thing to do. Well, as he stands up and gets out on the log headed towards the water, you know, he's yelling to all these people kind of like, look at me, look at me. And he's waving his little shoulder, which is, you have to see it to really see how beautiful it is, right? The greater the struggle, the more glorious, right?

The triumph. And so here King David is saying, you know, I delight in thy law. Well, if you delight in the law, believe me, you know, Satan does not like that. And he will cause your little butterfly wing to have to struggle quite often, right?

Because as Satan looks across the horizon, when he sees somebody struggling after God, well, man, you've become his prime target, as King David was in so many different ways when you look at his life. As he delighted in the law, it is going to come with this idea of hidden goodness, okay? The whole idea of the tet being that the idea that nine months, it's a ninth letter, that it's his pregnant person. It's inside is this goodness, but it takes a struggle to come out of the womb, right?

A woman to give birth, oh my goodness, the amount of struggle it takes in order to give birth. You see the same picture of what's going on. So if your heart gets fat, and you're never in the struggle, right, you're missing out. So as you delight in the law, as it shows in this verse, right?

Then I can assure you, right, like Nick Vyachuk, at some point in time, you'll be able to stand up on the log and wave your little shoulder. Again, I couldn't recommend enough that movie. As we saw men at this boot camp, you know, with some of them with unbelievable struggles, you know, folks that their children had attempted suicide, and we saw so many different ways that Satan was coming after these men of God. But again, what did it do if they continued to struggle in the law, right? It just made them stronger and closer to God. So, you know, concept of the anointing of the tent, as God so well illustrated with the whole idea of a butterfly. Thank you for listening today. Looking forward to being with you this week.
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