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July 24, 2021 12:42 pm

The Christian Mechanic

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 24, 2021 12:42 pm

Jerry Mathis, AKA The Christian Mechanic, fills in for Robby.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast distorting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network radio show good morning and welcome to Christian Car Guy radios what it is that you North Carolina and hope you they also going to be run down the road with Christian Car Guy tuned into the radio this morning. You notice that here instead of Robbie will some of them here with Robbie, but Robbie is on vacation this week so I'm Jerry Mathis, the Christian body shop guy from Ray's body shop and wrecker service here in Winston-Salem and I'm sort of sitting in his stable and have a great show got shown on the other side of the glass will be the producers so all the hard stuff he has to do on the easy stuff but is get a talk in which I can always talk so this morning will kind of you know, today show last week when I was listening to Robbie and Bob Young in one of the top of the came up was just gasoline and that they had a sound and it was the death knock what was the rods were knocking, but all people was just guessing the little pinging noise in the knock at you here from an engine which is usually caused by just gasoline your burning and it can lead other things. So when I was listening that I kinda thought you want to be kind of a neat subject to sort of dive into this Saturday morning and as I was doing that. How do you connect the Christian Car Guy aspect of it.

The core piece of it.

The importance of gasoline to make your engine run to our Christian walk. You know, our bodies need fuel.

Also in the question is what does our souls eat, what does our souls need to be able to keep us running and keep us on sesame the question you tell me what what was your soul need to to keep running and keep going. Also only sit there and you look at that as you talk about cars you know there's always those times when you are burning the wrong gas. Are you have gas that had water in it, or even the most horrifying thing you can do and it happens quite a bit and specially me being in the towing business I see it a lot where vehicles or somebody's borrowing a car or truck, especially in is not familiar with what kind of fuel that vehicle burns and the poor right of the gas pump and they put gasoline in it and crank it up and go about it using go about 1/4 of a mile and then all the sudden it won't run anymore and then you come to find out you put gasoline in a diesel engine as never a good thing. So if you've ever had that happen.

Just give us a call and stuff. Also this morning with Robbie not being here and being on vacation.

I just want to mention one thing Robbie with his podcast distorting a brand-new series is going to dig into the depths of Psalms 119.

So I encourage you to turn his podcast even though is on vacation this week is in be doing a podcast daily.

So if you need your Robbie deal more Christian Car Guy fix my shoe turning to his podcast. It'll be well worth your time. Treasurers of so we are going on a treasure hunt and the gold we are seeking in this treasure is actually the face of God like how fun you actually my name is with King David and man thought his understanding of God's expression of the language itself is 119 Psalm letter by letter giving us a face of each letter of join us taking this guy mining rate in the hundred there you go. This a great opportunity.

Make sure you turn to his podcast.

Also, since about to turn into a podcast or being able to hear Robbie when he's not in the studio and Mattea right now just personal note, nobody loves and is used by God anymore in the radio business to Robbie Gilmore and Stefan that they want, when you list them on air you you hear the depths of his compassion and depths of his desire to bring people to Jesus Christ.

So I really look forward to this podcast but also if you get an opportunity back during the summer at Pando Christian church.

They did a conversations with Matthew sink on Wednesday nights and you can go to and pull up those conversations and reason I even mention that is one of those nights, the conversation is with Robbie deal more, and Mattea.

What it really goes well of background little blood of his history. A lot of his walk with Jesus Christ and how is been able to bring him through some difficult times, but always in a way that brings him closer to Jesus Christ but also brings others to Jesus Christ. If you get that opportunity and also think it was like six gases set down with Matthew sink for an hour and just had open conversation. One of them was Nikita Cole off and also at 1230 can hear his man up show radio show here on the Truth Network and Bobby and love the channels that are listen to this now probably may get that but is Nikita Cole off his conversations with Matthew sink and also Mark Garreau with PRN racing then you know quite a few, and I think it be well with the time to really be that would listen to Robbie Gilmore doing a podcast or that rebroadcast of that data being on a Wednesday night would again just turn the Palmdale heart go.

Don't website a and just scroll down you'll see conversations just click on it and then have a roster and you flip down there and see Robbie Gilmore be well worth it. Also, this morning has a throughout the question of what does our bodies need. What what do we need what is a souls eat to survive and also then talk about gasoline in the automobile you have either stories. This is already kind of question you know with automotive repair, especially collision repair or the towing into the industry. Just give us a call.

