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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 43 - The Long Truth

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 7, 2021 11:23 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 43 - The Long Truth

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 7, 2021 11:23 am

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Hard to understand verses always have a great learning potential, such as this one. Why would God rip the word of Truth from your mouth? Why would I need to pray against that?

Psalms 119:43

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 digging around today and once will you come across adversely digging in the hundred 19 Solomon were in the vibes.

Today we get the third verse, which is fairly perplexing. Really weird digging around in verse 43 today and I'll go ahead and read it and then maybe make some sense out of it. I got admit that this was hard. The verse reads and take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth, for I have hoped in my judgments, so I'm honest with adverse. I think sometimes I want to make God in my image and he would do things like I would do them more think like I think about I just can't imagine ever taking the word of truth out of somebody's mouth on purpose, and the way he said it the way King David said this prayer is just interesting prayer to me. The King David would obviously be praying this that it's a possibility that God's gonna rip the word of truth out of somebody's mouth because that word utterly.

There, that's the word mio which is the same word you know in the Shema, where they where they say hero Israel Lord is one right love the Lord your God, you're with all your heart, with all your might.

And with what I mean with all your mind and with all your strength. Are all your might.

That word mio that's might and so when it says take the word of truth.

Utterly Emma were talking about with a lot of might taken it out of the mouth and it says for I hoped in my judgment, so the beautiful things about the verse is that word truth is the first time we see it in the Psalm and the word truth is it's used here in Hebrew is a met the phenomenal world word because number one is Jesus.

Obviously, because he is the true but it starts with the olive which we talked about through the olive section is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet right and so it also in so many ways means the father because you know all Abraham all the 80 words that were have to do with fatherhood. So and again he got the olive which is the first letter, then you have the minimum is the second letter, which is the submittal of the aleph bet is also connected to the Messiah because here that mom must sound that that Mem. It is very much the first word of the word Messiah or king and then it ends with the top which is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which again is beginning in the middle of the in the end of the story. In other words it he's the whole truth and nothing much that's in the end of the story. We will know the truth right you'll know exactly what happened at the end of the story and who was to and sometimes it takes that before you know it, but so when you see this word of truth.

It is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful word and no doubt when Jesus shows up to John in the book of Revelation when he says you know I met alphabet on the Omega he's he's relating this idea of truth here and the same word the King David is not wanting ripped out of his mouth and so there's a challenge to me right like God would take the word of truth, rip it out of our mouths and and because that is something I just can't picture myself doing and so then it says, for I have hoped in thy judgments. And so the reverse logic on this is like okay well if I hope if I hope in my judgments, and is not to be taken. So if I don't hope, then I can get the word of truth ripped out of my mouth out. The unfortunate part of that is you know you we think that with our hearts. We are know you truly trusted but will you know in our minds. We think that's true, but have our hearts really gotten there and so I go back to think where have I been in my life where I really clearly did not trust in his judgments, and I remember when we lost the dealership and we lost her house and we lost all our cars and we didn't have the money to rent a house only blends the money to rent a house but we still don't have the money to pay the deposit on the electric bill to get the electricity turned on, and so I took a job you know in my 50s throwing newspapers nor get the money together to have the the the power turned on in our house and at this point time had three kids. I was a struggle and I'd serve God and you know I was actually on the radio during the Christian progression when I was teaching Sunday school. All this and I was just did not understand what I was going through what I was going through. Many people in Marksville thought I was a crook because all his money gotten gone and people were getting paid. Oh, it was a hard time so as I'm running running running throwing newspapers. It is tempting get the papers that like to in the morning and get them folded and they all had to be out before 5 o'clock and I had a really big route so that I can earn the money I needed.

Earn part of it was apartment complexes and so this was in the winter and I would have to run from apartment to apartment run the stairs get up to the top floor handout papers go back down the stairs, etc. and of course I was a car dealer just a few months before that a fairly important person in my own mind, which really was not it and then now I'm a newspaper board and I remember it was icy day one day and I slipped and I just busted my keister.

I mean it.

I really took a hard fall rip my pan all the way through the skin was bleeding as I was laying on the ground.

I can remember clearly just looking up to God and going really, really, after all I've done it in so I can say at that moment right that my heart was not trusting in his judgments, that that that clearly you know there was a whole lot going on that I did not understand. I wasn't trusting in and praise God he didn't work rip the word of truth out of my mouth.

But apparently that's a possibility and and so you know, had I not continue to trust you know my son was graduating that year from a Christian school and we do have the money to pay the rest of the tuition and so they said he couldn't graduate and it was really a burden because it was like $20,000 I remember is this is a crazy amount of money money. I could even dream coming up with, but he'd been in these Christian schools and I didn't want take them out in his senior year.

Now there are lots and while about a week before graduation. The headmaster called and told us that he couldn't graduate but then about a week before graduation the same headmaster called us and said wanted share the good news with you guys, your bill is been paid would tell us how or what you know I'll never know how it happened but here's what I know God is good, right even when we don't see was going on right we think we don't have enough to get by, but he knows what's really right in and what we see with our eyes, is not necessarily what we will end up knowing whether hard and he taught my heart a lot about his judgments right then and I really would've missed out on it, had I not trusted, but I think back to the idea of the violin in the idea of the five is that right and there's more.

And there's more I and so when we look at the life of Isaac, we look at the life of Abraham, of the greatest blessing we can have is for kids in my am in my view is for kids to take the word of God on to new levels. Well for Isaac and Abraham. It look like the only bad about 50% right as Ishmael was one of Abraham's kids and clearly Esau was one of Isaac's kids, but in Jacob's case and I will date the Jews teach that he was a blessing. And there's more. And there's more because when you think about the 12 tribes of Israel. All came out of it equipment a lot of shenanigans in Jacob's life right. He went through all the stuff with his brother with a hairy arms and then he went you know in Le Bon unit didn't give him his wife may have been all that stuff. He went through and then is kids tricked him and think that is young is Joseph was dead and all that went on in his life. It was struggle after struggle. After struggle and those kids you know, crazy stories right. His older brother in the slavery and all that stuff but now think what happened right.

I mean that they teach that Levi learn the Scriptures and the and and and Moses ended up coming out of that, and Aaron came out of that and then a course you know clearly David and and Boaz in the course. Solomon and even Jesus came out of that line of Judah and don't miss that. You know Alina Benjamin came you know Paul the apostle and on and on and on and on it goes from those 12 who are blessed of Jacob's in spite of the fact that there were a lot of shenanigans, but God knows it's not the end of the story and there is more. And there's more. And so as we look at this Lord we just trust right, your judgments so that you don't rip the word truth is the word of truth needs to stay in our mouse of hitting on really really and there. Thank you for digging with me that in the hundred 19 S.

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