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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 20 - Longing For Jesus' Interpretation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 6, 2021 5:30 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 20 - Longing For Jesus' Interpretation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 6, 2021 5:30 am

Link to The Ten Words PDF

From Soul break to breakthrough - verse 20 is more than amazing food for the journey of life

Psalms 119:20

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Treasurers of team we are going on a treasure hunt and the gold we are seeking in this treasure is actually the phase of God light. Join us taking this deep dive mining with a minimum hundred and 90 semester David is going to double up on us again this journey that were taking 319 saw and so the gimbal being the foot this verse, came out of left field for me and it took me a while to really process it, but as it turns out it's really one of my favorites. Thus far, so it starts off in the King James version, my soul break or is crushed might be a better way to say it, my soul is crushed for the longing that it have unto thy judgments at all times suit man, the one from your deal bountifully with me and show me wondrous things and all of a sudden man is he is crushed here and is documented soul being crushed it in this journey. You know that in and I think is very much linked to that 19 verse that he's the stranger and now he's crushed because he's trying to find his way in a very difficult place. The beauty of this and and I can really just credit John Eldridge his ministry and his boot camps that have really helped me get wholehearted and begin to understand and and discern kind of what this is. They have a category. They talk about their which is extremely helpful for my standpoint, it's called getting Jesus is interpretation of events like so often we got all these things going off in our life in there just really soul crushing.

But how does Jesus interpret that well when you look inside that word judgments again and we did this when we when we did the whole you know 10 words PDF, which is always there. By the way, in the show notes that this Ms. putt again is this sense of obviously the men in Miss but would be this Messiah Jesus and so and then you've got his presence, but the way that the word ends his goodness with This letter Tet at the very end, which is the beginning of the word talk and so it's it's it's certainly the sense of goodness. Actually, if it's it's a pregnant letter. It's the letter letter that ends mean that the number of the letter is nine because goodness is hidden there, and so this idea of like Jesus could give us the interpretation of our events to see the good in them right. The Jesus's judgment is always finding the good in obviously getting rid of the drops, however that may look and so I don't know about you but about 45 events already today there crushed me crush my soul out of this happen God my wife often asked me. Well, here's the question again. How could God let this happen. This is when our souls are crushed and we need to see the Romans 828 and something that you know is easy enough to say all things work together for good, but to actually see how they're working together for good is what the psalmist is saying is it is it essentially when he says that he's got his longing for the judgments and is looking on longing for your interpretation. Jesus and oh what a wonderful prayer because often if you asked Jesus for his interpretation and you hang around and you listen, then he is going to provide you some information of where is he working in this situation and how is this going to work together for good and and so the other beautiful thing that's actually in this verse that to me is just worth the price of admission to the whole Psalm money just as one understanding of my goodness is the word time at the end and I never had seen this until I was looking at it. Actually this morning and I dislike oh my goodness this is so huge. The word times you know at all times and says that he wants his judgment at all times with that word. There is an IN and out of which means really being able to see where you are in God's story hours. I'm looking for Jesus, where's your judgment in the continuum of of of course you're coming back but is trying to stand up and get the larger story.

In other words, this story started on the scene way before I got here and there's a whole other is going to happen. Clearly before Jesus comes back and and so where are we in the continuum and so it's interesting the King David says I'm looking for a sighting of where I am in the story right and in where this fits into your larger story and when were looking at Jesus's judgment. Obviously, all things are working together for good for those who love the Lord and called according to his purpose.

What in the thing to me to see that the word time in Hebrew has nothing to do with the earth going around the sun. It's got nothing to do with you know how long it takes for earth to rotate one time and get a day or know how long it takes for the moon to make them none of that stuff is involved in the word time. As far as weightlifting. David is saying here what's involved is getting a look at the story is getting a look at where we are in this continuum, this, this again is is is huge. I mean the whole versus nutritive theoretic like O Lord, my soul is crushed for the longing to see where I am in the store in your interpretation of where we are and and or what my role may be in spite of how horrible things may look God-given work and it's something beautiful and this is really what I verse for spiritual warfare. Bicarb take me up and help me to see where I am in this continuum and show me your interpretation of the events so that I can see where you're at work and how I can serve you it's it's truly, truly, truly amazing thing when you think about that here we are in the Kimmel section right were on the journey and he is asking while I'm on this journey. Lord show me where I am in the continuum.

Show me Jim interpretation how you see absolutely amazing course that you for miming with a day in the hundred 19 so

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