This is a call and show the numbers 866-348-7884. Again this a call and show love to have you call in, tell us your story all asks a question, 866-348-7884 where one has to question the said and listen to the broadcast last week was a lot of talk about knock and then I'll setting some of the conversation drifted to gasoline. I thought you know what that is a really pretty interesting subject. When we start thinking about this country. How much gasoline drives this country and some the things were familiar with some of the things kinda surprise us when we start diving into the gasoline situation. One, you note. We are a country that sort of in a way moving or trying to move more to electric vehicles and that type of thing you know, I don't know when and how that whatever really in it. I know that technology is growing rapidly, but there's so many other issues that really aren't even thought about you know, you also have to have the supply chain down the road and also the ability to repair those vehicles and try to get the cost down. Right now they're extremely expensive and the technology to repair them is expensive so that's going to affect things somewhat, but also a piece that people don't really realize every state are most states lean heavily on gas tax you how you repair the right North Carolina how are the roads getting repaired. Bridges being repaired signage on the roads. All of that kind of stuff is fueled by fuel that you're putting in your vehicle. Those you know every state are most states have a tax on gasoline, and that money directly goes to their DOT Department of Transportation and which pays to do road improvements pave roads, build new roads so all the sudden you note is removed more electric cars. I think that's going to be an issue.

Moving forward, because how do you maintain that if people are paying gas taxes and is just as many cars probably going to be on the road. How do you maintain and how do you pay for that. So that's an issue. A hurdle. I think they're going to have to get over so as we sit there and you think about that we come back from the break. I want to sort of break down some of the gas. Stefan why we start here in you know more more importance of octane levels and making sure you use the right octane in your vehicle to make it perform the best he can and what that can affect the same thing.

The question is though it out there is what do we need as humans. If you are souls that that's a pretty big question so we'll see you back on the other side of the break to be a great morning going to sit there and learn a little bit about Jesus learned about our gasoline again is the color show 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

You're listening to the network and Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I'm Terry Mathis from Ray's body shop and wrecker service. Again, this is a call-in show, 866-348-7884 and again what kind of diving into the gasoline issue with our vehicles and how our vehicles need gasoline to be able to power the human also looking at what does our soul. What do we need as humans they give us power and give us strength to sort of that you note fuels us was sit there and we look at that in and it can, you know, we can as humans, there is there is one thing that we need to fuel us and then you start seeing where people try to replace what we need with other things and as we start CN addictions and and and and alcoholism and drug subculture trying to play something there to feel that boy to fuel us that the only really thing this on to do it is, is Jesus Christ. And the word of God. Also, this morning is to him that this is one of the truth. We live by, but also this morning on WTO you owned on the Truth Network. There is a lot of truth going to become a net you one of things is Amy Cabo and her show the cure which comes on at 1 AM this afternoon encourage you to tune in is always a great show and you be able to hear your guest will be, but I'm sure to be entertaining a lot of truth coming at you during that time. As I mentioned again. Also don't forget to look back and get up Robbie on his podcast as he dives into Psalms 119 and talks about dive in the end in mind for the truths that are found there. If you're missing Robbie this morning. Don't worry he's on vacation is never too far away will go back to the gasoline issues and from the towing industry be able to see some of the really the horror stories that happen when people use the wrong gasoline's use the wrong blends and stuff because a lot of times it calls your vehicle be broke down on the side of the road and step we sit there we start thinking about one of the things we all know when you hear about through, you know, especially when gas is spiking up in cost are going down and you always will hear that the price of crude oil by the barrel you'd a lot of times people think at that crude oil is what years it's a barrel and comes over here and just dump it right into goes to the flow and next thing you know you put that in your vehicle, which is far from the truth. A barrel of crude. All is was a barrel is hundred and 60 leaders are hen US is like 42 US gallons after it is refined and goes to the refinery and goes to the whole process what you get out what's able to be burned in the vehicle was like 72 L or 19 US gallons of gasoline after goes to the whole process so you start there you see is a lot of work that must be done to your taken out some things in your also putting in some things and when we sit there and you see the gasoline when you pull up to the pump. As I mentioned one thing to make sure you are always aware of special beer bar in a vehicle or vehicle you not you know really used to drive it is. Make sure you put the right octane and it are even the worst extent. Make sure you put in the right thing and not put diesel up and gas in a diesel vehicle because it likes it in the towing industry, we see that quite a bit where somebody unfamiliar with the vehicle puts the wrong thing either diesel when a gas engine or gas in a diesel engine in which what happens it'll leave you broke down and can do a lot of damage to a vehicle and cost a lot of money so just be aware of that.

