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Psalms 119 Verse 51: Pride Challenges

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 21, 2021 12:24 pm

Psalms 119 Verse 51: Pride Challenges

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 21, 2021 12:24 pm

The Big question is; are the proud the problem or our pride, Robby finds himself on both sides of this verse

Psalms 119:51

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 were all digging down to him in first home and let me start off by saying you are praying for that family member yesterday they did not attempt suicide in we had a good couple chats yesterday afternoon and feel like you know we made progress. God certainly done the work and were very very grateful for that and then certainly is a praise report that it seems like there on the man for right now and so I'm grateful, but on this first 51st first. If we look at where in the Zion section. The letter Zion in Hebrew, which often is thought of as being either a sword or a plowshare or a crown which is all the verses in the design section start with this letter and so this verse reads the proud and had me greatly in derision. But I have not decline from my law so there's some words that for me it in the King James version or of all new I'm not that familiar with the word derision and the word the way they use the word the client is a little bit hard to understand. So this walk-through that a bit to understand the verse and then see you know where we go.

But before I get going that that I wanted to say the overarching thing.

I hope that that really is helpful to me as I memorizing the Psalm as I'm thinking about the Psalm that this being the third verse in the Zion section. In keeping with the Isaiah is a 11 seven anointing's of each letter.

This would be the anointing of counsel, which means you know getting put in the right direction and so not declining from my law is a pretty good direction to go into and so we I hope you see that that's part of what this verse is designed to show us the anointing of this part of the Zion. The neat thing is that again the verse starts with that Zion because the word proud of has design and it is the proud had me greatly in derision in the word proud of starts with as I am because you know it very much is your sword is your glory. Unfortunately, that the second letter in the word proud in Hebrew is a doll. It and so it's, like your Lord in your sword, your your abilities, your skills, your gifting's over your neighbor and thus we have the word proud and so these people. In this case have her lording over this and in their having this almost in derision and that word comes from, you know people that and and again you'll hear it a lot in Pilgrim's progress in deriding somebody deriding somebody is like mocking them.

Interestingly, in the Bible. The word is often interpreted as the word interpreter so somebody saying the same words that you're saying but they're saying them in a way to make fun of you, or to make little of you are essentially that I know better than you look at this crazy things you're saying and then the Psalms is saying, but I have not declined and that were declined in Hebrew again is a beautiful concept of what it means to stretch your tent or to bend the bow and and so when you decline something like I decline a cup of coffee means and I can turn away from it that I am to be. If I have not declined. In other words, I'm in a believe the law but I like the way that the word is in Hebrew that they don't think it's a stretch right so when I think about what the Psalms is saying here is, you know so you think the world was made in seven days, that's a bit of a stretch well with King David is saying is here know it's not a stretch, not declining from the law, 0000 you you think the Red Sea really was parted and that the Egyptians were drowned. That's a bit of a stretch when anything like that.

That's hard for people to understand is beyond their understanding, then that they feel like it's a stretch. While this is where the law comes in, and this is where we can be obviously made fun of. So there's certainly one way to look at the verse but what I want to take the opposite direction is that I would bet you that when you when you think about who derided Jesus. Who were the ones that said, although you think your godson will that's a bit of a stretch writer.

You think you're gonna bring this temple down and three that you know or build this temple in three days, that's a bit of a stretch those of the people that derided Christ were quite often the church people of unfortunately which I'm I'm one of the many, it's pretty easy when you begin to think you understand the Bible you begin. The other thing I think you understand certain biblical concepts and whatever to become proud.

It's just too easy In that same letter that beautifully in the previous verses had to do with remembering right cutting through the clutter of your mind in order and using your gifting to focus on that which is important in the word remember is now being used against us.

It is vague because we see ourselves as is is is bigger than other people when it comes to our own gifting because it clearly you know that was what God gave us and so here's my my example which is the reverse example rather than thinking about when somebody was deriding me are unfortunately have to think of what I deride, you know, certain friends of mine that and I have some friends that are in the Acapella Church of Christ and I don't understand that. Honestly and on occasion once or twice on their conviction. I'm not using musical instruments in order to worship.

I didn't mean to do it completely, but by the Disher came out that way were actually derided them and I could sense the offense that happened and I certainly when I really look in my own heart. Think will you know better than that Robbie you know that's a stretch. Well the truth is I don't know right I mean in clearly, this person is a servant of God. The people that I know in Acapella Church of Christ and some of my my favorite wonderful saints like like it says in Psalm 16 that your saints, the excellent ones and them I'm completely delighted that that is the case for many people. I know that have different views of of things okay if that is not my job to judge all that that's between them and God and all that other stuff in there. Gifting puts them in that direction, but unfortunately I so quickly go to that position. The design of being in my own gifting thinking I know more than I really do right and and and and so it there is an opportunity obviously to see if people start deriding you that you're not gonna you know say that that's a stretch and stick to the law, but the other part of this verse is a boy, I don't want to be that guy. I don't want to be the proud and I don't want to deride people or make fun of them when it could be that they're the ones that are actually doing it and and and fortunately for them, then I can decline from the law.

The people that I know I'm doing that was so couple different ways to look at the verse. Certainly I love the verse and I certainly think there's great wisdom, and in an and is I we talked about this. This is a counsel versus telling you this is a direction to go in this case not being proud is a direction not to go, not deriding his direction not to go and then not believing that the God that tore itself along is in any way shape or form is you go. Thanks for digging with me today in the hundred 90

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