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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 26 - The Humility Of Confession

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 14, 2021 9:29 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 26 - The Humility Of Confession

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 14, 2021 9:29 am

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Moving more into the Dalet section - King David's jumps into confession and the fruit being a clean plate to learn from

Psalms 119:26

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 1919 Psalm digging mining like we always do the bidding of the supple bit more difficult to dig in to our own sin is here. This almost is working on verse 26 of the hundred 19 Psalm we are in the dollars section and the dollars we talked about is both a door and the humble servant. So in humility right and ability being the door to God, to some extent. And so it's economy or anything about it that even the word Adamo which means man. You know that God created Adam and the first man's name was a Dom and that same word means man, and so the second letter after the aleph there that we've talked about at length is the ballot and King David's name being valid vav Dollard. Clearly this was one of his favorite letters, but it has everything to do with humility. And when you put a vav in between two letters like that you're saying humility and even more humility. So that's what you actually say that letters of Dr. the Malik name so a Malik meaning King. If you ever hear me say Gov. Malik when you hear any Jews speak of the Psalms, which they call tell him you'll hear them referred to Dava Malik all the time and they're talking about King. That's what Malik means that M sound is like Messiah for the men that's in there and so here we have this humility even more humility. And so after his soul is cleaving to the does now is declaring his ways and and again as we talked about in humility to actually explain to God what happened because that were declared is sort of an account word like I'm going to give the full account and now hurt us, me, meaning the God heard them and I don't know if you've ever had the eggs it's variance to sit with Jesus and go over a situation, especially her own sin, but it's amazing thing that happens is you give this account to God that he will not only hear you, but he will respond and maybe show you some things that you had not seen in the account of your sin.

Like in one of the biggest sins in my life that I went through with God, and gave it my whole account have to tell you it was an absolutely beautiful thing that he not only showed me where I needed to forgive some people that I hadn't forgiven and any showed me some agreements that I'd made with Satan that I have that I was away that I really wasn't, but he also he also showed me how my innocence was robbed and the lie that was you know, sent out to me that I bought and and so by breaking these agreements by actually going over the accounting is what's big David is talking about here, sit here with Jesus on the give him an account of exactly what happened in this situation and ask for his interpretation because that's what it says I've got declared my ways and now hurt is to me.

Well, that word here. The way that that is translated in English. It seems that it is saying they just heard it, but the way that it actually is. In the Hebrew is actually to give an answer so you know it's a beautiful enemy. Just amazing. If you've ever sat with Jesus and gone through a situation in your life.

That was partly troubling especially vested with your own sin and have him answer you have him give you interpretation of what actually happened to begin to unravel the mess that we conduct ourselves into and clearly this has everything to do with humility like saying this is what this is where I went. This is what I did and and give me your interpretation.

Jesus and and so as King David goes to that place in humility. You see, he's he's getting his whole heart back and so now that I've gotten to this place of cleansing I'm prepared to learn better. What are the statutes right because that's the next thing that the David says after he's gone through this. I have declared my ways now hurt is me.

He goes back to his heart, which is teach me those hard things teach me those you know, we tugged at it many times the statutes are the high hard ones. And so you know it's interesting when when he he goes down into the dust as he often does gives the best King David's you know Dollard heart.

But then it's beautiful how he rises up well now you show me the stuff is like when you think about King David going after drive. Here's one of the most humble of humble people looking out.

I can't do this on my own, but now help me hit him with you and that's what he's doing here when he sang, you know, I have declared my ways and now is answered me in a we've had this session, you and me.

God and he certainly had similar sessions now teach me thy statutes right so it doesn't happen again. I teach me the stuff that I don't understand so that all know you know the past to take. It is absolutely beautiful thing and yet you know I really love as I am studying, and studying studying this quite often the first verse in a section like the first verse of of Dollard as were talking about has to do with the wisdom of the letter so the wisdom of Dollard right is to cleave unto the death right that that's the wisdom or or you think about, you know.

Blessed are those who are undefiled in the way the first verse of the aleph section and as you go you see there's almost always wisdom in that first first, second verse is almost always understanding.

So if we really understand in my mind if we really understand humility than to go over and declare our ways with the often seems like a really good thing to do and it seems like like our confession. It is how God can come in there and show us know what's going on and how we can get back to where he wants us to be understanding that he is the one is going to direct us and he's the one this coming Wednesday and then the other one is going to teach us, so I hope you enjoyed today as we have declared our ways and now hurt us or teaches. I

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