We sit there and you pull up and the first thing you say yeah you got all these grades are octane ratings they get the 8789 93 and you kinda wonder which one of these. Do I need to put in and a lot of people will make that decision on price which is not always a good thing. Also, because if the manufacturer calls for a hot higher octane. I encourage you make sure you put that in because you think one wanted you know it's sometimes $0.60 cheaper for 87 grade octane compared to a 93 and you think will hear what is cheap will get more gas but really when you stop looking at the mileage per gallon. You probably pay more for that cheaper gas per mile, then you would if you got the proper octane and then you go with not only the calls part of it is just the damage that it does the engine and what the higher octane stew really what don't thing the put those additives in what they do. They calls are retard the spark so the vehicle isn't firing that this is a farm before comes all the way to the top, which is sort of slows it down so it always in the right sink and when you start firing to early. That's we start here that paying her that little knock in the engine when you give it gas and stuff because it's sort of is not fire properly so the engine isn't running efficiently. So you get lower gas mileage less miles to the gallon in your doing damage to the engine so is just little common sense things. Then also we had the issue over time. When you had all the sudden world change a little bit 70s did about 96 with a started taking the lead out of gasoline and talk with that in just a moment got Earl from Anderson, South Carolina on the phone and we'll see what her overall has a question or comment Earl Harris hello guy I don't know if we got Earl so I'll just wait and I'll let Sean sort of sort through it all will stay with the button and over here all right. But then we started having a issue with gasoline in the lead and all the sudden Congress passed in 1970, Congress passed the clean air act which you lead and there does add to the pollutions and stuff.

So when they passed that act of the so we knew that lead was on have to come out of slowly came out. EPA mandated that it had to be phased out in 1973 and 74 they required that every supplier will supply at least one unleaded gasoline in their line because of vehicles needn't that in the manufacturers were transitioning into unleaded vehicle engines and then by 1996, the EPA banned all leading gasoline only, road vehicles, so airplanes and types of steel use leaded gas but not the ones being driven on the road will be back in a moment of once again using the Christian Car Guy radio Chaim Jerry Mathis with Ray's body shop and wrecker service. Hope to hear from use your listening to the Truth Network and

Welcome back Christian Car Guy radio, I'm Jerry Mathis Ray's body shop and wrecker service to Christian Car Guy T-1 this morning.

We talk about Ghassan Elliott. Though the question was, what is our bodies need. What do we need to do less give you little clue in Matthew 44 says it is written mentioned not live by bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of God and also in Philippians 413 I can do all things through him who strengthens me. The question is what do we need fuel our bodies to fuel our souls going to come up with some discussion that in just a moment, but we have tried Earl again in the Anderson South Carolina at two euros sorry up Dropping you and I think it may have been on my hand but we got you now. I hope Earl great. I'm trying to hear your voice about biking from their work with them not on the boat tomorrow. Community.

So what you're what you're doing now to have you this thing. My question was what I called.

I get think what it was that about the cars down that last week they said that was last week. Yeah, okay, what would you do on the radio. I have a question with that valve. What what what was it death knocks on the wrong one that that internal engine was knocking yet I was last thinking what you maybe have a lot of love us. The stations will pick up an era like back to back programming or the program may not be alive at the time you heard that it must've been part of last week, but now your lab because you talking to me your you all the pancakes and then hopefully be nobody here had your here Jesus talked about and so so what kind of organization was at you with and you know because I just that the other listers in that area and after Kurt South Carolina Started I Moved up Your for Your Florida. We Booked and It Was Where God Led up Were Working on Developing a Community Nursing That Went Direct That Your Ordinate Program. Want to Forget That the Belt Start Helping Looking at Whatever Mental Health Needs, Whatever Might Be from a Medical Medically. That Way, but That Help People to Do Basic Testing Blood Pressures That Sort of Thing Are Trying to Get That Were Followed by Got That Boat. The Deacon, but I'll Bet It Got yet All Yeah and That It Would Brag about My Life, and Her Thoughts on Working Together on All That's Cool You Noticed Inherent Stories Somebody Who You Know. I Don't Know the Background for Some of Talk You Earl, but Just Take and Move up and Go Where God Leads You, Man. That Is Just so Much so Powerful. And Then We All Have That You Know God Nudges Us to Step out in Faith Just a Matter of before Willing to Do It and Then You Always Bless That Stuff so I Just Great to Hear That and I Know We Will Bless Joel's Ministry Is Certainly a Better Talk and It Is a Ministry That You Especially so If You're Mental Health Issues and an Agent Process and and There's There's Word Just Needs to Know That through Jesus Christ, Their Loved All Right Will Have a Great Day and I Hope Hooks. A Lot Of Pancakes Got a Lotta Raise A Lot Of Money. Thank You All Right and Hence We Mentioned Again What Is in Our Soul Needs. What What Do We Need to That Tempted to Be Able to You Know Continue Own and Stuff and You Know We Sit There and Not Read Those Two Passages and Then You Know I Read Jeremiah 516 Where It Is.

