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A Plymouth's Progress 17

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 16, 2021 12:00 pm

A Plymouth's Progress 17

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 16, 2021 12:00 pm

Valiant goes into the Valley of Humiliation says goodbye to the Sedamsels and Faces Apollyon.


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And now time for theater. Today's episode of Plymouth progress episode 17 nudges based on his dream was now totally arrayed in his former, with the assistance of the Lord will in this thing was so damn valiant asked reporter good back and pulled you seen any of the Plymouth pilgrims passed by.

Why yes I did see one praying. Did you know I was faithful. All I know him. He is my townsman a close neighbor comes from the place where I was born. How far ahead do you think he is. By this time I think he should be below you well.

Good the Lord be with you and increase your blessings for all the kindness that you have shown me valiant began to pull forward samples. The insured wanted to accompany him down and they continued driving on remembering and repeating came down is that going down to be as difficult as it was climbing down is difficult to cash come down and began to go down very carefully and yet even with all the assistance he almost slipped along with valiant upon arrival, Heidi said positioning union fine celestial city and train those file from all of us to be together again three now in this valley of humiliation reviewed on by the little wave before you spied a foul feed driving over the field one is appalling and intends ever seen bended valiant begin to be afraid, and the cast is fine with his brown. He spoke to himself.

My trunk Vantage with ease to puce me with his thoughts. Therefore, I will stand my ground for I believe that even if it does not save my life. It would be the best way to assess the value and Apollyon intends ever seen. Now he intends and with the whole quote with scales like they are is pride. He had wings like a dragon wheels like that is real was the mouth of a lion.

Apollyon held him this thing and then began to question that you come from you going I am come from the city of destruction which is the place of old and I'm going to the city of Zion is one of my subject all that country is mine and God driven away looking service.

Looks like you now. I was going so this was hot sedan cannot live on the wages you pay the wages of sin is death. Therefore, when I went to a greater understanding. I did other thoughtful sedans of done. I search to see if there was a way to make myself into the sedan.

I should be is no principle so easily lose his subjects. No, but she complained about service wages be content to go back what country can afford. I can promise to give GQ that I have given myself to another, even to the king of princes and how can I go back with you as the proverb says changed that bad, for worse, but it is very common those who profess themselves as servants to get to sleep after while returned to me and if you return to me everything will be well with you. I have given you my faith in school and my allegiance to, how can I change my mind now without being is a trait you did the same to me.

I'm willing to let it pass. You will now turn come back with. I promised you will study its signs that the Prince under I now stand is able to absolve me those things I did while service signs destroyed Apollyon to speak truth.

I like this is wages sevens is governments. This company country better than you will is absolutely on their full stop trying to persuade me otherwise is set and I will follow again down what you are likely to meet up with on the way you were chosen. You know that for the most part, servants, transgressors in my ways and put the shameful dance you count his service better than mine. And yet he has never come out of the place where he dwells to deliver from my hands and serve him many times as the world very well knows delivered from him on those who faithfully serve. Likewise, I will deliver you soon for another exciting progress.

Now here's a radiator to review today's hold you close like Dale with go daddy like you describe in the book of Job describe the Dragon upon the unrepresented dabble in the spiritual forces of evil that oppose God just like Satan to be constantly reminding all to chat to try to get agree with this lie that we can't really be saved lie is where will need to put on the helmet of salvation and all that that really something I can get behind my

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