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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119:7- Praising Rightly

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 16, 2021 8:39 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119:7- Praising Rightly

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The treasurers of the hundred and 19 so we are going on a treasure hunt and the gold we are seeking in this treasure hunt is actually the phrase of God like join us taking this deep dive mining with David in the hundred and 19 and I'm so great.

As we get to land on the seventh verse and you know seven is a usually significant number to the Jews, and so are you terribly shocked that King David here hits the praise when it comes to the seventh verse, and so you know the seventh and we we ease building building and I and I love the way he builds to this particular verse no. After he loved God with all his heart and all his soul and all is all you know and and and then he's, you know, attempting to see his holiness, and these drop the pose and is no longer wearing the mask and now he wants to praise, but he wants to do it in the right way and so would it says I will praise the with up right heart when I have learned by righteous judgments. You can see it's it's all about doing things right here in this typically verse and you know the word praise here is the word yacht which the root of that is your hands right you had his hand in Hebrew, and so I think it's interesting that your hands expressed is the word praise and even in sign language you know you kinda shake your hands in the air, clapping your hands raising your hands are all these ways. In fact, if you want somebody get really excited when they talk. Sometimes, especially Italians, or me, you'll see that we use our hands a lot in the way that we express then and so when were praising. It's an interesting thing that your heart just kind expresses things through your hands and again I can't help but think that in King David's case. He played musical instruments and so praising with the hands is an expression of you know his heart.

It's it's an absolutely beautiful thing. But then, you know, this idea of rightness of of seeing how right things are and and and Jesus is righteous and he's talking about when I have learned okay so that word is critical in this. When it comes to fatherhood learning which is this little med.

It starts out with and is just that whole concept of that letter actually and this is a heart in a little med to think about it is the only letter that goes above the line. In Hebrew, and it looks like a little flame almost looks like a candle going above the line, and so just think about this heart that is flaming to love and flaming to learn because it's a similar thing and it also is the first letter of the word heart not on coincidentally seething about his heart that you know is is is fallen in love with somebody and so sure you want to learn everything about them on that date. You know you're sitting there listening to their story and and that's what were doing with God and so he wants to learn. In this case with this little candle. That's burning. He wants to learn is righteous judgments. In other words, what's the right way to judge things and I love the word judgments here hits echo beautiful because of the letter makeup of it you get this sense of Jesus because it starts with a man, which is the Savior, which is water which is cleansing all these things that that have to do with the Messiah, which is at mama must sound that you hear and miss phot which is what this particular word is in Hebrew and and then you got a five so this coming down and then we got that beautiful pay which is the literally God's mouth and then it it it goes to the word excuse me, goes to the letter of which which is goodness like you for this whole idea of you know, God said it was good was interesting that here we got God's mouth speaking, goodness and end this speaks also much. Romans 828 right all things work together for good. So if we can truly get the Messiah's interpretation in any given situation.

What what were looking for his what's right. Is there some goodness there. God is up to something in every single situation and and so we can learn if we can get his interpretation which clearly it comes from studying the Bible, ignored all that, but it also has to do with.

Here's the situation God show me what's right, would show me what's good in this help me find the good help me find you in the situation and and therein lies so much of life. So when you think about this. You know seventh place. This place of rest, obviously, is where as we think about the Sabbath and the whole concept of seven that is just a matter of praise like God has this and I'm in understand how to do that so much more rightly when I have learned right when my heart is just burned nowhere more. The way he sees goodness and situations right in all things are gonna work together for good for those who love him and the called according to his purpose.

It all has to do with this verse and so this place of rest. When we really truly can see the good in every much as I have.

Thank you again for listening and for tenure-track with me in the hundred and 19 Psalms we keep

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