Your Words Were Found, and I Ate Them in Your Words Became to Me a Joy and the Delight of My Heart I Am Called by Your Name, You Know, We Read Those Passages and Stuff and It Keeps Pointing Us That How Important Being in God's Word, Because That Is What Our Body Longs for. That's What Really Gives Us Know That That Desire to Keep Pushing Forward and Stuff and Then I Love a You Know Is As Robbie Is Going to Dive into Psalms 119, One of the Passage I Written It Wrote down Was from Psalms 119 Is Nine through 11 and If Others Come to Me When I Saw What He Was Going to Be Doing on This Podcast and It Is How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure up and Asked When I Read That I Have To Come to Change That to How Do We All of Us Keep Our Way Pure by Guarding It According to Your Word with Your Whole Heart. ICQ Let Me Not Wander from Your Commandments Have Stored up in Your Word in My Heart That I Might Not Sin against You. You Know Is Just Beginning, God's Word and You Know We Sit There and You Think about It.

What Does God's Word Is the Fuel for Our Soul Is Sort like It Know You Put Gas in an Engine and Automobile Engine. It Really Isn't Anything but the Means to the End and the Way You Know All It Does Is Make Everything Work Properly and Causes the Engine to the Transfer Case and Differential to Be Able to Put Power to the Wheels of the Vehicle Can Keep Going.

You Know I Think God's Word Does That for Us in a Way That It You Know Fuels Us with Hope. You Know without Hope. What Do We Have and Really the Only True Hope We Have Is That in Jesus Christ.

So It Goes All the Way Back to Two Units or the Fuel Thing Where I Start Seeing That Parallel Were so Strong You Know If We Live in a World That That Really in A Lot Of Ways Is Is a Hopeless Situation. I Mean, It Is A Lot Of Hopelessness around Us. We Sit There, Especially the World That We Live in Today. I Mean We've Just Gone through a Pandemic in Our Senate Kind of Spike in a Little Bit Again. It's Got People Concerned and You Know through 15 Months of Lot down Worldwide.

There Was A Lot Of Hopelessness and A Lot Of Depression and You Start CN Where People You Know. If You Look at Statistics and Step from Different Organizations. You Know That That Uptick on Hamas's Own Homicides and Suicides and Drug Addictions and Addictions and Step You All Just Was Rising so Quickly Because Our Human Nature, of Needing to Feel That Boyd and Stefan and Then Specially Have Hopelessness or Seeking a What Is the Only Thing We Had the Combat Hopelessness Is Hoping That Hope You Don't We're Going to Find That Is in Jesus Christ and This Was so Important to Be in His Word to Be Open up the Bible and Just Study Let God Speak to You through His Word Be Involved with God through Prayer. The You Know I Always Say Prayer Is the Currency That God Uses to Stay in Connection with This so We Sort of Lose That. Then All Of A Sudden Hopelessness Starts Creeping into Our Lives, and at That Point We Sort of Lose Focus on What God Has a Purpose for Us. We Sort of Lose Hope and We Just Can't Keep Pushing Our Sales.

God Wants Us to Be People That That Are in Community Patient in Community with Each Other.

