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Psalms 119: Prayer - Vuv Section thru Yud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 19, 2021 5:00 am

Psalms 119: Prayer - Vuv Section thru Yud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 19, 2021 5:00 am

As Robby is at Bootcamp he is praying the Psalm  this episode is the The Vuv Section through the Yud Section

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Treasurers of being on with our prayer in the hundred 19 Psalm we got through the haze section and so were praying this in the third person and bring it from her heart so you can list the two previous episodes to see more about it if I say mitzvah rather than commandments. I'm just using the Hebrew word in some cases. So anyway, I hope you enjoy this with me as I begin again survives section. Let thy mercies come also on the Lord, even by salvation. According to thy word. So shall we have wherewith to answer him that reproach with us, for we trust in my word, and take not the word of truth utterly out of our mouths for we've hoped in your judgments and so we shall keep bylaw continually forever and ever and will walk at liberty, for we seek thy precepts and we shall speak. Also, thy testimonies before kings and not be ashamed, and we will delight ourselves in my mitzvah that we love and lift our hands up to the mitzvah that we love and meditate on my statutes, Zion. Remember thy word unto thy servant of the Lord upon which thou has caused us to hope it has been our comfort in our affliction for thy word has quickened us the wicked and had us excuse me, the proud of had us greatly in the original Lord that we thy servants have not declined from my law. We remembered thy judgments of old and comforted ourselves or had taken a hold of us because of the wicked who forsake thy law, thy statutes have been our songs in the house of our pilgrimage. We remembered thy name in the night Lord because we Bylaw this we had because we kept thy precepts had section, thou art our portion. Oh Lord, we have said we will keep your word.

We haven't treated your favor with our whole heart, Lord, have mercy on us, according to thy word.

We have considered our ways and turned our feet under thy testimonies we've hastened under thy mitzvah and not delayed the bands of the wicked have plundered us that we have not forgotten my law, we establish praise at midnight. Lord, because of your righteous judgments. Those who fear you have been our companions and those who keep thy testimonies the whole earth is full of your Hesse good loving kindness of the Lord teach us your statutes that section that has dealt well with thy servant.

Oh Lord, according to thy word. Teach us good judgment and knowledge we have believed your mitzvah when we were afflicted. We went astray.

But now we have kept thy law, thou art good amount due is good teachers, thy statutes, the proud affords lies against us, but we have sought by precepts with our whole hearts. Their hearts are as fat as grease. We delight in the high law. It is good that we were afflicted that we learn my statutes, the law of thy mouth is better on to us than thousands of gold and silver section, thy hands have made us and fashioned us all. Lord, give us understanding that we may learn my mitzvah, those who fear you will be glad when they see us because we have hoped in your word. We know Lord that thy judgments are right in and faithfulness that I was afflicted us. Let we pray the thy merciful kindness be under thy servant according to thy word.

Let thy tender mercies come under us that we may live and keep thy word and let the proud be ashamed to have dealt perversely with us without cause.

Let those who fear your return on to us and those who know your testimony that our hearts be sound in your statutes that we be not ashamed. That would be the end of the above section. So thank you again for praying with me today.

I will rejoin us.

Monday is continue onto the next verse in the hundred 19 Psalm study study in verse seven

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