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Psalms 119:68 Good Good Father

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 15, 2021 8:44 am

Psalms 119:68 Good Good Father

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 15, 2021 8:44 am

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God is Good, we know that but to see the Larger Story behind all the other stuff takes some prayer, this is the Psalmist's Robby illustrates

Psalms 119:68

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Treasurers we continue the good time were having in the Section of the hundred nineteenths all is today we get to have a good time with verse 68, and it's all about good when it comes to this letter Tet and certainly this verse your goodness. If you commit sickness with Melissa. But anyway, this being the fourth verse as we lay our Isaiah 11 seven anointing's of Christ over the top of this from right, those being, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear the Lord and delight in the fear the Lord. This fourth one is might and so I hope you see with me. Wow, this is a pretty mighty verse right here in certainly different ways when you really spend some time with it. So just read it in the King James version. It's pretty simple really. Thou art good and do us good.

Teach me thy statutes so you can see that this almost is actually making this point of tall this idea of the goodness that's hidden often within you know the nine months of pregnancy that that the number ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and so I thought you knew the real might of this verse and you've heard it said many times God is good all the time all the time God is good, but what what really that amounts to is we live in in our lives as were trying to realize the story that were in so much of our life we spend in the smaller story and we don't realize how good really. God is because were so caught up in our own stuff and so you might remember a few episodes back I talked about a loved one, that it made some bad choices and ended up in the hospital and didn't want to talk to me and all that stuff will only continue that story will bit so that particular night we had been in the hospital all night and a lot of the next day trying to get through this tragedy that struck our family and coincidentally another very close relative in my family was moving that next day or had to move because it was the last day of January, and in order for them to get the deposit back they had to get moved out. But they also had to clean the apartment and this being someone that is done not doing this for the first time in their life was not really prepared for what all that was and as we left the hospital.

We went over there to help them, not realizing that this would be an episode that would go on till like 4 o'clock in the morning because there were like holes in the wall is only punching and things that you know you just a lot of stuff and so it wasn't. It was a very, very, very long two days of.there's no explaining as we get home. It might've been three, it might've been 4 o'clock in the morning we walk in our house and understand this is the last day of January in North Carolina is cold in fact I think it was down below zero at night as we walk into our house. The heat is shut off because part one of the parts is melted.

Actually, in the in the theater and so there is no getting the heat to come on whatsoever.

I mean it's just cold as it can be in the house and apparently been cold for some time.

Who knows when he'd actually gone off and so you know, not being in a just being totally exhausted because we been up all this time. We just huddled up in whatever blankets we could find no problem on got in bed, slept through the night and then is my normal case I get up real early like 4 o'clock in the morning and I make a cup of coffee and it was my practice at the time this changes with the seasons, but at the time I practice with this I would make my coffee. I would sit down with my journal and I would ride out my many blessings, are the things that I was grateful for.

Before I even began.

You know my time with God and so this particular morning, it's imagine I'm sitting there and I'm like okay God I'm in a be honest I'm not just all that thankful right this minute. It's freezing cold in here. I mean really, after all we've been through. Did we have to also not have any heat and I was just laying out all my complaints to him and and as I was sitting there in the far trying to focus on what I was doing right in this time with God.

All the sudden through the fog of the war in my head in the refrigerator of what was going on all the sudden I realized this solemn thou art good amount due is good because all of a sudden I went. Oh, wait a minute that loved one. They lived right made that was the most important thing of all. But then there was it there was a nurse there that it did minister to pry a process it's called a blood gas test.

I've had it done on me and I know how painful it was and I thought this was gonna be the end of the world for my loved one because they don't deal well with pain but that nurse spent nearly an hour administering that test to make sure that that that that when that need to win in that it did not hurt them and I just thought about the love and care that all the people at the hospital had showed them. You know during this time and while all by the way they lived and as I realized all my you. You are good you you sent all these people to rescue me. You did all the stiffness you know we got the other love one on the house you know that the all the things got done that had to be done at an end, so there were some trials along the way but thou art good and now do us good and now it now that I'm in this position of really seeing for myself that I'm not in the smaller story were God's not doing anything. God is got a great big bunch of stuff that is all working together for good, and I can't even tell you the good I wish I could go into great detail of all the good that those events caused in my life is absolutely amazing.

As we get through more verses maybe talk about you know when I was afflicted I went astray, but nonetheless this was absolutely good. Good stuff.

And so while you're in this position right than of knowing how good God is. Then teach the stuff that I really don't understand because I'm so clear on your goodness and and so this verse is mighty right it takes you out of living in a smaller story for her. Essentially, your heads in the refrigerator and you know what the world is going on to seeing that God is doing something way bigger than just what you're involved in and he is good and he is doing good and this is just unbelievable what's gonna happen. And as you live in that larger story. You see the might that comes in that and all the sudden you're a friend of Jesus and and you're on his side and you're trying to see how can I work in this situation because I know that this stuff is all based on all things work together for good Earth those who love God and the called according to his purpose. He could see it very, very, very mighty thing today as we continue on in the hundred 19 Psalm is always want to remind you my email was in the show notes. I would dearly love to hear from you any comments or questions. You're thinking about wondering about in the Psalm. I would love to study with. Thanks for listening

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