You Know This Other Part about the Pandemic and Stuff That I Really Bothered Me Was the Fact That You a Sort of Separated the Church and We Go Back into Acts in the Early Church. What Was in You Really One the Most Important Things Was That Gathering Together and People Being There to Support Each Other without That We Sort of Lose Grasp of the Hope That We Have in Jesus Christ. So I Think Is Just so Important That We Stay in His Word. The Same Thing You Know If We Were Going to Fuel Our Bodies. We Need to Make Sure That Were Not Those Who Were Just Say Years Instead of Doers. We Need to Make Sure That Were in God's Word, Sort of, No Matter How Many Times No Matter How Much Fuel We Put in the Vehicle. If This Vehicle Is Required to Use a High Octane Gas and We're Putting a Low Octane Gas in It and Will Going to Have Poor Performance on the Vehicle. Vehicle Is Not Perform Properly the Gas Mileage Is Only Go down Is Going. You Know It's Not Going to Start Easy Is Going to Knock Is Not Going to Accelerate. It's Gonna Stall and Hesitate so It Can Be a Full Tank. But If Is Not the Proper Stuff Is Just Not Going to Run Right. All We Could Even Have Something That Isn't Even Supposed to Be in There and That's What the World Tries to Put in Us. No Bosses to the Grass Stuff That's Not in There so We Can Have a Full Tank of Diesel Fuel in Your Gas Burning Engine and Is Fuel but Is Not the Proper Fuel so That Vehicle Is Not Going to Run the Same Thing with Our Our Souls.

You Know, We Can Put in All the Thing. The World Tells Us to Put in but It Is Not the Word of God and What God Ends Tinted Onus to Be Able to Put in to Fuel Our Souls, We Are Not Going to Perform Very Where We May Not Even Run Same Thing with Her Vehicle and Again Will Be Back in Just a Moment Use the Christian Car Guy Radio.

It Is a Hellish 08663487884. You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Okay Were Back on the Road Were Back in the Studio Were Back on the Air Christian Car Guy Radio Show This Morning. Again, What We Used To Be No Use You'll Be Gasoline or Diesel Fuel to Fuel Automobiles What We Used To Fuel Our Souls and This Morning I Have Sarah Who Is on the Line from Washington State This Morning Sarah How Are You Doing This Morning. Good to Have You and You up Early Bright and Early This Morning and What to Study. All Right Okay I Love Always Love When You Call in and Stefan When I'm in Here and Also When Robbie to Hear You Call. I Told Him I Will like It All Okay Alright Let's Hear Old Lord Please Feed My Soul with Braided Line to Make Me Whole and Heidi from Iraq.

I Need to Keep Me Sweet and Plain Water. Then I'll Be Complete and Keep Hydrated so That the Levine Will Be All Clean and Planning behind Both Forgot All the Mixture for My Right Old Old Spot and All the Ways I Am so I'll Keep All Five and Keep on Keeping on, While Sale and Appreciate That You like That. This Morning My Work on Their Lifestyle While Save Some like That Take Me about Two Weeks to Do and Then It Would Be Normally Not Good Thing. Well, I Think out Loud, Not on the Go You Know about That Way I Could Create Quickly with That about Right Side and It Lord Gave Me That. So I'm Just Real Grateful Cousin When Earl Called in Earlier Where You Want God Gives Us Gifts and God Gives Us Opportunities As a Matter of How We Use Them and What Doors of the Will and Walk to the Stores That He Opens for Us and and What I Know You Have Spent a Life of Serving Our Lord and Savior and Thank You for the Inspiration. That Is to on Those so Many Other People Will Praise the Lord and That You Are Grateful Heart a Man Amen. So Linda Have a Great Week and I Thank You for Calling in Your Welcome and All the Crew There. Amen. Thank You. Well, As We Talked about Fuel in Our Automobiles. What You Note Will Take a Moment Just Mention This Whenever Getting Gasoline and Stuff. Even If Your Vehicle. This Is Just That Felt That I Sort of Always Doing with My Vehicles Wanted for Vehicles in the Sit Very Lame. She Put Some Kind of Stabilizer in the Fuel Because Gas Will Go Bad, Especially in Note Extreme Weather so Encouraged to Do That Article Give You Problems and You Go Back and Crank the Vehicle Back up, but Also on Your Everyday Driver.

If It Is a Vehicle That Says You. You Can Use a Lower Octane Every Now and Then I like to Go and Pull of the Pop Input and 93, a High Octane Gas and It Is Sort of Helps Clean Everything Just Sort of like Taking Medicine Were Not Quite Feeling As Well As We Need to Sort Gives That Engine Little Little Boost.

