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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 30 - Growing In Truth- Amen

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 20, 2021 8:31 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 30 - Growing In Truth- Amen

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 20, 2021 8:31 am

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Like a seed of faith, Robby had to grow in truth - Robby shares his Special Needs story.

Psalms 119:30

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. I enjoyed as we have been moving along through the solid section of the hundred 19 Psalm with the dollars as we talked about is the doorway that the every letter in Hebrew is a picture in the picture of the doll. It is like a door infected looks almost when you look at it like the lintel that they would apply can put the blood on the Passover so it's it's it's a doorway, but it's also humility so that humility is the doorway in so many ways to God and and here we have more of this and is fascinating to me, that is, you come to verse 29, were we talked about remove for me the way of lying and grant me dialogue graciously and clearly it takes a lot of humility to admit that you're a liar. We talked about how beautiful how simple that versus the next verse doesn't come off quite as humble in less you really dig a little bit so the next verses is a response to five remove for me the way of blindness is now. I have chosen the way of truth in my judgments I have laid before me. Well, like all the verses in the dollar section on Derek is the way and that's the way that the verse actually start so to say that I've chosen the way you was a beautiful thing and we know that Jesus is the way and is the truth and so were getting both of those in the same verse three we but to say I have chosen the way, doesn't sound all that humble and must you you look at that next word the way he said, truth, you know, it looks in the King James version like that's what he did. I bet a lot of your Bibles.

It says I've chosen the way of faithfulness with actual word that they used or that the psalmist used here is a very humble word of way of saying true and what he actually said would be from the way most of us worship.

He said the amen. I've chosen the way of the main which means youso let it be, or I am growing in the truth okay because what it is, is the same first two letters that are in the word, a map which is truth that the meta-meta-ends with the tone of this letter has the nine minute, and then to hasten what it's like an expression of the seed of faith. So I'm what what you're actually saying is I'm growing in the way of truth like I am not necessarily arrived yet, and I'm growing into that an insert like I believe would help my unbelief right in and so I loved what he said. I've chosen the way of the amen mean I I'm trying to grow into this truth and and then he says I have said that I judgments before me know what we talked about before, that these mitzvot are or judgments and really what King David is done here is he started quoting as he is. He is almost the whole thing is a commentary on on the law, so to speak is he's quoting from Exodus 21, where it says set these judgments before cerise he saying you know I have set these judgments before, so it's an interesting thing like how do we grow in the defective judgments I thought is your story really it's a testimony from my standpoint of how this happened. Like for Robbie to real point of I'm trying to grow into the Army and so years ago.

Actually, I think it was in 2002. The people at Calvary came to me and asked me if I wanted to teach the him Sunday school class which that point time was like 150 people in just a real honor to teach it in the fire course and not in humility but incomplete pride immediately. Just at all yeah sure, absolutely, and I didn't prayed and asked my wife just jumped on and and actually they move forward from that voted on it within a few days and made me the teacher. The sad news about that girl wasn't set out God was really working so I awoke I came home to my wife and I said honey great news. We are going to teach the ham Sunday school class where we had been working separately. I've been teaching high school and she'd been holding babies which she really really loved and what I did not know was she didn't want to be separated anymore.

She wanted to be together but she felt like and she told me she goes well you know the other night I was that the special needs event that they had on Wednesday night and God really told me that our ministry was going to be special needs and so I really wanted to switch overs the time year were Sunday school classes were switching over. I want to switch over to special needs, and I thought what in the like. Here I have an opportunity to teach the biggest Sunday school class ever and I'm gonna go teach and special needs so again, you know, I thought and prayed about it, I thought that you know clearly you know this. This could be the direction I want to go and if I was completely transparent about on humble I was. I was actually said to my wife know how can I teach all this wonderful Bible knowledge God God has given me to people especially the arrogance of that statement is haunted me for years but anyway I went to my men's group at Wednesday May sees me Thursday morning which is Christian business men's committee and there was an old missionary there and so as I told this whole story. I didn't say I had prayed I didn't know I just that I have this opportunity to do this to my wife wants us to do that in the sole missionary Bailey Margie Jones looks at me and he says Robbie under the least of these my brother at see what he did.

He set the judgment before. In other words, this mitzvot which is right that Jesus shared that you know what is the as you do on the least of these you doing to me. And so what a wonderful thing to realize that although there is the judgment, and I looked at him and I said you dog because I knew immediately because you know when you're here, truth, and you're growing in the truth and I'm trying to grow in the truth and that seem true, but I still had to grow in it because I was not at all comfortable going in the special needs so we next Sunday I agreed. I backed I you know resign from man, Sunday school class and I went you know eating my humble pie to the special-needs class, but when I got there and these were adults, and special needs. Most of them in order to be in their 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. and they really kind of scared me. Some of Morse swinging at the air. A lot of people with autism that didn't pay any attention. Many of them not vocal.

They didn't speak and they made me really uncomfortable. We had no special-needs people will course people down syndrome and stuffed in our family we I have no experience with split sparks really uncomfortable and after and so I'm leaving to grow in this way products that the judgment before me, but I am not there. Okay. And so after about three weeks. The teacher's name was Dawn of the time, looked at me and she goes I hear your pretty good teacher. Robbie went you teach next week and I want you to teach the fifth commandment or honor thy father and mother and I thought all good I can even see that commandment to my own kids out of the world. When you teach us you know but I think this is where God had me right where he wanted me because when I set up to go how my going to study this all I could do was just praying is a God. I have no idea how I am going to teach this to people that don't taunt that that don't seem to be paying attention. I may not. I have no idea how to do this and so as I prayed and prayed, God, get, put it on my heart that the way that you honor people is that you kneel and so that they are very clumsily when in and I showed the concept of mother and father everywhere, possibly could and then I showed you know how you would kneel before your father and mother and I thought that clearly I had done absolutely nothing, because the work is that there punching the air looking out the window doing all sorts of things they aren't seeing yet they're not saying a man okay you know I thought this was a huge failure until her parents showed up right.

The families of these students started to show up, and as they did you know that if students began to kneel and then the parents course. Why is my student kneeling as I'm walking up and they were told in, then the tears came. And when I saw the tears of the parents is there. They realize that the children had understood some biblical truth and all of a sudden my tears came and I went okay. You see, what happened is I'd set the trip. The men accept this way. I need to grow into the truth before me and and then God right setting those judgment and I really think that when you think from the point of humility is working David's coming from today in verse 30 of solid section

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