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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Alef then Bet Now Gimel

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 31, 2021 9:47 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Alef then Bet Now Gimel

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 31, 2021 9:47 am

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Back up to take an overview of Alef and Bet and set up the Gimel 8 verses - The Letter Below is the BET

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The treasurers of the hundred and 19 so we are going on a treasure hunt and the gold we are seeking in this treasure hunt is actually the phrase of God like join us taking this deep dive mining with David in the hundred and 19 day on our mining expedition, take the elevator back up. We're at the end of the bets action and were headed into gimbal. I thought it would be really fun. In fact, I know it's fun to cover diminished toccata go back an overview you know what we have learned thus far and kinda set up where King David is taking us on this journey through the Hebrew alphabet and the neat thing about the Hebrew alphabet is that it yes it starts with Allison. We've done that we've done that but the whole series of pictures that each of these letters is a picture and if you were to look at them from left to right, they themselves stand for something in there telling a story and almost like a good pool game, you know, I don't know if you've ever watched a master pool player.

But when they make a shot on the one ball or whatever they're setting up the next shot. For the two ball and etc. etc. until they get all their shots set up the next shot. Well that's what the Hebrew letters do another words, when you look at the olive. It is the wisdom that builds the house, that is the bet and the bad is the thing that established as the house when you look at the picture of it.

It's open on the left side and realize that you know Hebrew letters look from left to right cc wisdom building this bet.

And when you look at this bet is wide open on the left of the reason it's wide open on the left is because it's a picture of hospitality something is going to go out of that left side and that would be the gimbal which is the section that we are now headed to so I don't want anybody to Ms. the Scripture, that all comes into this that you know.

King David is trying to show us something about these letters. Their relationship to one another but also the relationship to each of our journey and so our journey in faith kinda follows along this path that he's taking on is is we go through this and and so it's really just a beautiful thing to me to.

I think stick back at this point in time as we finish these first 16 verses to look at where we have been in the 16 verses but also where were headed in the next eight and so the gimbal is a strictly wonderful letter again as I am seeing this so when you look at Proverbs 24 334 you can see the King David obviously taught his son Solomon. You know this idea because here's is Proverbs 24, three and four by wisdom a house is built, and by understanding its established by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches, and so here Solomon is helping us see the relationship between the Alice and the that and now coming into the gimbal. So if we talked about how the Alice section was based on wisdom and then how on the bet. We are talking about, you know, understanding and application of that unit to establish the house and now working to fill it up with the gimbal which you know is knowledge which of the rooms are to be filled with precious and pleasant riches and the gimbal has to do with when you look at it. It looks like a foot so the bet if you were to look at it like I talked about. It's got almost like an L with a roof on it so it's got this open side to it. I'm in a have a picture there at the website but out of the bed is coming this gimbal and it's a foot it looks like a foot because the way that the Jews were described as it's a rich man that is chasing.

Actually, after the poor man to give him what has been stolen from him. It it gives both rewards and punishment. Interestingly and and so the gimbal is very much a picture of this hospitality that is coming out of the bet. And as we see here from what Solomon is sharing with us that, hereby knowledge that the rooms are going to be filled and so some of what obviously King David is going to be sharing with us through this gimbal section is this knowledge that is actually the wealth that that King David is trying to get shared here by those of us who don't have it. It's got a golf that through the olive was the wisdom and then the bet we all talked all the way through it that we are building this house and now comes this hospitality in the gimbal of this rich person that is going to be chasing after an in camera and we get to the dollar would you be after that, you'll see how that comes together with the gimbal and the whole thing is a picture as you look at this from right to left. That is going to build tell the actual last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is top which means truth and so it's kinda cool how the whole thing is going to build truth you see in and working to add all those things to get her and if you're like me, I just didn't hardly wait to go through this journey to see all that God has for us in going from olive to top of to see and again when Jesus showed up in the book of Revelation goes on the Alice in the top of heat. He is the Alpha and the Omega, but in this case, he was really the Alice in the top of Annie's and showing us the entire journey are King David is going to take us through that of the Hebrew alphabet, which again is the expression. It's the way that the Torah itself gets expressed as way that God tells his story is through these letters in each of the letters has a picture that is setting up the gospel. Believe me, it's amazing when you look at these letters and the in the story that we will get to as we go through the end I don't think you need to support and all the King David is to show us and how these letters are a picture of the gospel. So join us back down the elevator will be pining the mining again tomorrow. It will 70

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