I Think so It Doesn't Cost Much but Also Making Sure That You Use the Right Fuel in Your Vehicle Was If You Don't. Again, It's in a Cause You Problems on the Road. It Increases Your Decreases Your Gas Mileage Increases the Probability of Having Engine Problems and We Start Having Engine Problems, Then You Will Be Calling Ray's Body Shop and Wrecker Service to Tell Yelp the Side of the Road Where You're Broke down Is on Cost You Money to Get It Repaired That We Go Back to Our Souls, and Is a Mentioning of God's Word Being in God's Word Is Really the Fuel That We Need and That Fuel Really Feels like That the Gas Fuels That the Drivetrain of Your Vehicle. God's Word Sort of Fuels Our Faith and Our Faith Is Directly Connected to Our Hope. So You Stricter You Look at What about Being in God's Word and Studying on His Word and Taken Time and Just Just Meditating with with God and with Jesus Christ. Let Him Speak to You, You Know, That Gives Us That That Energy to Continue Own through Our Faith and through Heaven. Hope without That We're Would like the Rest of the World Hopeless and You Know We Sit There We Turned the TV on Now That's What the Is a Say That's What the World Is Feeding Us Because We Gone through a Pandemic Where Looking at Is Spiking. We Look and Turn the TV on. You See All the Social Unrest of the Political Unrest We See Job Situations and Violence and All That Stuff on the Increase. Even Our Kids As Far As You Know, My Daughter, Tyler's Just a Teacher and One of the Things That She Just Really Worries about It. Stefan Anybody in That Business or Has Young Kids Is the Fact That for Year and 1/2 They Been Sort of Isolated and Taken Out Of the Social Aspect to What School You Know School Is You Know Your Learning the Book Learning, Then the Studies in Step but Also Your Learning Social Skills and Also in Some Incidents Best. The Only Structure That a Child Has in Their Life. There May Just Be A Lot Of Things Going on in Their Life When They're in School Where Structure and Stefan and Our Kids Need That so You Know I Can Really Struggle with the Fact of Not Having Kids in School and so You Know We Just Need That to Happen We Need to Get Back in School.

In My Opinion. Also, We Need to Be in God's Word and Not I'll Say It Again Is so Important to Make Sure That We Are in Relationship with Jesus Christ Is Think about Our Kids. I Love Deuteronomy 11 Where It Talks about Our Responsibilities As Parents, and I Think It Goes A Lot Further Than Just As a Parent Is a Responsibility As an Adult As a Grandfather Is at Uncle Lars and Ann Are Just a Neighbor, a Sunday School Teacher Somebody That Kids Are All Looking up to and Is Also Influenced by Deuteronomy Assist Fix These Words of Mine Own Your Hearts and Minds Have Them As Symbols on Your Hands and Bind Them to Your Four Heads. Teach Them to Your Children Talking about Them When You Sit at Home When You Walk along the Road, When You Lie down When You Get up. Write Them on the Doorframes of Your Houses and on Your Gates so That Your Days in the Days of Your Children May Be, Meaning the Land of Lord Swore to His Ancestor to Your Ancestors.

As Many As the Days That the Heavens Are above the Earth. Sit There and You Read That Seem so Simple in This. You Know What My Carpet Scripture and Stuff Own, Doorframes and Stuff and All of That Really What It's Saying Is You Live out Your Life and Try to Pass Those Truths to Our Children and It Might Not Be by Sit down and Write It All out or Do a Study You Their CNN.

The Watch and Us and Also the World Watches Us As Christians.

So If We Refuel in Our Body with through Prayer and Being in God's Word and Strengthen Our Faith and Given Us Hope. We Should Be Willing to Share That with the World Because the World Certainly Needs That Today It out.

It's Been a Great Show This Morn As They Were Talk about Some Things That Have To Come to Get Excited about One Talk about Vehicles and Also the Gas and How We Fuel Them and Stuff but More Importantly, What Fuels Our Soul. You Know This Weekend to Make It a Weekend That You If You're Not in a Bible Study Are Not in the Devotion Are Not Regularly in God's Word If You're Not Involved in the Church Make This the Week in the Change That Get Involved in a Local Church Getting God's Word Because Our Bodies Need That Fuel We Don't Live by Bread Alone, We Live by God's Word.

Again, Great Heavy This Morning Was Christian Car Guy Radio This Weekend.

Walk through the Doors of the Church on Sunday Morning and Be Blessed. This Is the Truth Network

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